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Episode 557 · 3 months ago

New Super Mario Movie Poster & Too Many RECENT Video Game Remakes | D-COG


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Today, the guys discuss the new Super Mario movie poster and the not so hot history of video game movies. Also, while they're on games, are we getting too many remakes of too recent games? Thought you were done with hot takes? HA! Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre!

(00:00)- Intro & Super Mario Movie Poster

(08:03)- The Not So Hot History Of Video Game Movies

(13:37)- The Source Of The Problem With VGMs And TV Shows

(21:45)- Are There Too Many Video Game Remakes?

(30:54)- Remakes Vs Remasters

(35:20)- Final Thoughts

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Question(s) of the day: What are your thoughts on the Super Mario movie poster? Also, do you think it's too early to be remaking games like Horizon or The Last of Us? 

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To do. What's up? Nothing, you can't hear me yet? No, yeah, I canna hear I don't know. It always changed. It always changes my microphone and put anytime I logged any despite the fact that I always change it. Is it the default set differently in UM Windows because you can go to your Windows Audio Settings and set your headphones and microphone to default, and that should make anything else that goes to default, you know, go to the selected ones. But you know, I'm gonna change it eventually. I haven't even opened it. It's just it's just kind of one of those like look dom little annoying things. It's not even yeah yeah, yeah, uh, it's gonna be a video video game day. I hope you're prepared me. Okay, well, we'll see how it We'll see how it goes, I guess. Uh, let me run the intro. Good morning, you read buddy, our good afternoon. By the time this actually gets up, Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre here on the genre Verse podcast network and YouTube YouTube channel were available on all the big popular podcast apps. Give us a follow. If you're watching on YouTube, please do hit that hit that red red subscribe button, and uh thanks to everyone. That has so far, all six and seven of you, and uh, we really appreciate it. We also got our website, i'll rim online dot com where you can go, uh find your all your entertainment news needs and some some interesting opinions out out there. So yeah, welcome, welcome to our third show of the for the week. We're trying to go five for five this week because my my ot is for the moment, not weekly any anymore. So yeah, I mentioned it at the beginning that it's going to be a video game day because well that's that's what's on on my mind. But one thing I know for sure that's on a lot of people's mind is the upcoming Mario movie Super Mario. I'm interested in the execution of this. And we got our our first official look at the style of the world via a poster released uh in advance of the New York Comic Con premiere of the trailer on October six. Manny wrote this up on our website. It's available there, but if you're watching on YouTube, you can see the poster right now. Manny, I, I I think it looks looks just aesthetically looks good. It looks like a Mario game, legit, what do you think of it? First of all, lies Gig actually wrote that, Oh sorry, my way to go. Gig. Um. You know, we really haven't had...

...anything like this before, so I feel like the bars that kind of low. Um just because there, you know, there's excitement that we're gonna that we're gonna get to explore kind of the world of Mario in a way better way than than we have in the past. The old Bob Hoskins movie. Yeah, and um what what I what I'm very curious about more than than anything else, because um, also, we don't often get to see kind of like a three D world when it comes to Mario, to to kind of see the mushrooms and everything like fully you know, rendered in a in a three D spaces. That's kind of weird. A lot of the games have been three D recently. But yeah, I take it back, because we did have Mario sixty four, which was more Sunshine Galaxy. Yeah. Yeah, that's what it kind of looks like to me. Is just I'm just honestly, Oh I get it, man, I I still got a super Mario world on the picture. Yeah, Like I remember when n sixty four dropped and like you know, obviously that was one of the first games. It was like blew everybody's mind. And then Taco Bell also had the hun sixty four toys. Um, it wasn't remember the toys it was it was it was a fun time. I was in high school, I believe. Um, yeah, I think I was in high school. So anyway, Um, Mario is always nostalgic, regardless of when wear another Yeah. But so the thing I'm most curious about is what are they gonna sound like? Because Mario is always super cheesy when when his lines, and they're always kind of like, you know, just like really and they're very few and far between, right because even even like in Luigi's Castle, like it's and but I get it because you have to like translate it to like a billion different languages. Um. I think it's also to keep the character a little more ambiguous. Yeah, so you can project your yourself more so you don't feel as as if you're playing another character. You know. Maybe, but I know a lot of I know a lot of people were upset that they don't get the original voice actor to say it's a me or yeah, it doesn't work. I didn't want that in a movie for Mark, I don't want and you couldn't have it just silent. And that's why I think Link would be a very very hard character, uh to do, you know, in a Zelda movie or anything like that, because he doesn't he doesn't speak, um and then giving him a voice is going to be interesting. But Mario does speak, and how he speaks is not necessarily ninety minute movie material or even eighty minute movie material. Um So, I'm I'm interested at how...

Pratt will approach this. You know, Sonic had the benefit of his his cartoons to already give people, you know, the the idea that Sonic is very vocal and speaks like an average you know American if you if you will and know Sonics that Japanese created character. But again, the uh cartoons that most people here in the North American market recognize, of course, is you know those those cartoons. Anyways, Um So, I I'm I'm interested into how they're going to how they told Chris Pratt to execute this. I mean really, I was actually just more annoyed that Chris Pratt got the part for it. I was like, really, out of everyone, anyone you could have chosen to voice Mario Chris Pratt was was the guy and and nothing against Chris Pratt Pratt. It was just for the most part, I think it was just at the time, the Tomorrow War had just dropped and Drastic World was around, and then he also had that Amazon series coming up, um where he was um like or whatever. Yeah, so it was like, why is everybody castie Chris Pray for everything right now? It's like and uh so I think that was my my grap with it at the moment, not that I actually you know, like or whatever. It's like it's a it's a voice over who ca. Yeah. Well, we'll definitely uh talk about the trailer on on Friday. I'm sure it's hitting. Uh, like Gig wrote on the article uh October six, that four pm, which is tomorrow. So yeah, we'll we'll talk about it here on the Daily Cup of Genre and I will uh do my absolute best to get you guys a genre shot trailer reaction as soon as it's available on online. If it's available on line tomorrow, I'm sure it will be. But uh yeah, yeah, Mario. And the reason why I I said that it would be a a video game day manny is because I I wanted to chit chat about video game movies in general and just kind of like there awfulness in general, why it's so hard to make them work, and how we we had two one straight up failure uh and one relative failure depending on who you ask, even though it's apparently getting a second season of of TV series uh based on games. This year we had The Resident Evil canceled by Netflix, and then Halo, which got a lot of mixed reception, was not very well received here at Genre Verse. Yeah and LRM on line, but I it's getting a second season apparently, so uh. Yeah, man, I think I think by It's easy for me to say my my absolute favorite video game movie of all...

...time is the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie. I think that's a wonderful family film, a wonderful all ages film. It it executed its its intent very well. I liked Detective Pikachu that was also really good. But when you start looking at the video yeah, I mean yeah, it's it's it's Pokemon card game more than a video game. The video game came first. Yes, yes, video video game, cartoon card card game, So yeah, it is a video video game movie. Plus Detective Pikachu itself is its own video game before the movie. So uh, not just like the story that they used, but a detective Pickture game did uh? Did it did? Exist? Um? So yeah, that was also adorable and and really showed you could you could do live action after that. Man, what Mortal Kombat? Maybe the the original Resident Evil. I'm looking at the top grossing and I'm not trying to Mortal Kombat any any order. Which which one did? Did you prefer the for the first Mortal Kombat in ninety five or the remake? The remake was was I thought was pretty pretty well. I agree the original one. I don't know, there's a nostalgia to the original one. And then um that's why the song was in the in the remake and then the second one. It's just so bad that it's you know, it's just in my mind. It's it's terrible. But you know, you watch it kind of the same way you watch Batman and Robin for you watch it for just for the train wreck that it is. Hew. Yeah, sometimes you just can't turn away. That's just this is the way it is, you know, looking at looking at like money made by these by these games, Uh, these movies become games? Are these games become movies? Dude? Like Sonic the Hedgehog three nineteen million worldwide, that's that's it. Uncharted four one million wasn't that bad. It was kind of fun. You know, I haven't seen it yet for for what it was really and kind of understanding what they were trying to do with the game. I actually I'll put an Uncharted not at the top, but like thumbs up, like like, okay, this was a good video game movie. Yeah. Um. The Resident Evil movies of course made less and less as as time went on. Though. I think the first one is a good zombie movie. Um, I agree with you, the first one is a good zombie movie. I think I think the most president Evil movie would be the second one. Um,...

...that's that's what you said. That's the one on the closest one that's got in the video game. UM. Kind of like you know, you have you have um uh Jail Valentine, and and you you still have the main Yeah, and then you have Nemesis kind of showing up every every now and then and taking people out. Um. I thought that one was the closest that it's I think that it's gotten to like to what what I remember like from from video games. So I liked it that one that one out of all of the films made is probably my favorite one, if if you're gonna ask me which one which one my favorite out of all of them. And then of course you have the train wreck that was Netflix, Oh god, and and and the train train wreck that was uh, Welcome to Raccoon City. I still haven't seen that, and I'm honestly should have just know, right, and which honestly should have just been called Resident Evil Raccoons Itty. Oh my god. Guys, I I I'm a I'm an anime watcher. I'm I'm sick and tired of all of the long ass titles there. I don't need the the uh North American market during that summer, you guys, get localized titles. Cut that ship down, Okay. Um. The problem is, man, is is we all thought, like I, like I had said that TV shows would be the way to go uh um, and yet we really haven't had all that much success on the TV side. The problem is, uh. Sometimes it's happening with Halo. You get people working on projects that don't even like the game, Like I knew that was going to be a train wreck. As soon as they started asking the cast and everyone, it's like, hey, how much Halo do you plan here? Like, ah, well actually and then and then I was like, okay, yeah, this is um I'm off And it's a shame. It's a shame because I really a Polo describer. I think he's a he's great. I've interviewed him before, UM, and I thought, I thought, you know, this could work. But I think that the difficulties with adapting video games is that there's nothing ever wrong with the story that the director and the writers are telling, because it's their story. But in video games, every video game is a personal journey. Yeah, the way you play a video game versus the way I play a video game, versus the way when you know person A or B plays a video game, it's always different. So and so that I think that's what usually makes video games special is that it's a it's a very it's a very personal experience, and it's a very um it's it's you know, it's about overcoming a variety of challenges, whether it's puzzles, whether it's Boss five, it's whether it's just getting around and accomplishing...

...things. And Minecraft. It's it's something very very personal. So when when someone makes their does their story on how they interpret the game, I don't ever think that you have a clear thumbs up with everyone someone, yeah, someone or a large group just because it's not you know, it's it's it's such a mean thing and that's how and that's how, and that's how it should be. That's how it's supposed to be. That that it's just difficult to then, um, showcase it one specific way and then uh, and then you know, release it to the masses, because then it's like it's then then you're being told how to do it. Then you're being told this is the way the character is period. Almost like you you try to canonize it, but um, of course it's just an meditation of it. So um and with so much money going into things like Halo, Hollywood wants to try to make it seems like a more mainstream thing. It is interesting. Looking at Rotten Tomatoes, an editorial on on there had listed some of the top rated video game shows, and the top three are all UH animated. Two of them, while one is straight anime being from a studio trigger, the other one is from UH Powerhouse animation, which is done in a kind of hybrid anime and and Western style and powerhouses here, and I think it's in Texas. If I'm not mistaken, I might be wrong. But anyways, UH, the one that's straight animal be and UH Cyberpunk edge Runners. I can attest to that being freaking amazing. UM Cyberpunk actually started off as a table top RPG think uh Dungeons and Dragons, but edge Runners is a direct prequel to the seven UH game Castle Vania. UH follows the same family and characters from the games, but has found its own little niche. I am. I am one that played Castle Vanya as an action adventure game, not really caring too much about the deep lore other than I'm Richter usually, Richter a Belmont usually and I'm trying to kill vampires. But I know that it was a good series and and many many people loved it, even those that did seem to to be big into the Lord. Then the other big one that that did well was Arcane. I'm not a League of Legends player. I have not finished that series. We watched one episode. It wasn't that we didn't like it, it was just life gotten the in the Way.

But the only yeah, the only live action one that that's got a half decent score is uh, The Witcher. And I'm not a big fantasy guy. So I watched most of the first season kind of fell out of it just because it wasn't hit me. But it wasn't bad. It wasn't bad. It's just not my my thing. Have you watched Um that was good. Second season, I kind of fell off a bit. Um, that's interesting. I forgot about them. Also, we can't talk about um successful movie adation. I mean video game had tapes into movies about also talking or mentioning at least Scott Pilgrim versus the world. I mean that. Yeah, they it was a comic book first. I mean they had games and it was all like video game references like the comics. I love them. I love that movie. I love that movie. My daughter, My daughter was obsessed with that movie for a few months. Uh anyhow, um, oh, jees are, I was talking about I don't know Scott Pilgrim before right before that, Uh, just good, good bad. Um yeah whicher No, that was I thought that was done really well. Um, Like I said, I kind of lost interest in the second season. Um, I'm not really sure why either. It was just kind of, um a lot sometimes a lot of things to watch, and then you you table things and don't go back to them. I barely started watching Cobra Car last night, barely. Um. We we got three or four episodes through and then kind of fell off. I got through to last night, and and then I watched Um, on a side note, Um, I watched Terrifier last night. Jesus fucking Christ. That movie is gory as hell terrifying. Yeah, it's it's like it looks like a clown. I think, all right, um, but it's like it's like it's like a gor classic interest and it has a has a second has a second one coming out this year, which is at like over two hours, almost like two and a half hours. And I was like, what are you gonna do for two and a half hours, Like that's gonna be like, oh my god. Anyway, UM, if you see, if you see the character, if you look it up and you see the character, you'll at least recognize the face. Um, and it's one of the it's it's Jesus anyway. Back to back to video games, Yeah, um, I think I think Sonic so far has it has kind of taken the top taking the top spot of I'm kind of the best adaptation that's done well. It's got a sequel and getting a third, you know, or is set up for a third. I don't know if it's beneficially you know what. You know. What I don't understand it is at this how it worked. Um No, I know how. I know how it worked. It got it got released right before the pandemic,...

...and um, not to saying it wouldn't have done well, but UM, it was kind of one of those things where like, yeah, this is all we got and uh, and it was, and it was able to get a little bit of steam that way, and then it was moved right to streaming and uh it was and then it just actually happened to be good. Um. I think that you know, you had the just the right, you know, the right cast with UM. I always forget his name because I remember him from Parks and rec as John Ralphael of Sonic, the Voice of Sonic. Yeah, he was on. I forget his name Schwartz, right, Schwartz because he did d duck tails as well, which is uh, which is great, but I love ducks tails the real the re The reboot is the absolute best reboot remake of of of all time. Well that's that's a good segue to our next uh to our next topic, which is why we need to stop with all the damn video game remakes. So uh, there was the gameplay trailer for Dead Space Horror Whips Wrong Window, a horror survivor Horror Survivor video game set well in space. Um it was a great, great game. Came out a while ago in the twenty ten twenty eleven range, maybe a little bit uh before. UM. I have no no issue with uh remasters, like when you take an existing game and you upscale it, you clean up the graphics. But remakes, on the other hand, are starting to get out of out of hand. Uh. We We can look to the Call of Duty games, which both Modern Warfare has been remastered and remade in the last like five six years and Modern Warfare to now you had remasters for Last of Us and now remakes for the Last of Us. UH. Sony is rumored to be working on a Horizon zero Don, the first of the Horizon games, which I absolutely adore, love it, play it. It's it's great. Um to to remake that for current gen UH consoles. Here's my here's my issue with that. That man he is UH and I'm a guy that that of course played Final Fantasy seven remake. I will be getting Rebirth. I love it. I think it's great. But that's also a five year old game. It was twenty what two years old when the remake finally hit, And it's not the same as a game that was on the last generation Horizon Um being remade freaking five...

...six years later, like and that's again it's a rumor on Horizon. But even with the last of us, you're still looking at a game that's not twenty years old and doesn't really do get anything out of out of a remake other than nicer graphics. I I had mentioned this with UH with jones E that it's it's different when a game can benefit from not just increased graphics, but the increased UH capabilities of modern gaming tech and consoles. You can make the world bigger, you can dedicate more time to two character moments, you can put in more UH more music. You you make the world, like I said, bigger, more vibrant, more more real. Games that you know came out twenty years ago or more. They can benefit from that a lot more. What do you what do you really get out of remaking The Last of Us? It's not a massive game like a like a Final Fantasy. It's it's got its open world. Of course, I'm not saying that's small, and it's it's got you know, textures and bad guys and and good guys. The only thing you really get out of the remake is a is a facelift, and it's it's not and it just had a facelift with the remaster. And what this does want You're people are gonna buy it, and you're you're gonna pay for for the essentially the same damn experience that just looks a little a little better. And that's it looks a lot better for for some of these remasters, some of them not as much. I mean, think about it. The p S four is not a bad system. You can still play it today. Horizon both Zero don in Forbid and West look fine uh today. Uh, but you're gonna go go out and pay for it, and and you've already played it, you know, and beaten it. And it's it's not like it's getting a whole brand new SLEW of of of of of features. Um, it's not like taking a game that was uh a little blocky three D characters on pre rendered backgrounds walking around on on two D, like Final Fantasy seven. I don't know, man, it just I would I want more new new games like this. This feels like one such a cash grab. It feels as as lazy as just you know, uh, remaking um another uh eighties film or doing even even soft reboots. And and like I said, it's I get that there are times and places for these remakes. And this is not counting remasters, remaster all you want. To a degree, I think it was ridiculous to remaster something from the three to the four, but what whatever PlayStation? Um, but this this remake thing, man, it also keeps the companies from working on other other projects, you know what I'm saying. And and I don't know about you guys, but I I like new stuff more. I like Barnie...

Stinson's new is always better. That's not always true, but uh, I would love I would love some new experiences. You know, I don't know how do you feel about that? Man? Like a game that might not even be ten years old, getting a potential ground up remake. I don't worry about it because I just won't play it. Well, I'm not gonna buy Horizon either, but I would I would like Horizon three. Maybe you know what I'm saying. Gamesure, I I don't. I don't have the time for them anymore. So, Um, there's certain there's certain games that Yeah, I've I've benefited from remakes and re releases. Assassin's the Assassin's Creed line is actually one of them. They got remastered. Yeah, so and I've and I've been able to enjoy them on the switch and it's on the go, which means that no matter where I am, when I matter what I'm doing in my insanely busy life, I'm gonna I can, I can have a few minutes to to just sit down and and enjoy that. But that said, I finished Black Flag and I've been warrant to stop. I don't know. I heard Valhalla is really good. Yeah, but I may have to skip a couple of games because apparently things go downhill from there. Um, which actually, um also kind of pertains to your point is then some of these games like Assassin's Creed like God Like not not God of War, They take their time with that, like, um, call of Duty, That's what I meant. Then they're rushed and then you get every year you get like another one and another one, and the next thing you know, it's like the quality is corrat and and it's because and and quality of the game, quality of the game specifically U So it I mean, does it' have to do with the fact that some of these people are you know, let's push out more games, So let's lower the quality of this one that's re released this one, and and then that way we can we can have more product that in a in a lesser time. Look at like look at like how many years it takes between to get like from one God of Ward to another, Like it takes a very long time for Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. Yeah, yeah, yeah, those are those are other great examples. It takes a long time. Why because there's like so much time in detail that are put into it, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. And then you get like other games that like are released that should never be released out Cyberpunk for example, Um, it wasn't ready, but you you released it anyway, and uh, are we ever gonna get grant the Fatto six. Probably not. They're gonna keep rereleasing five until that that that one is that one is the worst example that absolutely and I love g T A five, don't. Actually we played it for played it for so long we did, like really god and so um and it kind of...

...yeah, it sucks. Um. I know that I really benefited also from the rerelease of of BioShock when they when they remasters masters. Um My daughter did too because we're all in one um cartridge because switch still uses carts. Um, so you know it's kind of given take oh the oh. The one that we I really enjoyed were the re releases of Resident Evil, despite the fact that I had played that when I was younger. But those those remakes, the second ones phenomenal. Yeah yeah, and and so um they work. It depends on the depending on the game they work. But yeah, if you have a game that it was just released and you know a system before and yeah, maybe not. And like I said, uh, there, remasters are a hell of a lot more forgivable because the assets are all there, you're upscaling, you're you're increasing the resolution, you're you don't need a full team, and I'm not saying that it's easy work, but it's easier than ground up rebuilding. But again to to your point with with Resident Evil, especially to that's that's an old ass game. That's a that's a PlayStation one game, guys. I full and and it used the old tank controls. And I love the Resident Evil, uh to remake. I started the third one but kind of got got out of it because I wasn't staying up super late. My son is A is around and he wasn't, you know, wanting to watch me slaughter zombies. Um. Now he does, though, so maybe we can both play it. Uh um. And I'm looking forward to for sort of it's older, still got it, but it already had the better control system over the shoulder. And I don't I don't know, I don't, I don't know if I necessarily need Resident Evil for remake, I probably still get it. But it works just being all the fact that at this point now you want kind of that remastered collection, they would really redo the original even though they did. Yeah that that one, but yeah, the problem with that is that it's it got made so far back. But I mean the new ones are gonna take controls and yeah, the new ones are gonna have the same problem because you're gonna re release them for like PlayStation five and things like that, and so they're gonna be obviously better than than the remixer of two and three. But I mean, hey, whatever, that's just how graphics work. They just have to go at the time. And I think, I think what I enjoy about that franchise in general right now is that we're also getting, um so we're getting these re releases of some more old favorite classes, some new biohazard and it and it fills in that gap hate the first person aspect, but and it fills in that gap that that you don't have it, and so you gain...

...content one which has done quickly quicker because like you said, you have the assets, and the other one new storytelling, and um it just makes it for you know, just a really well well rounded franchise. You know, you know what I want, either want not a real I guess a rerelease or something. I guess I could just play the old one because they're not gonna get any better, But like, can we do like Marvel versus Capcom again with like different characters. Yeah, it's the last Infinite It's been a few years, about six years or so, I think maybe or a little less. It's time for new, new one of those. And you know what, like there's there's games that some of you might not even recognize the title Galirians, Uh, there's uh Um Parasite eve Um. Those are two games that kind of pop out, pop out on my mind immediately, Zone of the Enders. There's a lot of games that I don't necessarily want to see remade, but I want to see the world and characters revisited in a direct sequel. Sure, maybe it's been twenty five years, maybe it's been fifteen years since the game originally hit. Whatever, why not just do a direct sequel, you know what I'm saying, Like in that that even and then you put the original on whatever uh gaming service or or um uh like that catalog PlayStation plus or game Pass or something like that. You put the the original game back up on on there, you know, from the excuse me, from the GameCube, from the from the PlayStation, from the original Xbox if it's most of those are already on their so Xbox isn't really a good example. But Nintendo PC, uh, PlayStation, some Sega, some Sega games just do the do the direct sequel thing and give it a an original title. Don't don't pull that that Hollywood movie crap where we now have three freaking movies called Halloween, including the direct sequel to to Halloween being called Halloween. I hate you, Hollywood, I really really do. Anyways, Manny, I look at that. Man, we filled up thirty five minutes with video game talk. I'm sorry, I'm speaking of Resident Evil real quick. I'm really excited for thou the DLC that's coming for Village, that's gonna that's gonna close out that storyline, which is um always get closure. Yeah, absolutely, well, guys, you can find uh. And I don't think we had any hot hot takes today, Manny. I mean some people might be all about the remakes and stuff, but you know, we we're seeing no one, No one listens to the very end, Manny. Let's uh, let's uh, I got one. This this piss off a lot...

...of people, very very very very uh very political. Pineapple does not belong on pizza, hey, not even not even not even a problem. That is absolutely true, Pineapple, what does not belong on a pizza? And if you and if you think it does, unsubscribe right now, because it's not wrong. You're stupid. You're a horrible, horrible human being. There you go, ladies and gentlemen. Hot take Pineapple doesn't belong on the pizza and you guys are terrible. Uh. You guys can find more awesome hot takes here on the Daily Cup of Genre on the UH on the Genreverse YouTube channel wherever you also get your podcast from if you want to listen in audio format, great shows like a review of the Rings, uh Daily Cog Breaking Geek Marble Multiverse mehem, the Cantina Anime Versaile reviews. We've also got some extress stuff that we here on the YouTube channel, like a VR squared, UH anime reactions, Geno shot trailer reactions and I will be trying to stream again later on this week, and all of that, and and UH written articles, news pieces, leakss uh written reviews, celebrity interviews all available at l r M online dot com, and those interviews like our own uh Nancy Uh Nancy talking to uh the old man as those Battlestar Glass those of us that are Battlestar Glactica fans, UH call him Edward James almost uh talking um about the uh uh l f I uh and uh partnering with was it Amazon? I think? Yeah? So something uh some cool stuff we got going on on the on the website. Uh. Social media information in front of you down below at that comm loan on Twitter for myself many where can people find you at? I many going this media on Twitter and then you can find me also on um riddle me this and to score five ten on Instagram, um yeah, with two spots to find me. Alright, guys, we will hopefully talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

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