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Join Kyle (Daily COG), Christine (No Mercy Podcast) and Brian (PulpMythos on YouTube) as they enter the deadly world of espionage, geopolitics, and peanut loving, psychic kids. Welcome to SPY x FAMILY! This series sees a deadly spy put together a fake family on a mission to save the world. However, there are a couple of problems. One, the missus is an assassin, and the other problem? The daughter can read minds. One, the missus is an assassin, and the other problem? The daughter can read minds. Let's dig in and review SPY x FAMILY: Mission 12

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(00:00)- Intro & Spoiler Free SPY x FAMILY Episode 12 Review (05:33)- Grading Cour 1 (07:52)- SPONSOR: Grow Generation (08:15)- SPY x FAMILY Episode 12 Spoilers- Enter The Penguin(s) (15:00)- SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Trailer Reaction (18:22)- Final Thoughts


Kyle: B+ Christine: B+ Brian: B+

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Question of the week: What did you think of SPY x FAMILY Episode 12? Also, how would you grade this cour?

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They're oh wait, I gotta go to studio mode and then, yeah, we're good, I'm seting. Yeah, I got it now. Oh Man, it's, it's, it's weird. It's it's over, but but it's not over. Yeah, it's, it's only, it's only partially over, although there there's been a lot that's ended in the last like two weeks. You show already sad empty. Yeah, but they just dropped like a weird bombshell yesterday on a couple of cuckoos. Like, where did that picture come from? I don't know. It's crazy. Yeah, something, something's fishy. Something's really, really fishy. Anyways, guys, uh, let's do let's do this. Welcome to the anime versail reviews UH podcast here on the genreverse podcast network, available wherever you get your podcasts from, and on the genreverse to geniverse pod as a network YouTube channel. Of course. We are part of the big L R M online family, so make sure you're checking out L R M online dot com every day for all your entertainment news, uh, news, needs and opinions. And we are sponsored by the good folks over at grow generation. A little bit more from them later on in in the episode. I am Kyle Malone, this is Christine, that's Brian and we are here to talk about spy family, the end of core one, part one of season one. For for the UNINITIATED, for the for the casual news out out there. Um, I guess kind of go like we normally do and just kind of a spoiler free reaction to to this episode. Then will grade the first core this first half the seat season. We'll take a quick break and do some spoiler to talk and then the three of us are going to react to the UH core two trailer that was released a few days ago as well. So with that, Christine, do you think of the UH, the wrap up episode for spy family, episode, episode twelve? I felt like part of it was a waste because at the beginning it's like we're just gonna tell you what's up again. I'm just like reaping. Yeah, it's like why did you? That's wasted time. You could have done something else. But it was. It was cute. I liked it in the cat yeah, so, but yeah, I thought it was really cool. I like the the little mission. Yeah, that was fun. What did you think of it? Brian? Pretty much the same thing. Um, you know, it didn't really progress a whole lot. It was fun, though, enjoyable. I laughed quite often. Um, I don't know why, Anya drawing a picture of a penguin holding a gun. It's so funny. I loved it. And I use a penguin, a gun toting penguin. Uh, are you serious? Anyways, I have a gun holding penguin for uh one of my gaming profiles. So I dug.

I dug that. Um. I. I also was kind of like upset about the the UH recap, especially since it wasn't really needed. Um, it wasn't like we were going into a boss fight or a mini boss boss fight and needed a quick re refresher Um, and we were. We were coming off the heels of a of an episode we all agreed was kind of like a fifth filler episode. Not Bad, just, you know, like yeah, that that was that was there. Um, this was a lot of fun. I really like the way that they show again twilight skills in in the situation that they get in into in the in the aquarium. Um, it was. It was just a really good, fun episode and the weirdest part is just kind of like, you know, Brian, the question you asked us yesterday, before you had watched it, was you know, does it does it feel like an ending point? And I was like no, not, not really. But again, I don't I don't feel I don't feel like that's a mark again against it. This is just such a laid back show it you know what it kind of reminds me of. And Brian, I don't remember it was you or Christine that that mentioned, uh, sitcoms back when we first started this twelve weeks ago. Yeah, Sitcom like and and this kind of felt like a classic nineties like, you know, Sitcom Spring, Spring break, you know, before they go into the mid season, mid season break. It was only later when you started getting real, real big like uh, like cliffhangers for for sitcoms and stuff like that. or or the more more adult ones like a friends or something would have a big cliffhanger, but not home improvement, wouldn't you know. Yeah, it's like the second part we'll probably tighten up a little bit and we'll get some story. Right now it's kind of loose. Maybe so I I still loved it. So for for all of those that that are like check out little, uh spoiler free reviews before you watching an episode. there. There you go. We we all enjoyed it, but it's it's got the first five minutes you can almost skip. Just listen to that banging op of course. Um. So, you know, before we we take the AD ad break and go into some spoilers, this first core, I want to go go ahead and grade instead of waiting for for the whole season, and of course maybe we'll even do a season grade, uh then, instead of just two separate core core grades, even though that's how Malda does it. Um, Christine, what do you think? I don't know. I really don't know. Um, a B plus. That that sounds fair. Brian,...

...what do you what? Do you got? B Plus. I had written it down earlier. Yeah, B plus, I I it's that's to me perfect. Um, I was. I considered a minus, but to me there wasn't enough of the core story elements set up at the beginning to really that to make me feel like we're on the right path yet. I don't know. You know. So B B Plus is that? I was just like you, Brian. I was going between B B Plus and and a a minus and settled on on B plus as well. And I'm in a really good strong B plus and I reserved the right to come back and say no, it wasn't a minus, depending on what core too, you know, kind of kind of looks like. Because if this really does remain very, uh, episodic, very uh, you know, Sitcomm in, where there's just this loose arc and and things that loosely connect through through the season, Um, if it all ends up like like that and lands as well as this did, then this, this might be an a minus and it might be a good, solid a a a minus series. For that I'm not quite sure if I'll, if I'll feel any UH, disappointment in it not doing more with its premise. But again, like, we don't uh, we do read Manga. We're just the shows that we watch. We we try not to read ahead or or or pick shows that we've we've read Manga. So you know we're getting the the story reaction on their audience. Um, so don't spoil it in the in the comments, but let us know what you guys thought about the the first core. And with that, why don't we, why don't I not screw up and get the advertisement? Go and grow generation, guys, take take it away, grow generation. The prews go to grouple for all of your colivation needs. Grow generation has the right products, service and staff to make your grow successful. Go to www dot grow generation dot com. With the PROWS, go to Groogle. Thank you, guys, so much for Uh uh sponsoring the episode. Link in the in the description box, uh, down down below. So spoilers for for this episode, the whole Penguin thing. There's not even really a whole, a whole lot lot to spoil. Uh, I dug everything. Penguins are my my favorite animal, like that's that's why I'm as Pittsburgh Penguins Fan. And when I got in a hockey uh, I found out there was a team with, you know, mascot of my favorite animal, it's like, okay, that's that's my team. And I was like eight, nine years years older, and here we are, you know, uh, Um, almost thirty years later, God, and and I'm still a...

...die hard pens fan. Um, to me, it was just all all about a good show off for for twilight again and his skills, his dedication, uh, not just his dedication to to the mission, but his his dedication to his to his family over it. You know, Um, I really like like that. And Man, did. I did. I feel somewhat that bad for for uh, the guy on your latched onto to help, you know, uh what's her name, be able to uh your be able to, you know, identify a target and take it down, take it, take it down, without giving away that she can. She can read minds. Um. The biggest surprise for me, though, was her reading, uh Penguin's minds. I thought that was kind of yeah, like like of course, like you know, we see it and they put language to it instead of just like feeling because, like you know, animals don't really have language the way we do. So it's like, you know, what are you? That's interesting, kind of odd, but I like it. It's good, good use of it. What do you think, Brian? Yeah, all the penguin stuff was great. I mean the Penguin episode. You know, we have the dodgeball episode, now we have the penguin episode. Um. But, you know, going back to what we were saying earlier about like wanting a little more, I wanted to know what was the importance of that particular mission. Well, you know, we we knew, oh, they're going to develop another weapon, but I want to know more about that. I want to you know, it's like they keep teasing me with things and I was like, I just want to know a little bit more. The beginning, that little recap when they when they point out each one of their skills and the fact that none of them know that they have those skills, and I'm like yeah, but I want that to change to know a whole other half. Maybe that's where we're going with it, which is fine. But as far as just the penguin stuff, yeah, this show, I've laughed out loud every single episode. It's really funny. Yeah, it is. It's been. It's been a lot of fun fun to watch it. Um, everything, everything about it. We watched the opening, we watched the ending. We listen to both both songs and UH, laugh, laugh out loud, you know, just such a wholesome show too. Yeah, something that was like in this episode that I thought was really cute. Um, and it shows like the mistakes that parents make, Um, where they in a panic, they're yelling at their kids and it's like crap, I really messed up. So then they go on this little mission with the little toys and it's like they're out in public and it's like that's some dedication. I don't know if I could do that because I don't like guys on me and a heart and a heartbeat. No, no problem, anything for for my on. I really dubbed that whole final scene Anya...

...introducing the stuffed penguin that that UH Lloyd gets her to cover up his his espion, espionage work. Um, I I really just I adored the hell out of that because, like Christine said, we we've been there as parents, parents, you know, to overreacting and then, Um, not not necessarily doing things just just to make up to Lucas for having messed up, but being willing to to go back to grade school level play for for him, for our son. They did that for Anya. I thought that was adorable, especially when you when you consider what the you know, what Lloyd and your are are doing for for for jobs. You know what, what do you think about that? Whole last bit of of episode, Ban was great. I love the voices. I liked an doing, you know, and then when twilight, you know, do the same thing, and then, yeah, and then they went and then I loved that she really realized what they were doing and and then wove it into getting candy. He's like, we have a mission at a candy store, and I very kid like. I all of that. Loved it, loved it. Um. So, yeah, guys, I that that's pretty much. I can't think of anything else to say. This whole first season has been a really great Um, it's been a really great trip. UH, fun. I cannot wait. The next course supposed to start in in October. Um, I guess you know what for for, uh, chips and giggles. Do you have a favorite episode? Brian, dodgeball, dodge, I love that, I said it. That's an episode I would recommend to somebody who isn't watching the show. I'm like, just watch this one episode. Oh Yeah, what about you? You, Christine? Probably this one. I really liked this one, this one, and then the one where they like to celebrate her getting into school. That's my favor. That's my favorite between the two. Yeah, I love the Castle, I just I love the animation in that. I love the fight between your and and UH Lloyd. I love Lloyd being a Badass with NERF guns. That's that's my favorite episode. Yeah, so between the two, this one and in that one. Okay, cool, cool, alright, guys. Well, I'm going to share my screen with with Brian and I'm going to bring over the trailer for us to react to. Christine and I will look washed out because my screen is very, very bright and she is very, very pale. But anyway, I can't do anything about that. Nope. Right, Brian, let me know.

Can you see the screen? I can. Okay, hopefully it's not too loud for you going on because, yeah, sometimes when we do screen share, video shares it, it can't be a bit loud. Um, I think I am all set. Let's watch this next mission. Oh, terrorists, terrorist bombing attack. What? Okay, the dog they teased. Thank you. What are you see? That's the shift I want. That's what I'm talking about. That looks now. Now, the first trailer definitely sold us on this family idea, you know, the first trailer for for core one. But that did see. I mean look, the first mission, operation stricks, is just to get in and and and, you know, meet this this guy and and you know, we'll figure out more on on stricks later, but the this this here man, that's a terrorist bombing and stuff like that. Yeah, I'm wondering if, like also the little penguin Um mission that they had where the little thing in the penguin's mouth, like maybe it's like it was supposed to be like a cliffhanger to to lead to the more serious second part, and there's something serious in that. But yeah, definitely. What do you think? What do you think? Brian said? Yeah, more, more of the stuff. You know, like I said, I you know, I love the family stuff, but I want I want that action. I want that you know, saving the world secret mission, and the show showed US early on that it didn't have an issue with, you know, killing characters or, you know, found the more gritty stuff and then it sort of backed off for the second half, which is fine, but seeing that it seems like it may go back into that, I'm yeah, I'm excited. Yeah, I just kind of wanted to go gradually more and more serious instead of it, because I'm wondering if they're just going to start off with it being, you know, pretty serious instead of how lighthearted it's been, like a good balance of that and then lead to getting more and more serious. So I don't know. Yeah, I that that looked intense and good. I'm I'm down. October's a long ways away, though. Yeah, and they had me there, UM, because there's like a like a pause for dramatic effect, with Lloyd being like I'm done with this. I'm like, are you quitting and the family? You can't quit the family, and then it's like with this war, and like okay, Um, I like, you know, I like this little speech with the why he's doing this so that children don't have to cry or live...

...in a world of war and all that, like all that was great. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, I'm I'm excited for the second core. I know every everyone else here is as as well. Let us know what you guys thought down in in the comments below. Uh. Any last thoughts or words on on this first twelve episodes of spy family? Christine, no, I'm good. Brian. Brian, oh right then. Uh, Brian, do you do you know what we're what we're gonna be talking about next week before Dr still in the following week, I think I do. You think you do? Okay, so it'll be if you're down. Um, it's something you just watched. Oh, you want to talk season one. Did you watched the first episode? I watched a part of it, but yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, next next week. Christine and I watched that. Uh, I thought we were going to get into just a kind of like a dark comedy. And and know those of you that have, yeah, those of you that have watched classroom of the elite know exactly uh what we're gonna be getting getting into. And, yeah, I'm excited to hear hear what Brian Thought about it. So next week guys will be doing uh, classroom of the elite and the few days later, basically we will be doing Um, uh Dr Stone, uh the UH UH U Su UH special. Um, totally stoked for for that. Also stoked to tell you guys about L L R M online dot com, where you can go every day for all of all of your your entertainment, news needs and opinions. There's inner interviews, there's news, are articles, opinion, opinion pieces, reviews, all sorts of things, uh, celebrity interviews, writers, comic books, stuff, video, video games, everything you guys can can imagine. All of the pod all of the podcasts are accessible as well. We like to uh put you know, different videos up on the website. Really really great. Highly suggest you guys make it your homepage. I don't even know if they do home home pages anymore. So old all of our all of our PODCASTS, like breaking Geek Radio, Marvel multiverse, marvel multiverse, mayhem and the Cantina all go up where, wherever you get your podcasts from? Google? Apple, uh, spotify, soundcloud. Um, we finished up OBI WAN Kenobi over on the can over on the CANTINA and we'll be back to doing regular, regular news, Star Wars, news and rumors discussions every every every Friday, Um, and until and or starts up, which I'm way more excited about that than than anything else. And Miss Marvel continues to be really, really freaking funds. So I'm better. Yeah,...

I'm loving it more and more. I suggest everyone go go and check that out. All of our pod all of our podcast go up on the genreverseity YouTube channel. Hit the red subscribe button. Go to the L R M online youtube channel too, for all the celebrity interviews. And then, uh, yeah, Brian, Brian, tell them about Oh, I do trailer reactions as part of Genre shot. So, Brian, tell tell them what you do on on Youtube. Yeah, the channel is called pulp mythos and I'll be talking about west world and only murders in the building starting this week. Very, very cool. Uh. With that, I gotta get my mouse down to the third freaking screen and I want another one, I know, and I'm like, no, you're not, because I don't. I don't know if you guys want me to stream so I can get get a fourth monitored just to buy that thing. Oh my God. Anyways, guys, uh, that's gonna be it. Will you will see you next week, uh sometime for classroom of the elite. Have a good one.

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