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Episode 571 · 3 months ago

She-Hulk Episode 9 Review: Master Plan Or BIG Fail? | MMMayhem


She-Hulk Episode 9 Review 

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This episode Nick and Kyle briefly react to Werewolf By Night before doing their real job, reviewing She-Hulk Episode 9 "Whose Show Is This?" In what will certainly be one of the most divisive projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kyle is glad to be done with She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. But, you know Nick, bring him MORE!  

(00:00)- Intro & Werewolf By Night Review

(05:04)- She-Hulk Episode 9 Review

(08:59)- Weirdness In The MCU

(15:02)- The Future Of Hulks

(20:45)- Final Thoughts 

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Question(s) of the week: Was this week's episode a great "outside the box" move by Marvel? Or is it too weird to fit into the MCU?  

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More people are gonna wanna listen about Hole because that came out today. I'm learning from Kyle. There you there, you go. I don't know how much how much they really want to hear about it, but we'll remember they like the let's get into it. Gonna go roll it, roll it. Hello everyone, and welcome to Marvel Multi versus Mayhem. Mayhem's almost over, Thank god. Um it's your favorite Kyle and it here on the genre podcast down Reverse Podcast Network, which you can find on YouTube all your favorite UM podcast apps. Put us in your ear holes. Um and uh yeah, we'll talk more at the end about some of the other shows you can hear there and or, like I said, watch us on YouTube. That's my favorite way to enjoy either stuff I'm in or stuff by Kyle and Cam and whoever else is involved. So, um, we're doing she Hulk episode nine. Who show is this? And be ready for Nick and Kyle to completely disagree and to rise as like this entire series. But first, where where Wolf by Night? Oh? Yes, yes, yeah, sorry, I completely forgot. We are just gonna touch on where Wolf by Night. We weren't able to do a show to cover because Cown died fifteen shows last week, so I don't blame him on our way to two more right, I I couldn't even find time to watch it until I don't even what was it Monday? I think I texted in in our discord, which everyone should totally join. But yeah, where world by Night? I uh enjoyed it. It was good. I think those that called it a masterpiece or a bit wonky, but it was good. Um, I no, by by far it's not. I would say my my one big gripe was they should have leaned into their style more and there should have been no c g I. The color thing I was okay with, but there should have been no c G I. They should have hand drawn lightning bolts like an old fifties movie would have would have had when the energy is coming out out of the stone and stuff like that. Um, and I I thought man thing looked mostly well. Again, I'd almost prefer more of a practical suit to that. I mean, that's a really that that's a relatively easy suit to do, you know what I'm saying. And uh, the size and and scale not so much, but the suit, yeah, and and you could power rangers it, you know. Yeah, it's not gonna look as fluid and have as much emotion as you got out of it. But like I said, I would have almost preferred them to lean into that aspect of a bit more. The wolf costume was a wolf costume exactly. H It's kind of amash, like a you know, a mishmash in that way where you're watching this. But I do feel like with man thing, it's important to c G I because I really like about this um is. They took a they took a short film basically not an entire series, not a two hour movie, and introduced three characters that could be very important moving forward on a certain corner of the m c U. Like could could be because like they're all this Bloodstone, I forgot her first name and by night. Yeah, like they're actually important camp like depending what corner you're in, Like those are all mains characters like Guardians as it were, where it's like, let's not spend six episodes introduce these people. Let's spend fifty five minutes and make it really weird and really fun. If I like it's overall fun, would you end up grading it? So help me? God, you say A plus, I'm gonna pop I would say a normal A and it's probably one of my favorite...

...things Disney Plus is done because it's not no longer that needs to be like wand Division. It's very original for Marvel, Like it feels out there, like it's not something I expected to even be any good. When they announced it, I was like, Okay, this will be schlocky. Yeah, and it was just it gets violent to not that that's part of my review like by rating, but it's fun to see what they can do. I think Black and White gave them a little bit room to more room to do blood. Yeah, exactly. I gave it a solid B plus. I'm gonna stick with that. Uh. There's nothing really wrong with it other than the two little things that I that I mentioned, But there's also nothing there that was mind blowing or shocking. And so if if you start off at an A minus for something that that executes its intent, uh, well, then a couple of things. Yeah, B B plus sounds B plus sounds good good to me. So uh yeah, that's what I thought. Another thing to say about, but already forgot. Let's move on. Um yeah, okay, so she Hulk who show? Is this bo uh controversial episode Um, huh, of course I did. I didn't. I hated whether. I mean, you've seen the show if you're here with us, and went from what would have been a very very bad finale, which they were kind of intentionally building up so that she could break it where it's like I'm gonna become a Hulk and like, oh, no abominations there, and suddenly Bruce Band like It's like, I mean, they overdid it that way, but they're also making fun of like the endings of every other show, because quite often the finale is the worst part of what comes to mind for me is wan division. I would say, great show, episode nine, pretty terrible. Let's have the visions fight each other and the witches fight each other and the kids being shot at and and a lot of the Marvel shows end up doing that. And I meant, she said exactly what my dad says about the movies, where he's like, it's all the same ending. Why am I even going to a new Avengers movie. It's just gonna end with like like we've discussed it. Um, it's particularly about shaung Chi, solid solid movie, third act, who gives a fuck just soul sucking dragons because Cam made a good point about this. I said, I call it the mel Brooks ending or the lazy blazing Saddles ending, where it's like the rest of the movie really doesn't matter. Let's just like they're all storming the studio lot um. But as Cam point out the whole, that's mel Brooks's thing, and it slapsticky the entire time. Whereas, Yeah, Kyle, how much did you hate it? It was a complete This was a complete waste of time. Uh, it doesn't even feel like I almost don't want to believe that this was written this way on on purpose. I almost think that they didn't have of an idea on where the hell to go with this from the from the get go, and this is what they resulted with, kind of like a let's make fun of ourselves for for not being able to write. I don't think there's anything profound here. I feel honestly, I feel like the last eight weeks, because it's been eight weeks, right, nine episodes they did two two together, So the last eight eight weeks of my life have been completely wasted every Thursday watching and covering this show. Uh, they should be ashamed of themselves forever thinking that this would would be worth people's minds are are you know? Time and uh uninstalled this game called being a writer. That's that's what I think. No, man, it was awful. It was pointless. It was it was a journey to to like I said nothing while I was being sarcastic there at first. Hopefully some people listened for for me to kind of laughing and cut the tension there. No, I I do think it was I do think they didn't know what they were...

...doing. This doesn't feel like a a cohesive way to break fourth wall. Uh, And I didn't necessarily need the big build up to a to a fight with Titania again or a fight with Hulk leing of some hump some sort. I didn't need that anymore than she said. They wanted to do it. But the the fake out, it reminds me of the wedding episode, like, oh yeah, wedding episodes are inconvenient, so that's why we're doing one now. And it's like, but you didn't make it any better, Like you made this tongue in cheek joke, but you didn't make it any better. You made it an inconvenience. And this this final thing, I mean, they even threw away some of their their own moments, and there's there's not even a big like a wrap up go gen moments. So so to speak, you you nerf the revenge porn aspect to get one good let's go sue them in I I don't own Nike. It feels like a waste of time and I hate I hate wasting my time. And I will say this, while I still think Deadpool can do it potentially better because the weirdness is focused more on him than it is the whole world, this makes me very very concerned about fourth wall breaking and in the m c U proper um, I was not against it. So speaking like I said, Deadpool does does it differently because the weirdness is on him. The rest of the world is very very still, you know, actions and consequences and others aren't aren't as weird as he is. I have concerns. H. I hated this. This is the worst Marvel show there there is. Miss Marvel is better because at least I got uh two and a half good episodes out of that, and then some sprinkling of of good moments with uh uh kamala h. This was atrocious. I feel like this is what I've always liked about the show and what I expected to be. As I remember, I said I didn't want a big bad as we were watching it, Yeah, I just want And that's kind of what she says at the end. It's like supposed to be about me, like dating with superhero powers, and when she's talking to Kevin. They didn't even really do that very well either. They spent too much time teasing the Hulk king in the background and it was a bad guy, but he used he was directing. He was a weaponized fan and we knew he was. We knew he was. I told you that from the first time we saw here. Kyle called it. I'm todd Yeah, yeah, I don't feel like you need like especially the thirty minutes show going into it and then that he is injecting himself and like, how the hell are we wrapping this up in minutes and the like. There was the footage from the trailer where it shows like Hulk fighting Abomination and it's like, really that we're gonna get all this um so, I like kind of the off the walls thing. I feel like it's still Marvel embracing the comics in a way. The earlier movies did a lot where it's like, you know, when we get Wolverine, we're getting a yellow suit. Like they've always embraced. It's not they're not doing there never been a problem with with Marvel. They've always embraced the cheesiness of the origins and the the the costumes looking comic accurate. They're never like shying away from like, um, I don't know, like Captain America's bright, it's like you could mean when he's Secret Wars Captain not Secret Wars, but like Secret Avengers Captain America. It's the same outfit. He just like stripped all the color offic because that doesn't make a lot of sense to be running around. I think the comics say they're in the Middle East for most of that, but again, the comics aren't they are they aren't Cannon depending who you're talking to. UM, I don't know, I just feel like this is MCU wouldn't go as far as this ending,...

...but I think bringing in more comedy with Shehok and then bringing in more comedy and fourth wall breaking with uh Deadpool is embracing the comics further. Yeah, but I'll i'll, I'll say this not not everything trans not translates. It translates, and and not everything can be adapted between formats. What works in the comic books works mostly because each comic book has different art styles, different characters. There's the actual act of opening up different books or different downloads if you're using like Kindle or or whatever. Uh movie and television all has a similarity. It's when it's live action. There's real humans there, there's uh um, things that are connected to the bigger universe in the in the case of the m c U, and this is one of those times where like I said, yeah, I get and I was supportive of of having her do the Fourth Walls stuff at first, I said, even there in the first couple of episodes, none of none of those breaks bothered me at all. Um, But I don't I don't necessarily think it translates as as well when you're asking me to also believe that the Winter Soldier happened in this same universe. And I think that's been my one of my biggest issues with this is it failed to figure out how to balance the fact that it is MCU Prime six, Win six, whatever you wanna call it, um, but also it's its own thing um and it's it's similar to to when I complain about the uh, how awful the Rise of Skywalker is or the sequel trilogy in general and generous level. You can just ignore what's coming up, No I I can't. I know where where things lead now, and that sucks. And this this is like, well you could just ignore that it's connected to the So you know, I can't anymore than I can ignore uh mishaps that happened in and UH one Division or Falcon and Winner's Soldier or Hawkeye that it's all connected. So I do like some of my favorite jokes from the end. Well, one of my favorite things is he's like, it's like it's you know, it's it's I'm sure you didn't like it, but you know, a joke about the VFX and they affordability. And I like the scene where he's like, we can't afford it all because they moved on to another project. And then it played the Black Panther theme just a few seconds. I wasn't happy when she said, X men, it didn't go no no, no, no no. They only paid to use it the last time that they did the thing. I think they paid for outright. So that's why I figured they used it twice so quickly. Is there like we paid a ship ton for this? The themes is something we should own already. I still don't know how the rights dealt with that exact same song, but and I don't know, we don't really have to say a lot about it either, like that, yeah, there's nothing to say Easter eggs, but yeah, there's a lot of Easter eggs, and and uh, I guess we could mention the not really stinger, but the whole scar and scar thing, um that actually seems important. The rest of this was like ha ha, maybe her and have a relationship in the future. I'll say this, how how awful was scars freaking c G I worst worst c G I yet worse than she Hulk, worse than than Hulking, hulk Ling, whatever they're gonna call todd And in the end that was undone. Well, yeah, that was undone. So hulk King, like all of all of the scar stuff was was atrocious. And it also it really brings up, uh that that question that I had about trying to do World War Hulk.

The whole thing that happened was was Hulk being sent away by the Illuminati, there being a bomb on the on the ship and after spending years on Sakar, getting getting married, having the kid, after being enslaved in the in the arena and stuff, the bomb goes off. He fit finds out that it's connected to the Illuminati. Back on Earth comes back Rain's hell, how do we get to Hulk? Raining? Raining? Hell? Now? I mean how he went and picked his boy up there there on a road trip across the universe as father and son, and and why when when he's you know, been merged well and and doing so so well as as professor Hulk if you will, will he all of us? Why would the Earth people all of a sudden treat him back? You know what I'm saying, like, how do we get we are we're at? I don't think we are ever going there. I think the most of that will get is he has the son, and we already saw the battle arena stuff, Like I don't. I think this is a most confirmation that we're not headed in that direction. Like this, he's a different story with his son. But how do you get more? Because that's what they're doing, Because this is almost a confirmation to me that they're not doing that because they're like, oh, here's his son, he's already done. I'll say this, I'll say this, What what Hulk story do you tell with another movie? I don't think you need to do anymore Hulk. Honestly, well, they're obviously going to do something. I mean they even teased it in in here, you know, save that for the movie. Where's Hulk been? Save that for for the movie? Um? I think? And there's there's more adventures, and like, I think he'll show up for the Avengers, like you know, when it comes time for King or something, you know, smart just smash. Why why brings scar In into this at all? Like? What does that do? Explains why he was gone? But it's also like why not? I don't, I don't, like, I don't unless they're doing the Young Adventures with him. They keep hinting at building a young Avengers team. I mean, it could it a better younger Hulk or whatever his name is Asian Hulk. I can't remember his name. He's like Young Avengers and Amadeus Chow Chow. I think it's Chow. I just couldn't remember how it was pronouncing it. Amadeus is the uh first name though, but he was this kid instead. If they ever get too young, because everyone then the Young Adventures is aging so much, it's like Kate Bishops. I don't think the straight up I don't. I don't think they not the way that people thought when UM one Division first came out. I don't think that's gonna What do you think about West Coast Avengers as a show, especially since this is set in Los Angeles first show fully set in l a Ascide from Tony Starks houses. I wouldn't. I wouldn't bet on I wouldn't bet on it. But but maybe do you think there's a possibility that Daredevil will still be dating Jen Walters in his show or that was just more of a throwaway I'm here for a week. I think that's I'm I'm hoping to god, I'm here for a week because honestly, I don't ever and and it's nothing against the the actress at all. It has everything to do with just the show. I don't know. I don't want to see the character again. I don't because my theory would. I think she did great for what she was delivered. She's a wonderful actress. She was she herself is not the problem here at all. For for me, her her character just the the She's not badge, she was just written that way. Yeah. I don't think we'll see her in Daredevil um at all. And if we do, I don't think I think whoever show it is, is the style they'll do. Like I think we ever see her talk to the camera, I would hope not, because that's her perspective is this show. His perspect active is like I can't see...

...anyone talking to the camera, Like yeah, And like I said, it's in there somewhere. I don't think we definitely want to see her in action and dared just keep it to his people. This is something that I wanted to do well. I wanted it to succeed and I was open to the fourth wall and all of that, and it just didn't turn out the way I think would have been better. Many people think would have been better. Some people think would have uh would have been better. I don't know, but I'm glad it's over. Definitely going to be a divisive, especially a divisive finale. Like watching it, I was like, there's no doubt about that, Like, like I loved it. I would say in my top three series are wand Division Guy and this as far as because I like that, because Hawkeye is funnier too, and the Wan Division was such a mind fuck. I still can't be le if we got one Division, then we have that anything that interesting again? Loki the best thing so far, so Lokey and song Chi best Phase four stuff not reliant on the gimmick of of nostalgia. And like I said, that's not me we're taking anything away from the top three projects of good Yeah, but you know, no, No Way Home is unique, and anyone that thinks it's not unique, you're you're fooling yourselves. You cannot hold that movie the same. Uh. It really it's a It's an orange in a in a group of apples. It really is. Uh. And that's not a negative thing. That's just saying that it's isn't it? Nick? Is it hard to not separate everything that came before in into that at all? I think I think that made it work. Um, they followed the rules. Nonsense. I'm not talking in in movie. I'm talking about the way people feel about the movie. Yeah, I all know, I oh, I know. You're still afraid to watch it a second time because you're great. The nostalgia will let you down or something, or you'll see through the nostalgia the second time and not say good of the plot. Um, I'll just say it's it's sad that I just won't. You're afraid I don't watch anything Phase four again, I I don't. I don't think there's anything I don't I don't need. I thought about it the other day. I was was on Disney Plus and I was like, can I should I? Should I watch song Chi. I'm the one that says that, you know, this is the best Phase four things so far? Should I Should I watch it? And then I always think, nay, I think that's one of the best too. And I think turn Olson Shanchi the only ones I haven't watched more than once, including I watched every series more than once because I rewatched them with my roommate and I enjoy them. So nobody got time for that. We are next project. It's Waconda Forever. They got that little music to tease about the VFX team and having moved on to work on the next project. Um, and looks epic. That will be the next time we have a show for you guys about a movie until then, we'll be doing Marvel News. Um. There there's tons of it every week. There's always at least rumors, if not real ship going down. Um. But yeah, UM, it's a shorter show. But I really think it's all we really have to say about it. You got it? Um all right? So with that, UM, thank you for joining us for the she Hulk episodes. We enjoy that you've been watching them. They've been fairly popular because of our descent between the two of us, which just seems to be growing. Or with each series we watched, Kyle becomes more and more disillusioned with the m C and it's just like superhero ship. If if you wanna, if you want to talk Marvel with Nick, contact me yet Kyle mmtt l com The news won't be divisive, that'll just be fun. Hopefully what Conda forever we've both agree, I hope,... hopefully we both agree it's good now we both hope that. I hope we don't both agree that it's pat Yeah, that would be very sad. The theater's need both that and and Black Adam to kick ask because I honestly, while Avatar is gonna make some some money, I don't know if it's gonna make that much because of how much the re release made was ridiculous. Yeah, yeah, that was pretty crazy. I mean it won't be as big as the first Avatar. No, it's gonna be. It's gonna be a year saver behind like Ted, it's not a savior, but it is needed, definitely that and like top Gun, nicely carrying the year. Yeah, there you go. Um, thank you for joining us. Nine episodes about she hoped. Maybe we missed one week and doubled up either way. UM, we enjoy. We thank you all for listening. You're you You complete us right into the camera. Um, we wouldn't be here without you, guys, and we really appreciate when you like, you know, comment, you know, just interact with us on the discord the Gun Reverse podcast Network. Um, we're now on sound or not SoundCloud that still pushes into all your favorite places, I know, looking at our analytics, Apple is one of the places you guys like to listen to your podcast the most. That has a great place where you can not only shoot us some stars, but you can write what you like and you don't like um on the other one too. Yeah, and on YouTube we've getting some cool comments, and in the articles, we've been getting cool comments, especially on Chi Hulk. I've noticed more than a lot of the other stuff we cover, So thank you guys for all that. Um, of course you can find a v X no ship keep calling your show that a yeah a versal reviews. Well, first I'll say that, um, the other animal one a something squared, a R squared so close, a v R square, not a v X or t v X squared. Um or. Kyle has been rocking it with his friends and his wife on the anime front, which knows a big git for you guys as well, because seems like a you know, a place that maybe a lot of websites are lacking, and Kyle's got that content for you. One of his like fifteen podcasts, the week got his daily cup of genre. He does all with manny Um when he has the energy. Sometimes he says he's gonna do a trailer and he's just toooped on too many trailers. He's a genre shot. Um. There have been a lot of trailers in the last few week and Kyle can't get to all of them. Um, we got the Contina, which is a great place to listen. I assume it's pretty positive over there about and Or, but I need to give it a watch myself. Um, better than Kenobi, better than Boba Fett, better than the sequel trilogy, better than the requel trilogy, better than Solo, better than Rogue one is better than everything since the Hallway scene within the Return of the Jedi. I agree. I hate being the person to say this every time there's a new Star Wars project or like you know, Mando Wars, like this is the best sense Empire, but I truly feel that way. Not to get into Star Wars, Tangent and or um. You can listen to the I'm talking we saw have a bunch of weeks left on that at least six weeks left on and Or they'll scratch your Disney Plus podcast itch um. And then there's also Breaking Geek Radio, the podcast every Friday tomorrow we're going to be talking about World by Night and mostly hell Craser, which would be creamy. That's not my genre. So hear me even cringe while we rediscussed scenes that I had to watch, Um unless I missed something. Oh Jesus, I like the Rick and Morty episode about it way better. So um with that unless I'm forgetting to something. Um com yeah excelsior. Enough said.

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