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Episode 550 · 4 months ago

She-Hulk Episode 7 Review: A Misplaced Epiphany | MMMayhem


She Hulk Episode 7 Review 

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Last episode a wedding, now a relaxing retreat. Nick and Kyle discuss She-Hulk: Attorney At Law - which in retrospect probably should have just been called 'She-Hulk' - Episode 7: The The Retreat. Time to talk it out instead of Hulking out.  

(00:00)- Intro & Kyle Fixes She-Hulk Episode 7

(06:45)- Nick Gives His She-Hulk Episode 7 Review

(10:00)- More Marvel/MCU Concerns

(13:20)- Theories And Questions

(18:54)- Final Thoughts 

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But I don't know. You've already put so much effort into everything else. It's I do it well. Not only that, it's not that sort of things. That sort of thing is not my bad. Baby. Those movies hold up. They don't. Yes, they do. You just you just don't appreciate humor anymore. I thought they would, but I watched them like last year, and I was like, oh no, this was this was my year or year before. I think they I think they hold up. Nick. You're ready, I'm ready, I'm ready. Let's let's do this. Hello everyone, and welcome tomorrow Multiverse Mayhem, the Marvel podcast for the genre podcast network Reverse. Well, I had it right last week, and you congratulated me that two weeks podcast network Um listen all of our stuff everywhere. You can watch it on YouTube and find us an l R. I'm online dot um where we have a little posts that you just click and then click the the video or whatever. Cheers. This week Kyle's back as always. I am, and we're here to discuss episode seven. I believe the Rich treat um. Of of course, she Holk Attorney at Law. Nothing fantasy with the title this week, like just Jen or something. I like when they make the title, I mean when they actually changed the title. Oh yeah, yeah, and it said like she Hulk attorney for higher it's one of the earliest ones. But yeah, um oh, then they do say that line in this one, so I missed it. Assuming the whole circle group, not just that, but the fact that they are very, very limited an amount of she Holk animation. It really comes through in this series, not just um because of the quality, which is lacking severely even in this episode. Again uh, but it becomes clear just on the lack of amount, like what's there is not good and there should should have been a lot more. But that series long, not just this this episode anyways, I actually find the c G I definitely looks the worst when she's at the office. That was atrocious, right, for some reason, that's when it looks Yeah, whenever she's in the suit is when it looks the absolute Like she looks much better at the retreat and maybe that much. I think it's the clothing. When it comes to the office, the cloth is just as stiff as like old old animation. It's not like Pixar or even but her her her skin, her actual movement, her hair, her facial and none of that Tatiana's fault, you know. And I think the reason she looks better at the retreat, just for example, it was just the lighting.

Whenever she's at the office, it's like l a light, so all the inctions come out more. It's all I meant. I don't think they spent anymore on the tree parts. It just it looks more natural because the lighting isn't like she's being blasted with like all the light of Los Angeles, you know. So this week, uh yeah, the retreat, she dates a guy, the guy Josh from last time Man Man bad. Hey, we did get we we did. We did get a few good guys once and once again with comedic effect, you know, no just regular good. Even Nick the good guy ended up being played for laughs. And Josh, you had another another man that she had relations with. It turns out to be bad. I'm just saying, horse dead beating it. It's okay, still disagree, but supportive dudes. Even the guy who tried to hit her with a with the crowbar. It almost sounds like, and that's just a minor note, it almost sounds like it's kind of like the one Ring, where like they felt corrupted by having those items. He kind of makes some lie. I mean, it's not important to the show, but he made some line like that, which is like why he's able to be because he's the most recent offender of doing something bad. I've everyone in that group as far as we know that the retreat because he literally days ago tried to Yeah that's actually Hulk, but he was probably hired by the same guy we're dealing with this episode, and was teased last week. Um, because you have the whole idea was a sticker and get her blood. Um, Which, well, how do you think of the episode overall? I'm assume we didn't like it very much based on the title. Uh, so this episode had potential. It's not as bad as the previous. What's in there is good, it's just poorly executed. Um. They they literally should have And I don't even think there's really any big spoilers here so on our there's nothing really just spoiled in this episode. So yeah, that's the big spoilers is is she gets ghosted again? Um, but uh, what the problem was was how it was executed. This is again she Wholk attorney at law. They could have had man Bull and Alijandro I can't remember his his hero name, but they could. They could have had those two involved in some sort of case that she gets involved with. The firm hires, brings in Blonsky as as Blonsky as no it's with an end Blonsky Uh brings him in with with as the consulting you know, the counselor the get in touch with their feelings guy. And through working with these two on their case and and Jen, she gets to come to the same thing as he helps her out as he did in in this at his at his retreat. Why couldn't all that have...

...happened around her, around her life and job like hold on that title? I think, going back to it, I think it's just should been she hold because you're too fixated on that, and you're too fixated on a lot of Harvey Birdman. It's like, this isn't Harvey Birdman, not go, but that's what they build it as, and and they haven't delivered on it. So they could have done something completely different and and stuck with its you know, lawyer feel and they didn't. And I just I don't care. I don't even I don't even really want to get angry anymore. I'm even even what's half half decent is still disappointing. So yeah, this episode actually makes me like the last one better, not because this one was worse, because I beginning to enjoy, like just yeah, get rid of the attorney at lab point. It's like a Slice of life show. This episode. She dates, she gets ghosted, and she has to visit a meal Lansky, and then she ends up being part of his hippie dippie retreat with like other I assume they're all real superheroes, like last week was last week Mr Invincible or Mr Whatever, Mr Immortal, And I kind of like, how Marvel I think I said this last week is using this opportunity to just be like, hey, here's some characters you don't give a shit about we're never going to use in a real way. I assume they're all real characters, like except for just a yeah, I didn't look it up this week because I didn't even catch half of their names. Well there's Porcupine, got this guy who thinks he's a vampire, which are like, yeah, Blade, like we're getting vampires mentioned more and more been most likely delayed and just lost its director and the delay thing is just assumptions people, that's not news. Yeah, and but yeah, I don't know. I enjoyed this is another a nick. No, I don't know. I just I feel it definitely feels like a comedy. I mean, it is a comedy show, but I like the idea that there is an overarching thing going in the background. But as we've said before, this is the most episodic thing Marvel has put out. Now, I don't mind episodic. They just needed to do it better. But it's not generally my type of humor. Like you know, I like the really like like sunny, like you know, everyone's terrible, or like bo Jack, everyone's depressed, you know, like the Edgy ship. I guess there, you don't watch Edgy, But that's okay, well edgy American not not not even not even anime, um, not even there's other Western, but it's okay. Just there's more limits here, I guess, but not literally but culturally. Um. But yeah, so I don't usually watch this. I guess you would say, nice of a comedy as far as you know, it's not gross out, it's not we're calling each...

...other bitches and stuff all the time, like Sonny but overall, I do enjoy the humor, and I think that's really what it comes down to is once you get over the fact that it's not like the other shows. It is just like a week to week, like, oh, last week's a wedding, this week is the retreat. It's it's linked together. Last week really wasn't had nothing to do with her being the whole, but like this week's was like, yeah, she's the reason she goes. There is a wholk storyline. But then yeah, that she's just add a retreat with F minus level superheroes. Yeah. I mean, like I said, there's there was some there was some potential here. It just did it again. It feels wasted, it feels disappointing, and uh, it makes me wonder again why even bother with the Wrecking Crew makes me concerned about the Hood and iron Heart. Um, I don't even know if they'll actually be connected, but I think they were in the comics, so I don't know. Man, I'm I'm ready for this to be over with, find out how this hands off whatever story for her in the future. Uh, just to just to get it over with. I am hearing positive things about UM. I am hearing positive things about uh Werewolf by Night. Uh So I am cautiously and I mean even more cautiously optimistic than I was with UH with and or um about Werewolf by Night. But I'm I'm hopeful. I used to watch Monster Vision late late at night on sci Fi, you know. Um, So I like corny stuff like that when it's meant to be. And I still don't know how I'm gonna feel with it looking at it as part of the MCU though, because that's one of the issues with She Hulk. Is it just and it's not it's not the fourth wall breaking. It's not that it's funny because I I loved Raging Rock, I loved the Guardians movies. I uh, and I like Deadpool. It's instead of you know, Deadpool has all of the crazy nest, the crazy humor and the fourth wall breaking and it's not MC you yet, But you wouldn't have I know, we didn't get any like legit courtroom scenes. But you you know that if you've got a courtroom scene, you wouldn't have a judge just letting some elf pop around. You know, it wouldn't be on that Love the World still has a grounded effect on it. Some of the silliness is on on that character, and I think some of that is what has really really bugged me in this show is just how much in in her show the rest of the world is just as goofy. Does that make sense? Like, that's what I don't like about it fitting in the m c U as you you this is this is the same universe that gave us the Segovia Accord. So we know that ship is taken seriously. And I'm down with all the humor. Again, I loved I loved Ragnar. I laughed a lot at at Love and Thunder.

Even though I think that they went totally in the wrong direction with it, there was still plenty to laugh at. It was just disappointing because it could have been more and it wasn't I like to laugh. I don't think it's it's right to have that much goofiness in the real world, in the legal system, in and and it. You know, all the goofiness around her in her in her workplace, not in the courtroom, but like in the office, or or the goofiness at at home, the goofiness with her her parents, all of that. Sure, but man, like the the lawyers the way they behave with their clients, you know, and look, it's magic and the lawyer himself is pulling stuff that that within the m C. You just it doesn't rub rub right. And it makes me concerned about what what else they're gonna do with um, what else they're gonna do uh with like Daredevil Born Again. It makes me can not that it would be this funny, but just the potential lightening of of the m C m CU even more than it already was because again, guardians love it, you know. So I I don't know, Um, we'll see how it turns. The I do have some questions about the episode, Um, do you really think it was a glitch or did he go abomination? Even even if it wasn't in a negative way, like did he do it even as part of the retreat. I think there's really coy about it where he's like, yeah, I think there's something, Um, I think there's something there. I actually kept thinking, uh, maybe he was even in on what that crew And I was like, I think I told Christina was like, uh, Josh either took blood or while she's at this retreat, they're gonna get blood from her. That's kind of how I was feeling, and then sure enough Josh got the got the blood. He's the hulk King, which is really weird because there's a hulk Ling character and I always want to say hulk Ling talking about whole I think, but um, I think there's something up with it. I just don't know if it's necessarily good or bad. Like you said, he could have, you know, either done it on accident or he's trying to do something positive. But I do think he did go abomination. That was my thought. Um and also especially I don't know, I still find it a little suspicious that the guy who attacked her there and actually gave me a thought. I'm like, wouldn't his blood be just as valuable unless like they're really or is his less stable or something. I could go take blood from him at any time this organization. If he's not holking out, I mean his is his is different though it's super Soldiers serum, Well that's what is too and the m C. Bruce Bruce got uh, he's...

...trying to create something. But it was the gamma radiation mixed with with it that really did it or whatever however they explained it in there, but it was the gamma radiation with his DNA and that's why they pointed out with Jen early in the episode, our genetics are different with games radiation. What how funny? But what what if be if you know they load I think they load gamma raise onto a well, they have some kind of ray they're hitting Steve Rogers with, you know, when he's in the machine. How funny was like, what if Steve Rogers became a Hulk and they have like a nineteen forties Hulk just beating the crap out of them and they have nineteen forties weaponry and the whole episode is just Steve Rogers smash. Yeah, it could be could be funny because yeah, there might be a connection there. I'm not sure. I felt like the previous Leon gave away immediately that Josh was not a good guy, just the way they cut the previously on um Um. I'm just piste off at the fact that they don't allow us to skip the recap. Oh you can't. I never try, just to make sure they don't even give you. They don't even give you the option because I don't skip recaps these days because I watched so many shows and they're usually brief, like this, but what other questions? The question was, Well, another question is do you think it's too much of a cliche or is it because I've recently watched another show the exact same happened, where the perfect guy shows up and it's like, don't don't duh, he's only hanging out with her because he wants to get her power, use her power. Because I'm thinking of I just saw that. I watched in Brawl Academy season one for the first time spoilers for like a seven year old show, and that's the plot of the first season is the guy who shows up was too perfect. He hangs out with back then Ellen Page now Elliott Page and don't don't duh, he's there like unlock her powers? Like too much of a cliche? Orr, I've just been seeing it recently because it goes both ways. To like Star Trek, a lot of the time, we'll do it with a woman getting close to the card or Shatner. You know, it's a it's mad, it's man bad dick. I'm saying it works both ways depending on the show. Yeah, and I already told you I gave her her credit for showing some of the toxic stereotypes for women. I'm just saying she keeps going back to the same Well, this was twice twice that Jen uh gets intimate with someone and uh, the guy's a total douche. I mean, it is what it is. And then my last here's my theory based on kind of what some people said on our slack No our slack are nice chord discord down below down below. I think it was as part of our public discord. Really have a private discord for just news like stuff. We communicate. Kyle shows us the amazing numbers that you're giving us because I don't know,...

...because that's where Kyle gives us all those great numbers that you guys are giving giving us. So U but you we were you know, someone was expected and hulk Ling. Maybe Todd. I really think Todd is the person who's hiring out these people to get the blood so that he could be end up being something like hulk Ling. You know, he's got the smarts. We can tell he's an intelligent guy, even though he's a weird guy, Like he has an obsession with the whole I mean, they're all dating because she she hulk He seemed to have a certain like he's the one who's like, can you do this? Like can you do this? Like can I break your skin with vibranium? Like I said that before, And you're like, no, I do should think he's nerdy. Yeah, But then when we showed it the second time, you're like, ah, he's more than just like a one scene character. I mean, besides the boyfriend scene, he also shows up in the office, so he said ithlows up three times. Um, so he's getting more and more suspicious. And with only two episodes left, there's only one. There's there's eight episode. I thought it was the nine episodes here. I think it's nine. So we'll get we'll get some answers by next week, and I don't imagine we'll get Daredevil in the final episode. I saw one of those memes where it is nine crap. It's just I'm enjoying it. It is something I like, actually didn't even finish and or yesterday, So I like it. But I'm also like, not like must watch Marvel. I'm still like must watch first thing and when I wake up. But again, there's not really a lot to talk about on this show compared to the other shows, because it's it's like, yeah, here's a situational like she was at a wedding. Now she's had a retreat and she's learning about herself and we're getting said a lot of humor from a character that I thought was one of the worst characters when he was in The Incredible Hulk. And Yeah, I don't know, I enjoyed it. I don't even know what led her grade to give it. It was good. I like it either was she Hulk is kind of like I laughed. I thought it was fun, especially one of the SNL alumni was playing like the Matador guy who was never a big SNL guy, but I finally recognize him, like in the retreat, and I'm like, case there any other like because the guy behind the porcupine she shoot, should I know that voice or something? Because I'm always expecting cameos, even like not even if they're little actors like that. It's not necessarily SNL cameo, but you're like, oh, I've seen that comedian like last week. It's like, oh, I've seen that Bridezilla and one of my favorite sketch shows. He always plays a character that crazy. Yeah, Yeah, I enjoyed it. Um Kyle did not she hook. That's expect that every week here on a Marvel multiverse mayhem until we move on to the next thing, especially when we watch just Just I can't wait to see how excited and how much we're gonna love more bous when it comes to come on. Now, we'll talk about this one offline. Okay, you're ready to wrap it up, that's all. Yeah. Um core us. You can find all of your wonderful podcasts from... on the Marble, the Genreverse podcast network. Um where a YouTube channel. We're on Sounder, which then pushes it to all your favorite US streaming always called streaming devices, but audio podcast podcasts or apps. And you know, if you're on Apple or whatever, drop us a rating, if you're on Facebook YouTube, give us like subscribe, you know, push the bell thumbs up. You know, good stuff. Um and uh, of course there are other great shows, um, Animal Versa reviews, a VR Squared, VR Squared, How keep pointing call a v X just like last week? Um uh they a cup of Genre Genre Shot, Uh Breaking Geek Radio, the podcast The Katina and review of the Rings like Jones. I remember the name because it's very simple, yes, and it's it's five or two. But like John's like, what's it call? It's like review of the Rings, return of the review, review of the King. You should don a little subtest week. Um, and of course I'm at geeky Nick dal on Twitter and Instagram, Kyle is at that Kyle Malone on Twitter. And get on a discord talked about earlier. Hop on the discord, have a conversation with us, tell us if you agree, or even just what your thoughts are. Maybe it's your favorite of all time, maybe you loathe Marvel at this point, like or even want to discuss and or or just anything else, like jump on there. If it's geeky, we're talking about it. We've got a meme room, even come and share some memes. Memes are fun. Uh. And with that, I guess excelsior enough said.

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