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Episode 542 · 4 months ago

She-Hulk Episode 6 Review- It Sucked... | MMMayhem


She Hulk Episode 6 Review

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Uh-Oh. Nick and Kyle agree that She-Hulk: Attorney At Law has taken a major nose dive in Episode 6, 'Just Jen.' Does the series feel like it is even part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore? And what does the quality of Phase 4 mean for Phase 5 and 6 of the MCU? Nick and Kyle discuss on this episode of Marvel Multiverse Mayhem.

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Question(s) of the week: Do you agree with our She-Hulk episode 6 review? Has She-Hulk hit a new low for Marvel Phase 4? 

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Ye, ready, I guess. I'm I'm I'll be forward. I hated this. I'm not looking forward to this discussion, but go ahead, nick, roll in, troll every one, and welcome to Marvel multiverse, mayhem dot com and genre verse podcast network. Um, today we're here to discuss she hoped. I don't know remember the name of the episodes. So just just just jen, which you heard what Kyle had to say about it up top. Did did my thing draw you down, or were you already down on this a bit yourself? Nick, it's my least favorite so far. It did feel like a filler episode, more than last week's did. How did that feel more than last week? They feel both equally pointless. But go ahead. Sorry, excuse me, Um, that was more entertaining than this episode. On guys, I'm I. You know what this is. This is the the only thing that makes Miss Marvel worse than this is the fact that it was only six episodes and only three of them were half decent. Uh, and then the UM or well, two and a half or half decent, and then uh, three and a half were bad. This has got some positive moments in almost every episode, but it's such it is such a freaking mess and between editing uh and not knowing what they want to do or not being able to do what they wanted to do because they either could couldn't write it or or the editing and visual effects thing took I honestly I want to put this below Miss Marvel as the worst marvel show there there is. I just I just can't quite until I see the rest of the rest of it. But Dude, it's it's infuriating, it's it's all full.

It looks awful, it plays awful, it's it's written awful, it's edited awful to the visual effects are awful. Everything about this show has just been one steady decline. And what a wonderful, full idea it originally was. Um, this episode, man, at least at least they uh, you know, last week I mentioned how they played on some UH negative female stereotypes about how women hate, hate each other. This one they played up on Zilla's UH mistreatment of of bride's maids and and some of the you know, uh, some of the other things. So at least they equalled out a little bit. But they of course eded in another man bad thing with Mr Mr Immortal, which was just again. It was just again. That's that's what it was. It was like again. So I don't I don't know if I don't know what the writer, show runner, Ms Ms Uh past is or or whatever, if she hates women as well. But I don't know, man, I'm just I'm done with this show. I wanted I want it to be over. I I this should have been six episodes. It should have been individual case things like they've tried to have only actually make the courtroom stuff funny. Um, but there's there's not eight episodes of of stuff here and it feels like a waste of time. I don't dislike that much. You do. Um, it was a little disappointing compared to other weeks. I think they're getting exactly what they are trying to go for, which is lately being more episodic, which I still applaud them for trying, Um, because that's where most of the dramas lose me. It's like, okay, now we're just waiting for the fight with the big bad like you. No, that's what I'm saying. This series now is building towards it, but with the last scene. But I don't need that. I just will be fun to just have a Sitcom show like this, like I think part of they come as a specific type of thing, but a comedy,... episode of comedy. I've mentioned uh, Harvey Birdman Attorney at law. If this had been that, where the even episode episode didn't connect Jack Ship and we had a case where she's, you know, defending uh, this B lister, this c lister, this de Lister that I don't even know and have to look up on on Marvel Wikipedia, that would have been great. I would have appreciate appreciated that, even with, you know, two or three episodes of of man bad and woman woman bad would have been fine. But no, they they can't even do that. Sorry, I still think you're overblowing the man bad, especially in this episode. Man Good, Hey am am I overblowing the man bad thing on on she hulk, or is it really getting on your nerves too? She says it's getting on her nerves, but whatever she's she's got a vagina, not me, so I'll let her her. Uh. And she speaks first women. So, like a lot of several other females that are pretty piste off at it to stacy and Courtney as as well. So, but anyways, nick, go ahead. I don't know, I just feel like, especially with this episode, like yeah, there's Mr Immortal, who I looked up and it's kind of what you want from Harvey Birdman, because he is an ffflis superhero from marvel comics. He's just he's like a kid in that who gets himself killed all the time. So he doesn't care much about his teams and most of the teams he's on gets killed and then that makes him depressed, and this is like taking a real life version where he's like, I can't die, like like, rather than get any confrontation, including their conversation about the court case, he's just like out the window. It's just more comedic effect and, as I'd say, this episode said man good because she like meets the good man, the Nice Guy who hopefully doesn't turn out to be someone getting close to her. Related to the final scene. And Yeah, this one... very much I don't know, I just think you're looking into you like you're you're finding what you want to find. You're looking for to prove something that's proving because you're looking for it where. It hasn't bothered me like at all, especially the weeks you've really been upset for it. I'm like and again, like, like, for example, the troll sit on point and not necessarily never say man driven. It's just trolls and it's a hundred percent on point what you would find and what you do find, even talking about the four Chan and stuff like that. Yeah, more deep web than just twitter. Yeah, right, and again, my my upsetness has been mostly at the hypocrisy, but I also pointed out that she has started playing on toxic female stereotypes. So Bravo on that. And I've just said that point that the beating that dead horse doesn't appeal to me. Like, I don't. I don't. Uh. I love a good I love a good toxic male joke as much as I love a good toxic female joke. It's when you beat either horse to death and then continue to beat it that I don't care. I mean, who who really wants to listen to someone tell them that their gender is awful for thirty minutes once a week at some point? Even if you're not like, oh, men aren't that bad, even if they're, some of the points they're making are true. Who really wants to just be hit every every week your gender sucks. And again I watched Philadelphia, where every character, I forget nick, terrible people. Well, no, no, that's the thing. Watching a terrible person is different than having never mind, it's it's fine, nick, it's all right, go ahead, but yeah, I don't have a lot more to say about this episode. It was funny. Good. Um. What was what did you laugh what did you laugh at? Out of and I'm not being snarky, I'm I'm I'm curious as because steam laughed at she found the God. She left... one thing. I think it was something Ding during the Titania fight. So got her face. Yeah, I kind of. I appreciate the moment where Jen was having trouble turning to the US. Remind me of infinity war. And then I'm like, Oh, if she's so drunk, she gonna share her pants instead of like turning down the drunk thing. Is What I saw going on and I was like yeah, that that makes sense. What's going to happen? And then she just I thought maybe she would use the anger like that. Even even that feels like a missed moment for either a a good, uh, let me get control of my powers moment, or another good money for money, moment for funny with her getting angry and having like a drunken hulk, you know, like speaking in broken whole English, you know, something like that. But instead it was just like drunk, drunk, focus. Here I, here I am again. That's just a missed opportunity that. That's not me saying that that particular scene was bad. It's just like, man, so much could have it's just it's wasted potential. But the fight, the fight, I don't know, man, and having her slip on ice to end it. That was goofy as hell and the whole show is goofy as hell. So I guess that fits its tone, but it's just a awful tone. Well, yeah, like I was gonna say, like I've already kind of mentioned it with Mr Immortal, I still like seeing a world where, you know, things are kind of normal but like at the same time there's a NAS guardian pretending to be like pop star or like, you know, this guy is has all these wives and he's technically declared dead so he doesn't have to be involved in the divorce, you know, like I just like the idea of like Oh yeah, there's just weird ship or yeah, a superstar who's also of superpowers shows up to my wedding or like, Oh my God, she hooks at my wedding. It's like it's kind of it's like it's like celebrity culture of celebrities were more...

...dangerous. Like there's a story recently where someone asked Kanu Reeves in the lobby if you want to come to their wedding and just to kind of reeves just showed up in the same clothes he was wearing to like this couple's wedding, only it's like in a world where the celebrities are like the avengers, or that's some sub sort of thing. It's it's one of those this this show has got one an issue in my opinion, where like, Um, how outs word this? So in the in the comics, you have arcs that are more serious. Usually team ARCS will be team books will be more serious than others. Certain individual books can be incredibly funny, lighthearted, completely different, and in comics that feels easier, better, more okay. Like going going from a fourth wall breaking deadpool or she hulk is smoother in UH comics. You know when you see them again in an avengers or an x men book and they're more serious versus television, television and movies. I won't deny that. I think part of this shows issue with some, including myself, is that it doesn't feel like the M C U and, for for better or worse, the M C U has its its UH style of comedy and it's and it's balance of of of comedy and seriousness. Um. But this is such a drastic change that even even with like the judge, like some of the courtroom stuff that I've mentioned, like the judge allowing things that would would never be allowed, it's hard to accept this as part of the the UH same world that armor wars is going to take place in or that secret invasion will will take place in that this doesn't it not even just totally because...

...again, I love comedy, I love laughing and I I love dirty humor. I love I mean it's it's it's the way it's done. It's not well written, it's not well edited and and the way that they do this, I don't know, man, it just it doesn't it doesn't feel like a smooth transition between the two. Do you know what I'm saying? This really feels removed and it feels alien in the M C U and not. I know you you somewhat like it, but it doesn't feel like it doesn't feel alien in a good way to me. Do you feel that it's alien? You're just okay with it or like, how do you? How do you feel about that? I like, I continue to like, just like I liked guardians and stuff of the time. Again, I'm not comparing it to that, but I like that we can have something like this and then something like civil war. But even guardians felt like it fits. No, maybe I'm saying like I feel like this fits too. It's just another like because you can. I feel like Superhero films have a unique opportunity that westerns any of and Star Wars does not, where you can do a bunch of different genres where it's like, you know, Western is one of the longest running genres, but people compare superhero stuff for that where it's like, oh, it's gonna die off like the Western. It's like, guys, the Western was the number one thing for decades and decades and they were always stuck with like you don't suddenly have a well, you do, but like it's more like Mel Brooks is making fun of it if you have like a funny Western. They're just all John Wayne movies are like star wars and stuff. I like some, I don't like others. The tone never changes slightly from one star wars movies. It's the exact same universe, exact same tone, exact same look. Maybe maybe, I think gets to have more fun. PREQUELS, sure, but not just on the ot but that's okay. Well, I mean try to keep it too close wars. Yeah, I was just gonna say with Filonia, makes sense that the tones are all similar to Prequel and his cartoons. But yeah, anyways. But I just feel like,...

...even if this isn't your cup of tea, Marvel, I mean d DC, is doing it too, or I mean it's easier for them to do it because it's not all connected. But like you can have the Snyder type ship and I guess it helps that's not all connected exactly. That's what I was just saying. If this was its own thing and it wasn't part of the M Mc. At the same time, better peacemaker is part of the official universe and it feels completely different than like Batman Be Superman. Two point where you're like yeah, I get the same universe, because you're saying it, so I so I feel like that. I guess it is their weirdest projects day, but I still feel it's in line with giving them freedom that other franchises don't have. Yeah, and I also don't have as much uh, give a damn for Snyder's movies like BDS and and man of steel. None of those. I could leave them just as easy. I was just using as an leaks. It works, but like, uh. But, like I said, that was that was good. And I think it was Jones E on Bjr a while ago that was saying he can, Um, he can excuse bad writing if it's good, and I think he was saying that about Kenobi. Hate to bring up star wars on marvel mayhem, but you check out the Cantina for for more Um uh. But this wasn't and and UH peacemaker was. So I can I can kind of see that. And I'll even say this nick. I again hate the Star Wars thing, but uh and or is a very totally different show and even I told Cam on our our review for that, I said I think I wanted one inch closer to star wars than we currently are. It's not bad, though. So, while I didn't give it as high marks as as cam did, I didn't hate it, but I do feel that it it too almost isn't star wars enough, Um, but we'll we'll see. That's twelve episodes,...

...three in different show. I can talk about and or for a while, but we have a different show for that. We have a different show for that. You guys might talk about that. Oh Yeah, we'll talk at that. That'll be our topic this week. Everyone wants to know. How how are you? I mean Nick, this is this is yet another another show where here we are. I know this is the you know we're in the last couple of episodes coming up, but you know, we we just finished the middle episodes, you know, five and five and six and man again, it's kind of kind of a Downer there, you know, and and and how how are you feeling doing doing this again, talking about a mid season lull again on on the upteenth marvel show, like, how are you feeling like the state of more marvel right now? As as phase four is I think it's their adjustment. Um, I've had this conversation with my friend because he was like, well, why are they driving off a cliff and I was like, first of all, you haven't seen the last three movies, you're just listening to what other people are saying about it. I was like yeah, at least you've seen everything, at least in your case, Kyle, of course we see every time and talking about all of them. But Um, I just feel like it's a readjustment period where they're trying to set up what's coming without having everything. I guess the first few phases a good job of every other movie, every third movie had the stones, and then you have another movie that had less to do with the Infinity Saga. Um, I kind of I feel like it's a readjustment period and it's also they're spending a lot of time this phase introducing us to new faces. They don't have to keep paying the old faces. And I'm not like we're getting a different Hawkeye, a different I'm not necessarily getting at that. Whoop, sorry, wrong, wrong button. I'm not necessarily getting at the... the story, like the whole where where's the story going? I'm talking the actual quality. Nick like in phase four we've had the what many consider to be the most worst movie or most pointless movie in eternals neither one of us like that. You didn't care for it, I didn't care for it. Well, yeah, I'm not saying that there's not worse, but that's one of and it's in this in this phase. UH, most people were lit down by by black widow in one way or the other. It was a mid movie. It was no one came home singing, and that was one of those ones that a lot of people had had high hopes for. Spy Thrillers, espionage. It's got Florence freaking Pew in it. Who Doesn't love that? I feel like that kind of what I was just saying. We're like that movie is mostly there to introduce us to a too thunderbolt. But we're talking about we're talking about the quality of the film. People complained about the editing, they complained about what they did with with Haaskmaster, they complained about the C G I. They complained about the film itself. Not, not again, how it connects to the bigger thing. So Uh, eternals, uh black widow, song, cheese, solid freaking movie. I don't really have the negative, uh negative, to say. Until everyone it becomes a pretty uh, cookie cutter film. They're there at the end but I don't really have too much negative to especial right, and that a lot. It was great. I love it. Man, man, who doesn't life like Serban Kingsley playing, playing trevor again. I'm I'm happy to see him coming back. Um. Then you look at uh taking the nostalgia out of no no way home. There's there's nothing there. Uh Doctor, strange multiverse of of madness. Definitely a lit down because where's the freaking multiverse? And then you look at all the other things that we're supposed to go into this uh Captain America and and Uh Falcon and winter soldier. Sorry, now captain an American winter soldier. But Falcon and winter soldier had its issues and...

...we know a lot of that came from editing and and stuff dealing with a side story. They dropped. Um, UH wandavision bungled. It's it's ending. You have uh Hawkeye. It's again mid it's got, yeah, it's got good, good moments, but again in the middle of the season. And some of the side stories. And let's not not forget the awful Fisk, like everything about kingpin is just awful in that and God I do not want daredevil born again and scaring the hell out of me. Um, everything has been dude, where, where is? Where is this phases? Iron man or winter soldier, or what was a good one in Pha phase three? I'm not going to compare it to the avengers films, but where, where is this movie's Uh, Winter Soldier, iron man one, or even, God, what was a good phase three? That's not the last. It's not civil war. Um, not even civil war. Where is this? Where is this phase of standout? It's Song Che and it's a good, good movie, but even it's not on the caliber of anything from from before it. I would still say. I mean nostalgia. Are Not like that is what's built into it and that's what it helps even a lot of star wars movies. UH, no, way home is the top five for me of the entire MC U Times. I don't know if you haven't seen the extended cuts, because I didn't. Even though it was three dollar Movie Day, I didn't want to go to theaters it. Uh, theaters are annoying. I don't know, man, I'm I'm I miss marvel being good. I'm not used to having this many men or or outright blah. If not bad, Miss Marvel she hulk Um. I've never had this type of...

...negative experience with the M C U before. You know what I'm saying. There's been a lot of negativity since far from home, and I still I think that's the result of how great we had it with endgame and down never we're heading like there's still great stuff, like Loki, even was lokey drags. I feel like it's really good. And then, of course, I had the best for me so far in phase four. What's that? I would agree that has the best reveal of season four. And then they just the character, I mean next the first movie of phase five, and we'll be saying, I mean it's not spoiler, Kang Kang is going to be. Hopefully we'll see him more often than they say. He's big and ant man on the wasp and I might not see him again until became dynasty, but I'd like him even bigger than Thanos. About the whole you know reboot, you know resetting for the for the rest of this multiverse saga, then you can really point to where the frack is the freaking multiversele consequences. And I'll tell you, guys this. There's a lot of spoilers for quantum mania out there. If some of the more reliable ones are true, we're still not necessarily going to have a big multi versual situation. Will come up the announcement next year. Secret Wars? I don't I think we'll go full multiverse that everyone's expecting and tell secret wars and wars. That same thing with the infinity. But we're slow there. They never here's the orb and then we don't hear about a stone rocking. Six movies and it's like that many. But they never sold us on the infinity stones happening multiple times and then didn't...

...deliver. We've we've heard three, four times, if you want to count one division. But we we've heard like four times that the whole mcu will change forever, that that that the is here, it's it's it's all different, late, ladies and gentlemen, and we we heard that for for Loki, for no way home and multiverse of madness, which actually had the word multiverse in it. And yes, they showed US multiple universes, but when we finished the movie we're at six, one, six, with everyone essentially other than America, great character, by the way, underutilized in that film. Uh, all squarely in six, one, six, where they were? They essentially left off. I don't know, man, except for the postcris sequence in that. Yeah, come with me if you want to live. Not even was like hey, let's go say the world. Even then the re edited things, because that was originally supposed to be a different uh, different doctor strange. That was supposed to be strange, supreme, dark, stark strange. Everyone awarded. Anyways, Nick, I'll still give my letter grade. I know you're gonna be really, really low. Mine is a C, which is considerably lower than last week, which I think was a B, which was considerably lower than the week before. I think I gave the first four episodes eight. So you know, it's, it's, it's and here's something that doesn't fix stuff real quick. It doesn't fix a problem when you look at the camera and say like Oh, I know what a bummer we're doing this, but that's because weggons are always a bummer. Just because you're Meta. It doesn't you can use matter really well, like Deadpool of the first lego movie, but you can't save a scene by looking at the screen and being like, I know this is gonna suck. It would sucking if we weren't so Meta. Like lego movie two felt like that the entire movie, where it's like hey, this guy is played by Chris...

Pratt and he has velociraptors in a spaceship, and like yeah, it's like I get it, I get it. Yeah, first one is fantastic. With first one great once you continue on, or like just the whole game. Point is you can't save a movie by Being Hey, this movie, we know, hey everyone, like look at us, look at me, talk to you, and repeating things again and again makes something lose its flavor. It's kind of like chewing on the same piece of bubble gum for for a while, then lower than a D D minus minus. Okay, that's what you felt like. And it's like just barely barely above an f because whether no matter how bad it is, uh, Tatiana is doing a great job as gin and she hulk with what she's given. UH, there are enough tiny moments in there of of solid comedy. It's just so hit or miss, and but mostly miss. They're they're batting about a point zero five, not even not even hitting one in ten. They're hitting like it's it's bad anyways. Sorry, guys, Super Super Negative show today. We'll see if, like most shows, if it begins to pick up again. We can hope. We have the little tease, of course, of there being a bigger threat we've talked about earlier in the series lead. Do you think we'll see leader? That would be cool to see a little bit of them before New World Order. That actually be really cool. That's what I thought at first. But it's a very wand division, like early episode ending, where it's like just some person in the lab. You only see their hands but they're monitoring it Um and then of course tag's. I guess that is the tag. But yeah, I don't know. I think Tatiana is too clueless to have a big plot going on. But they referenced those first four guys that jump her early in the series. Are Trying to get a blood sample and they're like no, I won't penetrate or skin, and what we saw was something that would penetrate hulk skin. And I assume when they say...

...there's a tag on every episode that meant that that that could have worked. After the credits. I think we're going to see that that nerdy guy that was asking her all all sorts of personal questions on on their date and then he was at the law firm later. I think we're gonna see him again. I think he's involved with that. I think I told you that, especially since we saw him twice and he also does seem to be like it's a different show. Has Been Paranoid about the best guy of being the guy that betrayser, in this case h Josh, but I think it will be someone more like him, and Josh is at legimiately good guy. I think maybe we'll see. We'll see how it all shakes loose. You you want to say the stuff. Am I saying this stuff either way? Hey, guys, check out LRM ONLINE DOT com every day for all entertainment news needs opinions. We have written articles on on all of that, as well as celebrity interviews. They all go up on on the website. PODCASTS are available there as well. They all get right ups UH. You can find the podcast wherever you you get pod UH podcasts from. We have daily cup of Genre Breaking Geek. We have the Cantina, which is the Star Wars version of this we're reviewing and or check out our and or one through three episodes. One through three. Review on on there. anime verse or reviews, UH, finishing up classroom of the elite season two. That will actually be a live review Monday night, so check that out. Rings of power is being reviewed on our new review of the Rings Show and UH, all of those go up on on the YouTube channel in in UH video format. Please hit the subscribe button. Thanks to all five, excuse me, five and fifty six subs, because the anime stuff people didn't so I'm pretty good. Engineers do a lot of digging in the aren't what your brain went dirty,...

God, Nick, the second time absolutely I can pretend that it's not a dirty thing time and the engineers. No. Uh. We also have a v R squared which does and, which is anime reactions and genre shot trailer reactions. So a lot of great content on there for you guys. Check it all out. Nick, you can talk about well, you already mentioned it. We're breaking Geek great of the podcast on Friday's this week. and Or is our subject, which so if you want to hear two different group of Geeks talk about and or, check out the Contina and then check out our news segments before we get to and or. On Breaking Geek, because sometimes you just kind of cover the best geek of the week and that might be the same on two different shows. So, especially when it's something as big as a New Star Wars project, pretty big. So Um, I think with that Um Excelsior, enough said.

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