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She-Hulk Episode 5 Review 

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Is She-Hulk: Attorney at Law dragging and dipping by Episode 5 which we cover this week? Nick gives his lowest rating grade for She-Hulk Episode 5: Green, Mean, and Straight Poured Ito These Jeans. We finally know whether or not superheroes have to trademark their alias, but not names, and who makes supe costumes, as well as when to expect the show's biggest cameo.  

(00:00)- Intro & Spoiler Free She-Hulk Episode 5 Review

(07:44)- Nick, The Lawyer, Came Out Of Nowhere With The Silly

(15:15)- Let's Talk Daredevil

(19:32)- Final Thoughts 

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Question(s) of the week: Do you think Daredevil will appear in the next episode, or is Marvel saving him for later? 

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Okay, I got that stuff going. Recording. Uh. Yeah, man, uh, the background. I got a new fancy uh ceiling fan in in the studio. Yeah, I figured that was a ceiling fan that was making. Well, I split up to it's just lit up. Yeah, Um, but the shadow might kind of effect on looking at the ceiling. Yeah. So, uh, I got that. And then I realized doing uh anime versatile reviews, that I could make two tone colors to match the Nebula right, and then I did the same with uh daily daily cog and got uh red and blue going. And so for this I was thinking, you know, what could I do? Well, red and blue again wouldn't really be all all that interesting, even though our marvel mayhem is is a different blue. But Christine's suggested green and purple, for she holps. So sere sore. We are, here we are and uh, you know what, I forgot my I forgot my my, my damn uh notes. Oh well, nick, I'm ready when you are. All right, hello everyone, and welcome to Marvel multiverse mayhem. Yeah, crazy, it's like forgetting my notes down there. Um, I'm nick and Kyle is here and of course we're on the genre reverse podcast networks. Go, Oh my God, I'm online dot God, I think, because you're talking about sorry, I'm just you got you got the you got the name of the channel correct after a year, almost, well over a year now. So, but yeah, yeah, yeah, of course, on Youtube you can watch our lovely faces and see Kyle's background and it's cool. Hundred and nine, hold on, four and two subs so far as a recording. Thank you, guys. So help us break the sun. The sunglasses. Did I did? I explain them, besides the fact that, like, because of the color set up, man, it looks really it really does look cool. No, we were watching a show that deals with post war stuff and, uh shit got real, dude, like real real, and my eyes are swollen crying. And so we're Christine's otherwise she would have likely been on here with us, but she wouldn't need it. Uh, she needed a break, and I need to either get very very happy or very, very very angry. And that brings us to uh, she hulk, episode five, Nick, right, five, green, mean and straight poured into these jeens and she didn't wear a single pair of jeans and in the in the episode, or at all, as far as we know. I think there's a clip somewhere where, uh, somewhere where she wears jeans in the in the show, somewhere. Yeah, pair of pair of jeans, poured into the poured into the jeans. What about it? I would not say the show is stalling, but this was definitely a different type of episode. Like, I don't feel like it's not a super narrative show, like, correct me if you feel differently. But so it didn't feel like stalling, just it just felt like there wasn't there's not a whole lot to talk about this episode. Definitely a few important things. Did you, uh, did you see uh...

L R M's, uh, one of our interviewers, gig poda's, tweet about the episode today on he uh said what was the point of of the episode? Cam kind of seconded that that thought. I definitely third that thought because it just seemed like this should have this should have probably been a six episode series, six thirty minute episodes, and and this should have been cut up into like the previous and the next or divvied up somewhere else. I I don't know, Nick, this was this through me for for a loop, Dude. See, I didn't feel that way. I just I feel like almost every episode I felt this way, but this one's more of a like like. Obviously, this one doesn't deal with Wong or Blonsky and it's the first one not to have a literal crossed over with another superhero. So Oh it was. I found it enjoyable. Um, I'm so maing. The main reason this episode exists is because they're setting up tight Titania as maybe the main villain, even though, like I said last week, I don't feel like we need that on this show. Yeah, I feel like, and this was like one of the more law driven episodes we've seen. It also done with where to superheroes get their costumes and who actually has to copyright their name and who doesn't have to copy. Right there, you know, again we got we got to basically like our third legal joke. Um, one being Wong having committed, you know, crimes and what he did right, and then the set second one, same episode, if I'm not mistaken, the Uh the very funny bit of her testifying against her art, testifying for her former uh coat work or the Douche douchebag attorney at the at the D A's, at the D A's office and there was a bit episode with Madison and Wongy. Which one. Yeah, I guess that that kind of plays on on a little bit of of humor, on what the law is. Um, I guess I was just so distracted, and not in a good way, not because of of scantily clad Madison, just distracted from her behavior in the in the character to really catch the like the whole court room is just a mess and it's like man, this is it's not the way the M M C US court system would would be. So it's it's kind of UH distracted. But anyways, Um, this uh, we we get our third, third one in here, and I kind of lost lost what it was with the whole yeah, with the with the UH letting the dates test defy that that, you know, she was using. UH, she hulk Um that. That was a fun moment. I like. I like that. That was funny, but it's like the whole guy's less. Do I feel no, not really. They were just one is a stereotype of just a film nerd do it just like who that's still that's still douche man. He's still do doug. If anything, it made it made them even more douche because it sounds like they are very, very much Um, I don't want to say embellishing, because they're they're not embellishing because they're telling the truth, but they make everything else seem seem worse. The whole, the whole situation, except for Doug. I don't know if that's his real name, but I'm I'm gonna Call Him Doug. Which one's the lawyer who needs to get his iron man three sneakers? Okay, I thought I thought it...

...was. I thought it was nick, but he's not in the court for her. No, no, no, no, I'm talking about his storyline. He's a great guy where he's just like you buy two of them and he's like yeah, you know, one to wear and one to like put on the show. Yeah, making fun of collectors, and there are sneaker collectors like just like their comics. But he where did so we get all of these uh episodes where he's good, straight lace sky and then he's just this over the top top sneaker nerdive. It was jarring because it wasn't a character trait, and I'm not saying the sneaker part, I'm talking to comedy, the persona this was like a complete one, and I'm just saying I'm not saying, Oh, that he was a bad actor or anything, I'm saying that the use of it here was jarring because that's not what I'm expecting from this this character. He came in with more sweats, why? Or than you've seen in in any other other episode from from that moment, from when he first walks in, to the last scene that you see him, and he's just completely different and it was jarring. That's one of those issues with this episode where you're just kind of like what, what was the point about his characters, because I'm a completely different person at work that I am at home. Always personal life, always well, he was at work with it, you know, but he's asking work with it. I don't think he has very many friends and he was asking the I guess it's jarring. was doing her a favor. It's always like, well, will you help me get iron man three sneakers? Yeah, it was funny. I would have if it hadn't have been so jarring. Of just where the hell did this, because we don't even get a sense of humor at at any point other than clever humor. And again that that first case with the the A D A Guy. Um. But, like I said, this is not me saying that he's not a good guy or or anything. This is just the writing and and or editing UH Jones e shared with us, uh, in our our discord, which you guys can find in the description box down below my volume down. Anyways, Um, UH Jonesy, why? Why did I bring him up discord? Oh, oh, an art an article that the writer had about how how much editing went into this, this show, because they kept asking them to cut she hulks shots, Um, and that the pilot was actually mostly the supposed to be, like the eighth episode. Um. So maybe editing isn't an issue here. Maybe there maybe there's things that would have shown this, this aspect of the character before to make it less jarring, and then Mike plaint would be completely gone, so that that could easily explain the differences in in tone. For for him, this drastic differences in in tone. I'm still gonna stick by what I said at Hunter, especially in a super professional environment. He's not going to go home and be a boring lawyer. He has some kind of activity he's excited about like I've never worked personality is the same as my home personality. It's the it's the it's not that he has a hobby, Nick. I mean my dad was an infantryman, you know. The only thing he did for the for the army, is is trained to go fight wars. I he had lots of good fun hobbies, I mean, and didn't make him like that drastically different. I don't I don't know, man. It's I think I'm going to give them the benefit of the marvel is still in an asshole to their vfx guys and that this isn't an editing issue, because if it's,...

...if it's not an editing issue, I don't know. Everyone in the audience, let it. Let us know. Is this good character writing or is this, you know, hopefully editing issues, because if it's not, it's terrible character writing. You guys. You guys decide who's WHO's right? Nick, right. Oh, so academic pedigree matters. So every time we have a discussion about anything dealing dealing with finances or business, who who's right? Then you're right. anyways, guys, you would regardless, regardless of the degree or yeah, Um, but no, that's that's that's fun. Um, yeah, it's it was just it was I don't know, I I think the only other thing I could really say about this particular episode was, uh, they definitely leaned into some uh, female stereotypes this week. So Bravo into that. I don't know if they meant to or not, but the whole no one hates women more than other women thing came through loud and clear in this in this episode, even Christine mentioned it, uh element. Not just that, but the even yeah, it was. It was, but she was just like thanks, thanks for the drink, like are we friends? Did I just say that? And it's like, thanks for the drink, like you got dress better. It's even. It's yeah, it's had that whole initial uh, that whole initial interaction is just very much. Think about it, uh, from from her perspective. You know, she's worked hard too for this law firm get into it. Wherever she came from to wherever she is now, she's been a dedicated person. And here comes Jennifer Walters who gets this this to head a new department just right off the bat. No, no prior experience with this this firm, because of she hulk, you know. And the best line that defines that as of her first line she said where she's like, I knew you wouldn't be dumb enough to represent yourself in court. Raft in line. Before that I was like I'm representing myself. So you, you, you got this, this situation where she's definitely going to be like, oh, are you serious, you're coming in here, you get getting all of this without having to do do anything but let your cousin bleed on, bleed on you. And Yeah, I mean, are these all authentic and real things? Like everything in this show does have elements of authenticity and realism? Is it played up for for comedic like everything else? Yeah, but, like I said, Bravo, Bravo. I don't I don't know whether they meant to shows. Some of these negative stereotypes are quote unquote negative stereotypes. But, uh Hey, I'm all about consistency, right. Yeah, that's what that's what you're saying. Other things I liked about it so bad with names on this show, I need to write them down every time. Whoever, the Alfonso Alfonso was a great stereotype. But character. Yeah, you remind me of Jeremy Pivens rush hour, two characters like butter cream butter cream, butter cream, let's do the alligator boots, like every everyone I've I've seen, not everyone, but a few people I've seen, have mentioned uh Um Edna from the encounter. So I thought, who dresses superheroes? I assume stark provides most their equipment. But like, if you're not avengers, he really making a costume for you? Like, well, I mean they had the government shoot each time.

Yeah, they had the suit designer in the Netflix show. Netflix. Yeah, yeah, but now, as we know, this is not dare devils season four. This is I don't want to talk about it, but that would mean but here's still here's still where we need to go to. He's the devils of Hell's he's the devil of Hell's kitchen, and so for some reasons he is in Los Angeles. Hopefully that's a plot related because, yeah, they're both lawyers. They shouldn't be really interacting unless she's a lawyer in New York. But we did get that hint at the good old yellow costume, which otherwise seems to the trailers. But but like I'm like, yeah, there are articles. I saw articles from other side. It's like spoiler was in her was teased that this week and it's like, Oh, the spoiler we all know about because we saw the trailer, because that's the biggest cameo in the episode, is just the yeah, we get to see his helmet and the guy has a funny line about don't leave the ship out. Yeah, no, I know, they said. They said we get one a post green week and I waited, even because I do enjoy the credits and they mix them up a little bit every episode. Um, and I also want an other things. I was wondering about the whole iron man thing before the court case. Like Tony starts some smart man with smart business people. Did he copyright iron man? Like when he mentioned the iron man three shoes, I'm like, are they still being released by stark enterprises, or these shoes being released by someone like Tai Tiana? But no, they make it pretty clear that they are licensed shoes. And how would the stark industries not copyright that? That would probably be his first thought after defeating OBA's Downa. Stays like I had to copy that. Plus he had the moment where he's like I am iron many, relating to this case where he invents even if, even if he he didn't. He has the lawyers and and or the month lawyers, or or stop it, the lawyers and or the money to acquire his copy. Either way, he's like I got you. Yeah, and I love the line about thor and uh doctor strange, and she's like you literally picked the two people whose names yea, but yeah, that's about all I have to say about how. How? How would you grade this then, nick, I will definitely say this is the weakest episode given those four days. I think. So let's do a B Dud. This is. This is easily like a sne minus at best, only because there are in individual funny moments daring it, and the rest of it's just cringe, e repeat, eats and and yeah, I still also like the Boba Guy. The first day was like, Oh, you want to see the Merch you want to meet Alfonso. He was like his avengers t shirts yea instead of yeah, and then when he's carrying around the shield Doug, I canna keep calling him. It's like they're all wrong. I think it is nick, I think, or something like. She gives him a weird nickname. Nick. I can't the character's name. I don't know. Has My name any other thoughts. So you said you'd give this one a see C minus. Okay, are you still optimistic about the series or do you think it's starting to its stall? That end episode three it's it's just repeat, but it's not even good repeat. It's just repeat, repeat, Um. Like I said, this could have been, should have been uh marvel's...

Um, harvey, Harvey Birdman, attorney at law. Take the even even lean into the whole Sitcom thing if you really want to, and and look at how night court and Ellie mcbill did, legal based and courtroom based, uh, humor, Um, and one delt more with civil and the other delt what you know, with like city criminal, like petty, petty stuff more often, if I'm not mistaken. But UH UM. Well, it's one with Shatner, isn't that one? Pretty populars who shatner and Ultron, Boston legal. Uh Yeah, I never I never wanted it was pretty popular any of the ones. Was it like a dramedy? Man? I think it's a dramedy because I know there's like it's one of those songs where he shows where they could burst into song like any given episode, but like not to an extreme stamp. I think that was kind of town and, uh, I'm missing his name right now, but ultron, you know, kind of play spader. Yeah, I love spader. Yeah, Um, so, yeah, it was just it's off man. anyways, we'll see where it goes. Always, we'll keep watching. Yeah, and I'm saving more when I have to watch it, which we should probably do in the dead zone. There's there's no half too. There's gonna be New News, Nick. We got it about Wakonda. No one's gonna Watch that. No one watched the movie. No one wants to watch US reviews something they didn't even watch. Everyone's already crapped all all over it. Every sound like. It sounds like you really really want to watch it. That's what I keep passing it on, that it sounds. It sounds like he's looking for an excuse to to watch it. You know what you guys watching. You know what you guys don't an excuse for Nick. Well, I mean, I've been strong once in a while. I never watched. I still haven't watched dark Phoenix, don't plan to, and four stick. I would like to try sometimes, but I've never been in the mood to actually try because I know it's so bad and I want to see how badly they next, like, how badly they screwed it up. So I want to see how bad. Trying to see I was gonna cover it too. Man, that's too that's too that is two seguys, nick frackt up. Way To go, guys. Check out. CHECK OUT L R M online dot com every day for uh, for all entertainment news, needs and opinions. Be Sure to see this uh celebrity interviews that we that get published up there. They also go up on our UH sister channel, the L R M Youtube Channel, L R M online. Of course, all of our podcasts go up on all of the all of the most most popular apps out there like Google and spotify, apple and sounder, our new distributors, as as well. Great shows like daily cup of Genre, which is not very daily but hopefully one day it will be again. But at least you get con get content. And then UH A v R anime virtual reviews, doing classroom of the elite season two right now. Next month we will be doing chainsaw man and spy family. Uh, the Cantina uh does star wars news and reviews. Brings them next week. Yeah, Yep. And then rings of power we're reviewing that. On the review of the rings, clever naming, I know it's wonderful. I love it. Every anything else goes up on nick. We'll talk about breaking Geek uh and everything else. Are All of that and more goes up on the Youtube Channel. Hit the red subscribe button, thanks to the four under nine, two sub so far. You also get a VR squared, which is anime re reactions and genre shot trailer reactions. Nick. I'm done. I'm as you CANNA BE. Blow I'm at key nicked on twitter...

...and instagram and of course I do break radio the podcast every Friday. It's been hard to schedule, but tomorrow Jonesy and I will be on to discuss D te Um hopefully breath of the wild, to which I forgot the Namil already, and it looks like there was a Sony event. I guess I won't probably have much to say, but I'll look at what news stories he pulls up. He probably won't have a lot to say about Zelda, so he does. I don't think he has an INTENDO system right now. Maybe his kids, I don't know, but anyway we'll have that and a lot of d three talk. It's like all your marvel trailers and stuff. So yeah, and with that excelsior love said, MM HMMM.

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