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Werewolf By Night & Hell Raiser Reaction 

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Today, Manny gives his early spoiler-free reaction to Werewolf by Night and Hellraiser. Before that, however, Kyle goes on a 10 minute rant about people projecting their feelings onto another's comments... sorta. Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre, where hot takes are on the menu EVERY DAY... It seems.

(00:00)- Intro & Kyle's Monologue

(11:58)- Manny's Thoughts

(18:00)- Characters Vs Actors: What Matters More

(24:11)- Manny's Werewolf By Night Reaction

(31:22)- Manny's Hellraiser Reaction

(34:18)- Apple Does Something Logical & Final Thoughts 

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It's uh. It's a song from the second Death album, which is uh the uh second album from the world's greatest metal band, Death Clock. They were also once the sixth largest economy in the world. They were indeed the sixth large according in the cartoon it's that band from uh um metal Ocalypse Okay, yeah, which I'm a I'm afraid Brendan Small will not get to finish sigh. It was one of those uh planned HBO max UH movies. Yeah. I don't uh, I don't necessarily think that's going to happen. However, I do know what's gonna happen today, and it's going to be fun. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the daily cup of genre here here on the Genreverse podcast net. We're going to YouTube channel. UH. Please follow us on whatever podcast happy might be listening to on and of course, uh subscribe on the YouTube channel if you are uh if you if you are watching us there, check out the website uh l r M online dot com every day for all entertainment news, needs and opinions. I'm Kyle. That's Manny, and boy did we kick a hornet's nest yesterday? Manny, Really, I'm not I'm not quite sure what people were more upset about, and I know some were disappointed that we have concerns about black panther waconda forever. Others seem to think our concerns come from nefarious places, uh even sexist places. Many. Um, we we apparently are anti woman. I wasn't aware of this, but apparently apparently we we are. Um. I actually wrote kind of like a monologue, uh so to speak because I I wanted to. I wanted to address some some context people might be missing due to, you know, not necessarily following the daily cup of genre, even even though it's really easy to do hit that subscribe button or follow button. So I kind of wanted to start off by saying, you know, in the context of yesterday and some comments about you and I wondering, especially in the last couple of years, whether or not there are some that are looking out there too replace men in certain roles, not just add females to but legitimately remove the mail from the equation or lower them down on the on the totem pole. Not every female lead project is that way, not even every female lead project that actually had a male lead in a in a prior version is necessarily one of these uh acts of vengeance. So two wrongs don't make a right though it It never has it, it never will. Seeking vengeance only creates problems in the future for the for the person seeking revenge. I mean, you're gonna piss somebody off that had nothing to do with with what you're you know, angry about, and then they'll they'll repeat the cycle. We can't go back in time. We can't correct uh past mistakes, but we can make today tomorrow uh better for everyone. That's that's progress. That's what we're supposed to do. That's the right thing to do. Right. You're not supposed to when you get into a position of of power, from a position of no power, you're not supposed to then put your thumb on your former oppressors.

You're supposed to make everything that of course, punishing people that were wrong legally and stuff like that. This is where we're keep it in context. So uh beIN the past, we had behaviors and and social norms that were deemed damaging to some groups, and now similar similar negativity is being you know, added to the alleged oppressors from the past. And I only say alleged because it's it's not that there there was no oppression. There there was. I'm saying it's it's down to individual uh perceptions, and it's it's very nuanced, right, Some some people are much more sensitive to a satire and it's uh stereotyping versus someone else that sees it only as satire. So let's take our touchy subject from yesterday. Females in in certain roles and things like that, uh, negative body images, Barbie Baywatch actors, lack of as many strong, intelligent, well written female leads outside of certain genres, stereotyping like sexualization, the blonde bimbo thing um, the angry sitcom wife and mother in law. All you know, bad, bad, negative things, right, and not to mention legitimate institutional uh barriers to entertainment for for women getting into you know, writers, directors producing all that. It all, it all happened, and it was harmful. We were told it was harmful and it was visibly harmful to many young women and girls track and got it. Society was told it needed to change many of these things to do better. And well, I think we we have a lot. There's always work to do. We're we're human and humans suck. I don't know if everyone's realize that or not, but they do. But we've we've come pretty far in thirty years. There's females and like every C suite in studios, you know, chief operating, chief financial, chief executive in in almost every major studio there's there's a female in some high end position. Big producer names. When you when you talk about biggest producers today, two names are gonna float to the top. Kathleen Kennedy, Amy Pascal. Regardless of how you feel about their projects, the fact is they make big movies and make big, big money off of those movies. UH. Females are on screen as as superheroes, as as law enforcement, military leaders, political leaders, business, UH executives, every real and and and made up role you you can imagine, women are in there. Good love it, absolutely absolutely love it. It goes from amazing things like uh right above my computer, Alloy from Horizon Forbidden West and zero Down love the character. I got a Japanese style UH print that I need to have framed as well as my my displate poster um. But then there's you know, oh and one of my favorites, Buffy Buffy one of the one of the earliest in in my you know, childhood. You know, they're in the nineties of super strong female characters that I was into from the get go, from the movie, you know, not just the show, but um then you get some awful ones like like Ghostbusters and Miss Marvel, which sucked because her first two and a half episodes were really good. Uh. It's the same for males, and you've got the great Iron Man one in the absolute garbage that is Venom. It's a good thing, right Manny, to have that kind of balance in that that look, that context. You know, it's mostly been been good. I think some people forget that men also have had to deal with some negative stereotypes. And it's not saying that we we had it worse. It's again contact we're supposed to...

...be making everything better for everyone as we move on. We Uh, we had the negativity of body images. I I would never look like Rambo. Most most men can't unless they're trying to get ready for a role. I can't be Rambo hone, and I can't be the Terminator, Uh, Hunisher and g I Joe he Man rest Wrestlers, Manny Wrestlers, you know that. That's all stuff that are generally as unattainable as Barbie or uh the Baywatch actresses back in the day, right without doing really bad things to your to your body. Uh, stereotypes, violence, and and aggression. All of that happens, uh dimwitted husbands on on sitcoms like, yeah, we we had some negativity too, but how does that all connect to to yesterday? It's it's just context, guys, just context context on how we can find that there are some people in some projects basically having gone from the bullied to the bullies. It's not every project, it's not every female lead thing, and it's not only females doing it. The it's it's upsetting when people are looking basically for a way of getting back instead of making things better, especially when people then support it and they say, hey, because some males in the past did bad things, it's okay for others, in this case females to do negative things to a whole new generation of males that had nothing to do with the original perceived or at actual transgressions. We gotta be negative to that, d C. It's a it's an endless cycle. I mean, I I can't go back. I I did not I did not design Barbie. I didn't hire Susanne Summers to be the stereotypical blonde blonde bimbo um. But yet you know, me and my son have to we have to pay for for that. And look, I'm not looking for simply because it doesn't really I'm not that influence. But I hate hypocrisy and I hate I hate vengeance. I hate that to two wrongs, trying to make them, uh, make them right. The past was the worst, it always will be, it always will be. Today is worse than tomorrow for for many groups. We we have to understand that there's a difference between adding two or replacing there's uh time and a and a place for negative stereotypes and and both comedy and and drama satire. I'm not saying we should end any or or all of this. I'm putting into context how some people could get, uh, could be upset by watching certain projects treat certain groups and in certain ways. Uh. I mean that's kind of the point. There's there's no hating women here, there's no anti anti woman here. I don't know, man, I just I just feel that I feel that we're not allowed to be critical of individuals or or individual projects. It has to be all all or nothing. We we are either with with them or or against them. And that's not that's not that's not that's not good, that's not how we get progress. That's not progressive. And I don't mean in the modern political sense. I mean traditional progressive sense. You know, let's let's let's be better, guys, let's and let's stay away from personal attacks, especially considering my my wife seems to be very possessive of my penis. If you have been in the comments for yesterday's video, let's let's let's be better. I don't know, Manny, how how do you feel? Do you hate women? Are you anti woman? I never have been, and I could really care less...

...what anyone else thinks, especially in the context of what what I had said, which was that just basically that the quality of Marvel has gone down, regardless of very true true, the overall problem is start star power. It just does not have the star power that it used to has and the quality. If you think otherwise, I really don't care. I'm not gonna um, Kyle, you do you I'm not gonna bet a ten minute monologue on trying to defend my position because I got better things to do, no I I yeah, not so much defend defend up position. Like I said, I like context and and again my whole thing, I'm not out here but hurt because there isn't a negative character, a negative male character. I do think that there there's a legit danger to younger kids as there was with young females back in the day. And I hate hypocrisy more than anything in this world, just about um, it's and I know that being human, I'm guilty of occasionally falling into where I've said something in the past and I've changed, but maybe I haven't really discussed it enough between those two points that it might come off as hypocrisy. But people do grow and change, and that's that's a good thing. That again is a is a h step in progress. I just wanted to give some context to to it because people hear us bitch and complain about random, random topics on this show, because we we cover so so many different things, you know. That's the reason we named it the Daily Cup of Genre, or I did. It's my show, my show, um, but yeah, man, it's just it's it's it's a legit issue when the when the bully become the bullies, and it happens in politics, it happens in in the military. Like this is not This is not an isolated entertainment thing. There's almost like a life lesson, you know. I think even The Batman did a really good job of talk talking about vengeance and the vicious cycle that it it creates. You know, at the end of it, he's he's he's talking about how how vile vengeance and revenge seeking can be. I don't know, man, I think things like She Hulk are a good example of that. So it really isn't it really isn't. Neither was Neither was um Uh Falcon and Winter Soldier. Overall, neither really was Moon Night Was it the same caliber as any Moonnight? More than I liked? But yeah, that's that's fine. But would you I meant gun to your head if I was like, hey, Manny, do you want to watch Iron Man one or Moon Night over again? That's not That's because we're talking about a movie budget versus a a TV budget. It doesn't work early iron Man, it doesn't budgets. Budgets don't make or break a move moving They don't have an amazing story and acting and writing with a low with a lower budget. Yeah, but you can't. You can't compare the production value of a of a film. I just meant enjoyability. I enjoyed. I enjoyed it, uh quite a bit at one division. One division was good. I loved Loki when I was the breath of fresh air. And um, I mean Falking in the winter Soldier started off well, except that it just kept it just kept trying to hammer you that message, and it just didn't work for me. Hawkeye was a waste of time. Yeah, that one, I'll agree that that was completely a waste of time. It's a male show, by the way. K Bishop was great, and I loved Kate Bishop. And that one. I thought Lena's character was...

...wasted, wasted and spent too long eating, too long eating and I pushed the wrong button, spent too long eating uh mac and cheese. And then I thought, um, yeah, And then I thought Kingpin's character was wasted. Um, and yeah, I don't know. They're just going down this really weird rabbit hole where it's like we're just gonna put this up. Would you rather watch thor Loven Thunder? Or would you rather watch thor Ragnarok? Oh, Ragnarock. Hands down, there you go. But there's a good apples to apples comparison, the same actors, directors and and everything, and it's both movies. Yeah, so, um yeah. When it comes to kind of responding to comments like that, I don't even waste my time because, um obviously you're not smart enough to get the context. Though the fact that it's the product is bad. Not necessarily the people like there's there's nothing wrong with saying that UM series not ready to be to be that to be the same caliber character as Black Panther, or even wondering if an actor or actress can carry a lead role. Yeah, I mean it's not, and it's not it's not the actor's fault either. They've they put somewhere. They put these um they put these main characters on a huge pedestal, and and the problem is that their shadows are gonna their shadows are just too big. It's gonna be it's gonna wonder Woman is going to have the same problem with whoever replaces Gal in the future. I think so because she's she herself has done a wonderful job as a character something they'll bring in a wonder girl that will will Earth even be around that one? Yeah? Yeah, because I don't know what. But my point is is that um, replacing that star power is what's difficult and and UM it's there. It's their own fault for their sick is their own faults for their success. And then for thinking that for some for thinking that you can just that the that the character is bigger than the person behind it. Um, because is iron Man really that popular without Robert Downey Jr. You see that that I would that I would It kind of depends on the character because that that's a that's a good. So one of the big things about Black Panther Wakanda for Forever is the idea that to Challa is bigger than uh Chadwick Boseman, Like the character of t Challa is more important than the act that that played them, which is why a lot of people really want wanted to Challa to be recast instead of uh killed off um and and replaced by by anyone UH. Jones E over on on Breaking Geek Radio also brought up a point um in this in the field of of pro recast because of a rumor that UH ta Challa father's father to child before he passes, right before he dies, and he brought up you know, that brings into a brings into the m c U a stereotype here in the West of the fatherless black child being raised by a single mother. And he mentioned how important it was to see the father son dynamic between ta Chala and ta Chaka, his his his father the king before he dies and in the spiritual realm. And he said, missing out on the next generation of that to Challa, to to his on like that would be a huge miss...

And at what, you know, what do what do we get in in return for for that? Potentially we have not seen the movie. We're we're all hoping that it is good, but you potentially get a stereotype, and then you get a female taking over and and and replacing that strong black male role model that so many young men and boys were looking up to since the movie hit a few years ago, since a Civil War back in sixth Team even that's I'm not black, but I am a dad of a son, and I know father son relationships are incredibly important to to both have and and see, so I can I can respect it from from that point but to your point, iron Man completely different character, yet Robert Downey Jr. Made him. Yes, comic book readers, I was reading comics too. I I know iron Man's an original Avenger and all all of that tracking, but there there's a reason why he didn't belong to Sony Universal or or Fox when when the movie was made, there's that no one was interested. So it's much like a much like a female lead project. Many being good or bad, being a bully or or not is all case by case. Yeah, it's like and and regardless of which way, just you go on it. That's still an opinion. And I do I mean, other other characters have been cast, no problem. I mean, this was just kind of a circumstance where a lot of people felt very invested and had had very strong opinions about it. Um A shout out to a variety for putting out the very next day that are great article of who should recast um uh um Chadwick Boseman, which was a horrible and horrible taste, which they took down immediately. It was them, right. I don't want to my bad it wasn't, but I'm pretty sure it was. Um. One of those big outlets. Um, and that was that was interesting to see. Um anyway, um yeah, whatever, you know, we I I have to I have to go through too many films and movies to to to be swayed by the fact that I I, you know, I have a bias towards you know, one half of the genders that are available in in uh on Earth. So, UM, I when I when when it's funny because um, I thought about it for only a few minutes yesterday. But when I go into a movie, is that is that really what I'm looking for? Is is it a guy or gal? Like, No, that's definitely not the first thing. Hell, I'm I'm very excited to um to go watch the first final girl, have her, have her have her epic moment in in just about ten days when she fights Michael Myers. That's gonna be um. Um, that's gonna that's gonna be hopefully epic and it's gonna be great. Um. Because I think this series has done well. I I still I still have a sour taste from watching the rob Zombie ones. Um the first one's fine, They're not fine. Um and um uh so there's that and then there's like like there's there was nothing wrong with like example, Wonder Woman, the except for Patty Jenkins directing the sequel four was horrible and it wasn't Gal's fault. You know that that is that is by her own words, by by...

...her own words. That is, uh, Patty, Patty Jenkins's baby. And yeah, so that's that's how it is. Um. On another topic that's actually more important, I do have. I can't give you some reactions to well Well by Night, which I watched last night, and um, that hits on Friday this week, right on on Friday. I think it. I think it hits like a Disney Plus on on Friday. Well man, I should know this, um yep October seven, and then um, I do. Also, I can give you a reaction to hell Raiser, which I've also watched. So, how did you feel about where it Wolf by Night? So? Um it was so it was a secret screening a fantastic FESTI in um Texas over the weekend. It got these overwhelming positive reactions about how it's a throwback to the classics and I was talking about the nineteen thirties monsters. Uh, that it's such a different take for Marvel, blah blah, blah, it's you know, there's gore and all this other yaddy yadda Yadi. Was very excited to watch this because also, um I I love guy. Um, I've I've watched a lot of his films, um surprisingly growing up, despite the fact that there was some of them are very adult oriented, but my dad obviously were Hispanic, So, um we watched Hispanic films and he's a great guy. I've got or now, uh he's one of he's so he's one of the actors that I'm familiar with. So seeing him in this role, um was, it was fun. It's gonna be exciting. Unfortunately, um no, oh no, it was. It was. It was. We finished watching it and it was like, all right, so what what what was so special about it? What was so And then it's plagued by the fact that it's less than an hour long, and that's it. That's all it is. It's less than an hour long. The scenes are very very well detailed and methodically um uh expressed, I guess or whatever. So they do take their time with scenes. That's a problem. Do you have less than an hour tell the whole story? Um? So you're just kind of like, for me, especially know that it was less an hour and watching these early scenes just kind of keep on going. I was like, Okay, if this was like one and a half one and a half hours, two hours long, fine, but we're gonna get Wenna need to get moving because you guys have not You guys have not pushed this forward. You guys have we were not. You guys know you want a story to be put pushed forward. Many can't. You can't you just enjoy something for for what it is. Maybe this was meant to be a fifty five minute long, uh episodic thing but without more episodes Like yeah, but but the thing is, I was like, you're you're not gonna be able to tell this. You're gonna you're gonna rush to the andy that's um and then UM it's maybe me nitpicking, but it is done. It is supposed to be done in the style of old black and white films. Um. But it's it's like like, like I understand they were trying to...

...find this happy medium, but if you're gonna try to make it look like an old film, make it look like an old film, because you cannot start um blending um. Because they have like like a little little like burn marks and and um scratches that they that that will pass on the screen every now and then, like if it's old film. But it's but like the resolution of it is so good digital and they should have filmed it on film, and the lighting is so good on it that um that I'm like, I, you know, when it happens, it kind of takes me out of it because the blend, the blend is too it's too it's too good, Like it looks too good for me to believe that this is an old style, Like you should just not do the burn marks. Just kind of let it be black and white if you're gonna if it's gonna be black and white. Um. So it was like it was okay, Like I just I wish it was longer, and I think maybe it was over it was over hyped for me, So I tired of saying it was okay for Marvel. When I used to say it was great that used to come out of almost almost every movie that was great, and now overwhelming people think it's it's it's um, it's one of it's the best thing that But then it's like I'm kind of used to hearing that from the from people regardless, like and the thing is and I think it's a bigger disappointment for me because I wanted it to be so good. I thought it was going to be this epic horror and hate. Um. But I would say they did not um, they did not um when they cut off an arm, they cut off an arm and things like that. So but it but the effect of it is a lot less because it's black and white. So you um, so yes, you do have the option of being a little bit corrier, but it doesn't seem like it because it's black and white. So it's you know, because the color has a lot to do with it. Um yeah, middle of the pack. Um. I'd say it's a it's a it's a B minus at best. That best Like, like I said, that's I'll watch it on Friday, Nick Nick and I will Nick and I will uh review it for Marvel multis. I don't know, is the last episode of Nick is weird on on some of these things. He might he might not like. Uh, he might not. I don't know. He does like to to uh come off as artsy FARTZI every now and then. That's why we have the hoody hoity toity room and uh in our discord for for uh Janet and her for whenever when Nick pulls out his h his film school degree and then uh, it doesn't help. Also that I just watched The Mummy and Bribe he had mentioned that kind of see see that the contrast between the films, and I get it like it's it's we're not, um, we're not. It's it's a new film and like like it's fine. Um, that's why it would be mine. It's because you know, I still enjoyed parts of it, but for for the praise that it's getting right now, it's like that it's it's it's not that's it's like, it's not that great. It's it's good, it's not that great. Um. As for hell Raiser, um, the assessment is that it's not my kind of movie. I'm not like when we've talked about body horror and I do not mix well. And then um um, I think that for for fans of the franchise, I think it could have been gorrier a little bit gorrier um, and that might be that might be an issue for for you you um crazy folks um. And then my other the thing with it was it was. It was...

...very slow up until like an hour and then it picks up and and at that point I was kind of kind of board. But then but then it picks up and then and then we're kind of we we kind of move along. The actress who who plays the pinhead is great, um and and the fact that they switched from male to female really doesn't doesn't affect it at all. As a matter of fact, it actually might make it better in this case, just just because um, I don't know, she's just just just a hair more personality. I know you're not really supposed to have too much personality as a cinebyte, but but just just it just works a little bit better I feel in the original Um Brian uh from over at a b R huge huge hell raiser fan is very very excited to see this when it when it hits. That also comes out soon right Friday. Also, so yeah, so that one, Uh, I think that one is more of a more of a solid B, like a higher higher solid b. Um. But I can't give it more because I number one, it's just not my kind of movie. But it does enough to where the it couldn't It can introduce the casual fan to the Um to Hell Razor and maybe checking out some of the older stuff if if you end up liking it, it's not it's not, it's not. It's just really slow at the beginning. A matter of fact, I remember texting one of my buddies and he's like, don't worry about it. It actually picks up at about an hour. Um, and again you need a little bit of set up. Um. The characters are very well made. Um, it looked pretty good. But I think that I think that um, Brian will be one of the ones that, like I could have been a little barrior. I'm always down with with with with the or Um, I'm definitely not. I'm uh squeamish many Yeah. Yeah, it's funny because the things that are yeah, like like regular horror, like slasher stuff and like whatever Halloween like that's fine, um, but kind of kind of that that torture kind of thing that they do there, it's really not. Yeah, don't watch the uh Guinea Pig movies, don't don't watch the audition, stay stay away from that. That's fine. And then also big shout out to Universal's marketing team for not giving us all the kills this time on the Halloween Ends trailers. I think they've they've done a way better job at just um showcasing the final um battle between Gloria and Michael. And instead of here's every every fun Michael killing every Yeah, that that one for for Halloween Kills was disappointing. Uh much uh much uh disappointing, much like ending this show, uh anything else many no good fun um fun news out of out of of um Europe today they have watch your watch your words. European parliament has voted to force Apple to switch over to USB charts. Oh yeah yeah yeah that's um, that's wild and also kind of helpful. And they just shoved out the fourteens in the US still with Thunderbolt. And even though they've removed uh the SIM cards in the US, they didn't they literally put a little plastic box in there. They didn't fill the space with anything. Ben official. I love how they love how like and this...

...is me because I I mean, that's that's all I have is Apple. Yeah. Um uh. They always pretend like they're the first is a party to everything, and it's funny. Just it's like like like yeah they think that, and then some and then sometimes like they're they're um innovations. I remember one time their innovation was new headphones. It was like, wait, how does that help my phone hold on? Um? So, um, you don't need a head just make my battery last longer, Like just do that right, Yeah, But they could have They could have put a headphone jack, could have maybe added battery space, they could have done a lot of things for that for fourteen taken out nothing useful, nothing, nothing useful. That's why. That's really why, I mean, you could like I had. I went from an iPhone six at all the way to a ten years later, and then now I have a third team. Um, and that's actually due to the fact that I needed a more capable phone from my job. I've only only used Apple when it was required, like in in schools and when the when the Army gave me an iPhone for the recruiting gig. Anyways, guys, uh, it's been a lot of fun. Uh, it's been an interesting show to to say. Uh, to say the least, Let us know what you think down, Let us know what do you think down in the comments below. Check out l r M online dot com for all of the amazing stories you're seeing on screen, if you're watching us on on YouTube, if you're just listening on your favorite podcast app. We've got written reviews, news articles, takes on rumors and and leaks, uh, celebrity interviews of course all of the podcasts, and they go up on Google and and and Spotify, Apple, uh, Stitcher and of course uh follow us and and leave some reviews, especially on Apple podcast because while they only make up like less than of the freaking market, everyone seems to really value them. So yeah, leave leave us some uh, leave us some uh reviews. We appreciate it. Tell us what we can do better, tell us what we're doing good, Tell us what else? What else you would like like to see? Here on the on the channel, we've got Marvel Multiverse Mayhem finishing up she Hulk this weekend and next, along with uh Wherewolf by Night, Uh, the Cantinas doing and or Enemy Versal reviews will be doing uh, Spy Family and chainsaw Man uh. Here during the fall, We've got review of the rings. We've got daily cog breaking, uh Breaking Geek Radio, a R Square, genre shot trailer reactions so much more here on the genreres podcast network and YouTube channel. So yeah, would you do at Manny, we're getting a teaser trailer for Super Mario bro Oh yeah, Thursday Direct. Yep, yep. I think it's coinciding with something at at New York Comic com too, so yeah yep. Alright, guys, uh, it's been fun. We'll see you. Uh, we'll see you next time. Bye.

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