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Episode 567 · 3 months ago

PERFECTION! Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Review | AVR


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Join Kyle (Daily COG), Christine (No Mercy Podcast) and Brian (PulpMythos on YouTube) as they discuss one of, if not THE, most anticipated Anime of the last 10 years, Chiansaw Man. This blood covered action series is set to deliver a ripping-good time, but will it live up to the hype? Check out our Chainsaw Man Episode 1 review to find out! 

(00:00)- Intro & Brian's Reaction

(02:24)- Spoiler Free Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Review

(04:12)- Grading

(06:25)- SPOILERS

(11:22)- Horror & Other Movie Refrences

(16:58)- Slice Of Life With A Side Violence?

(22:01)- Art And Music

(24:09)- Final Thoughts 


Kyle: A+

Christine: A+ 

Brian: A+ 

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It's finally, It's finally come Brian, the Day. The Day is here and and probably the the most hyped anime I can think of in a very long time. That's not a sequel. See usually you get, like you know, Attack on Titan got a little bit of a rumbling when it first hit, and then everything after that was hype. But holy craft, I have not seen this in a long long time. Chainsaw Man. Hello everybody. Welcome to the Enemy Versual Reviews podcast here on the Genrever podcast network and YouTube channel h Please do hit the red subscribe button if you if you're watching, follow us on whatever podcast happy might be listening on. Be sure to check out the website l R. I'm online dot com every day for all entertainment, news, needs, needs and opinions. On Kyle, that's Christine, that's Brian. He has a YouTube channel called Pulp Mythos. He'll tell you more about it later on in the episode. But we got we had chainsaw Man to talk about tonight, ladies and gentlemen, and you may have already seen Christine and I react to it on on the YouTube channel, but let's get Brian's reaction spoiler free of course, to start all right, spoiler free. I'm gonna try and make this short. I do. I have no idea what your two opinion of the show is. We haven't texted, we haven't spoken. Nope, I didn't one thing. I didn't have a chance to watch the reaction video, so I don't know, but I will tell you this. For me, this may be the greatest. I got to the end of the episode and I stood back and I thought, I said, is this the greatest first episode of not just anime, but maybe anything that I've ever seen? I'm gonna be I mean, I was blown away by it. It's everything I wanted it to be. It did a lot of things that shocked me. And not not the violence. I'm talking specifically, Um, you know, the emotional side of things. I like, I genuinely got emotional a couple of times and I'm like, what what is happening? First, it's fifteen minutes. The hell. I was amazed at the pacing, at the writing, obviously, the action, the core. Um, yeah, phenomenal. That's my quick take. Damn, that's that's that's a that's a good, good take, right there, Christine. Now, now with a little bit more room to breathe without giving too much away, what what do you What did you think about this first episode? I loved it. Um. I don't know what else I could add to what you just said. Uh, yeah, it was great. I've been thinking about this all day, so it's it's a pretty big deal. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It went above and beyond what I was expecting. Like, like Brian said, the emotional stuff, there's a I couldn't think of a better way to word it at the time. I said, there's a lightheartedness to all this as dark as as like, as dark as it is, I don't I don't feel like I'm I'm watching UH some of the darker, more more depressing type things like a goblin slayer or something something like that, I'm not. I'm not there, even though there's awful things pretty pretty on par with with UH, some of the gruesome things that happens in that show. UM, and I really think it all comes down to Dingy and and his UH, his kind of positiveness, his his simplistic outlook on things UH or for better or worse, and his desire to to just achieve a...

...normal life where he can have jam on toast like that speech. I got so emotional. I was like, why am I What am I feeling? Like? Yes, it's like one of those shows that you can watch um where you know you can get your gore fix in, but it's not gonna like put down your mood or anything. So it's like you walk away excited. Yeah, at least so far. So I'll start with with this because I've I've been on a bit of a kick on on critics these days. If you follow me on on Twitter, you can get a whole slew of of hot takes, including my h recent ones against people that do give a pluses to just anything and everything. I'm looking at you, Nick Dole uh atal co host Marvel Multiverse Mayhem with myself. Uh. And then you got those that inflate what they like with grading something. You know, they as subjective as as grading something can be, You've got to have some sort of objective like uh, you know, uh, bounce off points, you know, things that you're you're looking for. You could love something but know that it's not well executed or well put to get I point a little monsters all the time. So with that being said, how do I grade this? This episode. It's like, it's it's the first episode. If you just throw an A plus out there, man, like where where do where does it go from there? And I don't give a damn it's an A plus? So what do you think, Christine? I can't argue with that. Yeah, same bright. So I was going to ask you, this is your show, this is your setup. Is there anything higher than an A plus? Do you have a golden A? Is there? You know? Because I was like, yes, I'm gonna give it an A plus when I'm like, this was more than that to me? How about we do how about we do create one the uh them? It gets like a Maybe we'll have to come up with a name for it, but we'll work in the A v R star like an an A star or something like that. Something is Is it really that good? Brian? It's it's above and beyond the the A plus perfect. Uh this goes up to eleven instead of ten? Yes, all right, I'm down with it. All right, Well, we'll work and see if we can't come up with a special A VR grade situation. But um, it is it is always hard to to do that that when when you look at a first episode. But again, there's so much that this does right, and we'll get into it here uh in a second, like right now. So there's your your spoiler warning. We're gonna talk about if you guys have not seen the uh seen the episode yet, go watch it, come back and we'll we'll chit chat about it. So let's just go uh spoilers with the stories. We'll talk some uh movie references. We can include the gore and horror type elements that are that are in there. I'm gonna bring up some comments that were shared with us, and then we'll talk about the art in the music and some of those uh movie references in the op and things like that. But the story here just knocked me away because I was not expecting to meet a kid that's sold his body parts yea, and is is being threatened to to, you know, earn money. Go go horror yourself. It doesn't matter. I don't care how you get it, just get get some money. And this this kid isn't indebted, not because of his own own doings, but because of his his freaking dad's doings. Full of heart, man didn't ding. He just has this this bright outlook on things where he's not even grasping for for much and even he even says it there on his on his deathbed, I don't...

...want anything much. I just want a normal life. I don't need to be rich. I don't I don't need any of that. And you feel for him, man, do you feel for him? Briant, take us through your your thoughts watching this, this origin story, because that's what this is. That story. I was very impressed with the way they jumped through time or flashbacks or whatever you want to call it, because, like you said, in the course of the twenty two or so minutes, we really truly understand the character, like like everything about him, from the fact that he's indebted because of his father, how he always he wants to live, he wants a simple life, but he had to do what he had to do. The fact that he um is willing to not go on the run or whatever maybe you know, maybe he didn't have a choice there. But the fact that he just always tries to stay positive no matter what. Uh yeah, I love it, Yeah, absolutely, Christine. I mean, the guy got rid of depth perception because he was desperate for money. I mean, oh my god, especially someone that's got a fight giving up that perception is not necessary exactly. You should keep selling your liver like they'll take half and just wait for it to grow back. Um. But yeah, it was. It was crazy, and um it's it's also cool that you know, of course he's not alone through this, you know, he meets his his a little chainsaws I chick. Yes, yeah, I love I love the I love the chainsaw Dog. Not not at all. It was both what I thought it would would be, but then not what I thought it would be. When when you find out that it it uh because uh Denji willing to sacrifice himself, but cheeahs willing to sacrifice itself in a way, um to to merge with him after what a broad a brutal murder man, Like, holy crap that the scene in the in the warehouse. See what when you when you think it can't get any worse, it it can't. It just gets better. It's just so much better. One of the brilliant things about this one episode was the fact that you know their initial meeting was there was a necessity. Um, you know, is the thing what what they called the chainsaw Doguchita was dying was hurt and so he's like, okay, I will feed you, but in return you have to help me. So there was a necessity there. But then they thought they legit bonded, they legit cared about each other. And that story was told so perfectly in the course of three or four sort of important scenes. I mean, like I said, I was just shocked at how how much I was connecting with everything that was happening. It's a very very uh tight episode. Um, everything you need to know to be invested in this, in this character now, even up until seeing after the transformation, after you know, uh murging with with put Cheetah so to speak, well, I was going to speak after merging with the damn damn thing. Excuse me, you get, um, you get a taste of him kind of enjoying the release of the anger and the aggression and a bit, and that's is still a very very human thing thing to have as as well. Um. So I I I am too blown blown away by how much they did with uh with this this story and have us really set up just to just go full boar ahead. Man, I cannot wait until next week. So um, as I'm looking up these comments, Brian, the horror references are somewhat obvious, there's some evil dead, there's some Texas Chainsaw. And I was told multiple times that, uh, Texas Chainsaw inspired uh uh the author for for this, uh...

...for this anime, um or the manga and and now now anime. But um one thing. I don't know if if everyone caught I I figured you might have. But I think the way he was fighting, the spin moves and stuff like that was even a throw to Texas Chainsaw and the the rage that leather Face has at the end when he's flailing about with his his chainsaw. I I don't know, did you did you catch that? Do you think that was on purpose? It was definitely it was the tagline and one of the chainsaws, the saw is family and so this is very much that. Yeah. Yeah, so I absolutely you saying that makes complete sense that uh that's franchise was was inspiration? Nice? Uh what what else did you kind of notice and and in your in your field for for horror? How how would you rate this as as playing in that field Man top Tire, because not only in the course of one episode, not only did we get you know, all the chainsaw stuff, you know, like you said things like evil did chainsaw massacre a little known horror film called Motel Hill. Look it up if you haven't seen it. You know. So there's a lot of cool you know, chainsall stuff. But then the zombies, I mean the whole ending, it's zombies and really well done zombies. And like you said, we get to see someone essentially torn apart, uh and murder and then demons are devils. Yes, um, several different versions throughout the course of it. So, I mean, damn. In one episode we a lot of horror check check boxes where we're checked and gore. Christie, you and I both both love gore. Uh. I thought it was wonderfully animated. What do you think about the the use of blood and gore in this? Um? I thought it was great. I think the only negative thing I could say about it is that I kind of wish that there was more blood in the scene because it's like it kind of it a little more your body looks a little clean. Um. But it was good. It was good looking. I don't know if that would work um with animation, but like you know, looking at real people on screen, it's like, yeah, you're gonna be a mess and it's going to be red everywhere. But um, I did enjoy it, blood spewing everywhere. Did the did the eyeball thing get to because I know you don't like your your eyes being messed with? It didn't? Yeah, yeah, I don't. I don't like eyeballs. That's straight from what Evil did too m ending. Yeah, like completely yep, you know, I uh, I had a thought. I was going to say something about um uh not evil dead to Army of Darkness, and then it just went out of my mind. Oh well, anyways, I love the I love the gore and horror are gore and blood, Brian, Um, can you think of something comparable in anime with with this level of not just the the amount, but I would say the the the intense usage, like the perfectly execute It's not gory just for Gore's sake, it's I don't know, Talkum, I don't know if I as far as compared. I mean, this is taking it, like you said, cranking it up to eleven. Obviously, I'm a big berserk fan. You know, there's a lot of brutality and gore and you know, violence, but even you know that's a slight well, the animals have been slightly more ground Dude. This is insane. Like this is on another level. So no awesome. Uh so yeah, in in the comments, people bringing up the leather face um and things like that. Uh, the Texas chainsaw masker is is cool, but what I what I really like is um then pointing out some movie references in the in the open, Brian, did you catch any...

I let you know what's in this comment? So yeah, let me know what's in the comment I had. I was on Twitter earlier and that was actually trending and I was able to glance at it briefly and see that people were doing breakdowns, but I didn't have enough time to really dig into it. But um, I was I didn't catch it as I was watching it. Now, what did you think of the of the Opie song and the and the art? It was insane, like because yeah, I'm sitting there, what the hell is this like? Um? I like the song, the artist fantastic. Um. Yeah, man, it's the show is I mean, it's it's it's so fast paced, but yet at the same time, um, simple, it looks so far we're only one episode. Yeah, as far as the emotional story that they're telling, uh so. Uh big Lebowski with the bowling ball of Force on Shining The Shining the Ball. I love I love that it's a classic. It's a classic movie as as well um The No Country for Old Men. I'm not quite sure what the reverence was on that one, and UH Once upon a Time in Hollywood Constantine and even uh usage of uh Dante's divine comedy in the painting towards towards the end. So obviously this this comes from a movie buff. This comes from someone with a with a deep love UH and and a team with a deep love of of film. And I can see that coming through. But one of the things I noticed in in the the op Christina's it's it's a normal life. It's Dingy and his co workers. I'm not saying that they're gonna necessarily have a normal life, but that's kind of the feel I almost thought, you know, is this is this gonna be uh? Is this gonna be similar to Spy Family, where it's this crazy slice of life with these action pact UH points. I don't think it's gonna be on the same level as uh Spy Family's amount of slice of life, but that's what he was wanting, right, And that's what you kind of seeing the opie. What do you think? Yeah, Um, I have to go back and look at it again because there's like so much going on. But yeah, I mean we're we're gonna get to see it because obviously they gave it away. Um, but yeah, looking forward to seeing more. What do you think, Brian? Is it just movie references or are we are we going to see Denji live in a good, normal, normal life. I'm not sure. Yeah, Um, like you said, clearly a film buff all that stuff was wild. I hope in the show, Um, I don't know what maybe moments of it where it's you know, he gets to have some taste of it, but um, I don't know because we don't know where it's going. So you know, because yeah, in the in the opie, and and there's there's been this uh this meme on the internet for for months now that uh Machima the girl I'm guessing the pink haired girl uh talks about uh dingy will get or you the audience gets x y Z and then return she gets a new dog. So uh, I haven't understood the meme until I'm getting some some context now. But we'll we'll see how that that goes out. Um, that is an interesting, uh aspect of it that that we didn't discuss before we talk a little bit. Uh, I guess before we final things out. Uh. The the idea of him hooking up with with these these devil hunters and and the humans. UM, I don't trust her completely. I mean, he's he's trading one slave master essentially for for another with you know, a step up in a an accommodation in the world. Yeah. Yeah, there's some there's some chateau slavery terms we could use, but I'm gonna stay away from them. Um. But yeah,...

I don't quite know how to how to feel about her yet. I think she's going to be very very powerful in some way. Whether that that's just influence or real power, I don't I don't know how you let's ask the lady what what what are you feeling? UM? I didn't quite feel that, um because I don't have enough to go on yet. But so far, it's you know, it just seems more like I'm going to be your new boss if you want. Um, you have some jam so love. I love that it's such a such a simple thing that that they keep playing with What are you thinking about the devil Hunters and and the and the Boss. I'm excited just to see where it goes. I want to talk about, you know, tying into the whole aspect of the female coming in and sort of taking him. Like the greatest line in the whole show is him sitting back. I just he wants jam on bread to share with his pet. He wants to find a pre ad the girl play video games and then fall asleep in each other's arms and you know, and it's just like the way that all played out, and that's something that he's dreaming of and that he wants. And now, okay, we're introducing this character. Is is that going to tie in? Is there going to be someone else? I don't know, um, but that you know, that was a very central theme. Also is that he's he is looking for some kind of bonding to friends. Yeah, because like when we were watching it, like my first reaction was like, um, why don't you kind of work on getting yourself up a little, you know, only living off a bread um. But yeah, I mean what we've just been talking about is his outlook on life is a lot more positive than a person and another person in in his position, the average being set in his life would be very down and obviously not thinking that way, but the fact that he can dream and stuff, it's it's pretty cool. Yeah. Being being able to maintain the ability to look for a a bright side is a is a big deal, very cool. UH. The art overall, we'll we'll we'll talk more about it at the at the end of the UH season or series, hopefully this is multiple seasons. I have no idea how much is in the UH in the manga, UM, but I I loved it. Uh. I made fun of the c g I at the beginning because that's just what I what I do. I mean, I dig at c g I so much in live action is just a joke in an anime unless it's actually really really bad and is a joke itself. But I found I found everything to just look so good, so smooth, so fluid. The anime has always done really really well with with UH motion and this just again ampted out. The fight scene is is phenomenal. Uh dude, talk about a a real illiant blood bath there in that in that fight. I don't think I could find anything thing to nitpick at with the animation at all. So UH and music, we we mentioned the O O P. It's fine, it fits. It's uh. It's not one that I'm gonna be adding to my playlist as of right right now. And that doesn't mean that it's it's bad uh in any in any way, it may grow grow on me. Um. I. I like Christine's joke about the She was like, what did they take for that? That op that has like they took the snail, the glowing snail, they ate snail or licked it something like looking frogs. It's something, but it was cool. It was uh. In ending theme, I like the kind of you know, more hard rock style ending. Uh, I dug that? What what do you think of that? Or is it even in your your mind? Brian? Could you even here? I didn't watch you. Yeah, I listened to it, but yeah, I was sitting there just in...

...awe as as I was watching it. So I think, knowing how much UH movie references went into some of this stuff, I think I actually want to watch the first episode again, like I think rewatch. Yeah, I think this is something that I might you know, rewatch you know shortly, you know, in the next couple of days, just a rehab reabsorb it all. It's it's Uh, it's gonna be a fun, fun season, guys. Any any other thoughts on chainsaw Man episode one? No, I don't think I have anything else to add. Brian, Yeah, I hit all the beats that I wanted to. We love We loved it, guys, and we're gonna be covering it for the rest of the season here on on the genre Verse podcast networking YouTube channel. Christine and I will also be doing the A v R Squared reactions for it. If Brian never has a Tuesday off or something like that uh and can join us. He will make the the efforts, but his UH schedule is a lot more um normal than mine, so or hours. Uh. However, Brian does do a BR Squared with us for Spy Family on Saturday, so you guys can check that out. There's two episodes of it up right now, as well as UH Spy Families getting a BR reviews as well. Christine and I are doing reactions to beast Tamer and The Eminence and Shadow as well. UH. We reserve the right to dump beast Tamer if it is not better after episode three and then maybe switch it with another etchy anime. There's that that one with like the we saw last night where she was, um, where they gotta do. They go to like a school and they gotta they make couples as part of an assignment, and she was like, give me the good goodbye kiss and he got all flustered and actually did it. And she's like, I didn't mean on the lips that that might be one to uh to look at. Um. But lots lots of content. Uh leaves some suggestions down below on seasonals that you might want us to check out. Chit chat about We've got uh shows that cover Marvel on Marvel Multiverse Mayhem. I'm currently reviewing Um she hool God with with Nick think thankfully it's over this week. I'm sorry, Uh, the Cantina doing and or uh and then of course a daily cup of genre breaking geek cover everything else in entertainment geek and pop uh geek and pop culture news. UH. Review of the Rings covers the Rings of of Power. We've got genre shot trailer reactions. Guys. We we got a lot of a lot of content for for you. All of the podcasts go up on all your favorite apps like Spotify and Google and sound are not SoundCloud Sounders. Our new new distributors, Stitcher, there's the other s word that I was missing, and all of that can of course be found at l r M online dot com Healthy l r M Online uh YouTube channel for celebrity interviews, and the website of course has written reviews, news articles, of opinion pieces and so much more. Brian, tell them about your YouTube channel channels, pult Mythos, a lot of horror content coming. A hell Raiser review will be up this week. I'm very excited for I just love this season. A lot of films I'm gonna be talking about, so check it out. Indeed. All right, guys, that's that's it until the un till the next one. We'll we'll see you later.

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