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Episode 555 · 2 months ago

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer Reaction & Bros Box Office | D-COG


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Today, the guys react to the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Official Trailer and discuss the implications and future of Marvel. Also, the completely straight dudes discuss the completely gay Rom-Com, Bros. No, this is not snark, it's literal context. Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre! 

(00:00)- Intro & Universal Monster Movies

(04:06)- Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer Reaction

(12:20)- The Effect Of This Movie In The MCU And Real World

(19:40)- Bros Box Office Numbers Blamed On Straight People

(23:52)- The State Of Rom-Coms

(33:52)- The Blame Game & Twitter Bubbles

(38:16)- Physical Media Plea & Final Thoughts 

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Question(s) of the day: What was your reaction to the new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer? Have you seen, or will you see, Bros? 

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Row zero zero zero zero whatever. H And I've got it set online when I share, I'm not gonna share my audio with you, of course, I'll just um, I know, I don't even have to do the share things, so it'll just be just be you playing your side. I'll be playing my side, and we'll we'll be said, hey, everyone, I think I'm already recording for you guys. So, uh, kind of hectic morning. We we almost didn't have this as a as a show, but we we do. Now we're gonna be reacting to the uh new what kind of forever black Panther or kind of forever trailer? Here on the Daily Cup of genre wherever you get your podcasts from. Uh oh, excuse me, on the Genreverse podcast network, wherever you get your podcast from. M the Genniverse YouTube channel. Uh where we get your YouTube's from. I like to get mine from, uh YouTube, So hit that reads scribe button on on there. Uh. Follow us on your favorite apps like Google or Spotify, Apple. Uh. Check out the website l RM online dot com every day for all your entertainment, news needs and opinions. I am a bit winded. I'm just about to say that I am also Kyle and that is Manny. We've got contact information down below. And uh yeah, how was your weekend? Many? It was pretty chill actually, um. We we went to the movies to watch, um, the classic The Mummy and uh Brider Frankenstein. I'm talking Boris karl Off, Yeah, classic. So, um, how did your how'd your daughter like those? Well? The Mommy was a little bit dry, to be honest, and I and pun completely intended. Uh so, actually both my girlfriend and my daughter dozed off for minutes to do that one. But the Brider Frankenstein was actually a really really well done Here he comes again. Um yeah, so um that one was actually really good that they really enjoyed it. And I think one of the conversations we were having afterwards was just how amazed we were at at how um, how they were able to do some of the effects. They had to do it practically right, and they had to do it with layering film and and things like that, especially in Brida Frankenstein because one of the one of the scientists, you know, he creates little people, a little tiny people that has in the same scene. Um. And then also just um, you know, uh, teaching her that this is where Universal got there start. This is where their claim to family was was the hall with the universal movie monsters and and you know the Draculas that the Frankenstein's and Wolfman and things like that. So, um, as she gets as she gets older and and we're starting to show her more movies, it's also important for me to show her the kind of a foundation of claw cinema and horror and specific for where it comes from, so you have a better appreciation for it, in a better eye for it as well. The the important question is is, uh, when are you uh? When are you showing her monster squad? I don't even know what that is? Oh my god, you're fired. Oh my god, how have you not? It's like an It's an It's a freaking uh eighties classic freaking um. The dude that did uh um Kiss Kiss Bang Bang did Iron Man three, Shane Black. Shane Black was like a screenwriter or scriptwriter on on that. I don't think he directed it. I might, I might be wrong, but he was involved in it uses all the classic universal monsters in a kids versus monsters setting, very very right. Now, Yeah, that's very great. It's got it's got the classic line...

...uh Wolfman's got nerds in it, so yeah, that'd be that'd be fun for us to check out. Anyways, let's uh, let's check out a a Black Panther Wacondafer Forever trailer. The most recent one just dropped about thirty forty five minutes ago as of recording. Uh, Manny and I will do a reaction for you guys, and we'll chit chat about it afterwards. Many you ready to play in uh three two one go? Man, we'rely gonna be yep. Looking at that funeral and and death stuff. That's what Jonesy was seriously confirmed concerned about. It's kind of like exploding exploding it. Yeah, I mean, if if this is this has been, this is what they're advertised. The two the two trailers so far, mm hmm. I stuff looks pretty decent like the Throne and again not a lot of dialogue. Okay, him, all right, that's a that's an astec man. Has he always been able to fly like that? I don't. He had the wings on his boots, that was a thing. I don't remember if he could fly, I really I really don't remember. That's weird. I kind of saw someone in a what looked like a black panther suit in the in the window there. We know, what do you whispcause that was that was that iron Heart? Yeah? I think that was our first official stuff of iron Heart. All right, Okay, that c g I did not look so good the hopping there. Yep, there is iron Heart for sure. There was sure clean and iron Heart again. But I guess it's their first date whatever. Yeah, I don't know why she needs a big bulky one again. She is suit looks all right. I can't really say too much about it. It looks fine. Hold on some tickets now, okay? Cool? Um? So overall, uh my, my concerns still remained similar to uh Jones's and yours. The potential to exploit the sorrow and the sadness of of Chadwick Boseman's passing. Um the but you know, I still have to wait and see what the final product is. It is unnerving to see them advertising it like that, try to try to hit in the fields. Um, I don't know. It's it's very weird, uh for for any time when when an actor dies before a movie is released, especially if if they kill that actor off in in a in a movie or or something. There's always some some weirdness about how you how you advertise it and uh whatnot. The most of it looked fine. Whenever whenever he was jumping through through the air, that looked rough. I don't know what what do you think of the trailer? Manny oh? Um? My overall first impression is how unimportant the actual Black Panther character is. Um, yeah, it doesn't. It doesn't. It seems like there's gonna be a whole lot more going on than than Black Panther. And it seems like that character and that what I mean by the character as the hero, sorry, not the character the hero,... domming. It seems like it's gonna be not necessarily an aftertop, but not one of, not one of the main focuses in the film. Um. I I loved everything they did with um Neymar so far, except the flying is just really weird. Um let me look, I think you mentioned that, Alora. I don't. I don't know too much about the character, their actual character, to be honest, So if they're taking some liberties with it or not, I cannot I cannot say. Because um, in comic books, I never cared for Neymar. Um. They only he did have flight in the in the comics as as well. You only know about the wings on the feet, but did not know whether or not he could actually fly. So yep, that's that's authentic. Yeah, I'll be honest. The only reason I care about Nonmar now it's because of the heritage which that they did on him. The the Shark Throne looked really cool. Um, I do feel like this is gonna be. What I get from this trailer is that, Um, the service world, which is these people with the guns and whatever, all these other people and quote unquote surface world is going to be Um, it's going to be attack is going to be messing with Neymar and and and the under underwater world at risk of sparking a bigger war. And it's going to be up to walk Conda to try and almost mitigate that and not let it happen. Um, because because it just because of what Bumbaku says that you know, they call him certain, you know you risk killing him, you risk you know, an eternal war. And I'm that's what that's what That's what the feeling I'm getting. And then, um, the whole iron Heart thing, it's if she's so if she has sure to help her with with her unless unless she's very stubborn. He's like, no, I want to do it myself, which is also ridiculously to think about it all clunky to read. I mean, if if I remember the comics, even her, her first suits were not like uh iron Man's first suit. It wasn't like the Mark one all all clunky. I might I might be wrong, but I fairly remember early on in her her books she got a pretty sleep suit fairly quickly, if not not immediately. Um with all of the like you said, sureI tech her inspiration by Tony Tony's tech existing. Uh, it is kind of weird to see a big, bulky suit. Hopefully they've got a good explanation for it. Over Hey, you you remember Tony's first suit. Yeah, it's no one's favorite. Yeah, for a reason. I mean, it served its purpose. But like I said, aren't we are we supposed to be already ahead of and beyond that. But I'm still hoping everything's good. I loved the first Black Panther movie. I thought I thought it was great. It's uh one of the movies I've watched multiple times, even here at home on my physical media. Uh, and uh, I hope this is good. I hope it lives up to the legacy. I just I've got concerns. But yeah, yeah it is really cool as well, um with the with the mirroring images of of Waconda and then um the Underwonder Empire which includes some astic pyramids, which again looking at that, looking at that image, I I'm not impressed as far as the war kind decide. Sorry, that's that's that's my sentiment about it. I think that the head dress for Nemar looks amazing as well... you know, some of his u some of these people with him, So I look forward to learning a little bit more about them, uh and just to see what happens with that with that character. Um, I think it's going to be really really cool. So um uh excited for Neymar. That's about it. Well, because I'm like, okay, so what so what are we so what are we? Just like, so, what are we doing with with Black Panther going forward? Because um, if we're gonna keep it this way for an Avenger style movie, mm hmm, We're we're making We're making uh the female Avengers team, that's what it seems. That's that's what we've we've mentioned, we're not getting the the Avengers King dynasty. We're getting a force and the problem and the thing is is that we're not replacing superstars with superstars. And and some people are gonna argue that they created them and that we should care more about them, but they never built them that way for us to care enough. Um, I mean seriously, we're talking We're talking Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans, We're talking, um, Chadwick Boseman. I mean, this huge Hollywood names period, and we're replacing them with people who basically that what they've done as marvel. So what so, what happens when what happens during those moments when uh, when you have a character sacrificed themselves doesn't really hit the same Keny, Can we even have a Tony Stark moment when he's snapping and he sacrifices himself. Can we really have a moment where we're so excited and so we've got the fields for Captain America, you know, being old and having lived lived his life after everything he did. Yeah, I mean I was so sorry, go ahead, you're good, as I I agree. The most part was one of my biggest uh fears coming out of of endgame itself, Uh going, can they ever do this again? Can they ever make me care as much as I do now as much as I did, you know three hours earlier heading in into endgame? Will they ever achieve that again? And um, I mean you can build up the characters, but like you said, uh so far, even with with some of them appearing in multiple UH installations or or different projects. Um, you don't necessarily care as much about uh Yelena as you did uh Natasha. Although I kind of like uh Florence Pew better than right, but you you don't have the same like you know what I'm saying, Like like it just it doesn't hit as as it's It's just not And yeah, it takes time to build them up. But again she's been in a couple of projects and it feels kind of you know the same. Yeah, like Florence Peuple. I like Elena, But you guys could have You've already had a few more things you could have done with with her, especially with all the Disney plus stuff. Uh surey you and I have have mentioned before. Fine, fine actress, uh did a good job in the character, but we neither one of us have seen anything that said she could carry a film as as the lead. Uh So there's concerned there, Uh I were I worry about Cassie and Hope being you know, like does does Scott die in Quantum Mania or get nerved her or sidelines somehow? And Cassie and Hope are the are the future. Hope has actually gotten some decent uh screen time... in in her to uh aunt Man outings. Uh So she's got a little bit more development than some I don't want to even talk about she Hulk. And yes, I know there are male characters, but we're talking specifically about the kind of trend of it of it leading to uh female So I think, you know, Sam's a great job for for the male side, but yeah as as well, um uh Miss Marvel and Captain Marvel and all all of that. We'll we'll have to see. Man, they they they haven't made me caring enough. And and part of it is is mediocre shows, and part of it is part of the characters. Well it's not even for me. And I know most characters I've I've seen, I've been able to see myself as a as a straight, white, white dude. But even then, it's it's not really that. Uh, it's it's that lack of of it's that lack of Karen touch that Marvel used to have. And I think it's uh, I think it's very much. Because I loved the idea of of one division. I thought most of it was executed well. I loved. Yeah, I loved the idea of Captain America and Winter our Falcon and Winter so Soldier. I thought that was a good idea and was super excited. But then it kind of fellow fell apart. Loki mostly good, a little wonky in in some areas Moonnight, mostly decent, and when to say mostly good, mostly decent, a few few good, also wonky. It's just it's been mediocre, like I, like I said, And then if if you're giving me good characters, uh in mediocre stories, how am I supposed to be that and invested? You know? And then if you you give me mediocre characters she hulk in mediocre stories or straight up bad and shields bad stories, bad writing, how am I? How am I supposed to be invested in? And yeah, she shouldn't be mediocre either, which is which is what upselled to me because I think they had the casting right there. Um. And I think also for me, it didn't help that For example, Yolenna was put in Hawkeye and it just kind of watered her down quite a bit. Yeah, the mac and cheese scene went on for for way and well, yeah, those cat cat Bishop things were kind of fun. It was the wrong character to do it with because she really, to me, she really lost a lot of her edge in that film. Um, but yeah, it's it's just there. It's so um, it's it's so. I don't, I don't. I don't know. I'd like to be a fly on the wall too and marveled to see exactly what the planet is because I don't get it, Like, what are we doing? Like at this point, what am I supposed to be rooting for? Um, the bad guys? What what's the deal here? Man? It's it's um, it's it's I don't know at this point. It's just at least they have a plan, right, I guess we can. We can say that because other companies doing superheroes not cunning Amazon, because they've figured their stuff out. Um, you know, they're I have no idea. What more, what DC or Sony are doing so at least they have a plan, it seems. It seems so I'm gonna hijack your show now and change the topic because it was the show. But that's all right, you can do that. And when you to talk about a movie that came out this weekend, um, it's called Bros. The reason we wanted it we need to talk about it is if we look at the numbers for um, the... office weekend, Um, the top movie came in at twenty two million, which was paramount Smile. Now. What made Smile um interesting is that originally it was slated for a paramount plus theatrical release, door release, which we've we've we've decided, yes, that's fine for people to do and for the for the modern era to to assist. Yes, and so um um, but it's screened so well. The paramounts said, just kidding, it's the theaters all day. Um. So um, they did that bad and come stop doing that. I see, I shut my door, I kicked the ki, kicked the animals out. I'm gonna have to stop doing that. Um. And So the a movie that came out this weekend is Billy Eckner's Bros. Which is a m gay rom Com basically, um, one word's actually not about someone that's not gay finding out that this is from the get go and an out uh like out of the you know from rom com. From what I from what I read, it is the first time that a film like this has been released in JA. A major theatrical released for the movie. Um, and you were thinking it would have done better, Um four point eight millions Now um, A lot of um, A lot of blame is being put on Okay, sorry, you got me and you A lot of people are being blamed for dude, no, you have lost your table privileges. Um stay um and uh so they're blaming straight people for not supporting it, and my thoughts on that are kind of um so. Billy Egner, for example, said that that's just the world we live in. Unfortunately, even with growing reviews, great raw and tomato scores, a cinematics from people, especially in certain parts of the country, just didn't show up for bros. And that's disappointing. What it is, what it is, And part of me is saying, uh, well, you might be right to a certain percentage. Round cars just don't do very well and they really haven't for for quite a while and the thing and I'm just saying, just Reglar, like some of the better comes that come out right now come out on steaming services. Um. Spring Break for one couple of years ago was pretty decent. That had a what is it Andy Sandberg? And um the girl that played the mother on on How I Met Your Mother and she's also on Made for Love anyways, carry on? Um even even um Marry Me by uh with Jennifer Lopez just recently was a dual release on Peacock because it wasn't gonna it wasn't gonna do very well. Hell I think that movie. I'm gonna have to look it up now, but overall I think it made about fifty million total if I'm not mistaken, and then we find it here, then we find these numbers. Now, Um, I'm gonna dig back to twenty nineteen and see what what um what rom coms did well world...

...worldwide? It did fifty fifty millions dollars opening weekend. It did just about just under eight seven point nine So a j long movie with Owen Wilson, Uh, Sarah Silverman was in it too. And this one, I mean, yeah, it has Billy Eckner, But like, unless you really know who he is, Like, do you really do you really consider a star? I love Billy. I think it's hilarious. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do plan on seeing this. I just don't. I just didn't have the time this weekend with with my daughter. Um, there were no big rom coms anywhere in twenty nineteen. I'm I'm on now they were on streaming because I covered I covered a bunch of them, um for the site. Well that that's not a rom com, that's a drama. Star is Born, It's just romance drama. Crazy Rich Agents was the last top twenty rom com and and it was. It made a hundred and seventy four million dollars total domestically worldwide two thirty eight, and it's opening weekend was that's a different time though. Yeah, That's what I'm saying, Like it's it's been a while since rom coms did did anything and that's that's. Um, let's keep talking. What else are you gonna say? So what I'm saying is it why is it so easy for them just to blame quote unquote you know, I mean they do similar when uh uh they say, oh it was men not supporting, um men not supporting. Uh. Moment Home again in two thousand seventeen was number nine two and it only made twenty seven million tolls. So yeah, ron comms have been on the on the outs for the most part in in theaters any anyways. Um, they do this same thing with the sorry go ahead. Yeah. And then the other thing is, um, yeah, there are parts of this country that have very very traditional values. And then what do you like and you're and so so you're you're cutting off your market there, um, and ron comms specifically you're not taking your kids to it, so you're cutting those Yeah, you're cutting those off, so I I mean, and then just also with with gas going through the roof again this weekend, it just happened to happen. Um, Like you know what, I don't know what you expect. I think that four point eight maybe yeah, maybe you I think there were are forecasting eight million. Um, but this is a movie that should have been released on streaming. This is not a box office hit. Like all all you did right now is is wine about it. If it's if it's a great movie or not. Um, well that's kind of the that's kind of the point many is is um I mean one. Everyone says that the population count is off, that there's still a lot of people that are not out, but in general it's it's considered to be the LGBT community is considered somewhere around five percent of the population. Now, that does not mean because of course gay, lesbian, bisexual people have been consuming straight content for a long time, it doesn't mean that straight people can't consume something uh following a gay relationship. Boy love is something that is huge in anime and mong uh I mean...

...massive. The yawy genre is huge, okay, and and half the time they don't even necessarily actually date or do anything in the because it'll be just like a straight uh romantic anime where the goal is to hold hold hands and and almost kiss at the fireworks festival at at the end of this series, right thirteen episodes in. That's that's what anime does. But it's huge, Like, oh my god, is it huge? Even Christine's watched a few uh yawi uh projects, Um, so I don't necessarily think it it's it's all just you know, straight people refused refused to see it because if it's if it's good, there there will be there will be an an audience. With that in mind, you do have to, like you said, take an account to what your what your market is. If you don't cast a big enough net, can you catch that that general audience? And rom coms aren't aren't a big net in and of themselves. Elves in in general, and they're not a big net these days, but even at at five and if you just take out the you know, chunk of straight you know, straight men and leaf females who might be at least from what I can see in the anime community, females are more receptive to UH gay content than the average straight dude. I guess if you if I'm making sense, that who kept them from seeing the movie? That's what I'm basically saying. There's there's an audience out there. There's no one's keeping any anyone from seeing the movie. There was two hundred fifty plus certified UH audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, most big movies have way way more than that. I I don't know. I don't know what to say to say to people. I it's it's not I unless someone is out there saying I'm not gonna watch two dudes kissing on screen. Unless they're saying that, you cannot blame at for someone not seeing your movie. It's either a good movie or it's not. It either appeals to a wide audience or it doesn't. You can't just assume, especially like I said, when when there are there is an audience out there that is not gay men and it might not even just be uh women, but there is an audience out there looking for gay romance there there is, it happens. I I don't know why people aren't aren't seeing it. And unless it's just not a good movie and it's not the type of of movie too to put in theaters these days, don't even think it's like it's not even a matter of it being a good movie. It's just placed at the wrong time. Everyone right now, especially first weekend in October. It's like die heart set on horror films is you know, set on on their you know they're they're spooky content and their hocus focus to smile was a good way to start off that that weekend. Um so like a romcom like nobody wants that right now. Whoever decided to release this on this date, it did the same stupidity that um the first original Hocus Focus did, which released on the same weekend as Jurassic Park. Yeah, I mean this, this could have been a good thanks No, this would have been a perfect movie to pair up in June. I guess no, June is it's a month where we sell them, right the LGBT. Oh yeah, sorry, I don't spot on the spotlight. Um, you know there's a spotlight on them, and you're gonna get a whole lot more traction even from from whatever the quote unquote the normies. Yeah, I mean that's true. But I was also thinking of like the holiday like season goes up there. There's there's been a history of like Thanksgiving or even great No, maybe not a Christmas Thanksgiving...

I think would have been good, but is well February even push it to Valentine's month. Yeah, yeah, actually Valentine's would have been great. But really seeing how this weekend I thought was a mistake and I think that um the way also it was the trailer. It does kind of alienate people just a little bit, despite the fact that they are jokes. But they are, but they're um, they might alienate some people who are on the fence of wanting to watch it. Um I thought I thought the trailer was funny. I think he's funny. The movie is probably really and I'll be checking out a little bit later this week. Um but I just I saw this last night and I was kind of thrown by a saying, you're it's unfortunately it's a reach this time. This time, I'm going to have to call it a reach because of the fact of rom coms do in general and especially we just saw the last one, the that had Owen Wilson and j Lo Oh yeah, yeah, when you were talking about and and it did, and they were smart enough to say, it's a rom com, probably not going to do it very good. Let's put it on Peacock as well. And overall we it did. It did double of the opening weekend. But it had that star power of j Loo. There's so many people who were like, We're gonna go see it because j Lo's in it, because it reminded them of The Maids in Manhattan and and the um the Wedding Planner and and things of that nature of earlier days when rom coms were we're quite quite the big thing in theaters. Um. I just um, I just hate when when people do this and I see it more and more and more we see it. We see it now with Marvel, where she hawks not very good. Oh you guys, hey women, Yeah, it's like, no, this is a I mean, gal does hate men, and that, you know, can get annoying to hear nine weeks in a row, how awful your relationships were or or are, or whatever your point of view you're writing from. But I don't hate females, I mean married to one. I hate I hate your writing, and not just because the dead horse, everything else included. And then the same thing happened with Star Wars just a couple of months earlier. The character wasn't well received. You guys must be ready, okay that there was There were some, Yeah, there were some. There were some which I still don't understand. We're in, you know, in this day. We're in the twenties. People, um we got that, um so. But the character wasn't that great in the beginning. And as a matter of fact, the way that she was developed could have been handled a whole lot, could have been way why she should have been She should have been an a class character. But you know, anyhow so my point is instead of recognizing that your product is a placed incorrectly or be not flushed out right. It's just easier to to come out with these outline expands, especially with social media, and then you're gonna have you're gonna have that same two percent of America backing you up when you think, when you think that it's that's the entire representation of the countwitters. Twitter as a bubble, is your Twitter is an even smaller bubble than than Twitter in general. I hate to tell you guys this, I hate to remind everyone this, but there's almost eight billion, uh human beings on this on this planet. There are uh nearly what five hundred million in the North American continent alone. So if if a tweet has even a few hundred thousand to even a few million hearts likes, whatever, is is that really an indicative of anything of...

...anything unless it's a c W show in your audience? Is your audience is so small any anyways? I don't know. Yeah, So, like hey, if if we have trouble getting people to go watch box office hits, so with superstars and sometimes comic properties, sometimes big blockbusters, Um, it's just you you put the movie out at the wrong time. I'm I'm I'm sorry. Your team is not that great, and no one, no one is keeping anyone from seeing the movie like no one is. So look at your trying to find the demographics and and all of that. I mean, and saying a movie is well reviewed does not mean jack crap, because how many how many movies get well reviewed and still don't make money all the time, all the freaking time, dude, all the all the How many people have actually watched Oscar nominations Let's just go there. Yeah, that's a good that's a good one. Most of the time, that list of of Oscar nominees or Oscar potential films, um, you know whatever, it's it's always um, I've never seen that. I've never heard of that to this day. How many people have watched No Country for Old Man? I know a few? Or um, the Shape of Water or a few. You know a few, But you're in that, You're you're in the know of it all you you literally Shape of Water is weird? I like General Delt or absolutely gart but that one was a bit weird. Yes, absolutely weird. I agree to. Um. Yeah, so we we've talked about it. Unless you unless you have like a Spider Man of Drastic World. Yeah, you know, nobody going to the theaters as much, or or if you make a sequel, you you actually use the original character top Gun Maverick versus Ghostbusters Afterlife. So yeah, yeah, anyways, I think we've I think we've spend enough time on on that one for for the day. I had one other thing I had wanted to talk about, but we we might have to save it for for another day. Uh. While HBO Max has been deleting things and writing stuff off, a lot of animation shows have been uh disappearing, and all of a sudden, people are realizing that the uh digital market is not as as not as um reliable as as they once thought. Because hey, since uh HBO Max is is ending this series, not just ending it like uh like uh you know, we're canceling it, but they're writing it off. They don't want to sell it anymore. People have lost access to it in their uh in uh uh like Amazon Prime. Like how PlayStation you users lost content when Sony shut down their their movies and and stuff on the PlayStation store. Um, guys, then this is not this is not a reason to start going out and and committing uh piracy, breaking the law. I understand the situation. I get it, I do. It sucks, but this is this is why having physical media is such a big deal. You. I hope people understand that you're even able to legally back up, not share, not stream across the internet, but back up your uh disks, games, movies, TV, TV shows, music that is settled law. Uh you can. You can back up your stuff that you have physically purchased, and and UH, if you're smart, you'll or an...

...image on of your disc on your computer and you will have your backup disk and then your regular play disk. In that way, if if something bad happens, you've got backup. If the Internet goes down, if the if the UHH network server or the service service provider shuts down. Whatever about eighties some odd percent of my catalog I still have? What about what about you? Guys? Like I, I get it. It's it's awful that Disney won't sell the their Disney Plus shows on physical media. I think that's that's atrocious. But if if you if you can, if there is something available in physical format, guys, it is it is time to go back to the to the plastic disk. It really is anyways, I agree with you. It's it's so stupid that I that I can't. It's funny because even even Netflix does it, you know, they and and um and so I mean, sort does Amazon. They they're just they're so they're so keen on on making sure that you're I mean, and nobody's getting rid of Disney plus so um, I don't know. I don't understand why why could Final he Spill still be around if if it had been sold on on Physical Medium more. I don't even know what that is. It's a it's an animated show, like a Rick and Morty clone type thing. All. It's got a very dedicated audience and and um uh but it's one of those ones that was on like Adult Swim and then off to uh I think it was Adult Swim and then off the HBO Max and uh yeah, it's just uh, I don't I guys, Physical Physical Medium anyways, really wrap it up today? Many al right, guys, check out l r M online dot com day for all entertainment news, needs, opinions, written articles, and d reviews. Celebrity interviews also available on UH the l r M l r M YouTube channel UH genre Verse podcast go up on YouTube and video format along with genre shot trailer reactions whenever they're not done as part of the daily Cup of Genre. Uh, Enemy Versule reviews as reactions otherwise known as a VR squared Uh, and uh some some gaming streams. We just finished up Violet Evergarden the TV series. Christina and I are taking a break. We're gonna watch some raunchy, etchy ridiculousness and uh come back and finish up Violet Evergardens movie and ovi Ata at a later time. All of the podcast like the review of The Rings covering the Rings of Power, Marvel Multiverse, Mayhem covering she Hulk, the Cantina doing and or Breaking Geek does like we do but long form and on on Friday's a b are doing five Family and upcoming chainsaw Man next week. A lot of a lot of great content for you, for you guys out there, so give us a follow. Um, I'm at that come alone on Twitter if you want to see horrible takes on well anything and everything. Sure, We've also got a discord link in the discreption box below. Manny, where can people find you at? And whatever else you want to say? Uh, They can find me at at Manny Goms Media on Twitter and at riddle me This under four or five ten on Instagram. And yeah, you can find me either at work or at the movie theaters. That's that's about it, all right, guys, We'll see you next time. By three fourty.

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