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Today, the guys discuss Andor being released, the new Strange World trailer, and Punisher replacing Jessica Jones in Daredevil: Born Again! It's a great day for your Daily Cup of Genre! 

(00:00)- Intro & Thoughts on Andor

(06:28)- Punisher In Daredevil: Born Again? New MCU Rumor!

(14:23)- Strange World Trailer Reaction

(21:28)- Some BTS Stuff On The Character "Splat"

(30:15)- Final Thoughts 

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Question(s) of the day: Have you seen Andor yet? What do you think of the first three episodes? Also, what are your feelings on Punisher in Daredevil: Born Again? 

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Oh, you don't have your headphones in. What is it with you? Are you just playing me out of the yeah, you don't have your headphones in. Wait, way to go, manny. I wasn't even looking at the screen. I was like it's probably gonna no, Nope, I was actually uh, essentially all already, essentially allegedly. Yeah. No, Um, I've only really got one one thing to talk about because I haven't seen uh and or yet. I've had a very, very busy morning and it was fantastic. I'm hoping and will be watching right after we record this, ignoring the editing portion for the next two hours. It's funny. It's funny because, Um so, the way that Gig just dribed it, it's literally probably the way that Um that it really is. It's funny like it's like, Oh, yeah, that's that's exactly. How what do you say? I didn't catch. He said Um and that it's basically done like star wars, M M um. So like if you like that kind of that, if you like that kind of in the of you enjoyed, doone that you're probably gonna Enjoy Andor UH cool. And I was like I like, you know what I like he's not wrong, because it's more mature. Yeah, yeah, and we don't mean necessarily bloody or anything. We just mean it's not an over the top AH adventure film, like a like a all ages family adventure type. Yeah, so you'RE gonna. I'm so, I'm very curious and I haven't looked at it yet on twitter, but some people's reactions of Um exactly what, Um, they've thought of it. Because the thing... early reaction for marvel or or star wars content is usually very inaccurate because it'll be all of the die hards. And I apologize, Nick, but I have to use you as an example. Yes, it's the best, the greatest thing ever. Yeah, is the best, best, best marvel project since the last best marvel, uh marvel project. anyways, we actually kind of have to start the show. Hell, hello, everybody, welcome to daily help up genre here on the generverse podcast network and Youtube Channel, available where if you get your podcast from. Please follow us on on your favorite APPs like Stitcher, spotify, apple, we're on sounder now, all of that good stuff, and then, of course, subscribe here on, uh, the YouTube channel, if you're watching and UH, yeah, check out lrm online dot com every day for for all entertainment, news, needs and opinions. I'm kyle, that's manny. We've got social media information on your screen or or in the description box down below. I am, like I said, I'm nervous, but cautiously optimistic that I will uh enjoy and or it is uh it's been just like phase four. Most of Star Wars has been disappointing to me UH in recent years. You know, most, not all. It sounds like my uh uh law and care is happening right now. So hopefully you guys don't hear the Mower in the background too much. Um, but I still I've I've been I've been burned, man, you know. So, like I'm nervous, like I don't think like much, like my head. I don't think I could take another UH brain injury um without being a vegetable. Um, I don't know if I can handle...

...another disappointment from star wars. So I'm not saying this is already disappointing me or anything like. I'm nervous about it. It's it's Um. It's funny because, like, I I even went every went back and I um and I watched rogue one and then I realized that that might be the last good movie they made and I didn't even realize it. UH, Janet is turning over in his grave right now. He's not even dead, but you know, Um, are you in on the Jammer Janet Joke? Um, no, I'm not. So when I used the like glide or swipe texting on my phone, where you, you know, just swipe between each each letter, and so even though I've taught it jammer, uh, every now and then it still pops up Janet. And because I don't proof free texts or or discord messages, I just send it off. So every now and then you'll see me calling jammer Janet and it's on accident. So others started doing it on purpose. Oh Nice. So, yes, refer to refer to jammer on breaking Geek Radio as Janet ahead. So, yeah, that it was. It was very it was very cohesive, very straightforward and two pretty good movie. And so I watched it again last night and I was like, Huh, this is pretty good. And then I've already plus, I mean I already have a have the advantage that I've seen four episodes. Yeah, Um, and also, Um, I'm one of the people who have been very tired of the fact that we were promised post Luke skywalker stuff and never got it, you know. Um, and and here we are again, between episodes three and four. Right. So this is like at least at least and or has nothing to do with skywalkers. And and from what...

I've seen and what I remember, it's not like they give you, they try to give you a bunch of Easter eggs for you to Oh my God, look, this is where. Not like remember that. Yeah, it's like, yeah, like I said, I'm I'm nervous, but cautiously optimistic. Everything I saw of it looked, uh, really good. Um, you want me to tell you what I'm actually fully scared of, like scared to death of? Besides a sorry, uh, speaking of of Marvel, it is a marvel thing that's got me concerned, and that's Uh daredevil born again. Um. We had heard rumors that UH Christian Rittard, Christian Ritters, Jessica Jones, would be in the daredevil born again. Um. Now we're hearing buzz, as uh you can see our our Barside buzz column on Lrm, on online dot com. Casey Walsh, uh known to be a fairly reliable source. and Ah, and if they comment on something or talk about something it it holds some weight. But nobody's UH batting average is perfect. Right. But Casey Wash said that they reading off of their their twitter. Recently they responded about Um, uh myleopez ECHO showing up in Um, uh daredevil born again, Casey Walsh said. Uh, I know I was in denial about this, but it sounds like another popular character will show up as well, due to the due to a scheduling conflict. As it appears, they will take the rumored role Jessica Jones had. And then we get uh Tom Smith, which is a name I'm not as familiar with, but saying basically born again is rein reducing the Netflix characters to the mainstream. UH,...

...they plan to bring in Ritter, but there's a scheduling problem for born again, so they needed a different start up to fill the role. They're saying it's John Burntall's Uh Frank Castle, and then they said wouldn't be shocked if Ritter cameos though. So again these are people commenting on things that hold enough weight. Uh. And Uh that Cam felt like writing, writing it up. And he also bounce off some UH stuff about Daniel R P K and other UH netflix characters such as such as foggy. Why am I? Why am I scared, manny? Because we we've already heard uh them try to soft sell us. On the whole, daredevil doesn't need to be rated in we've heard uh and talked about Charlie Cox's comments about, you know, things being totally different and not not having read scripts or any anything. Yet I don't know, Mandy, D C Frank Castle working with within the M C you proper unless they do some stupid ship like make them the hand in the comics. Just I'm scared, Dude. H Frank Castle doesn't work in the M C U unless they're going to change their ways drastically. So that's really all I gotta say about it. But it doesn't. Would you watch? Would you watch a a former gun toting punisher that now uses swords as a as a, as an assassin like they if they comicked him up for for the M C you going forward? Would you even watch that? But that would that even interest you? Because it it really doesn't mean it just takes apart everything that is Frank Castle. Here's the thing, Um, we have to watch it. I want to do ship but die well one day. Well, no, you like you'll watch it and then you know how I know you'll watch it because we need to talk about it. Well,...

...yeah, I'm gonna see it. Watch it doesn't mean that I want to to watch it. Doing things, for for that was in the army. Man. I've done a lot worse things that I that I didn't want to then watch something. Um, yeah, so it just doesn't work. Like there's a there's a reason why those there's a huge reason why those netflix shows were so successful. Part of it was the dart creating darkness and violent tones, that fight that they did in daredevil that then they decided to replicate in every show. The one, the one shots, Um, that will take. That's something that doesn't happen. And then see you gorgeous some some of those very very personal, gritty, uh moments and punish her. It's something that doesn't happen. Nope, in the mcu, those moments with Jessica Jones where she's just re questioning herself and what the hell she's doing in life and and kind of doing their hell, even even though her her central trauma having been under under do not, cannot do that and then see you. So Um. So, yeah, and anything that they would do with these characters. I'm I have I have to take a deep breath and press play because if I'm being honest and I haven't seen today's episode, so Um, maybe I'm long, but the last last week in particular, yeah, that's tomorrow. What's right? Well, okay, then, up to this point she all fallen off a class. Yes, last week's EPIs glaringly bad. Um, no direction, no, no real points set up. It felt it felt like it didn't. It felt like there were characters doing doing things that we not only would not expect, but it felt like it was just cut...

...wrong. Like the lawyer Nick, and that I hate to bring up nick, but nick's like our nick is saying that that Nick. Oh, he's just he's much more personable in his off time. I was like no, dude, like they would have shown us any if they had shown US geeking out about avengers in the UH in the legal named Bar, I forget what it was called, but the little bar that they hang out, and if you had seen an episode two or three him be Geeky with that, that would have made his character arc in our arc. Whatever character traits in this week's episode better, more, more acceptable. But all we had ever seen was straight laced nick, the Nick, the lawyer, and then all of a sudden he's dancing and all geeky about avengers, whatever it was. And then, uh, and I don't know if it's just because then I was so out of the story, now that I can tell, but the C G, I. How does she hulk? And that like her Hue was turned up and the brightness was turned up. She did not feel like she belonged to any of those seeds like like and and you know, it's funny because one of the worst colors um effects are artists deal with is green, because of green screens. UH, blue, anything with blue light can be hard to Um. I tell you, man, I was so if you're telling me that that's what's acceptable and then we're gonna keep going it, it does worry me because, like, she hulk had a good foundation. But tomorrow, so I'm so, like, I'm really excited to watch tomorrow's episode to see if do we course correct a little bit? or Or is it or is it or is this what we're what we're doing, because every every...

...series can have a bad episode or two. They can, but let me shake, let me shake my magic eight ball. Magic eight ball, will will she hulk correct course outlook bleak. You know what, that's still a dumb and dumber chance. There's still, you know, one in a million chance. And we still got a chance. So you're saying there is a chance. Yeah, so many things possible just now. And I don't know if you want to do this, because you say you didn't have anything else to talk about. Sure, what's up? What are you going to trailer for strange world, for Disney? Strange world just dropped and that's the next feature. President strange world. Okay, yeah, we could do we can take a quick look at that. What am I at? Four, and I'm very curious about this for what most people think because of the fact that it's so different as far as what animators did, and I have inside it on it because I met with the animators and bird bank last week. Um, I just sent to dovious slack to make a get easier. Oh, okay, it's already uh, already pulling it up. I go okay, Disney's thing up. Do you want to play it on your end? When I say go and that away. Yeah, I guess I don't have to. I don't have to hide your your gorgeous space, manny. I mean it's all right, all right, man, you ready. Three on, go, three to one, go. I hope I'm I've been waiting on another rerecord, Ralph Man. So another another incredible something to like that. So the interesting thing about this animation for the characters, specifically the human is that they've mixed classic like the Pope Field to it classic, Classic, Classic Disney animation. Think of like Akabad from Um and and just kind of the...

...long centuated body with the current, with the current model that they've used Um in like Moana's and frozens and CONTOS. Yeah, I can see it in the a lot in the faces too. I'm not an explorer, I'm a farmer. Who's WHO's that voice? Which one specific? That would be okay, there it is, Jake. You mean? My apologies, Jake killing hall. This is the time to do it. Really let's make history. I feel like I've seen this before. I might be watching the wrong one. Many really, yeah, I might be. There's no date on it. Where where was the date? UH, one year ago, official new trailer freaking should have just opened up your your Damn Um, your your thing, but I was already I was already doing it, ladies and Gemen. All Right, let me, let me check it out. Many, many's seen it. Uh. Now I'm watching this one with the he's like packing a crate. Oh, no, right now. Yeah, you're probably watching the wrong one. I know I was watching the wrong one. I'm watching now. I'm it's like two minutes, two seconds. I'll let it play. Um, let's see here. Yeah, I thought, I thought like when they showed the stuff on Disney plus day or something a while ago, and it's it's Uh got the real pulpy feel and and the narrator is given his his best uh newsreels voice. Um. It always reminds me of like Futurama these these days, and I could kind of even see like that future,...

I'm aesthetic where it also used that uh, that retro futuristic field. They even make fun of things like uh disks and and Um uh the aesthetic of things like like the Jetson's in uh in Futurama. So I like it when people play with with that stuff and driff on it with a modern a modern take on the future. Um, and I'm always, probably, always, down to see crazy worlds. Um, I'm GRANDPA. I just found out there's a dad and a GRANDPA on this crazy world. Um, just a GRANDPA. Yeah, uh, it's uh, it looks cool. And whether or not it's gonna hit me like, uh, like I said, a record round for or the incredibles did, I don't know. I mean I love I love SCI FI, but wreck it, Ralph. I mean, that's just a that's a damn near perfect movie. It's my my absolute favorite animated film of All time. I don't know, man. Well, we'll see. What do you think of it? And and uh say what you can't say. I don't know what you're not allowed, allowed to say. So sorry. What's interesting is that I came into like covering this film from a why? What are they doing? Like it's just like so, like up the box. And like because, when? Because when you create new worlds, it's a very difficult thing to sell to anyone, because you have to you have to immerse the person and make it, make it in a way, believable to some degree. Um, but man, they did such they did a really good job at yeah, a lot of the things around them are chaotic and very strange, strange world. That's the family movie. But the story about the foundation, the story, the family aspect of... It's such a grounded around a topic and very, very well built. I mean we're gonna be dealing with three three generations of a family and expectations from a dad to a dad to a dad, and that's really the core of the story and as a dad I can totally respect that. And so well, yeah, it's like this is what my dad wanted me to be and this is then, in turn, what I did with my son because I didn't want that same pressure of my son and how it sometimes comes full circle. Yeah, and and so just that bit, those bits of it that I that I was able to Um, to learn from from Um, both Don Hall and Queen Uyenne and Nig and sorry, uh, it was I'm excited because I was like this is gonna be a this is gonna be a pretty interesting, great story. As a dad, I got excited. Um. And then also one of their companions. I don't know if we were able to see it in the trailer, Um, but it's gonna be a three legged dog. It's your basic dog, but he has three lights and I'm like, you know, what fair, fair play to adding a character like that Um, and then also um at at. I don't know if this will be out by then, but sometimes this morning and embargo lives and I'll be able to tell you more about SPLAT, which is the blue thing that you see in the trailer, uh, and all the animation and all the work that went beside behind it. If there's one thing I appreciated about that presentation I went to, was being able to sit there with the animators and learn about how difficult it is to to put something on screen that looks simple. What what time is the embargo up for you to talk SPLAT? At nine o'clock, nine fifty. Yeah, so that is twelve...

...eastern. You can this will not be out before twelve. Do you want to say something about well, I mean, I could already. I mean we could, yeah, just talk a little bit. Yeah, he's Um. He's kind of an ambiguous character that doesn't have a direction in the sense that he doesn't have a head, doesn't have a bottom, front or back, depending on depending on the scene, depending on Um, the moment. He's walking with on two legs, three legs, four legs, five legs or appendages, whatever you want to call him, and he's he's whatever, whatever he needs to be in that in that scene. But they did make the life difficult in the sense that they decided that he would not, he can't, he like his shape, is his shape. He can't transform Um and then Um. But he still needs a challenge for the for the animators. Very, very challenging and I do have that all in my peace and kind of the that what they said and why? Because, you know, Um, visual, visual storytelling is important to them. But it's also part of Disney, if you think about it, like the brew stick and fantasia, the magic carpet in Aladdin are two perfect examples of times where you have characters with no faces and really no way of of displaying emotion other than in a body language. So things like having the rug put its hands on its so to speak, to show this displeasure. Yeah, so, so, I so honestly like it's it's it's one way over to to the point where it's like, all right, there's gonna be some moment in this way I'm gonna probably get teary at because man, Um, yeah, my I think the movie that I mean forever, my favorite Disney movie, I don't care...

...what you release, will be the beauty and the beast forever, and it honestly has to do a lot with with my family and growing up, because that was one of the prominent movies in my household, as well as the fact that that's one of the vivid memories I have growing up of US going to watch beauty and the beasts on ice and then also when I was younger and went to Disneyland that those are some of the prominent characters. Uh, my mom and her room had a big display with Um, with bell one that we had. We had all bought her together. So there's that. But as far as teary eye movie, that Um to this day, I just I cannot handle. Is the beginning of Pop oh yeah, that is men, like they said, honestly said, if your feelings, this is life. I mean yeah, like I said, the only the only thing I have to is die eventually. Um, everything else is a is a is a relative uh choice, and that's not talking about things that that aren't choices, like having a disability or being born some particular uh way. It's the choice of like when people like, Oh, you gotta do is die and pay taxes, and I don't. I don't have to pay taxes. I'll pay in other ways if I don't. But I don't give money to the I don't have to. There's there's no like, uh, involuntary, like. No, I don't want like. Yeah, but Um, I hope it. I I hope it's a good like I said, madam I so I have to have like a deep personal, uh connection to to something Um and beyond. Like I'm I'm married, we were married. Yeah, we've been married to crazy right. Uh. Next year will be what fifteen,...

...sixteen years, sixteen years. UH, in March, this upcoming March will be sixteen years. UH, February will be seventeen years as a couple. Um. So I can definitely, definitely uh relate to up as far as you know, having that that love. Hopefully she doesn't die anytime soon. But UH, like that didn't really that doesn't bring me to uh, two tears. Stuff that reminds me of being a dad or having been a kid and some of the things that went I went through with with my dad, him being in the army, being gone quite often. You know, emotional stuff like that that can get me terry eyed. You guys can see that happened in Um my, uh mine and Christine's, episode seven, Um Violet Evergarden reaction and episode ten. But what really gets me, of course, are are things that I've either directly experienced myself. There my my service um or service related things, again with with Christine or or UH Lucas, but like regular tear jerker things like it doesn't not that I don't feel. It's not that I'm not feeling order that I'm too, too manly to cry. Uh, it's just it doesn't get to me that way. But don't get me wrong, wreck it. Ralph brings up wonderful emotions, very powerful, very, very strong, very freaking love the movie, but I don't get I don't get tear eyed for it that much. I have gotten softer since I became a dad, though. For sure. It's like I can't even stand seeing like kids get hurt, and in video games these days it's like no, don't, don't hurt the kid. Damn it. Why did I have to be a why did I have to be a parent, a good one at that. Yeah, being being a parent Um sucks in that way. Yeah, because you, Um, you care a lot more about...

...things. I'll tell you. If you're talking about a movie that's like a dad movie, that just I had having sobbing at different points in the movie, just like Uh, and that is uh with actually it's funny because it's with with Jake Chillen Hall Uh South Plot. I don't know if you've seen it. It's a it's a it's a boxer. It's a boxer movie. Deals with the deals with the loss of like a loss of the mom and then he's trying to a control is temper be keep his daughter. And Uh, that that those that those things alone in a combination the way they did it there at some points in the movie you have me crying because of the fact that you know, it's like it kind of think it's like man, like I never wanted my daughter like that. Like, do you like crying for movies? And this is not being facetious at all, like do you? Do you get it like a release out of the like seek that out every now and then just to get a good I don't want to look for it and the last few times it's but I don't. But I also if it's going to happen, I let it happen. I'm not I'm not trying to hold it and hold it in. Yeah, I will say the last movie that caught me off guard and like put me in tears. And it was the strangest thing ever because it surprised me so much, Um that like it kind of it kind of even gave me anxietly like why is it? Like, why is this happening? Like, what's going on? Believe it or not, spider man hole coming when, Um, not me, when Peter Parker number two catches Um, catches Mary Jane or whatever we call him, J M J, and looks and and that that little moment there, it just did something, I don't know, and and like it completely caught... off guard. Yeah, I just kind of cringed, but I don't have nostalgia for for any of the previous movies. They're fine. Well, two of them are okay, spider man one and two, but everything else was anyways. Guys, I think that'll about do it for today. Before I go on a Sony Spider Man rant. CHECK OUT UH L R M online dot com every day for entertainment news, opinions, reviews, leaks and rumors, our takes on things, uh celebrity interviews, uh exclusive things like what man is gonna be uh talking about with UH strange world from an actual on on site visit Um. All of those available there on on the website, as are the podcast you you can get those on pretty pretty much every APP out there. If we're not on one that you like, let me let us know and we'll try to get on there. You've got uh breaking radio, the podcast rings of Uh our, excuse me, review of the Rings, which covers uh, while the rings of Power Breaking Geek does everything in entertainment like we do, but longer and only only once a week. Um, marvel, multiverse, mayhem. We're doing sheholt right now and of course the can t now will start with uh and or uh this evening. Uh enemy virtual reviews has one more week of h classroom of the elite, season two before we get into both uh spy family and chainsaw man. So check that out. And that's a part two of UH spy family. All of those go up on video format on the Youtube Channel, as well as a v R squared, which is an enime reactions and our trailer reactions via Um, genre verse, our Genre Shot. Geez man, brain, brain issues. anyways. UH, and we've also got a discord. So if you're into discord, why not check it out? Head on over, give... a chat. Uh, talk about whatever you want. We got all sorts of rooms, all sorts of fun things for each each podcast, and everyone's over there. So, yeah, check us out. Many any anything else you want to put out today? Oh yeah, check out my Um, instagram and twitter today, because also what those are. Um, at that time, many Gomas media for twitter, and riddle mevis and score five ten for Instagram, because I like being difficult. Um, because I had, I had a very unique opportunity at Disney. When I went last week. My choice to recording one other studios is this short line. Yeah, but I got to. I got to record in the same studios that many, many, many other talented people before me, where we do so, and I will now add that to my resume. Roote wheel. And so if anybody's certified voice actor, they gotta put you gotta make your your twitter handle at Manny Gomez Media V a. Now what I am? I lying, though, if you are technically correct, which is, as we all know, the best kind of correct and uh that everybody. Everybody does it on the resume. They expand the truth just a little, because on my resume, believe it or not, the next thing that you know, today it's being updated to voice acting Disney animation. Absolutely can I it, it's true. Ladies and Gentlemen, we'll see you next time.

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