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Episode 547 · 4 months ago

This Video Will Make You Mad! Hugh Jackman In Deadpool 3 | Daily COG


Hugh Jackman In Deadpool 3

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Today, the guys discuss Hugh Jackman reprising his Wolverine role for Deadpool 3. Kyle isn't happy about this, but give him a chance to make you hate him a little less with some context. You'll still hate him though... Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre!

(00:00)- Intro Kyle Doesn't Want Wolverine In Deadpool 3

(04:39)- Manny's Rebuttal

(08:30)- Nostalgia And Things To Never Watch Again

(12:08)- The Multiverse Question

(19:16)- Who Will Be The MCU's Wolverine? X-23?

(25:20)- Kyle's Plea & Final Thoughts

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Question(s) of the day: How do you feel about Hugh Jackman's Wolverine being in Deadpool 3?

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Uh. This is uh, this is gonna piss a lot of people off, so let's get into it. Hello, everybody, Welcome to the Daily Cup of Daily Couple of Genre here on the genrevers podcast network wherever you get your podcasts from, and the Geniverse podcast Network YouTube channel. Uh. Please follow, like, share, subscribe, thumbs up or down, depending on what you think of the video. If you give us a thumbs down, let us know what what it was for so we can try to make things better. If it's for my awful opinions, I cannot do anything about that. I will take the hate clip hate clicks uh. Social media information in front of you if you're watching down below in the description box. If you're listening, l r M online dot com the website to go to every day for for all entertainment, news needs and opinions. I'm Kyle, that's manny. I I need to I need to preface this, Okay, I need to preface this. I H I love the X Men the comics, Okay, from from back growing up in in the nineties, books I read from from the eighties. There's good ones from the uh seventies as well. Yeah, um uh, but but I'm I'm you know, very fond of the cartoon as well. Uh. The movies were fine for for their time, the first to everyone almost unanimously for now, until the same people that used to say Spider Man three and the amazing Spider Man movies sucked all of a sudden decided to love love them. But for now everyone still seems to to think that X three uh was trash. The last Stand was trash. Um. I nothing them over overall. They were fine, they were what they they were. But man, I have no interest in ever ever watching those those three originals again. And to be honest, I don't want to watch First Class again. I don't want to watch Days of Future Past again. I don't want to watch Apocalypse again. And I sure as how well will never ever ever watch Dark Phoenix again. I won't watch X Men origins Wolverine again. Don't care for the Wolverine. And I admittedly wasn't a fan of Logan, even though it is a much better movie than everything else, it just wasn't my cup of tea. Not saying it was bad like the others. Most of the others were actually bad. That's not a bad movie, It's just not my thing. Although I do think the whole Clone Wolverine thing, especially when they were fighting, did look bad. I don't think that was that was great, but the clone he fought wasn't the main focus of the story. So I have no affinity for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. He doesn't match the comics. He doesn't really match the cart cartoon He's He's a nostalgic character for for what he did in the movies. That's fine. It wasn't for me even in the comics. I didn't. I'm not a big Wolverine guy. I was a gambit guy. I was a uh nightcrawler guy. I was a rogue guy more than I was a a Wolverine guy for multiple reasons. Anyways, um I liked Bishop more than Wolverine, you know. Uh so I I have, I have no strong connection to where I give a damn about uh Jackman. Nothing against him as a as an actor, but I just I don't have anything for his take on Wolverine, and I don't have a whole lot. It's not that I hate the character, disliked the character. He's just not even in my in my top five. So when we get to the news today that are well yesterday that holy crap Deadpole three is coming, and it's and it's coming with Hugh Jackman as as Wolverine. I I didn't care until I got angry. And the only reason I really got angry about it is because this is this is No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness all over again. This is Obi wan Kenobi all over again.

And dude, I'm I'm sick and tired of that crap. I I really am so to h your fine actor. I have nothing against you, don't care for the character. This does not move my needle to oh my god, I'm super stoked. But on the other side of it, of this being yet another let's let's let reddit, you know, pick the movie. Let's let's let uh uh nostalgia run run the show. It's pissing me off, Manny that that's that's my rant. No, No, everyone hates us and has given us a thousand down clicks. Mann, he tried to, I want to see the Are you super stoked about this? Can you save everyone's an opinion of the Daily Cup of Genre. Yeah, dude, I'm stoked, man like like just it's fun like, it's dead cool. It's not it's not supposed to be taken seriously. Yeah, serious, and and this is one way that this is one way to also kind of wrap it up because this is their Deadpool film. M Um meaning I don't, I'm not. I don't think that there would be a Deadpool four per se um. So as far as trilogies go, as far as um get getting Hugh Jackman in, which is something that's been the dominant topic been in the first two films, I think it's perfect. It's I mean, what happened in the first two films made before and Multiverse it has I don't I don't even think this has nothing to do necessarily with those films. I think it's going to be as far as connecting with the m c U as much as a connection as Deadpool was with the X Men and the second one where they go to like an empty house, remember and it was just Colossus, because I can see something like that. I don't mean the nostalgia factor bringing back this this beloved care from the past. Yeah, but it who was supposed to be fits the movie because um, it fits the movie just because like he's been he's been clamoring for for huge Hugh Jackman's will Worry for uh for two films and and it seems like they're going to have a good time. They're released another video this morning, Yeah, explaining timeline questions as well as um. Then they get into Logan Cannon a couple of questions about the m t U which they blur, which they blur out with the with the song, and then at the end of it they say thank you Kevin Figgy, both of them. Uh. Um, so they're postallyn't gonna check that out? Yeah, I see, I see the video. Actually know what for those that may have missed it, why don't we uh take a listen to it? Uh? You already saw it, right man, I just I just thought I'll just play it for for the odd It's then where's the meat button? Of course? No, where is your guys? I feel like I'm missing something at nine. I don't know what. Oh, there we go. Ok, I got it now, I got it now. Yes, I had a lot of questions. I'm sure you had a lot of questions. But rest as you're talking about the questions that he they had, like, for example, how is Wolverine alive? After Logan Logan takes place in twenty nine totally separate thing. Logan died in Logan not touching really, so they're they're saying these okay, yeah, then there's the music that's uh blanking out. What's what's going on? Manny? You dropped down. You have to disconnect your count My cat turned off my cat? Okay, I'm trying. I would try to get back to Yeah, this is let's kind...

...of funny. I still don't care. I did, I did the comedy. I just don't care. Like this is good, it's good. I don't care. No, it's funny. What they're doing is funny, but I have It's not like I'm it's not making me any any more excited. I would have loved to have seen this in Deadpool too. That's that's the pr is great. The plan of of attack for it is fun. But again, and it's it's not so much that I don't hate the character. I don't hate Hugh Hugh Jackman. It's literally I nothing the character. I do hate those old X Men movies. When was the last time you watched X one two three, First Class Days of Future Past? When was the last time anyone watched Apocalypse or or or uh Dark Phoenix, Like who watches X Men origins Wolverine if anything, people might watch to might might watch Days of Future Past and then and then Logan uh, and then Logan and some people still like the Wolverine uh. But overall, man, it's it's like it's it's just like the old Spider Man things when we used to scream at the top of our lungs give the rights back to Sony and then No No Way Home comes out, and all of a sudden, everyone acts like they loved the amazing, the amazing Spider Man films. But I can pull up the damn uh box office. You guys didn't freaking love it if you If you did, there would have been an amazing, an amazing Spider Man three. So, like I said, this is this is like when when when you bring uh the Emperor back in in Obi Wancanobi for that that that cameo scene. It didn't hurt anything, but I'm sober burned out on Palpatine thanks to the sequel trilogy that I never want to see him again ever. Ever, That's where I'm at with the Fox and and and Sony stuff. It was trash back then. It's not gonna grow, grow wan me. I have no interest in seeing it ever. Again. Here's the thing. I love Andrew Garfield as Spider Man. So but that was That's about it. M I loved and I thought he was I thought it was a great Peter Parker, that it was a great Spider Man. I thought he thought he was better than to require. How I never liked to require Spider Man. I'll be honest with you. He wasn't awful. He was He was an awful He was a very poor won't say awful. He was a very poor Spider Man. He was a decent Peter Parker. He was Everybody in that film was like, well, yeah, yeah, that's I can't help I can't help that, and you're right, well not okay, And everyone in in the other film was thirty. So yeah, finally you got kids in UM in the in the latest one. UM point being, it's just it's okay because this like it. It fits. It's not like I don't feel like it's forced. I really don't. Um it's but it is a fun way to um to get people, to get people excited. I ex just the idea of Dead Bull three. I'm happy with that. So I mean because you've gotta they've they've already they've done a lot. They've they've already done a lot being dead put one end too, So what what what was the next thing they could do to up the ante and also kind of you know, close the door that maybe they left opening that I think obviously it's Wolverine. It's um, it's that Wolverine. UM. And then they that way they can also um, now with that they can also um save a little bit of time with the fractional camera. But there you go. You're good. You're good. Save a little time for the actual X men that you're going to use next, in the same way that you kind of shut people out for a few minutes with John Krasinski UM, and actually even with with...

...the Professor X yea, even though that that X isn't from the movies nor the cartoon, he's variant, variant. So that almost brings us up to the question of this man is this look is this this comes out between Fantastic four and uh the Avengers films. If I'm not mistaken, because it's like, uh, what March was it September? The nine is probably I saw it as a fourgn in in my memory? Um, Deadpool three released yes September and uh, let's see here Avengers King Dynasty release State ohways made? So no, no, this isn't the same year. This is even before Fantastic four. So I don't I don't know how much multi versaile stuff this will this will play into things? Um, I don't know. Man, do you do you think that this will be another case of the Uh? I don't want to call it a straight bait and switch, but a do you think that this is just a one off thing, that that this is a variant variant of of Logan? Uh? Do you do you think this is a variant of Deadpool? Now that's got to be the original? Is this a multi versaal adventure? And do we see other Fox or other m C you proper care? It might be? I mean I wouldn't put it past them, especially disappeared again by the way, I don't know understand. Why does I don't know? It's all right if it happens against screw it? Um ye who wants to see us either? Anyways? I think I think it's fine. I think it's great. Uh yeah, I think that you're probably gonna see a bunch of other small cameos here and there, because that's just what it is. Obviously what will be discussed is probably waking up in another multiverse or um. Honestly, I wouldn't even be surprised if Kevin Faggy shows up on this film, uh, you know, as a kind of make it that meta. Yeah, seriously, because I mean that's just what Deadpool is. So, um, that's really what I think. Well, that's really what I think will happen, and they're just gonna have fun with the idea of not being Um, don't be surprised if you catch Deadpool Wolverine it did it. Also, that's that's that's not funny. That would be funny, Like they're fighting, like they're actually fighting bad Okay, so this would be the funniest thing. They're fighting bad guys out of ventures campus and all the people think it's a thinks it's an attraction, and they're like, no, this is really happening, guys. You guys need to run away. As funny as that that would be, that would that would a percent mean that the movie would be PG. Thirteen because there's no way they would let Deadpool and Wolverine spill blood on on Disneyland visibly like that. I don't. I don't think they. I don't think they would. Well, I mean, well, um, regardless, all the little things I've said have made you chuckle, which from my point that you're just trying that you're just trying to be that, you're just trying to go against the granted and trying to be trying to go against anything. I don't care for this character, and again it is it is suffering because of all the the other nostalgic bull crap that we have to deal with it. It sucks for it. Like I, like I said, if this was Deadpool two, if what you're pitching there was was Deadpool two, I'd probably be all about it, even though I still don't give two ships about Wolverine. Just the idea of going to Disneyland and being that that super meta and them having their their road trip, sure I wouldn't be as a as negative as I am now. But right now after everything just relies on visiting the past, visiting the past,...

...and it's not even it's not even that everything is borrowing from from the eighties and nineties and everything that was trash that people you used to freaking hate on Relentless. Relentlessly is now all of a sudden beloved from from the prequel trilogy to Sony stuff to Fox stuff. I'm telling you, people are gonna start saying, uh, x men, the last stand was not that bad, and they'll be as they'll be, they'll be asking for Vinny Jones back as the freaking Juggernaut, Like that's that's the type of of stupid crap that goes on these that would be too far that that's like, that's like the Second Coming of Christ is like two seconds after the first person calls for that in seriousness, because that's that's got to be an end Times type thing, right, Meteors crashing upon upon the planet if anyone really want. And Vinny Jones is a great, great actor. I love any Jones, but not as not as not as juggern Not It's it's yeah, it's not. Plus, they already had their own Jugger not on the on the series, which again, why why are they so afraid to give him a just a a metal helmet, not not a thick metal helmet? Why are they? Why are they so afraid to make Juggernauts the Deadpool to helmet way better than Vinnie Vinnie Jones is. But still what was wrong? Why can't it why can't it look like thin sheet metal but you know, be super strong, super strong crap? You know, why does it have to be this big bulky helmet? I don't Fox? And you know what, you know what was best about about uh Deadpool was their X Men uniforms for for Negasonic and Colossus. Those were the the best X uniforms we we ever got on film, Negasonics Deadpool one uniform perfect. Yeah, no, I agree with you on that. But um, so, I mean the reason he didn't get a chance to make a third movie with Fox because I saw I know. So. I mean, in a way, I believe that they're just letting a wrap wrap up the character and maybe even making an appearance or two here and there. Maybe. So I hope it's good and I hope it's I hope it's good, ladies and gentlemen, everyone, everyone out there. I do. I want it to be good. I wanted to be funny. I'm just saying that it's it's already at a disadvantage for me, having no no care for that character, no love for for the character, or not that I hate it. Just I don't nothing yet uh um. And then this whole I'm I'm tired of than that's I'm tired of the nostalgia aspect. It's getting grating. So those that's why I'm just like, I don't care for this. I I would have rathered almost any other, almost any other idea, but this one because it's it's it's focusing on two things that that I don't like, or well, one thing I don't like in one thing. I are one thing I don't like in one thing, I nothing and nothing the character played by Jackman. I do do not like the over reliance on nostalgia, especially for things that I don't like. So I do have this question for you, thom Manny. You and I pretty certain this is not going to be them to use Wolverine, Right, Jackman is not gonna come back and play Wolverine for for years to come, right. I have a bet that our m c U Wolverine will be X three. But nothing I can see that happening, but better not be. We're not there yet getting scared? Does it? Does it sound a little a little too likely to for comfort? Nah? Like at this point, my uh my expectations for Marvel Studios is is that a half to what it used to be? Seriously,...

I'm right so like right now, my DC expectations are pretty much on the floor right um, and my expectations for m c U are about mid tier. If that the The idea now is just to be entertained enough to cover something, um and not hate it. Um, I mean want to settle, damn it. I don't want to set I'm not settle settling. I'm just lowering my expectations because I cannot be settling. You're settling, You're okay, no, no, no, no. Settling would be saying this is good, this is good. Settling would be saying that she Hawk is now we're playing semantics. But yeah, so, um, it's dumb. I think it's terrible if they did that, or She Hulk is dumb and terrible. Writing is terrible, and their c g I is obviously rushed, and um, I think they have the actors therefore. I think that's what also obsessed me the most, is that they do have the right actors like like that, like that whatever, that the dumb guy that works in the office works, the other girls that that that work, they are flying too, and she does a great job. Um. And and because it is a law office having people come in and out of it, it makes sense. Should have been it could have been Harvey Birdman attorney La. You didn't but they didn't know how to write literally had no idea how to write it, so they didn't ask it. I mean, I mean we've talked about they've admitted it themselves. But that's not the question, man. The question is how likely, especially when you when you look at casting rumors and fan casting stuff for for the X Men, how much do you want to bet we get? I can see Super Wars amalgamating some of the Fox stuff. One of the actress that played Uh Laura in in uh Logan be old enough to be a young you know X twenty three Right right now, I think you're gonna I think that's your Wolverine. Dude. Um, I want to put it past them. It's um, it's annoying at this at this point, it's annoying when you're doing it with with a couple of characters and it makes sense fine, like great, but at this point you're we're not getting the Avengers, We're getting the A Team, A Force a force. Thank you? Yeah? Um, would that would that end Marvel for you? I'm gonna end Marvel for me. It's just I'm not. I don't. I'm not gonna care as much like unless they give me a reason to care. That's the thing that the the issue too is um. But these these character transitions are obviously forced, they feel forced, and they messed up continuity, as they did with tor thor Um. So what I mean, what do you you know? We redeemed this character and we went as far as to um to really um, to really put him on a pedestal, as far as worth worthy and what what it means to be worthy. And it's one of the greatest moments I feel in that movie, that that interaction with his mom. Yeah, yeah, I mean fantastic. And then what what's the what it tied to do? What did he do to the character immediately immediately in the first Yeah, exactly. And my other point is I've never seen the Hulk look dumber and she hol Yeah, never seen him look dumber.

Well, they needed they needed him to to hold explain things man. Yeah, but so so um kind of to your theory, You're not You're not wrong, You're not. You know, we've talked about it a few times and we're not going to go on that that that level of rent again. But I've piste off enough people for us already. But um, as far as far as Hugh Jackman coming back for this, I'm good with it. I'm I'm fine with it because it's not the same way that John because it's skins um uh read Richards isn't going anywhere. It feels it feels a lot of people's cups and it was a quick scene he's dead, um and this and so this does kind of the same I feel like, does the same thing, but in a in a very appropriate fun way. It's not like he's coming back as a member of an X Men team. It's not like well he I mean technically he who he is, but um, but in the Deadpool universe where it actually makes sense, Yeah, Ryan, Ryan was wearing a black Deadpool suit. I I questioned if we would get a like legit X Force this time around, not the uh four laughs X which I loved, I loved. I love both Deadpool movies, and I'm I'm in the same position, uh with this as of right now, A little more annoyed than I was with No Way Home. But I'm in the same position as I was with No Way Home when I found out that the UH found out that the UH other Spider Man would be in it UH to where It's like, Look, I wanted to be good. I hope it's good. I have serious concerns, but this, like I said, has that extra layer of an annoyance at the whole everything old is new again, you know. And I say that as someone that's a huge fan of of a massive piece of nostalgia and Cobra co I. But again that started many years ago before before things like No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness. And again, I think some of these things, especially Multiverse of of Madness, suffer from the from the burnout of mid Tier to just straight poor Marvel projects leading up up to it. You know what I'm saying, Like, there is a burden here. It it sucks, but it's kind of like the the the kind of like a and I don't want to kind of like a dog that flinches when someone raises their hand. It means they've hit the damn dog too many, too many times. That's that's how I feel with with Marvel stuff, right right now. I've been hit too many times, and so every project that comes out I'm overly sensitive about. I can admit that. But I am hoping that it's it's good. I am hoping to enjoy it. I hope that it is it is every thing that I U or. I hope that it is nothing that I fear and everything that I didn't know I wanted. I hope that sincerely hope that. So, Yeah, anything else to say on it? Many I think, I'm I think, I'm I think. I think it's gonna be fun. And the fact that and what's kind of fun is also I don't know if you've noticed, but johnal Knzinski retweeted the same video and said, is this harm movie? Yeah? So, um that kind of raised a couple of people's eyebrows. Um, it's it's it's it's cool. Number one. Um, I do move the Fantastic four show up in. I do wish I do wish that this would have been announced that twenty three because I think that. Um. But with that being said, are you a little like Marvel Zombie Kids? Um? Now you can shut up because you were so upset that this didn't happen at d twenty three. Even Marvel was gonna drop it whenever they're good and damn ready for it. They don't. They don't have to have everything in one... of the spotlight. You know. They like to spread it out because the more you talk about them throughout. You know, it's called marketing. You don't you don't spill your entire load, and one day it just it just doesn't make it that it wouldn't make sense. Said plus, but this probably wasn't ready yet or they're still working on some things, probably Hugh Jackie, that's what they had to work on. Um, so yeah, here here, here's that thing that everybody wanted. So yeah, well as we uh as many finishes collecting the are making good on the paycheck Disney gave him to say all of that, we will, we will say. Uh check out l r M online. That was a joke. He hasn't been paid for anything. He just loved never mind. Uh check out l r M online dot com every day for all your all your entertainment news needs and opinions, UH written articles, reviews, leaks and and rumors, celebrity interviews. All available podcasts are available here as well. UH podcasts go up on all your favorite apps uh in in including Spotify at Google, Stitcher, Apple. Uh. We distribute through Sounder now, so I use Sounder. We are on there as well, and of course the YouTube channel. Please do hit that red subscribe button. We are at five eighty nine subs. That is awesome. I did a game stream last night. Uh. I played t F two for a while and Chip chatt at anime. I look at other other games to potentially play and other topics to discuss, such as Marvel, Star Wars, general movie chat maybe something like that. Uh so yeah, hit subscribe and uh join us for for things like that and more great shows covering Star Wars, Marvel, uh Anime, lots of fun, many anything else for today. Just a little bit of advice being that we're getting into the Halloween season. If you're attacked by a mob with clumbs, it's always smart to go from the juggle body. Guys. When we started, we we we can't go to hot we can't go to the story because we won't And I'm like this school is cool, and then uh, actually know, I don't know. It's called whoa the camera wire? My cat my cat must have. Oh that's not good. All right,.

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