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Episode 528 · 3 months ago

Friday Frights: Haunted Houses & ALIENS ARE REAL! Maybe... | Daily COG


Haunted Houses, Halloween Horror Nights, Howl-O-Scream, Aliens Are Real, Upcoming Horror Movies

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Today, the guys discuss haunted attractions and haunted houses such as Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. Also, a look at upcoming horror films. Lastly, Kyle brings up a Congressional report with frightening wording. Are aliens real? Welcome to The Daily Cup Of Genre!

(00:00)- Intro & Haunted Houses And Attractions

(12:48)- Upcoming Horror Movies

(19:30)- The Different Genres Of Horror

(24:28)- ALIENS!!! Movies First, But Are They REAL?!?!?

(36:14)- Final Thoughts

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Question(s) of the day: What are some of your favorite haunted houses and attractions? also, which horror movies are you looking forward to the most? Lastly, what are your thoughts on aliens being real?

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I had actually forgotten to record the backup. Oh, like, I hit record, but I didn't confirm like the record uh location and uh yeah, I'm really happy that I didn't screw up the primary. It's bad when you mess up the backup. You know, uh, it's Friday, man. Yep, about that. Still trying to wake up a good Zell, like good Zell. You know what, while you finished trying to wake up, I'll say hey everyone, welcome to the daily couple of genre here on the genreverse podcast network and Youtube Channel. Please do follow us on your favorite public cast APP if you're doing the audio thing, if you are into the visuals, please do subscribe to the Youtube Channel. We do do a lot of really great things on here, covering everything in Geek and entertainment news. We have a website, L R M online DOT COM. Um, actually, the website has us. That's that's kind of how it is, but L L R M on Mine Dot Com. Go there every day for all entertainment news, uh, news, needs and opinions. Also, guys, we have a discord. I keep, you know, plugging it at the end, but I know a lot of people trail off at the end. So Hey, there is a link to our discord in the description box down below. We're always up in there talking. Uh. There's rooms for all of the all of the Um individual podcasts here, as well as topics that you know, aren't related to, uh to the podcast. We even got a meme channel, so come in drop your favorite uh rules approved uh memes. But yeah, Um, I'm kyle and that's manny and it's Friday frights, which is interesting because tonight is the first night of Uh my local Bush Gardens. Um, hello scream. Tonight's opening night. I won't be going on opening night, but I will be going. We will be going, I should say. Um, my family has season passes there. Uh. We didn't really get to go much at all this year, unfortunately, Um, but we will be using for Halloween and Christmas time for sure. Uh. I'm a huge fan of of haunted houses. Oh, and I will say say this if anyone uh listening to this is also a fan of our a VR podcast, Brian will actually be in town visiting us and going with us there. So you can actually look forward to some UH content with Christine, myself and Brian Altogether here on the on the channel. Uh in in October. Um. But I love haunted haunted houses, man, I'm not like not just the big production ones from like theme parks, but even like the local haunted houses. and Um, I've been to a few of the bigger ones around the country, like Nash Fills, a slaughterhouse used to be real big popular name. Um there there's so much fun. I love the production value. I've done a few hollow screams at Bush gardens as well as I don't remember what King's Dominion Uh calls there's, but I've done their Halloween a few times as as well. UH, living here on the admit Atlantic. Um, I'm stoked, man, I'm happy. I I hear you're not necessarily as big a fan of these types of events like. I love the concept of them and everything. Um, I love the artistry that goes into putting them together, facts and cat. I just, Um, I can't do it, like to to actually walk through them. That's something that even my daughter is like getting used to now and my girlfriend loves to do. And I'm just not not that guy. Not that guy. That sucks, man, because it's so it's it's so much fun out my cat. Well...

...not, I don't know. What to do about her. Someone want to know I'm joking. I can't give her I can't give her up. Um. I I got into horror way too young, probably like legitimately, uh, my dad's brother showing me movies I probably shouldn't have, shouldn't have seen, you know, Um, but I was well, relatively well adjusted to it. Understood that these are just movies, the same way ghostbusters is a is a movie. These ones are just scarier. Um, and uh, haunted houses always something I loved. I've always wanted to be in like, uh, an actor, and I've I've done a couple of Um, military installation haunted houses, being in characters, setting up a scare zone and and that was a lot of fun. But I I don't know, maybe maybe next year. I hope, Um, to to ask Bush gardens what I could do as a disabled person that doesn't really have you know, I can't like, could you guys just let me do one night? Like? I'm not asking for a permanent, you know job. I would love to too, but I'm not reliable enough and nor can I work long enough to be a, you know, a full time actor for something. But I would love to experience a professional. UH, side of of being in a in a haunted house or scare zone. That would be amazing. So would you do something like that? How? How would you feel about being in a yeah, that's that's a little different. Um, I've been through a couple of smaller ones and whatnot, but it's just I'm not I'm not sure I was shielded it at a young age. I know that I didn't really get to watch scary moves until little bit later in life. So there's that, but it just, Um, I love horror. Horror is one of my favorite genres in film, especially because there's so many different sub genres in different ways of getting scared. Sometimes you don't even realize it until until they until they get you, and I think that there's there's some fun there and and in being able to allow yourself to to, Um, convince yourself that what you know, what you're going through, is is happening and it's just kind of it's just kind of fun. Yeah, it's always like the goal is to actually find one that's scary, like that's that's the goal. Um, you want to head out and and have all the all of the endorphins hit. Uh, I don't I don't know why. I mean like I've been through through real scary situations, real uh life and death situation satitions, and Um, you would think part of that would be like either one deadened these to the point where you know you don't really get a get anything out of it, or it would make you adverse to it. UH, neither. I still get a kick. I still do get some legitimate scares, mostly just jump scares, but every now and then there'll be imagery or or something that does really get you. And Uh, the more immersive it can be, the more tactile, the more they can mess with your senses, the better. Um, my my son, he's done a few haunts with us. We used to tell him to uh. Oh Man, I forgot to switch the camera. Sorry about that, guys. I used to tell him to uh Um, scare them, scare the monsters back. That was like the thing, you know, to to build his confidence for it. His first UH, his first haunted house, was a a ride at King's dominion,...

...where they take the Antique Uh Um, Kings Dominion, they take the antique cars, you know, the little like pro propane power powered cars on the track. Um, they turned that into a right through haunt, uh, and that was his first and he really, he really dug that. He did a couple of of walkthroughs when he was younger. They freaked them out a bit, a bit, but he got he got used to it relatively, uh, relatively quickly. Um, I'm excited. I'm excited for it. Are you doing? You'RE gonna BE COVERING ANYTHING? You'RE gonna go to any for the site or Your News Your News station? Actually, funny and funny enough, I'm probably going to Hobbes grow, which is deem backs to one of the one of the best attractions in the states according to Um, like content attractions and things like that. It's actually on a list. Um, so I should be going, going out there actually and talking with them again and, uh, seeing what what makes it so, what makes it so great? Cool, cool, man. Well, I don't know anything else to Chit Chat about on haunts. Um. Well, I don't think so, not at the moment. Well, actually, you know what I did want to ask? Have you ever done the biggest of the big the Universal Studios Halloween events? No, man. I'm always enamored by them by watching them online and things like that, because the quality of them looks amazing, but I I don't know. I'm I hope that one day I can bring myself to be able to to go do them, because they look amazing. I mean like this year they have like like killer clouds from outer space and one of my favorite from my favorite fun movies, Um, that that I would enjoy. Um. And then, like they they also have this year they have uh, the Blum the Blum House, which takes some of them with some of the current movies that you know, like Um, black phone and it's now a haunted house. And then obviously my favorite Um Halloween icon, Michael Myers, is featured at both parks. Yeah, so, and you get to walk through like the House and stuff like that, which which would be insane to do. But uh, yeah, maybe one day. Maybe. I'm I'm showing the audience on on Youtube. I think it's universal or it's just Halloween horror nights. I don't know if it's UH Florida or or Callie or both, but showing the video for the setup. Um, they don't just get good production value for their uh for the actual events. They spend a decent amount of money on the UH marketing, the commercials, the UH, print ads and and and banner ads for for online. They do a really, really good job. Um, there's always some really interesting ones. They're a lot of a lot of really good I P get get selected. We've Seen Silent Hill ghostbusters, of course, has had one walking, walking dead's had several, Um, classic Horror Horror Villain Villains, having having those go on. Um, I've never done it myself either and it's incredibly sad. I look at it and it's it's because universal studios is like my my second favorite park and and only just second favorite. and Um, because of the immersion and I really and joy the islands of adventure... Orlando. But UH, my number one podcast to be seer point. But that's because it offers the most exciting thrill thrill rides. Um. But I've always wanted to do do these there. There's there's a lot of really cool haunts that get put up in in Japan and UH, they've even had more interactive ones, like a resident evil one where you like shoot paintballs or lasers at at, you know, people done up as as zombies and stuff like that. UH, interactive is kind of more more difficult to do and in the age of of the pandemic. But I mean that would be cool, man. Would I would love to hunt zombies laser tag or paintball. That would that seems like it would be fun. Yeah, that sounds like gonna be pretty cool. Um. Um. What about? What about movies coming out soon? Man, we've, we've, we've gone, we've, we've come up into two fall. We're knocking on the official start of fall, September, twenty one film not mistaken. H heading into October. I was gonna do a full sixty days of Halloween in the house, but life and now we'll just get the stuff out when we get it out. But we are going to try to get get decorated before October even hits. Um. What what horror movies looking forward to this week, man, or this this year Halloween ends? I'm really curious to see what they have to to wrap up the trilogy, which I think has been pretty good. Um, the bars are very like, and I'm talking about my favorite horror franchise, Halloween. So don't you know, I can, I can be critical if I want. The bar is a very high. So Um, this trilogy has been one of one of my favorites of all the movies put together. Not. Of course, the first one is is gold standard. That movie has never been touched by by the rest of them. But but this franchise, uh, these particular three trilogy, it has been pretty good. I think it had it's had good production value. I think it's had a good Michael Myers. It's nice to have Lori Um and I um. I think it's also because of the fact that I really thought that almost literally, Rob Zombie had had butchered. You know what, the movie, the first one, was good and both of them were not. That was not. That was almost wasn't Halloween. Um. That's the way I feel. It's Halloween on steroids. I wouldn't say steroids, I sound crack or Meth. Just uh, it was bad. Um. And then, uh, I think the most ridiculous moment, and I and I say this it's terrible, I love it at the same time, was buster rhymes versus Um Michael Myers, especially him doing karate noises while fighting him. You know, people actually do make noises when they're fighting, like that's a legit thing. Yeah, but that was very Um. But the fact that they they it was over the top. The fact that that there was build up to that by Um showing him watching Kung Fu movies in the hotel room. We made it ridiculous. Some of the top Um a movie is very much of its time of like of the type of shows that that people are liking to watch with young people and things like that on like MTV and vh one and stuff like that. So, but so it's it's fun to think about when it came out and watching it. Okay, so there's that one and then also Um jeepers creepers back in in I don't think anybody really asked for him back, but we're getting many. Um, I think that's gonna be jeepers creepers reborn. That's...

...what it's called. U. So we'll see how that goes. Um, it hits actually a couple of weeks, I think, at the end of the month. When is it? Is it a streaming movie? Um, I think it's gonna supposedly, from the from the trailer I'm watching here, it's going to be hitting fears for a weekend. Uh Yeah, reborn. UH, September nineteen. Yeah, September nineteen. Um. So so yeah, Um, I remember the first one was pretty good. Second one had I didn't know. The second one was very good, but it had some very, very good, scary moments that kind of last with you. Yeah, so, Um, Kudos, and it would be nice to see them. Uh, and and kind of a more fun way. And also I kind of dread it because you know, I don't like sequels very much, especially when there's no reason why you should touch the original. Hocus focus, too, will be out in October also, and I don't like that as I do. We need it, do I? If it's good. I mean it could be a it could be a clerks to situation, and I'm hearing early good buzz about clerks three having a similar heartful art as clerks too had. But how many of these things managed to do that? Not many. So. And then, Um, the reimagination of hell raiser. Like, I'm not the biggest hell raiser fan, but curious to see what version of the film looks like. Yeah, you're you're dealing with Sado masochism and of the most extreme level uh body horror, which is something a lot of people have issues with. I don't you know. I mean I kind of know why, but also I don't know. I'm sick and twisted. So I'm not the person to to uh give a a good point of view, view on that, because I'm I'm into blood, guts and Gore. I'm not. I'm not into necessarily especially Gore Porn. I love it, man, and and that is not I am not talking about actual adults stuff with Gore. No, I'm talking about the like food porn, but Gore Porn. I I love, love over the top bloody mess. Uh. It doesn't even always have to be realistic. Like I wanted to look like good quality gore, but like when when Johnny Depp in in nightmare on ELM street gets turned into a pool of blood, that's amazing. That is it's art. I love it. Is something wrong? Is something wrong with me? That's a lot wrong with you. Like, I've seen that, costel, and I'll never watch it again. You gotta stay the saw films and stay away from Guinea pig Um. That's an Asian horror movie. Stay away from it. That and, uh, the audition. Don't watch that either. If if body horror is gonna get to yeah, get Guinea pig and the auditions stay away from yeah, I love my my one of my favorite sub genres of horror. Is just like found footage. So those are just fun too, again to immerse yourself in and pretend that real um, which can sometimes like, really bring you in and give you some really good scares. Um, it's to me, it's it's all about it's really about story and and how you present scares and how you built them up. I think that's that's that's one of the reasons why I love like Jordan Peel film, because...

...he offers such different takes on on how to how to be scared, how to how to develop a scared Um. UH, Midsomar was very artistic way of getting scared. It wasn't very scary, but then it had its moments. And then, of course, Um, if we're talking about scary movies, Um, I can't not mention Um, his other movie that he did. It's a very man what is that scary movie? It's just too early for me. No, no, I hear Um Aria Astor also did this one, hereditary. That, to me, was one of the best horror movies I've ever seen, just top to bottom. Very well done. Um. It's hard to do that because of the whole multiple genres of horror. You know, you you get into certain psychological horrors like a silence of the lambs or versus, a truly over the top but still not corny or anything, but over the top supernatural uh horror movie, like like the exorcist. And and then you also I don't know, man, it's so hard for me to pick like a greatest horror of all time or even like a top I could do. I could do maybe like a top ten horror, because that gives me enough space to put in a little bit of everything. Um, I'm a big fan of slashers. I like I like slashers. They could be supernatural or or not, or ambiguously supernatural where you you don't quite know. And then I like the monster films. So I love stuff with vampires. Um, uh, especially big, big fan of things like Bram stroker's Dracula. I like interview with the vampire movie. I like uh, lost the lost boys, Um, dust till dawn blady, even, of course, so many great uh vampire buffy the vampire slayers still has the best death scene scene ever. Um, and I forgot the stream deck. Ladies and gentlemen, O B s update dated plugins issues. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon and I keep forgetting to switch the cameras over, so I'm just gonna leave it on the on camera one. Um Uh. That's still got the best death scene of them all, with Paul Rubens getting stabbed and taking like five minutes to die. I love it. It's brilliant. Um. What other, what other UH genres are you into? And we'll we'll have to like spend some Friday freight's UH recommending specific movies. But what, what other genre of horror are you into? Well, you talked about slashers, and I think one of the reasons why I like slasher is kind of in the same thing that you do like them, is that and there really is no rule as to how the how the Um the killer acts, and I think that's why scream is I really I really dig it because because of the way he moves, he moves like he moves like such a just regular random guy, like in the way he stumbles sometimes or the way that he seems to be easily overtaking taken every now and then, and and it really makes it it really kind of really grounds it, despite the fact that you know it's it's it's a movie, and I think they do a really good job with that one. Um Uh, and I let me say say this on screen for for everyone that likes to call it Um, like a modern classic, or it's it's uh Um. You know, taken away something from it being...

...just a solid, must watch classic. You're you're wrong, because scream is equal two things. Like Halloween, I agree in it, in it in its way and in the time that it was created. Yeah, it's, it's Um, and that's the first movie we're talking about. Yeah, and Um. I know you don't but I'll just mention it because we're talking about it. But I like stuff with aliens, songs. They're not grays. I can cope. We're signs. I know it's not necessarily scariest movie, but it's good signs. is done and I wanted to see it in theaters. Man, that was to two times. The whole theater jumps. One the there's a monster outside my window. Can I have a glass of water? Seeing it's and when? When? When? When? Uh Um, Mel Gibson's character sees it. We see it, but we don't really know what we saw. And then when he reacts, the whole theater just like jump scares and then the the damn alien peeking from behind the Bush at the birthday party. Phoenix is watching it in the in the closet. Dude. That how? How? How that was set up in particular, where you've got glimpses of it, like just very, very little Um showing, and then this one time it walks across the screen. It's enough time to to get you like it's not even it does not even a jump scare. They tell you the entire time it's moving there, there it is, there, it is, there it is, and then when it moves you're like, Oh man, that some that that's you know, it's funny. I'm not Shamalan. He has his moments, but then just like he has his moments, he also has his Um face palm moments. Oh God, yeah, which is really interesting. But I dig that. Man. We just watched jaws last weekend and music, sound effects and and and that kind of presentation of of the terror of the danger. If I've done well in this case, it was John Williams, so he knows it was immaculate Um. It's enough to it's it's really enough to get your imagination going and and into almost build the scare for Um. Yeah, to where the director doesn't they have to do anything. Music does that. Uh, music does that a hundred percent. Man Um, you know, to to not to not take his you far from entertainment. But speaking of of Aliens, and because this is our show and we can uh do whatever the hell hell we want. Um, you know that Congress has had quite a few UH meetings recently about, you know, the the what we used to call UFO situation, although it's not ufos any anymore. It's uh, Um, what is it called? Uh? UH, unidentified aerospace undersea phenomenon. So these are things that allegedly go across uh different mediums, being orbit, atmosphere, sphere and ocean, and are able to seamlessly move up and down. Now, these are not uh Internet files that you find anywhere. This is on the the government's archives. These are the dot documents that they that they actually released, and I'm...

...trying to pull up some screenshots that I had taken from the from the PDF file, because some of this wording is frightening in my mind. Um, it really, it really is. Um. So this was the intelligence authorization act for fiscal year, report one seventeen, bash one thirty two. Now I can't zoom in on that because that's not the one I wanted to share, and then, of course, as I back out of it, it disappeared. Okay, look, guys, here's the thing. They mentioned that there's going to be a path for information sharing. UH, information that relates to things that they can identify as man made will go one way, leaving the fact of things that they can't identify fi has man made going another way. Uh. It's some of the most frightening language in the world, listening to them talk about these threats that can go from air to water, water to air UM seamlessly, and I'm scared to death of an aliens like they frightened me. UH, fiercely, man have you. What do you think about this? The government actually coming out and talking talking about things like this, changing the name to aerospace undersea phenomenon. There's a joint program office for for this. There's there is a there is a path. Uh. At a time when cross domain trans medium threats to the United States national security are expanding exponentially, the committee is disappointed with the slow pace of D D Led f efforts to establish the office to address these threats and two and then they go into some additional things that they want to uh see changed at a at a structural level. Dude, is that not freaky? Tell me that's freaky. Yeah, a little bit. Um from someone who has been following ufos since he was you can pick up a book Um and for someone who follows Um, the idea of bigfoot, Um, you know, it's it's it's kind of cool and at the same time, Um, it just reminds me of of right where we're right when we were smacked down in the middle of the pandemic. It was like it was like I remember this one press conference from the White House where it's like like two hours or whatever of I'm exaggerating, no, and Oh, by the way, these ufo files have been least or whatever, and then they're like walked away and everyone's like the next day they were like right, did the White House? Yeah, just that. The other paragraph that I that I wanted to highlight, and again, I read what the report was. You guys can rewind a few seconds ago and find that, uh, they're talking about what to do with with these Um reports that that come in and they're saying, uh, uh, these shall be inclusive of those additional domains with focus on addressing technology surprise, which means we're unaware of a technological advance that anyone has, has has gained, and unknown unknowns, things that we didn't even have a theory about. Uh. Temporary, non attributed objects or those that are positively identified as men made after analysis, will be passed to appropriate office and should not be considered under...

...the definition as unidentified aerospace and undersea phenomenon. Dude, they're saying that there are things that they cannot uh, that's my wife. There are things, they are saying that they cannot identify as man, as man made. That's scary as hell. Hold on one second, Hey, um on my show. Is Everything okay? Christina can't hear you. Okay, I guess everything's all all right. Otherwise she'll text back or call again. So sorry about that, guys. That scares the hell out of me, man, because what if they're grays? What if they're and what if they're peaceful and they're gonna come down and hang out and make make the world better, a better place, and I'm gonna have to look at grays on my screen every day like that? We're such assholes, and I mean as a human race. We can't be trusted with anything anything like that. No, we really can't. Hell, yeah, I mean just look at the way just look at the way we consume news media and decide rather than rather than listen to the facts. Um, what you're gonna do is read the headline and headline. Yeah, that's real. So, like I said, I went in and I found and pulled from the dot Gov, from the I can't remember if it was Congress or archives, but the DOT Gov website. You know, that's the PDF and I just took snapshots to share it with with people, but by all means, go go read it. There's there's the full context. They're not. They're not saying that there are aliens. They're saying they can't say there's not, and that that makes, that makes the old mid uh Mid Century, Mid Twentieth Century Project Blue Book even more frightening, because that's back long enough where people would try to bury things more um hoping that they that the problem would go go away or that they didn't have the technology to thoroughly investigate stuff like that. And I must say in general I have not been a believer in extraterrestials. Having visited Earth, I was open to the possibility, but I was not one that's like, yeah, area fifty one was an alien crash or or anything like that. It's, Um, I've always had that belief and uh, I think that I remember, Um, watching x files when I was younger and really believing in that, you know, the troops out there. Oh, I'm, like you said, open to the possibility, just didn't personally think of it. At least now. There's a comic book you should read. It's called letter forty four, uh, from only press, written by Charles Soul without work by Raphael Albuquerque. It is one of the best alien stories I've ever read, where new president comes in. Um, president comes in and uh, he has a letter on his desk. He opens it. It's from the former president. Congratulations on winning the race. By the way, there's aliens. We've known the bottom for years and Um, this is something I have to figure out because we have a relationship with them. That um fair. If you know about Uh and it is. It is such a it's it's such a great book. Now they're not gray. It's it's very they're very unique looking, but Um, I can cope. Yeah, I know. And and grays... kind of great grays. Kind of I've always like, you know, kind of scared me and, at the same time, very much intrigued me in the way. That why they would look that way and things like that. Um, so, as long as they look like the ones from Mars attacks, were good. Oh No, I can handle that. Yeah, yeah, Oh, man, give me. Yeah, yeah, all day, all day long, I will. I love Mars attacks. And then we we know that just really bad. Nineteen, you know, forties music will kill them solid. Let's bring it on, bring it on Mars. Yeah, so that's something that's I and I dig aliens. Uh. Nope, was a really fun way to explore aliens. Um, it's not. It's they're not even uh, they're not even graze in it. Um there. It's just, Um, do they look like grays? Are there? Are there things or a thing that looks like that? Does that is gray? No, very vaguely, it's supposed to look like something else and I'd rather not give it away. Like, I know, I know you saw the the trailer, like the veil, like there's like something that pops up and someone's got kind of like some gnarly teeth. Yeah, that's because they got fucked up. Okay, by by something ce CE, no one, no one. No one can say, Kyle, you will not be affected by this. One of the thing. The thing is they have, they have one generic scene in it um where where you first think you're looking at the aliens, and it is done very well and and it was. It got me, Um, there's like Oh yeah, but it's it's it's so miny, it's so minor, but it's good, it's really well made that. I was like, okay, but it's it's Jordan's, you know, there's, there's, there's more to it. Yeah, it's just so Um, well handled and recommended because it's they're not Graz. But I get the I get the eye shape. That's that's what I'll tell you. I understand. Other than that, it's it's not what you think. Uh Yeah, it's just it's just really well made me. Just another, another way to scare. Let's wrap it up there. Uh, we man, we we went. We went all over the place. We we even got to to actual not not even conspiracy theories anymore, just straight up fucking congress saying, Hey, guys, this ship might not be and hell, what if it's? What if it's not? Even technically aliens. What if it's extra dimensional, like it's not our universal aliens. What if this is extra dimensional ship man? Let's let's science fiction all becoming science, science, fat, so, so much fun. You know, it would be a great fact if you subscribe to our Youtube Channel and helped us reach a thousand subscribers by the end of the year. We are sitting at four seventy six as of this recording and are doing good. We are enjoying this. Thank you, guys, so much, for supporting it Um and supporting lrm online dot com by going there every day for all entertainment, news, needs and opinions. Hit the red subscribe button. Follow us on your favorite apps, like Google or spotify, stitcher apple. We are also also uh, we are also on sounder, and that's our new distributors, so check, check them out. uh, the discord again, guys. Description box down below. Lots of really great things going on in there. Um, yeah, manning. Anything you wanted to say? Um, no, I think that's it there.

Yeah, it's a good fun Friday Friday frights. Let us know what you guys like about haunted houses. Which ones are your favorite? Across the country? Have you ever been to any of the big, big, massive ones in like Atlanta, Nash Nashville, some of the ones out in Cali and uh yeah, we'll talk to you next week.

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