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Episode 579 · 3 months ago

HUGE DC News! Man Of Steel Sequel & Hamada Out As DC Films Prez | D-COG


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Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre!

(00:00)- Intro & DC News: Walter Hamada Out As DC Films President

(07:20)- Future Of DCEU

(15:10)- The Draw Of Superman & Man Of Steel Sequel

(22:05)- DC Business In The Future

(29:01)- Critic Reviews Vs The Audience

(35:25)- People Want Cameos And Nostalgia

(37:36)- She-Hulk Finale & Final Thoughts

(48:29)- Us Vs The World & Final Thoughts

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Question(s) of the day: Are you excited for a Man of Steel sequel? What do you see in the future for DC Films? Also, how do you see reviews between Audiences and critics?

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Mm hmm. I mean the days of wow will not necessarily being been the best, They've also not been the worst days. So I guess if it's same same crap, different day, that's that's not too bad of too bad of an ordeal for for right now, How's how's the eye Mannie? Uh? Well, everything is kind of kind of rough a little bit, but at least they got fixed by the fact is is that had I had I had an eyelashed, I had grown in the other way. So every time I would wink, it would brush up against my eye. So yeah, and every time it's awful. Yeah, so that'll be fine, but um annoying for sure. Yeah. Anyways, let's get it started. Hello, everybody, Welcome to the daily cover of Genre here on the Genreverse podcast network and gen Versus YouTube channel. Please follow wherever you're listening at like Google's, Spotify, Apple, And if you're watching us on Facebook, are Facebook? When I say Facebook? If you're watching us on YouTube, If you're watching us on YouTube, uh, please do hit that red subscribe button. Thank you to all now eight hundred and three subscribers. Uh. We're looking for a thousand by Christmas, so it would be great. If you guys can hit that subscribe button for this show Breaking Geek Radio, which is like long form version of this with movie or show reviews at the end, Anime VERSU reviews, Marvel Multiverse, Mayhem, the Cantina, the Canteen are doing Star Wars stuff. A lot of great content and reactions for you guys. I'm Kyle. That's many and uh we were gone for a few days. We we had I had an appointment and then Manny had an eye issue, and uh tomorrow, unfortunately we won't get to do uh Friday frights because I will be preparing for a U turn and burn flight to Los Angeles. I was invited to attend the one Piece uh film read premier at the TCL Chinese Theater, and uh yeah, I'm hoping to go rub rub some elbows with some crunchy roll people and uh hopefully uh have good time, some some fun and uh enjoy the movie and maybe make some contacts to to abuse later for for the purposes of of content content. So yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Uh. But yeah, so we'll we'll talk to you guys today and you've got all the other content that will still go up. Uh, I think we might have to adjust by family's review and reaction. But besides that, uh, it should it should be good to go. But one day we got a couple of things. Many wanted to talk about something, but I want to start off with, uh the d C news that that kind of happened this week. Many Uh you you all caught up on on the the hoop law from from Warner Brothers Discovery in DC. Uh So Hollywood Reporter UM a few days ago on the seventeen, released an exclusive saying the headline d C at a turning point, James Gunn hitches secret movie. Please let it be magic related like Satana and them. Uh. Dwayne Johnson flexes his Superman power. Uh. There's stuff in here about, of course, the the uh what did I just say? Uh, the Rock and and Superman. But there's also the uh idea that he will be returning into what will essentially be uh Man of Steel too. There's been a producer or director I think named uh not like a fish shilly but rumor wise. And then the fact that they're looking for writers or maybe I got it the opposite. There's a writer and they're looking for for director. Uh James Gunn's secret movie. Like I said, I definitely have things that I would like to see. Uh. There's been even uh talk of uh the Flash two, which no one quite knows what to make of that and I don't think that one was in the Hollywood Reporters thing. But on top of that, we also have more stuff from Matt Reeves coming. Um let's see, how did Cam write this? Uh? Gun and Peter producer Peter saffron or in talks with Warners for a mystery movie. Uh and uh yeah man also Walter Hamada gone no no longer d C Films. Boss. Uh this happened yesterday. Um, it wasn't unexpected. H. As a matter of fact, a lot of...

...people have been calling calling for this for a long, long long time. Uh what do you what do you make of the news? Many? Where do you where do you want to start the movies? Or Hamada? I don't know. You're telling me, well as far as Hamata goes by, UM, you know, tell us then, uh, you know, don't let the door hit you on the way out, and they're gonna have to figure it out. It's not like he did anything special for the d C EU that took it anywhere anyway. Um, so you know it's um, it's it's a kind of it's kind of right now over over at Warner Brothers Discovery of the Wild Wild West for the d C EU, because really, with no boss, no real direction, you have you have a lot of these very influential filmmakers, uh coming over and really pressuring the studio to do things their way, um, which may actually work for the better. Like at the end of the day, if you go into a comic bookshop, Um, not everything is you know, continuity, Not everything is connected. Um, what really matters is good storytelling. Good stories is what we want. Uh. It doesn't all have to fit together. You know, unless you say it is you Yeah, once you say it is, it's you know, you're kind of fig right now anyways. And and uh so, um it's it's actually kind I think it's a kind of cool time because these influential filmmakers, because I think because they want to keep them, they're gonna get their ways. We've seen the rock Flexus muscle literally yeah at a w H Yeah, I want to man in my film. They filmed that in September. I want, um what I want Shazam and Black Adam and have their own movie. Now they're gonna have They're gonna be in the same movie. Now they're not. Okay, that's what we're doing. And and so who who knows what other what other things he he has in store, because I think when he says that the DC universe will never be the same, I literally think he meant that because he's he's made he's had them make changes specifically going forward. And and who knows he's gonna be He's the type of guy who, of course knows how to work crowd, knows how to he knows how to in a way control people, you know, in an in a in an artistic way, in in an entertainer way. So I think that in that sense it's a good thing because who who who knows And mean they're they're even asking him questions like is DC trying to catch up with Marvel? And he is point blank answering, um, giving good answers as if he is the you know, he is the current boss saying. I think he says something on the line it's like, no, it would be stupid to do that. We're doing things our own way, we have our own style. We uh and and but you know, he has a lot, he has a lot to say on on subjects like that, and it's like, are you're running things, Dwayne, Like what's going on? Um? And then on the other side you have James Gunn also just coming in and was like, Hey, this is kind of what I want to do, guys, I have this project and blah blah blah, and they're gonna take telling James Gunn No, he's hit. He's hit a couple of home runs already with with his Suicide Squad and with his Peacemaker series he made he made the mouse back back down controversial, very that's a very difficult thing to do. I remember this got fired down. He was supposed to he was supposed to be on stage at the Hall of Age yep um, and we were in a press room in San Diego, uh and we found out that he wasn't going to be making his appearance. Um. And then yeah, why, yeah, something I should I should say that it wasn't necessarily he that made them back down, but his contribution to the m c U created a love within the fans, and his way of filmmaking created enough love and loyalty with his with his uh, cast and crew that enough enough fans and and cast and crew said it's either him or none none of us. Uh, you know, either with him or you get none of us. And I mean, yeah, that that's a pretty big deal. So so so you know, there's all of that. And then lastly, then I think, just because everything probably all the rumblers going on, Matt He's just like,...

I'm also gonna start doing everything I can in my sandbox. And now he's talking about doing kind of spinoff things with with some of the DC villains should be pretty cool. I think maybe hopefully more than just the uh um, the penguin spinoff that they had already talked about. They're talking, they're talking about uh he what the words that were thrown out is doing something with Killer Kroc Professor Pig clay Face Face like an Arkham series or something something like that. Clay Face specifically has a very very interesting background. Um because he um, you should watch. There's a couple of different versions of play face, one where he used to be a police officer and another one where where he used to be an actor. Batman the animated series uses the one where he was an actor. It was just done very very well. Um, if you want, if you were any time you want good storytelling, as far as a d C Batman, Llen Batman, the animated series is the way to go. I mean, Robin's reckoning We're His Family Dies is one an emmy. Um. And then you have Heart of Ice, which is the best free story. And then um, the Origins of Two Face actually has done beautifully well through through a variety of episodes, and so on and so on. Also that is the birth of Harley Quinn, the beloved Harley Quinn, which gim ly calls the fourth pillar of DC. Um. Well, I mean you can't arguing that it's not even created in the comics right now, the Anidera became one of the most iconic characters of d C, so much so that many many people don't even know she isn't from prior to the nineties. So yeah, and yeah, so anyho. It literally the wild wild West right now, d C U and whatever I mean, we're moving forward. We got um heck even got like you said, the Flash two in the works kind of now being mumbled and rumbled and and um, I've heard some names also who they would want to replace Ezra Miller if they decided to go that route. I don't remember. I just I just saw it. I just saw it. Um, I just saw a few. I've seen a few. Um, but off the top of my head, I'm not gonna you know, I would put in that would mean my fix because um, for a lot of people, UM, that is their flash, which is very strange to say because most most, I would say current DC fans are very very familiar with Barry Allen as their flash, especially because Grant Gustin did such a great job for so many years as as the flash, to the point where that some people are like, oh, screw it, just put Grant Gustin as the flash. Uh. He was never faster than the villain, which was a problem. Um, you can't. You can't start off your episode saying I'm the fastest man alive and never be, never be the fastest. Um. So yeah, it's it's um, it's a it's a very interesting time. But it all kind of stems off here and what we do with Black Adam, I think, and um, but then again, this movie has been in the works for years and years and years, and I think that making the small changes that they're doing with Black Adam with whatever they're changing with the Flash because they did reshoots and they've done reshoots with a you know, other members of the league and be with with Ezra Miller himself, so so very curious about what they're changing there, and obviously the addition of Batman in Aquamat. Yep. Now, I gotta I got a question because I do want to get onto uh. I want to get on onto your thoughts on what what a potential Superman sequel itself kind of means? But a deadline wrote in here, and I hadn't looked up projections yet. I want to do uh. I wanted to do that. Uh originally wanted to do that this this week, um today, but I had forgotten about it in all of the uh excitement about l a uh tracking for a hundred and thirty five million opening. Now I think I said one ten. Do you do you remember what you said? I think, Um, I think I think high projections. We I think we had talked about about one thirty. Yeah, you guys can find the video. It's it's here Daily Cup of Genre. I think it was like last week we talked what day is it? It was like I think I think it was the Thursday or Friday of last week. Yeah, something like that. Right now, there's six six days ago, so yeah, that that would have been uh Thursday, Wednesday, Ur's Day last uh last week, and the Rock teases Cavil's...

Superman in Black Adam. I think that's where we talked about it. So you know, what do you what do you think are they Do you think it will fail to meet those projections? Do you think it uh this? Do you think this type of news coming out this week boosts that up? Because I kind of think it boosts it up. I think I think it. Did you receive it both? I'm telling you that whole cavl leak whatever it wasn't it was orchestrated. It was orchestrated. This is the Rock, this is playing playing the we can we can box this So it was last Monday. We can box office is low like our Black Adam uh Black Adam? Um? Yeah it um it was. Yeah. I feel like it was almost like a watch wrestling. It's almost like it's almost like a progression of a story, where as as you're getting closer to the reveal, something big is something bigger is kind of reveals something happens, and so now you're even more hyped for the match for that. Um they used to call him pay per views, they don't anymore, which is kind of weird still anyway, UM, so I think that's what happened. It's um, I think recognizing that the name black Adom and the thought of black Adom has been around for so long now that all right, we need we need a little extra, a little extra flavor to to to generate um interest. All right, then that's that's uh, the rock to Good parts off. Yeah, he probably even did it without even telling anyone, and that's probably what what are gonna do then? Um, and so on the red carpet that he is all out, I want to welcome back Henry Cavill to the d C EU and every and everybody. Huh. And then everyone went, screw you, Grace Randolph, this is your fault. Um, yeah, how there you spoil stuff and things like that and whatever. And then she's all, I wait a minute, he's the one who's in this case. In this case was actually right, which was weird. So what do you think about about this idea? Like, like you said, you you've got bat Flick showing up in an aqua man. Uh you've got the stuff going on with with the Flash you you now have Cavill Welcome Home and appearing in uh Um But Black Adam, what do you think this means for the Snyder versus it a soft we're just working in what we what we want and cutting out what we don't. Is it sticking with it? Does? Zad What do you see in the future, especially especially for Man of Steel himself Superman's next film. I really think that this is one of those cases of the Home Network where Discovery is checking out the house finding out that it does have really good bones. So why are we gonna and and and the foundation is still intact, So why why are we going to reinvent the wheel when when it's already there, we just need to maybe turn down a wall or two. Uh, you know, put some new paint on it. And you know, despite despite it being similar to what it was before, there was a lot of great things that we're working and there were some things that didn't work, and a lot of and and so well, could you live with the fans if they if they get if if they call it the Snyder verse or or say Snyder's stuff is still can't could you live with with the Snyder? I tune them out there are there are some of the most toxic people when it comes to fan base. Is the same Marvel has the same people. Yes, the ones who can't see past it's a Marvel thing. It's it's the most that's the greatest. She holds the top three Marvel show. Yeah, yeah, get the hell out of here. Nobody thinks that um doesn't matter. Um and so um, Nick is a somebody man, He is a somebody. Come on now, somebody I used to know. No, Um, we love you. Make some really good Nick some time was really good. Takes on movies, it takes on Marvel specifically. It's what's really really bad? Um and uh, you've just we've just been given crap for it. Um. Yeah, no, it's I think it's fine because you don't have time to start over. So if so, if you have everybody on board, why not, Um, there's nothing necessarily wrong with Wonder Woman except um letting Patty Jenkins take complete control. Oh god, so that's number one, Hatty. And I mean, you got rid of all the people that you...

...wanted out, So bringing back Ray Fisher could be a thing. Um, because without apologies and admissions, I don't think he comes. I don't think he comes. Well, everybody's gone and all of the other actors are back, so I know, I'm just saying, I'm saying that, I'm saying there's a chance to I mean, he probably learned way too many bridges. But with this start, whatever it could, it could work, could happen. Um. I'm very excited that. You know, like Beetles still moving forward, We're still getting another piecemaker. As far as I know, Static Shock is still in the works, which Michael B. Jordan's is gonna be even hotter after Creed three as far as filmmaking. So you do not let that man go if he wants to do a static Shock movie. You let him make a static Shock movie because because that guy, he's really worked under like Ryan Coogler and people like that and during his career and now is making in his own movies. Create three is gonna be the best of the three movies potentially. That that trailer, So you know what that trailer told me. I was like, holy crap, Kang is going to beat the crap out of the adventures, like physically going to beat the crap. I don't know. Like I, it's funny. It's a Creed movie. And the first thing I think of the adventure is gonna lose um anyway, that's neither here nor there. Um. I don't know, man, It's it's just a really weird, cool, fun time for d C. And And the thing is that things are consistently being tweaked um and at the same time, either are all rumors and and ideas and thoughts, and none of it is actually been confirmed or anything. So we could be sitting here and conjuring all these ideas or whatever and over over in their offices sas laugh and the rest of the groups are just haven't even looked at it, which I doubt, of course that's a that's a very extreme possibility. Um. Yeah, it's gonna be Uh, it's gonna be interesting, to say the least. I the most movement we've seen in a while. Yeah, And I think that's gonna be, like you, like you said, a bit of a self amalgamation of what was working in in the Snyder verse. And I don't think they'll ever really discuss what is or isn't Cannon. Maybe for the first time in a while, they'll just say, hey, enjoy the enjoy the movie. And that could be I I said a long long time ago talking with Brian, back before I even joined uh l R m uh, that d C came in too late, should never have bothered with trying to uh recreate the m c u uh style, and that they should have just had a whole bunch of individual uh movies and stuff wherever they could get the right contracts and rights to do duos or team ups, have at it, and then do a Justice League film where the whole premise is that you have a multiverse in the flash, ran around and grabbed the best of of each you know earth that he could to form his league. Just do that, and they did it on on TV, Like you said, honest could have done that for for the for whatever, for whenever you wanted the Justice League, so that way you can have some new character actors and some existing ones. And I don't know, man, I think they've really stumbled. And honestly, thank God for Greg Berlanti and their team because because they filled in quite quite a bit of gaps when it comes to what fans wanted and from the d C. I mean, it wasn't perfect. Absolutely not it was TV. It was it was on the CW for Pete's sake. But I mean we got like what we got King Shark, We we got um Guerrilla Group, Guerrilla Grod, We had Black Livening with some really great writing from Sam McKiel, uh, Supergirl. We we did um. Hell, they even did the Um the Crypton Show, which was not that which wasn't that bad actually, um and that gave us the games a pretty cool actually the best version of Brainiac we've ever gotten. We really haven't gotten, so whatever, um and and then um just everything in between. The Aero stuff was fantastic. Early on the first three seasons of Flash was pretty solid. Yeah, so, I mean, as far as the Legend of Tomorrow was fun, I think Constantine was marketed wrong, especially in during its first run over at NBC. Who puts it on a Friday night like at nine third, Like, No, nobody's watching that, not because they don't want to, because they're not home. I think that's that was the biggest issue that when So when it finally when it finally made it to uh uh Netflix, everybody was like, this is great. Matt Ryan is fantastic. It's like yeah, we know that. But now we're getting back to Kanu, who wasn't too bad.

He's it's a good Uh. Constantine is a great movie. It's just not the it's not a hell Blazer movie, right, No, I agree with you, and and so um the TV side of things. Hell, I'll even count Lucifer in there because he didn't make an appearance and um in the crowd. He even made an appearance in the crossover episodes, which was really cool because I love Lucifer Son of stuff. And then we even got like fan service as far as um the Superman that everybody wanted but then didn't want, but then wanted. I know, you love those conundrums because it's it's freaking hilarious. And it's the same thing. It's the same thing with the X Men. Now. Yeah, now there's there's some really some really dumb rumors out there, guys, from some really crappy sources. I wouldn't necessarily believe them, but I wouldn't be shocked if if there were more Fox Men saved into the M M c U and uh, and then um, we even got to see Kevin Conroy as as a Kingdom Come type of Batman so so the TV side of things, I said, I bring some of those people back, let's do something there, because there's obviously a lot of value there. Um, I just don't know. I mean, how do patrol is still going strong? That's so so fucking weird and I love it so much. And then, um, sorry, I didn't mean to say that. I did mean to say it, but I didn't mean to say that on it. Um, titan starts in them and a couple of weeks again, I I've always thought it was kind of wonky. But whatever gets jobbed one audience. Yeah, And I can't talk too much crap about it because a good friend of mine actually is a writer on there, and so that makes things a little awkward. Um. And and so it's it's just it's good. We've we've had a good run. The the issue was that there was a couple there's a couple of things in the back which treated it like a hot potato, and the entire company was treated like a hot potato, and it it kept on moving to owner to owner. I think a T and T bit off way more than they can chew. And and as love has to deal with a lot of the dead and the business side of things, which unfortunately means he had to cut things. Was cutting back on the right move. Absolutely not, it was a terrible move. You go cut other things. But if you would have, if you would have been able to keep that and release it, you've made people a little bit happier. But I would have done it the way I would have done it, in a very strange way, where I would have told them I was going to cut it and then saved it because we're listening to you and and we're gonna give you what you want, some support. Yeah, And it's like kind of kind of like the whole Sonic thing where yeah, right, kind of like the Sonic thing. Yeah, the whole Sonic thing was. Yeah, this whole Sonic thing was genuine. But you know, it's kind of the same thing where it's like, all right, they listened to us, Now we're gonna go support this movie. And I would done the same thing. It's like, yeah, we're gonna have to cut this for budget, and it's like boo, like we hate you, and it's like we heard you, guys, so we're gonna bring this back and um we uh we we respect and love all our fans and so because of the because of the clamor here's back girl and guess why now everyone's gonna watch it because they're like they're listening to us, and um, Brandon Fraser is such a hot commodity right now, especially with what he's doing with this uh film weal and just like people do love him, which I do too. Hey he's robot man in uh Boom Patrol and he's like he'd be open to another Mummy movie, which I'm like, after that what you guys did in China. No, but if you're gonna make something like the first one, Okay, we can talk first classic anyway, I just kind of ranted for a bad No, it's all, it's all good. It's what the Daily Daily Colloge is or um, did you want to exactly exactly did you want to transition into your your topic or yeah, so we'll start. So we'll start with uh d c EU fans who we okay, we're not talking about Snider fans, talking about d CU fans who, um, who are very critical ironically of Rotten Tomatoes and their scores for um Black Adam, which which I don't understand if you if they kind of know how ron Tomato works because Ron Tomatoes takes individual reviews from sites all over who they've qualified as Rotten Tomatoes reviewers. That's how they come up with their number. It's not a number that they come up by by themselves, um fifty three percent as of right now with reviews. So keep keep go on, many putting screen from everyone. So let's just...

...let's start with that that Ron Tomatoes is not generating their own score. It's a combination of different sites. I mean you can go you if you click on the on you know, either audience or or critics scores, you actually get where where the where the review comes from, and you can read the full review on that outlets website by clicking on it. So yeah, they the one thing that that Rotten Tomatoes can do and and do do ha uh is like Manny said, Uh, they verify who who can review things and get their their stuff put up on their website. Uh, but they can't. I don't see them skewing that much, uh that far? Uh yeah, carry on alright. So but but one of their main criticism, and to a certain degree I agree with them because I do, I do believe it. It's a toxic culture. Um, I'll read a couple of these that says, if Black Adam would have had a Marvel logo, it would at least have a seventy raw Tomato score. And it's like even in Love and Thunder was the sixty four and I guaranteed Black Man Black Adam isn't worse. Um. And and then it says BBS is rated at twenty and it is one and it is a great comic book movie. I agree with that. I agree with general awful. The director's cause very very good. Damn so um, this is this is something I'll say, this is this is bull bull crap right here. Ray ray for Gooseman. Rafer Gooseman. I'm sorry for if I messed up the a sound in the first name from Newsday top critic gave it a zero out of four. Who what movie? But do you know how like like how bad something has to be for for a zero out of four? Like I don't I don't buy zeros like that. If the scales a one one to ten, I don't buy ones. There. There's there's very very few movies, especially ones on on this scale that would ever score a one, one or zero. I mean, you're you're talking like B films, see films even Uh that that right there. The thing and the thing about and the thing about it is, Um, I do not put I never put any regardless of how high or how low. I don't put value in row tomatoes numbers, not the wrong number. No, I go to look at what's what's actually being said, right, and and and so and and here's the reason why and and kind of the point I want to talk about his critics versus fans or critics versus general audiences. Um, most slasher films or never getting anything higher than like a sixty, they're like, but the thing is they're not supposed to They're not They're supposed to be campy. They're supposed to be you know part, you know what the genre is. But critics look at them with such a specific ie that they're never going to be that highly rated movie. But you had a great time, but you had a great time with theaters. The original Halloween, uh got a ninety six. Um, the two thousand seven Zombie got a seven. The Halloween got a seventy nine. But that's a sequel and and technically uh different. What else. Let's look at scream um because uh, scream seventy nine, seventy what is more recent? Though? All of these are older ones, and then those all tend to have bigger, bigger scores. What's some recent slashers? A recent slasher? Uh, that's not like a sequel. Um, it doesn't matter, carry on the your your point remains, Um, so my my my point is, um, yeah, screw it. Rotten Tomato stinks. And this is in general, like I never I never buy the I never buy the high ones either. Because we've talked before where the initial reviews and I don't I don't know. There may be a thing where they pick favorable ones in the beginning for certain movies and then add the other ones later, because the only number that ever matters is the initial Rotten Tomato score two people. But as the movie is being watched and reviewed through the first weeks of its release, um, those reviews are being added. In a lot of time, those really high Marvel ones that you thought were like right at the top come down significantly. And uh,...

I really always thought that was very suss Uh oh my god. Um, well I do have it. I do have a twelve year old. That's that's true. My son's nine, and he says it to damn it um um. So it's uh, it's it's very it's really interesting to think about and and and then it also um. The other reason I wanted to talk to you about it is because and Or, for example, is critically acclaimed it and no one's watching it. You all suck. I swear to God on my lives the the amount of people that just drooled over every freaking rebels or or or um uh clone wars reference in in Mando Boba Fett and and freaking Kenobi. And you guys are setting sitting here sleeping. You're sleeping on and Or, which is which is literally everything everything. Everyone I know over the age of of of about twenty five to thirty over that age has been dying for this right here, and because it doesn't have a bunch of freaking cameos in it. And it's just because it doesn't sit there and tickle your your your cartoon. Fancy you're you're sleeping on, dude, go watch and Or of all the all the excuses I've heard, Oh well we all know and Or dies, So did freaking Kenobi. And you you guys ate that up that garbage. Oh my god. Sorry, No, that's that's the point, and and and so and and it kind of it kind of worries me going forward because they're not going to make more serious like and where they're not and then whereas mid season the Mando is showing up with Grogu and it's like, oh, the baby's back, and it's like, dude, Like, first of all, it's not a baby. Um, that's kind of a random thing to add. Um. The second it's just, um, they're gonna keep making stuff like that where and and it's something you hate, and it's something that is now starting to raise my eyebrow because Shee Hawk had a million cameos in it and that's really what it was. And people are are loving it because they mentioned the word X men in it. M you know, they eat that crap that they if you take if you take the daredevil aspect out of it, like no, not even tease it, like like do you have that same support as you did in the beginning If you don't have Wong in it, No, what do you have left? And and so Spider Man no way home, Like what do you have left without the extra Spider Man? Not in that nothing really in that movie, and you you actually remove part of what made Tom Holland's Spider Man unique. Uh, you red con that Uncle Ben's death meant nothing to him and that basically Peter became Spider Man because he he was a nerdy kid that got powers, not that he learned a lesson. Even though you will, sorry, excuse me, even though you you have that whole scene in Civil War where he's talking to Tony. He's like, you know when when you can do the things I can, but but you don't, and then bad things happen, and it's very clear he's saying, I screwed up and got my uncle killed and that's why I'm I'm here. And then because you because you you realize that some fans, not not all. Because again, guys, freaking Twitter is a tiny little little bubble there. There are seven billion people on this planet. There are three and thirty three hundred forty million Americans United United States of America citizens, and uh people saying that they really wanted to see uh an Uncle Ben's story, so you gave it via aunt may No, No, that was unnecessary, we didn't need it, and you cheapen, you cheapen his journey you cheapen everything that he gave, the sacrifices he was willing to make in in uh in infinity War, Uh, the sacrifices he was willing to uh make in uh far from Home, the things that he was doing to try to save his friends, and uh, I still love that that that line with with Happy where you know, happy sewing them sewing them up and he's like, you know, wincing in pain and uh have He's like, I thought you were like super tougher or Whatever's like, it doesn't mean that, it doesn't hurt, Like he's still a human and and there was so much good there. And yeah, with with without without all the...

...nostalgias stuff, What does No No Way at Home offer, no like, without all the nostalgia stuff, What does Disney have? That's that's really the better question, because nothing, because what are we what are we doing bringing back Pinocchio, We're um, We're bringing back Boba Fette. We're bringing back um Mando and in Boba Fette because that's what people want, because they want to see the baby again. Boba Fette without Mando showing up is horrendous as a series. He should never had his own series and and Mando has had very good moments. Yes, but a lot of it is just him walking around. I do like the space western aspect of it, but if you look at it, it's just big shots of him walking around some sometimes. Yeah, and I've I've had to complain about the long, lingering, lingering shots in a in my modern day. Yes, and you know, you had to bring back cad Band, which I honestly i'd love Cadin, so whatever I was, I was kind of happy to see him. Uh And and you're now you're doing it with Marvel uh and and and then you have finally it's like, okay, cool, we got you guys on board. Here's this really great series called and Or. It's it's kind of it is in the Star Wars universe, but it's kind of its own story. And people are like, where's baby, Where's baby? You know, where's the reference is that? Where's Darth Vader at where? It's like, no, you guys, like, this isn't them, Like you know, this isn't about them. This is about this character and and these events that had that that took place. Yeah, we don't really know what it's boring. Yeah, I mean I don't know what you guys want. I will say this. You know, as as far as audience audience like uh, scores in the way audience see things versus critics A long long time ago, being a reviewer, being a critic took a lot more than spending some solid not making light of it. But it took more than spending solid time on social media and making a name for your yourselfia uh, your your postings. It was a job for for newspapers, specific magazines and and if you were lucky, uh, you you got some sort of local new local news stations, daytime talk position to be be there. You know what's what's playing at the theaters this weekend? Uh. But as time has gone on, us right right here have become the people that can review these films in a professional setting all through. Like I said, hard work still, but relatively easier to access because anyone can start a blog or or YouTube channel. Um. When you when you look at scores, being so close, that kind of shows some of it. What I really see that's weird is when when the scores are so vastly different. I see I see something getting high scores and I from critics, and I wonder why I wonder are they are they doing it because of someone that that's involved in the film. Are they doing it because they're afraid of of backlash Ghostbuster? But we've seen that, We've seen that people have Vendetta's. For example, when Suicide Squad came out, we were looking at some of those reviews, and some people in their reviews we're very highly critical of just James Gunn himself and not the film. Yeah, yeah, I will say that. Uh as far as if you slap a Marvel label on it, as I've been strolling on the screen, you get at least a sixty. Uh. For the most part, they're not wrong. E turns out at seven that's the lowest below sixty um. And then I think, uh, The and Humans got an an eleven um. Everything else, Marvel's Iron Fist thirties seven. Uh even Thor uh Love and Thor The Dark World sixty six. Uh, First Cap got a seventy nine. Incredible, Holt got a sixty seven. So I mean, but why why do people hate DC like? What? What? Then, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the the because it's not just like one critic, It's not just one small group of of critics, what what's the angle? Why why don't they like d C. No, No, that's a really good question. Um and and I'm not sure, but it's just interesting to see it kind of progressed into like the Academy Awards, because how many people actually watch those movies? Not not man right? And and you know, you never heard of some...

...of the movies that are honored there until the show itself or until you know those shows are previous, previous to um, um, the the award ceremonies, awards season or whatever. Uh like. For example, I thought The Northman was a fantastic movie. I guess audience didn't really feel that feel the same way. Um and it's the same. And I'm just very curious as to what is the um what's the difference, what's the where's the disparity? And what critics are looking for versus audiences? And and why do critics have to have to have their their checklist and not see it for the genre that it is? Because what what What works in one style of filmmaking for a genre does not necessarily work for another. You cannot judge, in my opinion, a UM, a good old fashioned horror movie with the drama because they're very very different the way they need to be shot, the way obviously obviously they need to be different. But I just it's some it's interesting to see and then you and then you see something like like and O for example, where it's like high critics, very low, very low public opinion, and then Rice first up and down, um man of the world. We we yeah. And And the problem is is that is that the students are looking at this data and what are they gonna do and give you more? Grow good, They're gonna give you more. I'm gonna give you more. When when you when you go, oh, just accept it for what it is. Janet Joe jones E looking at you break breaking geek fans over there, when you say all the time, just up something for what it is, eventually they just keep giving you lower and lower quality stuff. Why because it costs less. It costs lesson and effects. It costs lesson in hiring big name writers and things like that. It costs lesson q A QC can UH, quality assurance and quality control, editing, all of that. Because you're willing to go, oh, well, it wasn't meant to be a three hundred million dollar Studio movie. It was It's okay, It's okay. Oh god, it's a good example. Uh The Joker. Sid's on Ron Tomatoes at six from critics. Audiences are almost right there and so and and it's one of the most it's very very h Then the sequel now with Lady Gaga's is it's highly anticipated. Who I wants to see the direction it's going to go in I don't want to see. I have no interest in and I hate new musicals though, and I do not give hids about Lady Gaga. She's a great actress. She she was fantastic in Um, what's that movie called The thousand Version of Stars Born? No? No, it was shoot no, um No. I hated that season. Jesus Hotel was the one that was one of my least favorite seasons of like said, she was really good at this. Um, yeah, that was a really good movie. Yeah. So I don't know, man, Um. I think the takeaway is we hate the world, we hate people pretty much, and um because of it, and because of it, we're gonna get We're gonna get more more, more characters in the style of she Hulk. I'm not saying, you know, it could be a guy too that they treat this way. Um, it's it was a writing. I'm not talking about the character that style of writing again because has people loved it and and and it won't and it won't be until you get to you. It won't be until you get to the Avengers. Well, all of a sudden, you're gonna realize none of this has any weight to it. Yeah, none of this matter, none of it carried on, none of because because yeah, like it, it sounds fun right now, and like, you know, keep eating snacks. But at the end, you're you know, when you get your steak and your full already. Yeah, you've been eating breadsticks all all evening. Yeah, so where is it going to be your moment? And then you know, you hear those rumors that four Secret Wars, Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans and a lot of these players, they only want them to come back if they if they come back. Phase four was a complete useless disaster because because all of a sudden, none of those characters are gonna matter, because only the only those ones popped up and and again it would it would fly in the face of what what Tony did. Even if it's a variant.

I don't care seeing seeing him on the screen again. If it's a variant, go with the the Lokean and Spider Man version where they look different. Because endings, endings matter, guys, like they do. Endings, endings matter, and it's okay for certain aspects of something to end while other aspects carry on, and vice versa. It's okay for things from the past to remain uh and not necessarily change as long as the story fits. If the ending is right, let it end Vader being redeemed by his son and and help overcome and defeating the sith that that should have remained. We didn't need Papa Papa Palpatine to come come back, uh, Tony snapping his fingers to I am iron Man perfect. There's there's nothing else that ever needs to be done with Robert Downey Jr. On screen or America. Yes, and handing that off to Sam and having Evans come come back in a in a in a stars and stripes uh outfit with Sam on on camera two would totally unless you haven't come back. Yeah, I mean, do you remember how mad everybody was a Nick Spencer, It was a it was a Goofy's storyline regardless to to make it the original if you you'd, I mean everything was undone in the end. Anyways, Anyways, guys, UH, that's gonna do it for us today at a fifty minute episode Get off our, Get off our lawe no stay here on our lawn. Hit the red subscribe button on our YouTube lawn. Hit the follow button on your favorite UH podcast app like Spotify or Google or Stitcher. You've got great shows covering anime, Star Wars, Marvel, uh, anything and everything you can even imagine uh in an entertainment geek and pop culture would be a breaking geek and the daily cup of genre. Everything goes up on the website LRM online dot com, along with written reviews, UH articles, UH uh news articles, UH leaks, rumors and celebrity interviews. So check those out. Look, there's Cam and I talking and Or episode seven. Please watch and Or and tells. Tell Disney you want more stuff like and or on the Cantina. UH and I will, like I said, hopefully all things going well, nothing UH bad happening be at the l a premiere for uh um the one piece film read and Uh. I hope I will be posting some photos and videos and stuff on both my Twitter and the genreverse Twitter. So that's at that Colm Loan uh and at the genre verse Manny, where can people find you at? Uh? They can find me at mannyments Media on Twitter, and they can find me really underscore five ten on Instagram. UM fun fact for the day Today is the fifty five year anniversary of the original, uh famous Bigfoot film from northern California, and uh so, um did you see Bigfoot wave high? And just remember that um Bigfoot believes in you. Bye.

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