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Episode 533 · 2 months ago

Going Soft? Daredevil Born Again "Tonally Different" Says Cox | Daily COG


Daredevil Born Again "Tonally Different" Says Cox 

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Today, the guys discuss their (3 days late) thoughts on D23's Star Wars and Marvel announcements. However, it's Charlie Cox's Daredevil Born Again comments that have them really upset. Also, they discuss the continuing Marvel villain problem. The problem that they don't really have many... Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre!

(00:00)- Intro & Thoughts on D23

(09:24)- Theaters Still Need Love

(13:20)- Villains & Daredevil Going Soft?

(21:40)- Changing Characters/Different Versions & Phase 4 Burnout

(31:51)- Wakanda Forever Fears

(40:04)- Final Thoughts 

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Question(s) of the day: What were your thoughts on D23? Also, how do you feel about Charlie Cox's Daredevil Born Again comments? 

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And I don't. I don't know what you mean by crap on my head. I can wear hats. Oh No, the hat, the the actual now and that is a hat. It was not the issue here. It was it's what's on the hat? That is question. Let's do. Do I need to go get my my Pins Jersey on? Do I need to go get my shark scare? And who? Who won that? That Stanley Cup in what I'm I'm listening. Who? Who won? who had back to back Stanley Cups? There? What Huh exactly? Let's let's go pens. Hey, everybody, welcome to the daily cup of Genre. Here onto this genre first podcast network, where we are all penstands, whether we like it or not. Uh, we are on the guniversitytube channel, wherever you get podcasts, from Google's spotify, apples and apples. I was gonna say Soundcloud, because that's uh what we used to distribute from, but no, we're on sounder now for distribution, plus all of the APPS that I mentioned and more. I'm kyle, that's manny. I'm having an awful week. Hair is not done, hence the hat and UH yeah, welcome, welcome to the show. We've got social media information down below description box or on your screen. And not only manny do I have the new look with the hat, but I got some new lighting in the studio. I got, I can't help my camera for everyone, but manny will be able to see the new ceiling fan with the RG B lights and stuff that I got installed so I can actually kind of make the the room match the colors of some of these uh podcasts. So uh, sorry, guys, we haven't been around all week. I had to get my permanent crown done on Monday. Tuesday is his occupational therapy day. Anyways, I should only have one more appointment left for that, hopefully meaning that Tuesday's, unless my my wife needs me to go with her to our son's Ot. Me and manny should be good to go on on Tuesday's after next week. But well, we'll see how you doing, man. I haven't talked to you. Brillian. No, man, what the heck? Yeah, I blame you. Um, I mean I think I think it's just been fine. It's it's weird because what I do kind of for L R M. I do it now for my day job. Yeah, but but differently, of course, very very differently. So it's Um, it's been weird to to sit, to sit at the station and and get paid as much as I do to do it's very, very it's very awkward. I feel like at any time someone's gonna come in and just kid, actually, here's your real job. Go Dig a hole. Yes, like that. Do some do some manual labor. Yeah, now, Um, yesterday, we can talk about something serious. Um, you know, we never even talked about we'll get into some video games in a little bit, but just your just your overall thoughts since we since we haven't talked with your thoughts on twenty three a m it seems that Disney, and I say Disney because it carries over to Lucasfilm and marvel, it seems like Disney really doesn't. I mean they had a whole bunch of stuff at celebration, they had a whole bunch of stuff at uh San Diego Comic Con. For Marvel, celebration had star wars, of course, and then d d twenty three was where the gaps were supposed to be filled in, you know, not necessarily the phase six gaps, but the stuff for... the rest of four five, stuff for Mandalorian and some of that happened for the people in the audience and it was kind of disappointing that there wasn't more stuff because some of the footage that they showed the d twenty three audience was the exact same crap that they showed at San Diego. Some of it had maybe an extra scene or was re cut differently, but uh, for the most part, the way we understand it, uh, there was. There wasn't a lot of new stuff shown. Um, so it felt disappointing in that in that light. Um, strictly just from a a what was delivered. Not, Hey, I wanted to see this instead, but what they what they delivered was, it really wasn't much. And then it's like we're we're in this age of of the digital streaming. I mean they streamed a couple of the stage is on online and stuff like that, but we're we're at that point now where the whole thing of making the non attendees wait as long as they do, like I thought those days were gone, I think. And I think that's important well to to a degree, because some because the whole point was people spend money, here they go, they get to see see something. But the problem with it this time was it was the same stuff that they had shown at other conventions. Right. So we're we're not getting any anything new, and it's like, well, if you're gonna show audience members, some of which were at San Diego, some of which we're at celebration, if you're just gonna show the same, same crap again, why not go ahead and release that, you know, release what you you released at at San Diego or at a at celebration? Um, as far as what I wanted or as far as what they did show my my feelings on star wars stuff. Uh, I'm cautiously excited for and or UH Mando season three. Uh, and then Geez cat Um. I don't care about tales of the Jedi. Am Not a I'm not a prequel Arab Guy Um, and I don't care for the animation style of felony so bad batch and and stuff like that. Don't care. On the marvel side, sorry, nick, but dude, I just don't. I don't care anymore. Man. I I got a couple of marvel stories I didn't want to talk about after you give your thoughts on it. But I mean most of it comes from uh, phase four being so relatively disappointing. I mean there's some good stuff, there's some really bad stuff, but nothing in four has just been of the same caliber of even phase one. In my mind, like if you put if you were like you're gonna Watch something marvel, you could be phase four or you could watch a phase one movie, I think I'd probably be watch iron man or the first of an avengers film instead of anything in phase four. And that includes, uh, spider man, no, a home doc, strange, all of the shows. Like I I really do. And so when when they announced all this stuff, especially thunderbolts, and I was just like, I don't I don't care. I mean thunderbolts is black widow two, which could be fine, but I I just don't I don't care for the team. I don't know why Bucky's a bad guy. I don't know why Yelena is a bad guy. And that's the thing about the thunderbolts. They were supposed to be bad guys. There wasn't just a task force x suicide squad type thing either. You know it was. It was a little bit different depending on the team and and ARC. But Yeah, man, relative relatively disappointing. What about what about you. How do you feel? Well, Um, I think, I think where they made the mistake, because I personally believe that they reveal too much at San Diego. Yeah, phase the two phase six projects with the avengers films...

...should have been revealed here. I think that was because they were trying to I think they looked at what they were announcing and realized how lukewarm a lot of people have been on phase four. So I think that was like a treat but I do agree with you. Still you, Um, you could have. Yeah, you could have just saved all the face, because no, nobody was taking anything extra, extra comic count anyway. I mean Warner Brothers was news fest with things that you've already knew. and Um, if you would have revealed the two avengers films and revealed the director there, as well as the fantastic four with the director there, I think that completely changes the narrative because not, not, now you're finally talking secret wars instead of instead of Um, just the trailer for Um secret invasion, and everything is a secret now. Um. And Uh, what else did they what else I see? Yeah, I can't. I can't, even by night, which which I am very excited for because I'm very curious about it. Um. But yeah, yeah, and then also, I think my other biggest takeaway was how upset I was. Uh, and I think we talked. I talked about this briefly during our weekly call that we do for lrm. was movies like Hocus pocus too, and disenchanted. I'm very excited for I love both of the franchise, especially enchanted to such a fantastic movie. K. Yeah, your taste is as blind as its gold. Is Brilliant, brilliant. It's the most refined entertainment taste. No, Um, I don't. Anywh I'm very point on. The point is both of the just have have a have a big following as far as fans and and people who wanted a sequel, excl exclusive to Disney plus. Yep, now, no theater release. Especially hocus focus too would have been such a fun movie to to go watch in theaters, because that one there's so many people are tired for. Help out the industry a little bit. Give it a give give it a give it a short release, at least something, a dual release if you want, which is what a lot of Um, which is like a universal and paramount of there. They're they're like, Hey, do you want to go to the theaters? Here's your option to go to theaters. But we're but we want we want this also far our streaming service. Um, I like that better, just because it gives the option. Gives the option. Is it going to be the biggest box office hit? No, but you don't care because you want to for your streaming service, but you also want to do something for the industry. It's just putting it straight on. I'm streaming. It's just such a selfish thing to do, especially for a bigger movie like that, and then you'll piss off the rest of the audience we had left after talking rings of power last week. I don't those people anyway, some of those. I want my streaming. I want more content for for less money and help. How dare you change the quality or quantity? Yeah, it doesn't work. And then, Um, and then, to make it worse, we'll never see it on physical media. So, like it's either Disney, Disney plus or or nothing. So it's very Um, it's it's very it's very disappointing. That's that's what I'll say. Um, no one asked for a Mo Fassa prequel. Nope, especially from that terrible, Um, quote unquote, actual CG version of the movie, because...

...that's yeah, that's not live action. That was I laughed at that. I was like, nobody asked for this, nobody wants this. Um, let's Um, let's move on. Um. And then, Um, I think, I think those are the biggest takeaways. I think I thought everything, I thought everything else was fine. I think where I'm I don't I don't care for Star Wars. As a matter of fact, I'm opposite to you. The felony stuff is the only stuff I'm really invested in, because I've watched some of so much, so much of it already that I that I'm that I've I'm just I'm just in on it, um, but I really don't. And it was actually pretty good. I can tell you because I've watched a couple of episodes already. Um, all right, it's different, very, very different, Um, and I think that's what I enjoyed about it. And then, Um, I think my biggest disappointment for that weekend that I expected some sort of indeed, something like something, anything, and and you want a lot of others. I think that was the biggest disappointment of the whole thing. Other than that, you know, I thought they did find. Oh, and my thoughts on the thunderbolt. I keep careless. I mean like, if there's if there's one, if there's one huge, huge problem with the Marvel Studios, is their villains. Yeah, their villains are terrible, and most of these aren't even villain. You have, you have one or two that that that that has stand out, that stud that stand out right, like they know whatever stands out pretty well. No, not even anyone. I said for a bit. Kill monger, great, yeah, yeah, and then everything else is so disneyfied that you kind of lose respect for are kind of the whole idea of them being villains. I mean Helen, Wanda, Vision Wanda was the villain, which is fine, but she has to be the villain or not, and then she became the hero and then they managed to have her both be villain and hero in Doc, strange too, because of multiverse. But Yelena supposed to be a villain. She's she's good. I mean that's the thing, man. It's like, if you're gonna make a team of villains, YOU HAVE TO CREATE COMPELLING VILLAINS FOR SOME ACTUAL VILLAINS. So what? Like the you know, every villain in Disney, for whatever reason, has to have a redeeming quality. Why? You know, some people like, honestly like to quote the quote. Some people just want to watch the world burn. I mean, and it goes even further with with like females. I'm really nervous about that female imperial officer on, on and or. I mean let let bad guys be bad guys, and including if they are if they are female. Um, they go often out of the way. Look at Riva and the UH yeah, spy or turn coat in in OBI, Wankanobi, like they go out of their way to make all villains. But if you, if you look at it there, we can name a few male villains. I mean we need some good female the villains out there, guys like that is a valid fucking role. So we need role. I think that's the problem. And the thing is with Riva is she's a great she's a good character. I thought she was fine. I was gonna say, don't say great. She had some potential, but they wrote it then it right. They should. That should have been something that was a little bit more um thought out, a little bit better. But I was. I was stretched out, because it is. It's a good it's a good story, but it was written. It was written very poorly, written, very very poorly. Not Her fault, Um, but I mean the critics. But it's funny...

...because any criticism then that you gave about the character and made you a racist at one point. Yeah, no, no, no matter what. Yeah, so that was that was. Yeah, that's disappointing. Um. I think that those were my biggest takeaways from it. Basically was it just seems that at this point, for now, my big my feelings about Disney's that it's watered down. Yeah, very very much to the kind of happen. It's just very diluted and I think because they have their hands in so many different cookie jars, their product, their product, is super diluted and that's the that's the problem and order. We all thought it sounded great and guys looked Um, I'm always one that talks about consistency and in my days, but consistency doesn't mean that you never change. It means that if and when you do change, you do it for the right reasons, that it's new input or or whatever. We were all really really stoked a few years ago when they were like man, we were gonna pump out so much m c u stuff that you guys are just gonna you're gonna be inundated with it, and we all were like yeah, shows, three or four shows a year, three or four movies a year. And now I'm like, can we get maybe two shows and three movies a year and that's it? Like two shows, three movies, that's that's it, because doing so much has watered it down, like you said, in order to get the content out. I mean, Holy Holy Crap, man, does does C G I take a hit? Does writing take a hit? Does editing UH take a hit? And Disney is not the only only ones. Guys, Um Uh Warner Brothers had a a house of the dragon mess up and editing some green screen left in, or green glove, I should say. Uh. Cobra Kai first three episodes. Christine and I have watched the first three episodes of Cobra Kai. Uh. There's a scene where Johnny and one of the kids, I don't want to do any spoilers, but one of the kids are driving in a in a van, and the screen or the UH compositing they did, because they're just in A. There's just a green screen or blue screen around them. You know, they're doing the old old fashioned way people driving cars and shows. It was atrocious looking and I'm like, man, that's like the easiest thing in the world to do these days is make it look like you're driving in a in a car, and they couldn't even do do that. You know, Netflix spent all their all their money on on stranger things. So Disney is not alone in this, but it is. It is frustrating and and even then man like you, like you talked about the Disneyfication of things. Geez, dog really Um, we got daredevil uh born again coming out and people are scared to death of it because we we've had we've had Charlie Cox and say things like, Um, you know, daredevil has to be UH mature, it had a tone, it was set and things like that. But then we have UH recent interviews and I've got it up on the screen right now. Uh Charlie Cox spoke with variety, Derren d d twenty three, and he was asked kind of about the tone of the of the upcoming show and he goes, I don't know what, I don't know that it will be any more darker or any less dark? What does what does dark mean? There will be a tonal shift, I'm sure, because we're doing uh, we're doing more episodes and we're on an end. We're now on a different platform. I don't know, I haven't read any anything yet. And then there was, um, a little bit more Um. He talked about his episode on on she huld. Excuse me, and he goes what was fun about being in she hulked for this one episode is obviously the tone of the of the show is radically different and in order...

...for it to be appropriate for me to be in that show, I had to adapt a little bit of uh, my Matt Murdochs so so he was in a place in his life where he's having fun, where life is good and he's a bit cheeky and a and a bit flirty and it's totally, totally slightly different. It was a bit of an experiment, but but it wasn't but it was enjoyable and I had a really good, good time. He talks about chemistry and things with uh, uh titanya Tatiana. Okay, so sorry, I was trying to read that as if he was talking about the villain in the character and not not the not Tatiana h the actress that that plays Jin and and she hulk Um. So he goes. So if they do lighten the tone a little bit, I'm not afraid of that. I am, though, like on honestly, you're you're giving this a rated m marvel zombies. You've put the the daredevil and and defender shows on h Disney plus. I don't mind him being lighthearted in and she hoped, because in the comics you have serious characters that get a little bit more lighthearted depending on the comic that they're in, the story going on. And we're all human. I mean, like I said, I'm having a rough weeks of I've been in a bad mood for for a few days, but I'm still capable of having fun, like you know, here here on on the on the show, Um. But when it comes time to for for his show, I mean after after kingpin and Hawkeye Man, are are you not? And after these comments, are are you not a little scared? I'm not scared. I'm just now, I'm just my my uh interest, my bar is a lot lower now. As far as um I expect, it's just like like who cares like I'm. Well, I care. That's Um. I guess I'm trying to to lessen the blow for myself. I guess because I'm not expecting the most any more. I'm not expecting that high quality for the moment, like that low key series that came out wand division. Oh Man, the excitement for one division was going to come out Loki. Is that at all? I was at a high because of the expectations. Right, and Um, we are, you know. And then simply for the movies. I mean, Shan't she delivered? I'll say that I think the probably the most solid movie of of phase four, if you take the nostalgia out of spider man. No, no way home. Yeah, and it's funny because, Um, and you know it's good because WHO's directing one of the avengers movies? The same guy, Creton. Is that how you say it? I don't remember. something. Yeah, but so, so you know it's good because that that. That's how you know. You know a Disney project was considered successful because you'll see those directors again and then in it again, sometimes, many too many times. I'm talking to you title with Katie. As much as I like his films, that are non Disney. Um, they, they, they. Well, actually, you know, the other thors was good. I'm not. I'M NOT gonna. I'm not gonna throw that under the button. It's destined Daniel Kreton. So I was, I was, I was on the money, but slightly off. So, yeah, I just think that, Um, it's Um, I completely lost my train of thought there. Sorry, no, it's fine. I there's the qualities down. We're Gettin too much of it and and now you're and it's cool. Yeah, am I happy to see Charlie Cock back, as as Matt Murdoc? Absolutely, I'd be so excited to see Matt coulture back as as Um new and even what's I can't remember her name, as Jessica Jones. Oh Dude, you just made me get it point. But...

...but the problem. Yeah, but the problem is that they had so that's such a successful run on Netflix now, with the dark and gritty tone. That is a h thank you, Christian Ritter, who who that is a hund percent missing from Marvel Studios. That I I fear that in bringing these characters into the world we saw already with kingpin, you almost end up making a mockery of everything they did, because you've again the same word. You're watering it down. A daredevil's story should be dark and gritty. Hell, the guy's blind, so he's working at night, you know, and mobsters and underworld criminals, not not just masked super villains, but like the underworld, the yeah man and and, like you said, it's got the weight of expectation SS and it doesn't have the benefit of time separating it. Like yeahs a superman had from seventy seven to, you know, the next Superman films, uh with either returns or or Um man of steel. You look at Batman from Adam West to eighty nine, like there's there's time to forgive and forget for some of those things that they were bad or just for forget if they were really good. There's no time here. and and sometimes even different versions of the characters are good. I find I find some great qualities of Henry cavill's superman versus, you know what, what they did in the seventies, and even even Brianon Rosse's character. You know, it's fun for certain degrees. How even the Superman getting on on the CT W has has actually been very, very, very decent Um and then same thing with Batman. There's something fun about having that. Um. Well, exactly like comic books, different different writing teams given give you different stories, give you a different with different artists, give you different takes on characters. Um. I think that the issue now with marvel students and it's all the same. It's like that Housewriter, that House Art Style, and and you you kind of know what took on the product. A couple of episodes of of teasing who the villain is. Yeah, episode four or five you find out who it is, Um, and then they fight whatever, and then in the end, Oh, you know, I was wrong, and they hug it out, you know, or they die, kind of yeah, yeah, died, and then come back and and they're on the thunderbolts. Yeah, so it's yeah, yeah, yeah, Oh, yeah, they're not thunderbolts. So like and and then I think that what's going to be even worse is I think that, regardless of WHO's on this team, they're Kinda compared to suicide squad. Oh Yeah, and when you do, everyone compared the first suicide squad movie to Guardians, yeah, which is absolutely yeah, yeah, they they man them bad. Um. So throw a Queen Song in there or something. Do it. Do it now. It's like, Hey, we really like this trailer. It's like, well, yeah, we hired a trailer company to do it. Oh, we'll hire them to do the whole movie, despite the fact that their company that does trailers. Yeah, we don't care. Um, anyway. That that's Um. This's is really sad because I want to like. I don't like sitting here and saying yeah, it's crap or yeah, that's not good, like it's it's it's mediocre now at best. But but the thing is they have so many people wrapped around their fingers. I don't know. Miss Miss Marvel was crap after episode three, Miss Marvel, I tried so hard to like it, and then it was yogurt in the final episode. But yeah, yeah, yeah,... the last one that really I was like, you know what, this has done well, but it was because it was so different. I thought one night it was done well. Yeah, and then so, as far as far as some of the TV shows, wandavision was good until the finale. Um, that's how I that's how I feel really. Um, UH, winter soldier, it was pretty good until they kept repeating the message over and over and over again, as if nobody was going to get it. And then same thing, same problem with the villain. I thought was great. That had one of the craziest endings because we saw how it connected with everything and how it was we thought that's when the gears were gonna get moving. Right. Then gears never started moving. Um. And then we thought it would be spider man. Nope, and then we then we thought the movie called multiverse of madness. Nope, maybe, maybe quantum maybia. But I've read quite a few of the leaks. Uh, not originally on purpose, Um, but if, if even half the leaks are true, you're gonna be disappointed. If you're looking for big multiversial things, you're you're still gonna be disciplined and Um. But okay. So Moon night on its own, great. I enjoyed it. Yeah, but again, not no types of connections and I stand alone. Fine, I I loved it. I enjoyed it good. They had good they had a good cast, they had a good story. Uh, is just cool department and the fact that they added the third verse, the third the third personality, I thought was very yeah. So then then Miss Marvel was set up to fail because of the fact that I could care less about captain marvel. That was that was a movie about Um, Nick Fury. That's what that was. Nick fury featuring Captain Marvel. That's what that was. Um and UH. So, what of her? Um and and just, I don't know it. It's I felt like it was. It was made more for like like a teenage girl, which is fine. No, no issues with with, you know, splitting up demographics. Um and then am I'm missing a show, I think. I don't think so. There's there's what if there's a Hawkeye? There's hawk eye. Was it was a waste of time. If anything they did. If anything they did. Um, well, actually, Kay bish was great. Yeah, I did, whenever it was her and her and clint, that was good. Kay Bishop was great. I'M NOT gonna I'm not gonna say it was all terrible, but but it was. I seem like I'm necessary, like why am I watching this? Like you're introducing characters that are supposed to be important later. I was like, I don't think so. Um and uh and then just what we're seeing so far from she hawk hawks is fun. I like she hawk. It's fun and I think at the East with this show I'm like, all right, I'm having a good time because it's it's almost interactive with the fourth wall and and and I'm and I'm enjoying it for what it is. I know a lot of you know like the like the whole thing with Megan Staling was fun. The whole thing was Wong and Um, yeah, that's that's that was hilarious. Um, kind of abominations, like just being weird and different and just kind of been like yeah, I'm a regular dude now. That was that was okay, like it's just it's just good. It's just fun her trying to deal with the fact that she's she hulk and everybody knows it. I haven't, I'ven't. Just enjoyed that. So that's okay. But Um, just everything else, like I'm honestly worried. For what kind? For whata? Kinda forevery like and I think my biggest word, my biggest worry about it is the fact that, Um, I feel that they are going to milk the death...

...of of and that is just great to do for a good chunk of that movie. And I hope I'm wrong, I really do. Does he deserve something? You know, it's good send off. Absolutely, but I just have a bad fiting this movie is going to turn into like exploitation morning fest, and the exploitation I mean when it when it comes to Wakanda forever. My biggest fear is Disney misread the room on what they should have done with the TATA character, and it also makes me worried, Um, that they misread the room on who people want to see in a panther suit next. And I don't think, and we still have no hundred percent confirmation, that any one person will be the the one and only Black Panther for this movie. Little ongoing forward. There's a lot of stuff being kept under under wraps, but there's enough out there that we know at least letitia writes. Uh, I just forgot the sister's name. Sure, sure, thank, thank you. I kept wanting to say re renized, like no, that's iron heeart Um, sure he uh. We know that. We know that there's a really good chance she's gonna at least be in a in a panther suit at least once. Right, and and and here's here's gonna go ahead. Sorry, sorry, I was just gonna say my only thing with that is having seen her in both Black Panther and infinity war, because she doesn't really have any inner lines in in a end game. Is that she did not seem like she could carry a movie as a lead. And that's not a bad there's lots of actors and actresses that are not lead, and especially when they're young in their career. So it's not me saying she's a bad actress. There are. You need supporting cast and she did great as a supporting cast, but I did not see her as as a lead. I mean, uh, you got uh, Um, I cannot even try to pronounce uh, pronounce her name. Um, the ladies that play the two more I don't want to say popular, but two more well known royal guards. Uh. Both of them seem like they could carry better scene more right. So, Um, I'm worried about I'm I'm really worried. Marvel went. Uh. Here's a here's a chance for another uh girl power moment, and I don't necessarily think that after the death of Chadwick Boseman and uh, completely negating even considering recasting, I don't think that this is not necessarily the way to go. I think they may have misread the room here, but we don't know for sure. What do you what do you think? Yeah, I mean, here's the red flag and take it how you want, right, uh ree, Williams, iron heart replaces Um Tony Stark, and then you have sheery replacing t challa. MHMM, you've you've downgraded like I like. You're not based off of the comic books even. I mean, what do you so like? We don't know what might be good. We don't, and again I want to be proven wrong. But based on what we've seen, this is this is the assumptions we can make. But and then also, sure he has never proved the fact that she could hold her own as a Black Panther, because if she could, she would not have been an endgame with weapons, with with you know, firing weapons like guns, you know like laser beams or whatever the hell energy blast. She would have had. She would have had the purple heart fruit, she would have she would have had her own suit if she was that capable. I mean,...

...they did just come back. I'll give her. I'll give her a little bit of slack on on Endgame, but but you are right. It just doesn't feel like they should have had her making an army of Black Panther. She should have had a black panther stealth suit for uh the lady that was Um Tachalla's lover. You know, they should have. She would. They should have had a sure he designing tank uh Black Panther suits for Um uh Baku. And problem with that now is that you're turning Black Panther entireman. Well, no, no, you what you do for this movie will knda forever. This one big threat right, and at the end of it it all comes back down on whoever is going to be the new it's like, yeah, we can't have all of this out there going about. We can't, uh, you know, we need that symbol, we need our king or Queen, whichever way they do eventually go. But at the end of it is when we should have gotten a big, a big reveal. And you know what, I don't know. You know what? I've even taken and it would be compelling, but they would never do something like this. It's have kill monger coming back at some point. A lot of people take wanted that he should have been on thunderbolts. Yeah, take that. I don't think so. I don't think he's a thunderbolt kind of team yere Um take. So make kill monger king because of we don't have anyone else, and then have almost like an ocean master type of situation where at some point most of the Kingdom realized that was a bad idea and have somebody kind of build them up to then fight him and at the end of the next movie, not this one, take over as the rightful Black Panther. We've established credibility and we've seen him take on this, you know, be able to defeat the same bad if not a bigger threat now as a King Um, and I think that, I think that works. But keep, obviously the entire time, kill monger as a villainy Um. So I think that, you know, just the internal fight, as in the family, the royal thing. I think. I think it would have been great, uh, never that that would happen, of course, because more than likely what they would do is bring kill monger back and all of a sudden making sympathetic. Yeah, he would. I've learned. I've I mean, and don't get US wrong, guys, that redemption stories should exist as well, but not villain not every movie. You know, like guess what they did with guess. So they didn't the Batman. They didn't redeem the riddler. He's just like, he's just fucking crazy and and and even in the cell, like that's that's what happened the Penguin, uh, for example. He's just a mobster. That's that's it. There's nothing, there's no underlying story about UH. Well, of course the actually now he's gonna well, I don't even know if he's gonna have it still, but Nationale was gonna have a series of everything. But, you know, just just keep people bad. Also, like they don't they don't have to be good. They don't know. Just I think, heck, even even even as Um as much as a good guy, that they've turned Harley Queen into. At some point, even during her animated run, and and even in the comics, she'll go ape ship and kill a few people because in her core she's still crazy, though. Yeah, and and and and, if she's passionate enough about something, she loses control and turned back into that line. They gotta gotta be gotta... willing to crack a few eggs to make that omelet Disney. Yeah, but right now every everything's a love story. It's a good way to put way to put it and and uh and it, and then it waters down to what they're doing with the parks too. Yeah, so I've always been, I mean ever since I turned uh, I think I was like ten eleven, and discovered roller coasters, like real roller coasters, not just the matter horn or space mountain. But Um, I have not been one for for Disney parks because I am a I am a writer, not a not a like immersion. Don't get me wrong, like universal studios, they balance it real, real well. You know, I cannot wait to get down to to Orlando and ride the VELOCA coaster. That looks amazing. But like all the things like the spider man ride, the Um hoholk coaster, even the Harry Potter rides, all managed to blend immersion and thrills a lot better than than Disney does. They have they have a little bit of it is what it is. You know, even even the the old as uh water world show is still fun kind of time. Then you have like things like the mummy. They have haunted experiences also like it's. It's such they have something for everyone. It's a really good point. The right I missed the most just because of the immersion that it put you in the film is probably it's a terminator. Oh yeah, I got to see that Terminator and then I also Um and then writing the simpsons ride made me really miss back to the future. Yeah, you know, Christine and Christine and I were some of the last people to ride rondos back to the future because it closed down the year we got married. And where did we do our honeymoon? Universal or land. So yeah, we were some of the last people, uh uh, to ride the ride. I was very, very thankful for that. So, yeah, cool. Alright, anyways, we don't really have time for Oh, you got a kitty too. We don't really have time to talk about the playstation state of play or or the nintended yeah, we can talk a bit about it. About it tomorrow, guys. UH, Kitty. What's your cat's name again? Schmidt from new girl justice. He's if you know, if you've watched new girl, you know why my cats named Schmidt. He's a Sassy Bitch. There you go, guys. CHECK OUT LRM ONLINE DOT com every day for all all entertainment, all entertainment news, needs and opinions, celebrity interviews, written reviews, as well as articles covering news leaks, rumors, all of all of that good stuff. Get stuck, Kittie. You can access our podcasts from there. Most of them. GET RIGHT UPS. If I'm you know able to all the podcasts are on your your favorite uh pod podcast APPs. Great shows like Uh anime verrsaal reviews to finishing up classroom of the elite season two over the next two weeks. Uh that CAD TINA and marvel, multiverse, mayhem do star wars and marvel reviews and news respectively. We have the rings of Power Review Show we cleverly call review of the rings. I cannot believe that wasn't taking. Can you believe that was not taken? That's such a good name. Um. Anyway, guys, we also, of course, have a breaking Geek Radio, the podcast and and the daily cup of of Genre doing everything in entertainment news. Uh. And you get a couple of extra things here on the on the Youtube Channel. Besides are ugly mugs, you also get a anime reactions on a B R squared and uh trailer reactions via the genre shot series. So yeah, guys, check all of that out. Thanks to four hundred and nineties subs so far on on Youtube help us break five hundred this weekend. Are this week would be great. Um. Yeah, many anything...

...else you wanted to throughout today? Yeah, for tomorrow's show, I'm maybe doing it remotely. Okay, I will be on my way, I think so. I haven't. I've been called that I've bums up, but I haven't got the UM confirmation that. But I will do a lot. Yeah, but I'll be going down to Burbank to the Disney animation studio, because I've been but I will be on the road at around this time. Stop it, Um, Um. So, I'll pick a really good picture for you, Manny. Well, you'll be audio only. That'll be all right. I'll pick a really good picture to watch ridiculous face. I can find out of all of our old videos. I'm sure you have there. You have quite a few of that. Yeah, anyways, yeah, so, yeah, well, yeah, actually, that'll be that'll be nice to record your moll money. That way I'm not I'm not all alone on the road. I hate driving alone. Alright, guys, uh, see that. Oh, I thought you're telling me. No, no, no, the cats like trying to ease my mouth. Ironic. Will Get out of here like.

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