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Episode 551 · 2 months ago

CRAZY MCU News! Blade, Armor Wars Shake-Up & Harrison Ford For Thunderbolts? | D-COG


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Today, the guys discuss shake-ups for Armor Wars and Blade. Also, is Harrison Ford wanted for Thunderbolt Ross in The Thunderbolts? Dear Thanos, please save us! Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre! 

(00:00)- Intro & MCU News: Blade And Armor Wars Shake-Up

(08:32)- Setting Expectations For Announcements And Quality

(14:16)- Hocus Pocus 2 And Hellraiser Reviews From Manny

(20:43)- Harrison Ford For Thunderbolt Ross In The Thunderbolts?

(29:19)- Of -Ists And -Isms AKA She-Hulk

(36:00)- Final Thoughts 

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Question(s) of the day: What are your thoughts on the Blade and Armor Wars shake-up? Also, would you want Harrison Ford for Thunderbolt Ross? 

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We won't thankfully, thankfully, where I live, we won't have too much uh impact we're expecting. Uh we we've got wind gusts right now hitting like thirty five forty but uh, you know, everything here's built for for that and more so that's not that's not too bad. A little bit south could get like four or five inches of rain, and of course the outer banks are you know, dangerous, but uh, where I live, it's gonna rain, it's gonna be windy. As long as you don't have anything that could fall like a dead tree or something, should be all right. So but a thoughts, prayers, and and best hopes and wishes for everyone that that has been in in the path of the storm as it came up through the Gulf and and here into the US. UM. And we heard earlier early reports of losses, loss of life in Florida seventeen last news that I heard, so uh thoughts with the victims for sure. UM sucks to start on such a downer note, but we we might have we might have more downer notes, manny, because uh Marvel Marvel is uh is once again going through some m phase four fine pains. We'll get into that here on the Daily Cup of Genre. Nice smooth transition there, Kyle on the Genreverse podcast network and the YouTube channel. Be sure to like, share, subscribe all of that good stuff. Uh, We've got the website LRM online dot com. Go there every day for all entertainment news needs and and opinions. I'm Kyle at that Kyle Moe on Twitter. That's Manny at many go as media on Twitter, and uh yeah, we're We're here to talk about inner entertainment news and and whatever the hell else we want. And it's Friday's home. Sure will work in something horror related, something more horrifying than the the state of Marvel Studios. Um yesterday, Oh man, I forgot to bring up that story. It was over the weekend, if I'm not mistaken. Or early in the week we learned that Blade would be losing hit its director, well his directors character is the title anyways, losing the director and then also rumors that uh mr Ali is not very happy with the way uh things are going for his his Marvel project. Um the director is gone. That that is official. The feelings of the actor again is is just uh rumors scuttle butt across the the internet. Um, but yeah, it's uh, they said do. This is the official statement from Marvel UH to Deadline. They said, due to continued shifts in our production schedule, Balsam is no longer moving forward as director of Blade, but will remain as an executive producer on the film. We appreciate uh Bsam's talent and all the work he's done getting Blade to where it is. And that brings us up to what what did happen overnight? Uh? Marvel's Armor Wars Manny is no longer a series, but is now being developed as a movie, with uh the head writer carrying over to become the movies writer, and UH of course Mr Cheatle sticking around for for the role of Roady. How do you feel about these two stories? Man? Well, I was reading the one about Armored Wards and it looks like they just feel like a movie might be a better better one better...

...thing for for for the film, which I mean if you think about it with some of these characters. Yeah, it's just one feature film is probably better than trying to stretch it out into for example, right now, and I'm sorry I have to use Sheehaw continuously as a bad example right now, but that's that's what it is. That's awful, That's that's what it is. Um And so um, yeah, it's interesting to see things are always going to shift and things are gonna happen like that. So I'm not too too worried about it, especially especially Blade, because of the fact that it's been developed for so long. I mean how it was it was now back in two yeah, yeah, and we're here, we are in two and they're barely gonna start. Yeah. Of course the directors like I got other things to do. Man, Uh, this is this is not my this is not what I want to be doing, particularly, and I know I think the main actor too, was a little frustrated with how slow things are progressing. I just don't doubt. So yeah, I'm not I'm not surprised at all, um, But I mean, with so many projects going on, it's gonna happen. So I'm not, um, I'm not too um too surprise that one or two that things change. But I think, um, the change for arm re Wars to go to a film instead of instead of a series and probably probably worked for it for the best and get another project in theaters. So um, I don't know if anyone out there online has already considered this. But iron Heart of course comes to mind as someone that would be involved in the Armor Wars. Uh, considering she's going to be wearing a suit of armor. Um, you started thinking as this kind of like Iron Man for featuring Rohadi in Ironheart? You know? Is that more of what we're we're gonna get? I mean, they wouldn't call it iron Man four, but that's that's the that's kind of the angle that I think that they'll probably end up going with on on that. And as far as the shake up with Blade, I mean, I think it's a sign of of what has to have been going on, uh behind the scenes. I mean, if you if you think about, you know, it's announcing in twenty nineteen, it feels like it's supposed to supposed to be a part of Phase four, and here we are, you know, thinking this this wouldn't hit until twenty four at the earliest. You know, Um, you you And then you think about, you know, Armor Wars being picked up as a movie. Does that spell more things for Blade? Is that going to be reworked into a TV series instead? I mean, it's it seems like it seems like, um, and I don't know if it was Kevin over promising or Disney over over asking, but it really feels like in the rush to fill the streaming space and maintain the the idea of three or even four at one point three or four movies a year, they may have stretched themselves a bit a bit too thin. And now they're struggling because so many projects have been lukewarm and and how they were received. They're struggling to figure out what needs to come up next as as best in as quick as as possible. So it feels, well, yeah, absolutely, armor Wards being turned to a movie is not a bad thing necessarily in any way, it is a sign that there are still issues with the with the plan, with the idea. And I wonder how much of this came out of there their...

...retreat they had a while ago, and they said they were going to go on a retreat and talk about the future. I'm I'm wondering how much of this might be related. I don't know. It's um, it's ever changing. And and and to be honest, part partially is I blame fans fans for it as far as um kind of being shifty because um, because what I mean is that fans demand so much as far as information goes every step of the way that maybe some of these things aren't necessarily a percent set in stone, but the pressure on Disney to release a slate um with all this, with you know, as much information as possible, no matter how far a project is in development. Um, it's been a bad move, but it's it's what, it's what one unquote we demand. Just look at what happened at the twenty three and the fact that there was no X Men announcement, no Fantastic four cast announcement, and for that time, at that time, there was no Deadpool announcement about losing their minds for no reason. If a project or you know, just an announcements not ready, it's not ready. And then you have things like this happened. Um, well, I mean I'm saying this, this is a just kind of a theory. Um. And and now you're blaming Now we're blaming Marvel Studios for being kind of wishy washy and and not really having the ducks in a row. But maybe they never were in a row. They were just trying to please all these people who have do know, you know, everything that's going on at every second, which you don't you don't need to know and you should not even so go ahead. No, I was gonna say, you should be content when the trailer drops, and in a way, yeah, it's. Um, it's interesting to think that, you know, we we we feel like we always had an idea of what was coming next, but it wasn't until they did the Phase three announcements that they ever really showed a lot of what was coming next, except maybe mentioning just the names of the movies. And like you said, waiting on a waiting on a waiting on a trailer. I remember waiting on the Avengers trailer. And even Phase two we didn't get you know, these massive public you know events individual movies used to. But I remember the Phase three you know announcements being a pretty big deal. I do remember that. So it's like maybe we maybe we had one and a half big you know, big announcements before twenty nineteens Phase four stuff. Um. We we are guilty of being hungry for for information. I mean there's spoilers exist, like like people make a living out of going through spoilers because they simply can't wait, and others like them want to hear it and and and talk about it too. It's it's crazy to me, Like that's been the worst that's been in my mind. The one drawback about working at l l r M is all of the spoilers. Um. I like to be surprised. I like to be told a story, so um man, it's it's it's it sucks, it sucks. But also I too want to know what's next, mostly these days, because I don't trust that it's uh necessarily going to be good. The uh the the words and vigy we trust are coming back to haunt us so well. I mean it's their fault, like you're saying, it's kind of as their fault for spoiling in this period. But uh, I would almost um, especially after twenty three, I would...

...have loved and they would never do this, of course, but fight coming out and saying, look, some things just aren't ready right now, so deal with it. Yeah, like kind of like in the interview afterwards, like guys, sorry, we're not gonna I mean, look, they canceled the Inhumans movie, they changed the titles of the last two UH Avengers films. I mean, there's there's been drastic changes in the plan before. Um. But again it's it's always and and I'm guilty of it as as well. It's always seems to come down to a to a case of the history of now, and the history of now says I should know what's going to happen. It doesn't matter what the It doesn't matter that similar mistakes and and things have happened in the past. Um. Marvel Marvel used to the one thing Marvel could stand on to kind of combat that that comparison of oh hey they had trouble in the past, Uh, doesn't mean that. Uh. And the past stuff was good. I think that's the point. The past, the past stuff was good. So even with the troubles, Uh, they turned out more bangers than misses. And today we're giving a hell of a lot of mss and I'm still really wait waiting on the banger. Besides No Way Home with Song che being the closest thing to a like, Damn, that was a good, fun, fun movie, you know, Like I said, it's very iron Iron Man one is yeah, very solid um. But no, no Guardians no, uh, no Winner Winter Soldier no No. No, even like big visionary thing like it are not visionary but visual like a different thing like a doc strange was you know, I think I think that's what it turns was supposed to be. It was just very good. It was atrocious, Yeah, I think it was. I think it was pretty bad. Um. And for some reason they wanted to make another one, which is mine talking to me. Um, so I just want to I switched it up a little bit. Uh. And you're not going to be happy about this because you don't you don't like this term. I put my review up on LRM online about how is Focus to which I told you I had fun with because it was very similar to Um, anytime you put up that notepad, it looks like writing a ticket. Um. And I know you're just doing show notes, but it's funny. Um, so damnit. Cat was like, okay, so, um it's fun. And it's very much in the same vein as the original film. Mm hmm uh my. My biggest issue with it, and and I think it weighs it down, is that it relies way too heavily on nostalgia. That is it just basically the original movie in modern times. Yeah, but what that modern? I mean? And yeah, but it hurts, but it hurts the film in a way that the Sanderson's do not come off as villain as much as villains anymore. M yeah, exactly, that we can't have bad guys, you know, I don't. I don't. We talked a little bit about that, I think yesterday. But I do not understand why bad guys are bad. You know, Um, and so and so how do you suck at evil? Yeah? So what so? What it does? So? What it also does is it belittles any other character. Um, because despite how good you may think that the that the modern day girls who...

...are who are going against the senators since are at that point you insert a B and C and it's the same movie, you know what I mean? Yeah, Um, that sucks. So you know, yeah, Okay, it was fun, and I to some degree I do enjoy nostalgia. Um, but if I'm being honest, it does hurt. It does hurt the overall quality of the movie because now I'm excited to see this to Anderson's, um, and they're gonna be a little bit funnier, and they're gonna be a little almost a little bit nicer, and it doesn't seem like they're going after kids anymore, which they're not. Actually, if they you know, and well, let's not very threatening, let's not let's not deny the the creepiness in the original hocus Pocus given certain conspiracy theories that may or may not not have some credible evidence of like Hollywood elite and weird rituals and weird you know what I'm saying, things with with kids, and and there's hocus Pocus, which is like, yeah, I could see that being like a wink wink, nudge nudge type joke for you guys, but it's still a fun movie, so I could see them wanting to change that up a bit. Um. But the idea that the witches aren't gonna be straight up villains is dumb um. I mean, we we liked, we liked hocus Pocus without having to uh. We we liked the villains when they were abusing their magic, making all the grown ups dance all all night, when when they got confused about the the guy dressed up like like the devil, Like, those are funny moments, but none of them are are with us empathizing with them or feeling you know, connected to them in any type of good or positive, positive way. So I don't know, man, that's that's kind of disappointing. Disappointing to hear yeah and and so and yeah when I wrote it up. It's kind of made me sat a little bit, just because you know, it's like it's like, uh, everyone's looking forward to it, and I hope everyone has fun with it, because I did have fun. But if I'm if I'm being honest about the overall film that I mean, that's I gotta say that, you know. And then I since we're talking about horror, since you're looking for something, um oh, I still got something scary, but it's not horror related. Okay, Well I'll just I'll just quickly tell you that I haven't written anything up for it. I will in a little bit um on on Twitter. But um, the social embargo for hell Raiser has been raised. Actually it was two days ago. I just forgot. Um. But it's a it's a solid movie. It's not for me, but it is solid. It's good. I don't know, I can't like I had to do some deep diving as far as trying to understand what the cino bytes are or what the hell is going on? And um, after you know, going through a bunch of different sides that explain it literally the same thing over and over again, because I was like, I still don't know. This is stupid U the concept and overall for me personally, that's how I feel because it's just not you know, body horror is not for me. Um. I was like, okay, fine, whatever, Like it's the dumbest thing I can think of as far as a concept, and for whatever reason it does how it does have its following. Um, it was, it was, it was well done, it was it was good. It was pretty good, cold good to hear, and I am interested in watching it myself as we head into the official month of...

...spooky, the most wonderful time of year. I'm sorry, but October and time should be twelve months a year should be and it is and in my opinion, more important than Christmas. The Jolly Fat Man and his his his whole stick is already starting to appear in places, and it's like it's not even is it's just a capitalist agenda. Hey, hey, I am a capital capitalist pig myself, so uh, you watch your mouth. But he does need to know his role and it's definitely post Halloween. Um so my scary, my scary news manny is complete rumor However, Uh, there is a relative big name in the media's sphere who felt the need to post this rumor, so Jeff Snyder UH discussing the Hot Mic podcast, who have claimed multiple sources indicate a certain Harrison Ford is being considered as the next Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Ross general daddy is Thunderbolt Ross I e. William Hurts previous previously played him before passing passing on and uh for the potential upcoming Thunderbolts movie. But also, man, let's not forget Thunderbolt Ross becomes Red Hulk in the comics. That's a scary thought one because I couldn't stand the Red Hulk storyline. Apparently some people did like it, but I thought it was I I know, I know, um, but also like Ford, what what are you doing? Like I could see if if he's only doing like facial mo cap for for Red Hulk, but why even I mean, why we're not we're not getting Red Hulk. First of all, you don't think we'll get Red Red Hulk. Um, what make what makes you so secure in that? Uh? Just the fact that because he's been rumored before. Yeah, just like, um, let me see how many other rumors can I throw out here, I know I'm saying that he's he's been rumored by again in the in the relative world of of leaks and rumors, he was rumored reliably once but again everyone misses, including l RM on online, so well that those weren't rumors. That was all the freaking evidence that was that was that was Marvel. That was Marvel cutting out, cutting out um a character that was central to several storylines at all hit theaters or streaming within a very short period of time. So yeah, it was it was what we thought very clear that that character would be involved. And then they Joe Kingley tease him again and and she Hulk. But anyway, what and then what uh? What characters did we also rumor and expect for Thunderbolts period, ums the whole. As far as I'm concerned, Thunderbolts is one of my bottom of the list, especially with that team. So they could have they could have Harrison Ford, they could have Clint Eastwood, um Rick Flair, whichever you want to play...

...ross because it's already it's already screwed anyway. I don't care for for thunder Bolts anyway, So whoever you want, uh, it's it's already it's already subpar based on the selection of quote unquote villains, because I don't think Bucky qualifies as a villain anymore. Neither does I guess not. And then also neither would Ghost, who's dependent on on a on a former Avenger for her particles to you know, survive. Yeah, and uh so so that yeah, whatever, that that team, that whole thing is already screwed. Uh, nobody likes that team. Let's be let's be real. I'm not hearing any positive about it. So that's so as far as who could be Ross in that series whatever, but whoever you want, geez. I just I hate the Red Red Hulk. I don't mind Ross being in it, but I I fear Red Hulk. I I really do. But then again, if you, if you if you watch the Marvel Multiverse mayhem that's up already on on the on on the channel or your your favorite podcast app uh, if you check that out. I I quite plainly tell Nick, uh you know the Marvel stuff. Man, I'm just burned out on like, I don't care. I got really upset when he told me there was nine episodes as She Hulk, not eight I thought it was eight. I thought we were done next week. There's too many, there's too many Marvel products going on, and it's not it's not even. Yes, there's too many, which has dropped the quality, but that's the quality, the quality, if exactly. But if they had somehow we're able to maintain the that Phase three feel, even that that Phase two feel, and had this many projects, I I don't think we would necessarily be complaining, but it was. It was an immediate drop after Far From Home. And I know some people will say with Far from Home on, there's just this plummet in in quality and and all of the shows we all look to make excuses for for bits and bits and pieces that we like, but let's let's face it, Loki is the most solid of them all, and even it has some some issues, some some kind of story moments where things are a little wibbly wobbly to wibbly wobbly for my my taste. But and song chi great movie. That's that's the most besides No Way Home, and yes, that deserves its own little exclusion because of what it is and what it included. That's not me saying that it it's not good or anything like that. It's unique film, but it's m CU. But it is a unique it is a unique film in the in the m c U, even outside of Far from Home and Homecoming. Uh. But yeah, man, it's just the quality has declined so so far. It's it's heartbreaking. Yeah, it's it's um not not a lot of I just think that they're spreading itself to stain if you look at if you look at the way Disney does their own stuff, and I mean their own Disney branded stuff, as in Walt Disney, not Marvel Studios. Uh, you don't get this many projects. You get you get the dedicated team at Disney Animations working on a single film, maybe two projects, maybe a couple. But but they're but they're very very space and the very story...

...boarding on one but most focused on animating the one project. You know, I've been in enough of those, uh those press conference to know that that they're very, very meticulous about it and they're not necessarily worried about the next one until until this one is all wrapped up. And but but when it comes to Marvel, we saw the slate and it's not like each of those movies has its own very specific team, five keys in charge of all of them. And I'm sure that they have a lot of producers and a lot of um animators for working on all of them. So you're gonna have to rush it out. You're gonna have to This is as good as it's gonna get. And then and then this is what we sad that people will accept it. That's that's that's so yeah. Yeah, and you're gonna get your your apologists who are like, this is the best thing ever. And then the next episode is this is the best thing ever, and when it's not, And the fact is is keep it. If we keep accepting it, that's what then, Because it's the same thing with the people who claimed that Avengers Campus is the greatest thing on Earth. You know, but but they also do have they do have some secret weapons now that they've been implying with with Star Wars and and obi Wan, it was oh, if you don't like a certain character, then you're race and and it's like, no, that that wasn't the problem. Um, and then like this one particular show, you're sexist. Yeah, and if you if you don't like she holped, now you're sexist because um close minded point of view. That's all that that's all that we should be. That's the only reason why we should be supporting a show which is which is counter narrative. Because you want to support, you want to also be fair. As far as it's not good or if it is good, then yeah, give it, give it in diligence. But if it's if it's um, if it's bad, then it's it's just bad. And and don't appollo it and don't try to save it if it's not good. Um. Do you see this week's she Hulk? Manny, did you watch? It? Was so it was better? It was better. Uh, they could have put it, they could have put it in a more legal setting. But just like, just like I told Nick, um, they did it again. Man, man bad. I don't want to say how and where. I don't want to say the spoilers on this show. But once once again, Man, no, no, I don't. I'm like, dude, it's a dead horse. At this point, you're beating for fucking oh sorry about the f bomb, beating for freaking uh eight or seven episodes. Now, it's like, and the thing and the thing is and this episode it could have it could have fit better because because now it's in a now now it does line up with something that's happened before, and it does, and it does, it does move the story forward a very short for a very short time, which is right at the end. Um and and uh but it but the way it was done. I just whoever whoever is writing this should not be writing another novel series like this should not issue. The issue is that, Um, we were promised to almost a procedural court show. I think at least the court comedy. I think we've been in court twice. Maybe it's been like three times. Yeah, I guess the combination does count technically, this court did. I even rewrote this very easily. You you take the same thing, man Bill and Alijandro have a court case of some sort, either together or against someone else. In there there arguments intention in it. The firm brings in Blonsky... be the consulting his licensed therapist whatever, because he takes the whole retreat situation but put it in and around a legal court case with jin As as the lawyer, and through that she ends up working through the same, the exact same thing to get to the to the exact same epiphany and the exact same speech there at the end. And you do all of that but centered on you know, the fact that you called the show she Hulk Attorney out. Also you um uh you delete the last two episodes. Yes, they're They're absolutely useless. And if you tell me that, hell if I last three episodes, move move the Titania wedding fight to after she loses the Yeah, there's no reason to have that. Move it embarrassed there and done, and move that guy to to one of the earlier episodes that you could just fit him in there. No, no one saw that as a surprise. Uh. Just uh, you know, as much as I love um Muslani and I do want it, I did want to see Shei Hawk do well. Um, the writing, the direction is horrible. Um. And and the thing and the thing is three The first three episodes did do well at you know, supposedly giving them, giving us what we thought we were going to get, and then it just it just goes to the left field, very very far left field. Um. And then also, um, they should have never ah never tease Daredevil. Oh yeah, saving him, saving him to the end. They did that. They did that crap on purpose to try to get people to watch, and that shows you how much faith. Yeah, that's that's another issue that I had now at this point, because it's like, Okay, you guys never had faith in she Haul because you had, you had Daredevil in there as that dangling carrot to to get and you've saved it to the very very and then and then you might be next week, but and then you did the dumber thing of then teasing his helmet again a couple of episodes and then completely writing it off again. I probably to the last. If we don't see until the last episode, then then that's really big shame on on a Marvel for not having faith in she Hulk, because all you all you did is we promise he's coming, We promise he's coming and and and uh nothing, which in turn it should just be it should be enough that we're getting she Hall, which to me it was. But the fact that you gave me Matt Murdoch or a tease to him, may me believe that I was gonna see this really cool, and which is we still can, but at this point it's not. It's not as it's not as exciting anymore. Um, there's cool court back and forth with Jennifer and with Matt uh and that's something I've wanted to see since the Netflix days of Daredevil and and because you know, I thought that that would be the Defenders at some point. Um and and so like it's just especially now with the kind of the really light and very loose writing, I don't it's not gonna happen. It's something will but it definitely won't be to the level that I thought that they were, that they were able to do. But I mean, um, but hey, the writer said they didn't know how to right anyway, So it's not like it's not like this should be a surprise to us, right. People are probably hearing my discord uh notification...

...go off. You guys should join our discord. There's a link down in the uh description box below. Um yeah, man, it's it's been a very uh disappointing time to be a Marvel fan. And that that is why I'm burned out, because it's it's been one hit after one hit after another. Anyways, I'm because, Um then then you get everything going on at Sony and it's oh god, don't don't don't don't you guys. We we we riffed on Sony uh yesterday after talking about blue Blue beetle and and uh some other things. But yeah, man, um, I think that'll do it for this week, guys, thank you for joining us. As as usual, uh Breaking Geek will be discussing some of these topics uh um and more uh coming up next um their their video will be published after this anyways. Uh So Yeah, you can always find more opinions on on the Genreverse podcast network and YouTube channel, not just me, although I am part of most of it, including Marvel, multii Verse, Mayhem and The Cantina, which both do news and reviews for Marvel and Star Wars respectively. Uh, Enemy Versail reviews uh and A v R Square both doing uh Spy Family Saturday. That's tomorrow if you're watching here on Friday septem uh so October one, look for first by Family, the first episode of Core two, which should be a third team um and uh chainsaw Man starting on the eleventh. Uh. We've also got uh John Shott trailer reactions and review of The Rings doing The Rings of Power, which I do have to watch to night. All the podcasts available on all of your popular and favorite podcast apps. So go ahead and followed leaves, some reviews, thumbs up and subscribe over on the YouTube thing, and then of course all of the UH stories written reviews, UH celebrity interviews, leaks, rumors and opinions and things like that on LRM online dot com. You're gonna have a good What what are you doing this weekend? Many has been anything fun? Yeah, Actually, we are taking my daughter to watch the original Mummy film from the Nank as well as the writer Frankenstein. So that's happening. Try tips happening um from the barbecue. So those are those are two a couple of things that that will happen. We're gonna try to get Lucas to watch a scary movie and uh enjoy some David and Busters during the break in the weather tomorrow. So all right, guys, we'll see you next week. Bye. H.

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