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Constantine Sequel, The Weekend Box Office & Could Warner Bros. Be Sold Again 

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Today, the guys discuss the weekend box office numbers, a weird rumor that Warner Bros. could be up for sale again, and the Constantine Sequel being announced. Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre! 

(00:00)- Intro & Thoughts On Pearl And Chainsaw Man

(09:13)- Weekend Box Office Numbers

(18:28)- Release More Dual-Option Movies!!!

(21:48)- Warner Bros. Up For Sale Again?

(30:03)- The Business Side Of Things

(36:40)- The Constantine Sequel Is Coming!

(41:28)- Final Thoughts 

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Question(s) of the day: What do you think if the future of the Box Office and theaters? Also, do you think a merger or sale of Warner Bros. is possible? Lastly, are you excited for a Constantine Sequel? 

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Because the whole I'm not sure if I had it or or not. Oh yeah, I know, so I'm just kind of extra cautious. I guess I got my girlfriend and I got lucky that, despite US getting it in different places because we weren't together at the time, at the same time, we got it at the same time. So we're like, okay, that's hilarious. It is. Does this work anymore? No, of course not. Of course not. Uh. We got some uh, we got some things to discuss today. A couple of things I can be angry at Sony and some stuff that you wrote about on Warner Brothers, but all that comes after I'll look at the look at the box office here on the daily cup of Genre. Hello everyone, how's it going? And welcome back to the to the show. I'll explain where we've been last week or so, but here on the Genre Bres podcast network and Youtube. Channe, don't follow us on whatever APP you're listening on right now. Go ahead, I'll wait. I know. On Youtube, go ahead and hit that subscription button. Five, four now, go ahead, please. Guys. Hey, thank you so much for everyone that has subscribed so far, because we just broke five hundred followers. So thank you, subscribers. I should say, thank you guys very much for uh for that. I'm kyle. That's manny, I whatever. I forgot. I'm sure I'll pick up at the end. But yeah, what's up, man, a while. I'm just laughing because, Um, that phrase that you said. Oh, and I work for I work for two UH TV news stations, so it's taken in your life. First, I thought you were going to say, look at the weather. Oh and the just are we looking at for a second, my Brandza, are we looking at the weather? And that that, I was hilarious. Carefully, but let us examine. Yes, this weekend I watched Pearl. You did. How do you? How do you like that? That's uh, it takes place in the same realm as UH popular X. Yes, I wonder why it's popular. Um. Anyway, uh, it was very well done. It's very different than X. is shot different than x and Um is fantastic. Um, she's able to really convey emotion very well and go from zero to one real quick. Yeah, yeah, for for for that movie, she was she I can see what Thaie West kept her there. And so now we wait for the third film. and Um, amen, like fomat, just I love. They're kind of film so much like you. Don't like you don't even have to tell me what film it is. Just tell me that it's and I'm like, all right, where we're there, because you know, some people might excuse me. Not. Um, yeah, cat here. Yeah, that's here. Um, anyway. Um. Yeah, so it was great. And then I came home about ten thirty at night, UH, and I screened Hell raisor uh coming up, coming up on Hulu. Um, how do you like that? I can't tell you yet. Okay, but all I will tell you, and this is this, this is not giving anything away. Because Hell, because it's hell raiser. Um, number one. Why? Uh? Number Two? Why? A number three? Not The kind of movie you want to watch before you go to bed. Had you seen the original? No, yeah, I know exactly what I was going to did you ever read the book? No, like, it's not. It's not my cup of tea as far as that kind of genre period. Um, I don't understand.

Why. Why? Why not? But Brian, Brian over out uh does a VR anime versal reviews with us. For those that might not know, we do have anime content. Um, he's a huge fan and was anxious and is anxiously awaiting that particular Um, uh, that film to hit. He's he's very uh interested in it. He said everything that he's he's read, uh interviews that he's heard and like just everything about it. He's he's stoked and he is a Cinabyte, cinabytes, whatever the fuck. UH, sorry about the F bomb. Um, he is. He is all about it. He loves himself some some hell raisers. So, uh, I'm curious as to what he will end up thinking. Yeah, so I'll talk a little bit about it, but not till that's one my that's what I can. It's funny because I wanted but I'm not supposed to. Speaking of books, I did pick up read, which is he too. I've heard so many people talk really good things about this. It takes place right after the first film. It's by Michael Mann. Uh So, Um, they're doing the sequel movie as as well, or at least they wanted to. There was some buzz about it a month or two ago, right and Um, I've seen a lot of my friends that were reading this and they're they're praising and how it's really good. I posted a picture of it on I think it was on my instagram and a lot of I got a lot of positive feedback that I was not going to be disappointed in the book. So we'll see. I took a little break from horror because I was reading a lot of horror books and I was like, I want to change it up a little bit. So I know I'm actually I've actually read quite a few books this year, Um, and that's very exciting. We should read more. It's so tired from uh, screens and reading and writing for this stuff. Um, it's hard. I can only read like a few a few pages at a time. I think it's like screens all day's work or here. Uh said that for about twenty, thirty minutes. It's really nice to just kind of sit back and not yeah, I hear, I hear you on on that one. Um, yeah, I hope, I hope. I hope. Hell raisers good. I want to watch uh UH PEARL UM it. It's trying hard to get into the the holiday spirit, but given, you know, Christine Catching covid basically what we think from our son, because he was sent home with a letter that said he was exposed and then a day or two later he started feeling ill. He tested negative, but false negatives happen, and then Christine got really ill. I had like one day of a slight tickle in my throat for a few hours at at night and then some minor headaches the last you know, a few days, not counting today, but not nothing more than like, oh, might be allergies or like altitude change or something, though my my out situde didn't change that type of symptoms for me. But she got she got sick enough that one day she spent pretty much the whole day in bed, but she's gotten up in about the last couple so, uh, it's been hard to kind of get into the and then school started, you know, three weeks ago, and there's always rough transition for for all of that. But hopefully I'll be able to get in into the good holiday, uh spooky spirit because well, fuck man, and there goes another F bomb. I'm really needed. I want us to grow and in order to grow we gotta curse less. But we're not gonna, like I don't have the patients to go sensor stuff,...

...so just whatever. Sorry, kids. Um and I don't know if you know this also, but October eleven crunchier roll chainsaw man episode one. Yes, okay, I'm tracking, uh chainsaw man, and I am tracking, of course, uh spy family, which we will be doing here on the UH Youtube Channel for a v R Square reacting to spy family, as well as reacting to chainsaw man when it hits uh and then, wherever you get your podcast from, the reviews go up as part of a v R. So, yeah, I'm stoked about about chainsaw man. It looks like. Are you gonna give it a shot? Are you gonna give it a look? I want to like, like try. It looked interesting enough and I've seen. I've seen quite a few costplays that I'm like mad, like this actually is kind of cool. They went up and beyond with that for the for the Gore alone, manny, you must check it. It looks like it's coming pretty good. It should be pretty good. Um. So, yeah, I'll give it a shot. The only thing, though, wasn't I want favorite country roll? Yeah. Well, well, we can talk a little bit more about well, you know, you know what. Um, what are we at? So over on the box office, Uh side of things, guys, a lot of new movies this week. We had three new movies. Uh. That all had relatively, uh uh, notable titles. The woman King Pearl and see how they excuse me, excuse me, see how they run. Um, all three crap performances compared to what you would normally expect, the woman king topping out the weekend at nineteen million. Um Again, guys, go, go see move. I know these aren't necessarily all the biggest, you know, titles out there, but that's rough. Man. Bar Barbarian, which was number one, uh, last week, fell down to number two. Took in six pearl and see how they run. Each brought in three point one million. Bullet train, uh bringing in two point five, top gun, maverick at two point one, and then DC super pats, invitation, Minions still and moon age day dream all rounded up the top ten with just over a million each. So it's a it's rough out there, man, and it's it's I mean stuff is getting pushed the next year and OI. It's it's not even a matter of of waiting on waiting on people to to go back anymore. Everything's Open. Everyone could go back. It's the simple fact that people either one can't because of finance is or two just won't because why? Why? Why should they go to the theaters, they feel like it's going to be on streaming immediately, super soon, and if not, they're they're at least willing to wait until like home home video rentals and stuff. I don't know, man, to be fair, Um, at least in our area, there's a lot going on. Um that people. We're doing, a lot of people. A lot of people traveled to L A for the USC game versus fres and the State Um. And then also there's just a lot of festivals going on and baseball and football. And last week the number one movie was barbarian with ten, ten million. Before that top gun on that, that three dollar Movie Day, uh six million, and then before that the invitation six millions, like the last day. The last time that we went over a hundred uh million was when I was with nope. It was a number one.

That's when it opened. That's the last time. And you still last one million dollar movie weekend. Uh Ah, weekend, full weekend. Yeah, yeah, yeah, dude, it's Uh and then and then from there there was a it was a close. It was almost to to to a million when D C legal super pets, not that that actually had any UM, real factor in it, but and there was a little bit more of a Um, like there's more movies that people want to go see that that were a little different. Um. It's interesting because we were supposed to watch the woman king. He didn't. We just didn't have enough time. We had so much stuff going on that Um, we went to go watch Pearl last night, almost by fours, because we needed to, because we needed to get it off our list, because we wanted to watch it. But this week was coming up and given both our schedules, I work for a TV station, she works she's a teacher, we weren't gonna have we weren' gonna have much time and Um, oh no, Um, yeah, Um. So we went to go watch it because I also I was actually gonna be pretty upset that I'm gonna fall farther behind in movies. But even tonight I'm gonna go watch barbarian and then sometimes this week I'm gonna have to make some more time to watch the woman king, because that's gonna that's gonna be a fantastic movie. I think I've heard some pretty good things about it. I'm just really curious as to how they how they present that story, because the the Um group that they are representing did some really awful things too. So it's it's it's gonna be interesting to see if they touch on any of that or if it's a like a hyper focused story on on this particular woman and her her soldiers. So it'll be it'll be interesting. Yeah, we'll see how it is. But yeah, it's and but with movies like this, Barbarian, I'll pro which right here. Barbarian is fantastic and I can't wait to see it tonight. My girlfriend already thought. That's not the point that I was getting to. The point is these movies need like a Um. These movies need like a Um. It's awesome, riveting entertainment. These movies need like a not to say that it's gonna they're gonna do great, but just he's biding with camera, smidt, move, move, you're done. Oh Man, Um um like an anchor, like a big name, to to to really kind of push them a little bit over the top, and we don't have that like around. This time is when you need the you know that that conjuring film that's going to do pretty well because, let's be honest, in September you don't usually get that, you know, big, big name film or whatever. You usually get Um uh, a horror film that does pretty well. It was a September film. Some family things start coming out during this this time and yeah, they're not necessarily all uh, you know, home run hitters, but in the past it's it's done more and said. You know, we get and I get the idea of financial hardships and things like that. I understand it, but this is again an issue that has existed since before current hardships, before the pandemic, the trend was was going down and and here we are going further and further further down...

...and it's just it's worrying because of the whole like I like I've said, man, I think a lot of premium experience type UH theaters will survive, but the idea of the of the my like movie theater experience as we know it is going away. It's not because people just won't go do it. I don't think it's going away. There's just this is kind of I think this is well, yes, less people are going to the theaters, I still think it's part of post pandemic problems, given that there's nothing to really hold it all together right now. I mean like, yes, to degree. But, like I said, the trend, man, we've we've been in a steady downward trend of overall ticket sales since two thousand two, with only slight upticks for certain like big move these that that come out like an avengers or or Avatar or, uh, Star Wars, and those are the only times that you see little, little jumps and they're not even like, they're usually not even big enough jumps to get back to the to the previous high. They just continue to go go down. And, like I said, man, it's I it's multi layered, for sure. I just wonder also if there's a correlation between what we've talked about for and that is Um and the business side of things, where making money. Um, making movies requires money. Yes, and with so many things focused on streaming, you don't make as much money. So now your future movies, which future movies are now? Yeah, to degree. Yeah, for some. You know you don't have as big as as a budget, manny are you? Are you telling me something you and I have been saying for years, that that the pool of money won't be enough to float everything that you're used to, plus all the news. Are you telling me that that we were? We, amongst millions of other logical thinking business people, were right, and thousands maybe, and I think it's just such a disservice to see we talked about we talked about it so much like hell raiser, for example, has a kinds of cult following. Yeah, you do well for at least a weekend in theater. Yeah, Um, I. My argument has always been at least give people a weekend, yeah, to go see it in theaters and then the opportunity gives it. Yeah, give them the chance to to go experience of film the way it's supposed to be experienced. Um, I would love to see it happen, war man, but I mean like how, like Halloween kills is a perfect example of why that works, because the people who want to go watch it in theaters do not care that it's on peacock. They're gonna go watch. They want to go watch Michael Myers and theaters right, and I remember that because it was it was right. You know, this was this was last year, when theaters are doing okay, but not well enough to where, Um, you really wanted to you streaming. There was still a better option at that point or a good option. Um, and then they're gonna do the same thing this year. But if you want to go watch it in theaters, YOU'RE gonna go watch it in theaters. And I think we've we see that now anyway, where there's this giant topics. Are Not a good example, but most, most films, if you're gonna go watch a movie, it's gonna be the first weekend. Yeah, they're heavily they are. They're APPS resolutely heavily frontloaded these these days more...

...than in the past, mostly, like I said, because that that whole idea of fighting the crowd doesn't exist any anymore. You can uh book your seats ahead of time and there are signs so you don't have to, Yep, you don't have to rush, you know, get there early to try to try to make sure you get a good a good seat. Hell, a lot of a lot of places even uh do the food like right right then, you know, on Vienna, N APP. So you just show up and go to the to the pickup line and wait wait on your your number to be called. Um. So the the whole idea of you know, let's let's wait a weekend or something like that that's gone like. Yeah, sure, the price of movies has gone up, but so is every everything else. But also the ease of access to movies has has gone up, and that created the front loading issue. And that's what caused theaters to release on home or nut theaters. UH, Studio Studios. That's what allowed studios to say, Hey, let's release to home video faster, because everything was so frontloaded. The idea of movies making more money over you know, four or five months kind of faded away as they only made money in the first sixty to eighty days, you know, and then trickle into the dollar theaters or whatever. Um. But then no issue with films being released on on on physical media faster in general. I have an issue with it being released that streaming, both streaming and digital create a a ease of piracy, high quality acquired copies. I mean that's that's a that's an issue. But uh, you know, streaming is is great for the consumer until it's until it's not. And guess what? We're at the point, guys, where it's it's not anymore. Um, we're we're facing uh, closer and closer to like monopolies. Um, and and one of the things that you actually wrote about, uh last week or over the weekend, many Um, uh things about Warner brothers and and uh, Warner brothers, discovery and NBC Universal. Uh. It sounds kind of crazy, but when you really start breaking down the different aspects of this, is it? Is it really that crazy to think that something like this might happen? Don't you talk a bit about what what you wrote up, man, and in my piece that I wrote up about this? Uh, it's low it's low key in opinion piece, because the whole idea is and is really a thought of what could happen in the future, Um, given what's happened with, Um Saslav and Um, Warner brothers discovery since their acquisition. Um, because you didn't just acquire warner brothers, you acquire debt and that alone puts you in a in a really deep hole that, um, it's hard to get out of. All out, yeah, because everyone's going through it. Um, but I think they underestimated really, you know, just the scope of everything, especially with the D C EU as as kind of an anchor point, with with with how you're going to make money at the box office and through TV shows and things like that. Um. So I kind of ran down some of the roadblocks that they've that they've had to navigate through, which they started off really, really by slapping everybody in the face and canceling back air all complete Um and the problem is this film was already in post production. This is a film that a lot of people were waiting for, especially because it has um actors...

...and actresses that people love and cared about. Uh. What's Brandon Fraser, for example? He's really beloved right now. Uh. Then you have Mike Michael, was going to be in this, J K Simmons and, of course, yourself. Yeah, and I not Leslie Bib. That's Leslie Great Grace Jones, Grace Grace. Okay, there you go. Leslie Bib is UH actress that was in iron man. Sorry about that, Um and so. So and without any other information. What was going on? Uh, this is what this is the first move. And then things started getting quietly. Take it off of HBO Max. That were originals that you'll never see again anywhere else. Well, maybe they'll try to release it on home video if they can somehow, depending on contracts and so so that's their first move, Um and and then also no appearance at Comic Con, and I say this because they're like they had a presentation. They presented things we already knew. We saw the rock and that was great. That was it. We know she's alm was coming, we knew black Adam was coming. Nothing, nothing else was it was said, um, everything's really winding down and uh, everything that was on the C ws is now basically gone. Flashes on its last season, harrol versus pretty much done. Um, they changed the name to Pennyworth, to something very, very stupid, and the decisions have been very, very wishy, washy at best. They had an investor's call where they said we're resetting basically for the next ten years. WERE RE setting, but we're using all the movies that are still in production. Yeah, so really contradicting message. The message also caused Walter Harmada, who has been head of D C, to say I'm done. Yeah. Well, to be fair, a lot of people wanted him to be done a while ago, a while ago too. So Um, yeah, but you know, the person who didn't want to leave is now done himself. Ah, and now nobody wants to fill that seat. And I think the reason why nobody wants to fill that seat is because said the dumbest thing and we want to find out Kevin Figy, and nobody wants that responsibility. Kevin. You're setting you're setting that person up to fail, regardless of yeah, because Kevin Figgy had a decade, if not more, to do what he did and you're gonna want who they want. They want to give them a decade. It's a tenure plan, Manny. It's a down line, but it's got a bunch of weight on it already because it's been failure after failure and Um, and it's not even, sometimes, I believe, necessarily the director or the person in charges fault. It's the fault of investors and stockholders and big wigs do not understand that it takes time to develop these characters they want. They wanted M C U in the D C EU. Now, that's not how it was. We'll look out quickly. They went from Man of steel to to bvs. Yeah, exactly, which that was. Okay, I didn't my problems with that are just more in the editing side in the film. Um, yeah, but they should have, instead of just rushing to Batman and and Superman. You had superman, so the next thing should have been more like a flash or or lantern and then an Aquaman or or wonder woman.

Uh, those all interchangeable, but you should have had a couple of those, those fillers, before then you bring in bvs, before bvs, I'm saying even before bvs, and then long and that way you almost have like two phases before you get to your yea. Yeah, but then they try to do Justice League first, and I mean that was a whole mess. All right. So, so all of this to be said. Do they have? You know, there's a word. There's rumblings that investors, uh, and o there's are skeptical, now that I can even do anything with it, and others are even saying that now he's actually just preparing to sell. Um, some insiders say that he just wants to sell, and so the according to the Hollywood reporter, Um, they say that the endgame is for left to sell, them to come sell off on Warner Brothers media, and the top suitor, somebody with knowledge from both companies, is saying that the potential suitor would be NBC universal. I just my only thing is, is they just you know, there was more than than just warner brothers. UH, discovery to this but they just spent a whole bunch of money on getting Warner, warner brothers, you know, Um, selling off warner brothers media. Again, you start looking at well, what what do they gain out of it? You know, do they strip it down for parts and laterally transfer a bunch of stuff over to, you know, just just discovery? UH, do they sell off certain aspects, studio, studio assets, a name, but retain you know first, uh first look at at anything produced, like, I don't know, man mergers and things like that makes sense. They're there. In this case it would be be awful. We're quickly looking at getting to the to the point where we're we're at like a m how we are for operating systems, and I and I mean this on on consumer level things, uh, consumer level, uh, computing devices, not phones, not, not mobile. We're down to, you know, Microsoft or or Apple. Are you on where those are? Or IOS? And and I know Linux users out there, guys, I've I've been one of you before. I'm not. I don't have a a distro set up or anything like that right now, but uh, I understand how how important Linux is because everything else, all the servers, security stuff, a lot of console os is in the past, all that Linux space. So I I know. But for general consumers, we we have two choices and and man, it's it's not hard to see where streaming gets to where there's only two or three choices, you know, uh, and I don't mean just streaming, I mean all of of movie and Television Entertainment, to where it's two or three big umbrellas and that that's it. And that's never good, guys. That's that's not even real competition at that point when you look at how how things used to be. You know. Um, yeah, I mean the thing is the only reason I really give it some weight is because one of my brothers have been sold so many times last two years. Yeah, that it doesn't seem at this point. It doesn't seem ridiculous. And then also, uh, NBC Universal Cares a lot of weight as far as there's someone who could take it and do something with it. Yeah,...

UM, because they're already a TV and movie powerhouse, as in, we're not just doing travel channel and food network. We this is what we do and we've done for a very long time. Um, and adding adding that kind of that kind of library to their I P would really help their streaming game, which is not good right now. They're really bottom of the barrel as far as most people that have peacock is because they love the W W E or it comes with their comcast description, the exfanity. Sorry, comcast, you know, whatever I think in some areas is still called that. So, Um, it actually makes sense, um. But also representatives from Mormi discovery. I've also said that we're building this for a long term and I did write on that piece that all these things we're talking about them that can never happen because it's early. We really haven't given it enough time to really develop. This is just us in a very spoiled position in our lives where we get Amazon prime deliveries on the same day, Grub hub things from the store, Um, instant gratification. Oh yeah, we no longer like developed exactly. So, Um, I'm guilty too, guys like trust trust me, there's there's times I catch myself acting in a in a way that I'm appalled at, you know. So so, yeah, I mean, this is you know, it's just like, all right, let's take a step back, breathe a little bit, let them work, let them do their thing, because they wouldn't have bought it without a plan, although I don't think they would have. They counted on Ezra Miller going nuts and I is threatening their their films, I think. I think. I think they're bit and then also, Um, they should have been up front with the things that they were going to have to cancel, like when? When? When Zaslav gave that message of this is our plan. You should have done that before canceling things. Hey, guys, listen. I know you guys love these things. I know this is important, for we are going to have to make some very tough choices in order to make this work or to do more. We have to yeah, and messaging sucks, and and and, you know, I think that would have helped a lot, but instead they did a lot. They did everything, you know, they front loaded with the things they were doing and then their explanations were very vague. The one thing I also mentioned the numbers based, and people don't people don't care about numbers. All they want to know is why, why the hell was something they were looking for canceling? And I'm I'm a number like. I appreciated the numbers thing and I was like, it makes perfect sense. To me and I was still yeah, I mean I was about it, but you know, Um doesn't mean that I agreed. It doesn't. And even when it happened, the first thing I said was like I get it, cent I can back that up from a business perspective. But even I immediately it was like they should have said something, that this was not message correctly. Messaging softens the blow. Doesn't mean that people will still wouldn't be be upset, but if you prepare and then give con, give con, give context, it would go it would go smoother. So yeah, and then they're messaging. When it came to Al Right, they know booth had no booth at comic con. No, no presents really at wonder con you started thinking they're saving it up for being an ass for a fandom. And then what happens? Fandoms canceled. And what was the reason? Because we want to focus on live events and everyone's like live events. You just missed car...

...on Um. So I don't think I've seen anything big announced for New York either. So they're not. They're bringing Pennyworth, which is nice. I like that show. They killed the name. I don't know, it's like it was doing fine for two seasons. Why did you have to go and try and make it? I don't know what they were trying to do with it. I don't know either. Yeah, so you know it. Um, it's it sucks, but Um uh, yeah, I mean we'll see what happens. This is the drama behind the scenes with Warner brothers is more appealing than some of the stuff that they're releasing now. So yeah, it's kind of a headache, though. It's kind of embarrassing. It is. I'll tell you one thing that I am excited about, Sim shut up. One thing, I no, uh, the Constantine sequel. Manny, not, not a hell blazer movie. I understand in that, ladies and gentlemen. Well, this was most people want to know what it is. Well, well, not just that, but like the there's a lot of changes to the character and style and and and things like that. But this was this was a good movie. It's kind of like resident evil is a is a great action Zombie Flick. It is an awful resident evil movie. It's trash. It as a as a as a translation of the game it or an adaptation of the game. It is garbage as a Zombie flick. Love it I can watch the first, uh first resident evil all the time anytime. Um. That's how I feel about Constantine. Man, it's it's just a Rachel Weiss and Kano Reeves are are both great in it. Shila buff is is, you know, this is like pre uh gone down, you know, gone off the deep end, shila buff. So no one's like just angry at him or anything like this. Before transformers. Guys like I like this movie. What what do you think? And how do you feel about a sequel? It's fine, like I'm like, Oh, cool. At first with somebody like mentioned it to me, I was like, I'm not sure. I was like I thought it was a rumor and look more into it, was like, I know, yeah, it's a it's a thing variety. It's interesting. It's interesting because, Um, Matt Ryan is beloved so much right now. It's constantly. Yes, it's kind of an eye roll when you think about it but then again, also people don't know what they want. But I think this is a big enough name that Um, it's okay. And if you're like Oh, yeah, you know, because you remember it and and we'll see what happens. On that same note, UH J J Abras Justice League, darkest dead at HBO Max. But and so is Madame Zend say. We're doing uh so. But the bright note with that is the report also says that it's very well done and that that one is probably going to be shopped around, and I think that, in my personal opinion, the proper landing spot for that would be Netflix, because of what they did with like the Sandman. I have a feeling that Netflix is going to have in the next few years, a little little library of DC over there. I would love to see a little library of of DC magic, like magical you know, like let's get in Uh frack, what's her name? Are you talking about Satanna? Yeah, let's get her and her dad's back story in like like let's do that. Like, let's do that. Bring back, bring back uh swamp thing, because magic stuff like supernatural. Give me some dead man. Maybe do that. Yeah,...

...sure, sure, sure, and I think Netflix is a good place for that, because I think they that they did. We send man and so like we could put like more obscurity DC things, and lock and key was I know locking key's not D C, but but locking key was was good as as well. The first season was good. I need to watch that. I've never and then, uh Um, there's another one. It's not really it's sci Fi, it's not magic, but umbrella academy again, but it's the farmer Edgier, uh, potentially more fun, like you just said. So yeah, I, like I said, I'm down. I'm down for it. Um, yeah, I mean, yeah, well, I mean I'm not. I'm not against it. I think that that sequels a little bit long overdue. We'll see what happens, because, but I think now there's a bar, though, with Constantine, because when that came out nobody really knew the character very well. Yes, and now there's the higher bar thanks to expectations. Yeah, great comics, great series, great interpretation of the character, animated films, the character has gained a lot more notoriety than before, not to mention the character has also featured a female version in the sun man. That I think that now the bar a little bit higher. So we'll see how it does, because Kiana has so much range. He does, he does, it's it's, like I said, tentatively, uh, tentatively excited. Last thing, gotta gotta rant man, gotta gotta Yell at Sony and and Uh many a freaking karate kid sequel that I saw that and Hollywood report porter summer a a karate kid sequel described as returned to the original karate kid franchise. Isn't that what? That's what the amazing. We're only three. We're only three episodes in the season one, our season one, season five because, like I said, Christine got ill. But Holy Crap, is it not fun like all first three episodes? I'm like, yes, this is this is gold, like, way better than season three. Uh, but holy crap, man, like what what are you doing, Sony? What are you doing? You freaking idiots, Sonny. Yeah, and Venom starting to film too, so I know you're excited. All right. Anyways, I just had to do that final, final rant. Right there, guys, uh, do check out L R M, LRM ONLINE DOT com every day for all your entertainment news, needs and opinions, written articles, reviews, uh interviews with celebrities also available at the lrm online youtube channel on the podcast network. We've got things for the Rings, the Rings of power, our review of the ring series, marvel, multiverse, mayhem and the Cantina do marvel and star wars reviews and news and News respectively, anime versail review, reviews, daily cog itself and, of course, breaking Geek Radio, the podcast available most APPs and at sounder. So check out, check us out there. And all of those go on the you on the Youtube Channel, but you, but you also get access to uh a B R squared and genre shot trailer reactions. Uh So, yeah, subscribe, Manny. Anything else you want to say real quick? Rock Star Games, you deserve to be hacked because we've been waiting for granted bottle uh six, for freaking ever. So uh the video. Don't care, because we've been extremely disappointed. Were so long. Instead of instead of giving us six, we've got twelve different versions, versions of five. H Screw you, and and you're non them auto six release. You're the bad guy.

You deserve that. All, guys, we'll see you next time. m.

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