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Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Review

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Join Kyle (Daily COG), Christine (No Mercy Podcast) and Brian (PulpMythos on YouTube) as they enter the deadliest game known to man... HIGH SCHOOL! Classroom of the Elite is a psychological examination of the absolute worst in the world of teenagers and oppressive school systems. Check out our Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 11 review!

(00:00)- Intro & Spoiler Free Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Review

(08:02)- SPOILERS: Ryuen V Koenji

(11:52)- Koenji's Intelligence Level Is Higher Than We Thought

(18:26)- Let's Talk War Crimes Committed By High Schoolers 

(26:04)- Don't Get Caught & Final Thoughts


Kyle: A-

Christine: A-

Brian: B

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She literally does not like Uh air hitting her. It's it's the weirdest like if you're sitting in a car, Brian, you like the air air conditioner on right, especially in the summer, and he'd like it to like hit you right in the face. Yeah, I don't, I don't. It is it's uncomfortable on my skin. I don't know why I'm like that. I just hate it. You know. You know what. So I was making fun of accents with Jake Morbid, Brian and Christine and to the audience that doesn't know who Jake Morbid is, that's all. That's all right. Uh, a friend of ours from from long time ago. And Dude, try to sit there and call me a southerner and he's like you lived in Tennessee all this time, and I'm like, Dude, I've lived in in Virginia now more than I lived in Tennessee at any one consecutive time. My Dad was in the are, all of our fathers were, and we're in the army. You guys are dealing with a bunch of army bratts. If you didn't didn't know that. Uh. And then he was like you've got an accent. I'm like what? There's every now and then, but it's just like words that I have that uh, might have a like a New Yorker Twist California. It depends on who I'm hanging out with. I can change depending on who I'm with. I know we picked up all sorts of things and exactly more morbid on the other hand, Morbid on the other hand. Mr Like Frenchmen. Yeah, if you ever watched this, I just said it. I'm always messing with him about his French like roots and stuff like that, and he's always messing with me about the Irish stuff. So yeah, but you guys don't give to two craps about that. You Guys wanna Chit Chat about anime. Oh and here's the great thing. Even though I started recording, Brian was not on on screen. It was just me and Christine. Brian's here. You guys, you guys thought you were gonna...

Miss Out, Miss Out, and and you you didn't. Uh, let's do this. Hello, everyone, welcome to a v R here on here on the geniverse podcast network, where we get your podcast from, and the geniverse podcast network. You doub channel, uh, please hit the follow and subscribe button. Seriously, if you guys are listening to us. We really do appreciate it, and seriously, do hit that follow and or, uh subscribe button. Help us out. Help, help us, help you with more content by showing our bosses that you guys like this stuff enough to help us get paid a little bit for it. We need those thousand stubs. So please, please, do, help us out, and thank you to all four hundred and eighty five so far as of this recording, that have subscribe. You guys are awesome. Appreciate you joining us here. I'm kyle, that's Christine, that's Brian and uh, classroom of classroom of the elite season two episode of Loven Review S E O and and rhyming and everything. Uh, guys, what a what an episode. If, yeah, if you watched our reaction, appreciate it. It was pretty, uh, intense, crazy, crazy episode. Some of you may have heard Christina and my kind of initial thoughts. Brian, what what were yours for this? This episode? Shocking, most shocking episode we had. Yeah, that's the word. That's the word I used on our on well, not shocking. No, I think I did say shocking or just shock on on our just going and I was like wait, how far are they going with? Oh my God, way, way further than I thought and according to some in the comments. Uh. And again, shout out to guys like, and I'm gonna mess up all these names, but the de Bojoyti debot wrote, Jonathan...

Gray, ash quaser. Of course, Kyo, I'm going to get onto you in a in a second. But Buddy, dark reserve twenty one, a lot of you guys and, of course, big big brain g, a lot of you guys went out and and give us a lot of context for things like like this, including, uh, that big brain g said that this was way worse in the light novel, and you know what I mean by this. This was way worse in in the UH light novel. So, uh, yeah, really cool stuff. But you remind me, uh, KIO, to get onto Kyo. Um, but later in the spoiler, in the spoilers. Uh, for those that might not be into reaction videos, Christine, just what do you think of this episode? Shocking? Um, of course. Um. Lot of it's just intense and you know, there's so many things I want to say right now, but I'm gonna hold hold on to it. All right, I I agree, guys. It was it was incredibly shocking. This was wonderfully done, I do think. Again, UH, animation was was still was was amazing again, but more because of like how they composited or composed the shots. Color was was a big thing. Sound design again, was pretty good on on this episode. Uh. Yeah, I also want to get into, uh, some more spoilery territory. So why don't we just go ahead and grade at starting with Brian. This, for me, was a B B and and the reason was, without spoiling anything, the it was a shocking. Second half was very shocking on, which I'm completely cool with. But as a whole the episode, I don't know, it felt like it was missing a...

...little something. The first half was a lot of talking, which was important. Second half was what it was, and we'll get into that. But to me, I don't know, I didn't feel as complete. I didn't feel it. They had a good enough Um Stinger at the end. M But yeah, so, okay, does it does it change if I tell you that we were corrected and it will be thirteen episodes, two weeks left? Does that? Does that change? Yeah, because well, we'll get into the spoilers. Christine, what do you think? A MINUS UM, okay. Well, for me, Um, I guess I just liked it better than you did, Brian. But Um, I was shocking at the end. It's like as soon as the episode ended, it's like no, I wouldn't have finished. Um, yeah, just, yeah, I'm gonna, I'M gonna of it a solid a minus. And it's funny you say solid a minus, but I mean I mean that in the best in the in the best way, like it is like a ninety three out of a hundred, like it is a good solid a a minus right there before heading into a territory. And I'm just gonna say it's because of one word, Coenji. I loved that as as uh, as great as the second half of the episode is. Um, I thoroughly enjoyed that scene, all all of it. So, uh, yeah, I think it was a good and then, like I said, I really appreciated uh shot, compositing, a compositing, compositing, composing. We've had an awful day, guys. UH, after ever since the reaction, it just went downhill. But Yeah, sorry to hear about that. Bright, we'll talk. Yeah, we'll get we'll get with you off we'll get with you offline online but offline.

So, Um, spoiler territory. So there there's really only like two things too. Well, there's three things to kind of discuss, and but two of them kind of flow together. One Uh ru and in the classroom, like busting in. Uh well, I mean he kind of, he kind of does uh, busting in and and starting some crap and getting uh co Coenji. Uh, I said it right, right, Coenjy, yeah, getting him to where he wanted him. He's on his his big hunt and search. When, when someone was like, I forget the character's name was, don't you go with them and make sure nothing, nothing bad happens, I was like, he ain't going. I didn't think he didn't think he would go. At at first, Um, I forget who wasn't. Comments pointed out that he probably went to make sure that there was like, uh, to draw attention away from him. Right, he didn't want to seem like the odd man out that didn't go there whenever everyone else does. But I I did. I thought for a moment he might just be like not my problem. You know what do you think? Christine? I agree. I mean just he's trying to back off and, Um, he doesn't want to make himself noticeable. So yeah, that does make sense. Um, but it's, you know, stopping playing all the pieces, like the appearance of it. Um, yeah, the I don't give two ships kind of attitude. What do you think? Brian saying? I was surprised. He went. Um, yeah, I didn't see that coming. And then I guess we'll wait until that conversation. But yeah, it I was a little confused by what exactly was happening for the first part of it and then then I figured it all out, but it was for a moment there I was. I was like, do I need to rewind this center? When? Am...

I missing something? Yeah, yeah, definitely. Uh, let's get to where where the first like half of the show really shows down, and that's between were you and I don't know what her deal is. She's jumped up, down, up, down, say hi, Sarah's say no, okay, Um, uh Koen G and you and have US showdown, and it's a great showdown and it's it's one where, uh, you, you start thinking like we we mentioned, and I in our thinking our season one review, which we did all all at once. We didn't do do episode by episode and then maybe again. And during this we all wondered, is, is Kohenji really like super smart and ship like, is he is he on onto something? And we, I theorized that again and in this this reaction, I'm like, you know, man, he seems like he's he's on. He's more than meets the eye. Yeah, more than the narcissist meathead. I mean he's still that, but more. What. What do you think, Briand do you think this showed a little bit more? Well, he's been a mysterious the entire series and we've we bring him up every so often, but in terms of what game is he playing? Has Been has come up many times and we got a little bit more of that this episode. But we did and we didn't. You know, we still really didn't get any answers. Yeah, but it was interesting that that was it was. He was big spot spotlighted. Yeah, definitely. Uh, Christine, did you think that that showed some more? You already know where I'm going with us, don't you? Yeah, Um, I think you're you're right. Sort of Um, not like not like brilliance, but smarter than just the person who's like Oh, there's work involved. Um, I'M gonna go. Um, so, yeah, so, and two KYO UH here in the comments. Not that big of a deal, but it is. It... It was a little, a little annoying, because I I like it when my I like my theories being equally wrong as I do being right, and I like that journey towards the towards finding out whether or not something I posited earlier was right or wrong. Um, we're in spoilers, by the way, and this this will actually somewhat spoil a little bit going forward for for everyone. So, if you don't know this yet, you haven't seen the comments. UH, fast forward like maybe a minute or so. Koenji is the second smartest in the school and possibly on on pair. I'm guessing they met par with I. I on a Coj just different personality. Y'All will see in season three. You always do that chewing on the cord. So, yeah, a bit of a spoiler there. Coke Knji is super fucking smart. Ye Know, I did not see that. I'm kind of disappointed. Actually. Well, it's he's been an anomaly this whole time and I you know, it's like, well, how did he get in this school like that was always one of my thoughts. And like, like we said, it was he playing, you know? Is he working with someone else? Is he you know what exactly is going on? But if the fact is he's smart and he's just trying to lay low, I mean, yeah, well, I don't know. See, like we're we're used to it here. There's just someone, you know, Daddy got you in. That kind of thing is what I was thinking, like that's why you're here. Is Daddy's powerful? I don't know. Oh, that was funny. That was funny, ha ha. Anyway, Um, but yeah, like your parents get you in and you just suck at life, but they're just like no, just keep passing him and keep passing him. Well, I'll say this guy's try, please, for everyone in the in the uh,...

...that's anime only, especially if if there's a theory positive and it's not answered during that episode, let it. Let it lie like, don't don't tell us whether we're we're right or wrong, but we do appreciate everyone that does join in and and discuss Um. So thank you. Keep doing that and you're you're cool, you're cool with me. Just don't do it. It's like, Um, but anyways. Uh. Um. The other part that goes down, and here besides, uh Coenji showing you know, hey, man, I'm I'm tracking what you're doing, re you and you're looking for some mastermind. I ain't gonna tell you shit about it, probably because he's holding on onto that information for, you know, if it could be beneficial to himself uh later. Maybe he knows everything, he's figured everything out and he's just like sitting every everything sing maybe maybe that I would like just see. I take back my comment. Just see him to find a find a set of lungs. Um, no, I uh. Like I said, guys, we've had a horrible day. So everyone. The other day you did that to me on was it violet ever garden that day? Yeah, you're just awful to me. So paybacks a bitch. Um. The other part that happens besides that is uh Sakia, Uh God, I can't remember her name. Her Her dad is the chairman or whatever from previous episode. Um, she comes in and pokes the bear class B or no, no, A. Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's a, she's a UH comes in and freaking pokes the bear. I'm excuse me, the dragon...

...boy one where the hell does, because uh, coenji mentions dragon as as well. And then uh too, man, dude, she's dude. She didn't just like poke, she straight up took like a red hot poker. Was Like dragon boy, do something, and and dude almost drop kicked her. She didn't. She didn't. She already had someone that was gonna step in front take that hit. Yep, and there's Hourgita like, oh my goodness, how is this going to go go down? And and someone's gonna tell someone. No, man, I tripped and fell. Yeah, he tripped and fell. What like, Dude. It was such a fun Uh scene to see these for, for lack of a better word, sigma, you know, students, these these top of their of their their groups and fighting to be the top of the whole whole Shebang. I really enjoyed that. I mean it's like a it was like a an episode where a tournament, an episode of a tournament arc but with no real fighting other than the one attempted, like kick. It's a good description. Yeah, yeah, so that's that's kind of why. Now I've justified my my a minus justified jurors. I've justifified mine. Anyone else have any any thoughts on on that scene because like the animation of him jumping in the air. Dude, it was great. Right, I don't know, I guess. I mean also, the American in me is just like thinking back, like when we were in school. It's like, is there going to be a fight? You know, everyone's like huddling around. I like I like how it proves, even though uns all about violence and he and he mentions that, is like a great weapon and a few episodes ago. Um, I like how,...

...instead they're showing what real information or real power is, which is information. Everything. There they are doing even Kohen Gy, I guarantee you, while he might know a lot of stuff, even he is still probably, you know, Intel gathering with every word, every everything he says. So let's talk about our poor girl. Let's talk about Reu and UH set in the trap, uh for for Iona, Cojing, via, Car Cazawa one. Uh. We we missed something that's covered in the light novel about the UH Um Cameras. I want to I want to read this because someone actually took the time to really uh lay it out, Mr or Mrs Deboge Giati. Right. Sorry. Um, they basically said that UH in the UM. Uh. Yeah, basically said that in the UH in the h light novel that the cameras, that that ru and pushes uh something with the cameras and finds out that he can basically get a getaway with it, that they're only really looked at if there's reason to. Other than that, no one, no one cares, so painting them is not going to really cause too much of an issue. I made a joke about it being like lazy writing, like come on, man, they would have seen you with the spray paint. But apparently there's some other things that that happened in the light novels. So just pointed off to two animabe being anime, and I was I was being jocular about it anyway. I just wanted to make a funny joke and I and I did and I was proud of I'm proud of myself. But this was an intense scene, man. He drags her out there by by threatening to out her with the stuff that Uh Manabe, I think is the girl's name, from the bullies on the on the ship earlier this uh this...

...season, outing her about, you know, her past of of not being this social butterfly. Instead, you know having been bullied, potentially letting loose, litting out that she she doesn't have a boyfriend, all that type of stuff, and then proceeds to torture, like they brought out a toolbag. Brian, like I said, like we're watching. I was like it's it's never good when they bring a toolbag, and when they started dropping water on her eyes, like, oh my holy sh it, they're doing they're doing this. And then they took it a step further and and showed us a version of water boarding. And I even got to talk about stupid soldiers. Hey, do you guys want to see what it's like to be water boarding? We've got a medic here, why not? Yeah, sure, let's let's try this out for a few, few minutes. It sucks and that's that's US willingly, most everyone around laughing and joking, and it's still an awful, uh sensation. You know. Uh. I was surprised that they showed that in this what do you think, Christine? It was shocking, I mean for a lot of reasons, because, I mean, he just he does so much Rio and does, and I mean passed in in this moment and it's like, how are you still in this school and then he pulls out a freaking knife and like, I know, right, sorry about the f bombs today, guys. Um. So, yeah, I'm just like, Dude, you're going to be in so much trouble. Why? Why? Um, but yeah, I just and she just holds on. I was very proud of her, but I feel so bad. She was very, very impressive on on holding holding back. What do you think, Brian? It was shocking, I mean because this, this scene was not just bullying or just, you know, something that would get you in trouble or spilled. I mean, I don't know what Japan's laws are, but...

...once they bound their hands, were in torture territory. Weren't felony criminal? Yeah, you're, you're I mean you've got kidnapping. Yeah, you're unlawful. What is unlawful? UH, anyways, carry on. So, yeah, once that happened and then, like you said, the pouring the water, and then once we get to the water boarding part, I'm like wow, there, this is criminal, like we've we've jumped into a whole another level of this, not even just simple assault. No, no, not at all. Um. Yeah, yeah, you do time for this. So that that yeah, I was just like, Oh my God, what's happening? He's dead serious. We see one interesting thing before we bounced back to two K. Here is everyone, of course, is wondering where's Ian a cojy. We know he gets a message about UH K UH freaking rhyu and even says that I messaged the mastermind em. We're all like wondering, you know, when, when and how does he come to the rescue? And there he is hanging out with the I on a COJI group, which one answered a question. I was kind of curious as to whether or not he would actually hang out with that group now that he was kind of done, you know, thinking he was going to have to help Um. The teacher raised the class up to to a UM. So that does kind of show that part of him at least once the normal stuff, like or is that just him using the eye and see what I'm saying? Like, I don't even know what to what to trust, but I did. I did find that interesting. And then I thought maybe he's going to have them and be like, Oh, we were in this area as part of a group thing, and that's, you know, how he can help rescue Ka Uh from you and without tipping his hand. You know, Hey, I am, uh the mastermind. Um, what do you? What do you?...

How does how does this resolve? Is this resolve episode or why? I gave it a little lower, you know, still a score, but it's one of the lower ones I've given. I don't know. It just didn't feel like an ending to me and I don't I don't need. You know, I'm all for episodic storytelling, but I don't know, it felt like something was off because there was no level of Um. You're left with no questionable what's gonna happen next. There's no like tease. It's just like what, she's getting tortured. That's it, like there's no like. I don't know, maybe it's maybe it's meant to be one of those episodes to just leave you like feeling like you need a shower. Definitely. It's like you can't help but think. It's like, what is the school doing, because, I mean, if you get a student that dies, I mean right, does your program work? and Are you going to get down? And it's like Coenji was saying, you know, or was it for you? And one of them was saying, you know the yeah, the whole school is designed for you to to not tell you everything and for you to push boundaries and limits your yourself. Um, which is I mean kind of, sort of, uh, I don't know if allegory or metaphor whatever you know word is, is is right to uh, uh. Adolescence in in general, you know, your your parents, your schools sets up these these boundaries. Some of them are vague, some of them are very, very clear, but the whole point of of adolescence and young adulthood is pushing on those boundaries and seeing what happens, seeing why are some of them so set in stone wire, why are others vague, and how to make them work to your advantage. For the question is, is it, and it seems to be that way, that the school has set up these rules? They want you to break them, but without getting caught, and it's like that's sort of the caveat. It's like, okay, yeah, we want you to break, we want you to succeed, just don't get caught. And but...

...what is the purpose? What are they training in? It sounds like my safety briefings. Look, soldiers, I know you're gonna do stupid, stupid ship. I know you're gonna go out and do stupid ship. I was a young soldier that did stupid shit. Don't get caught. Keep it like non felony. Don't get caught. I'm not I'm not stupid. You'RE gonna go do stupid ship. Don't don't get caught. So yeah, I mean I get it, um, but that's kind of like how the real world is even, you know, like like it's not even just the adolescence part, but even even adulthood is all about pushing boundaries, fit figuring out limits, and and these guys just take it to do an extreme. So, Um, I love the show. It's it's sad to see it coming to an end in a way. Uh, and not not necessarily the show, but this this season, Um, it's UH got two episodes left, guys. So, yeah, they subscribed. We will be doing two fall shows, uh for you guys, at least, the three of us, for for a v R and that is uh core two of season, UH season one of spy family and then UH chainsaw man. So get excited for for that. Um, there's a I didn't mean to do do that, but ha, ha, fun. I said. Get excited. Yeah, exactly. UH, look for that next year because, dear God, that's the reason why this show even exists. Um, what else do we got got going on? Uh Susan a unlocking the doors. We should be getting Um uh screeners for that, we hope. We would love for UH. Crap, I can't even remember the studio daddy comics way now is a comics wave. I can't remember the studio that Uh Shinkai were works out of. Um,...

I don't know if we'll get one for the like November release in Japan, but we'll definitely get something for you guys when the North American release happens. Um. And then, yeah, a v R squared. We'll keep doing reactions if you guys have another suggestions, something else. You guys are super passionate about. Um, uh, in the vein of classroom, something a little different. We're we're all open, open ears. I may disabled that bum. This is my my job. So I would love to react to more and and do do more anime content. So yeah, let us know anything else you wanted to put out, Christine. Okay, cool, guys. So, UH, do head over to L R M online dot L R M online dot com every day for all entertainment news needs and opinions. We have celebrity interviews via the L R M online youtube channel. There we have all the PODCASTS. We do news aggregation of sorts with our own opinions or thoughts on the news. We we cover leaks and and rumors. UH, conventions, comics, gaming, excuse me, everything you every, everything you guys can imagine, goes up on the website. All the PODCASTS are available there, but you can also get those wherever you get your podcast from Google, spotify, uh, spotify, apple. Uh. Sounder is our new distributor and we're we're also on there. I'm working on getting US on other places, but if we're not somewhere dropping in the in the description box below, let let me know and I'll work on work on that. All of the podcasts like breaking Geek Radio and the daily cod which cover everything in entertainment, marvel, multiverse, mayhem and the Cancina doing marvel and star wars news and reviews respectively, a VR, a VR squared, which is the reactions genre, shot trailer, reactions, review of the rings. I mean, come on, guys, that is that. That was not taken.

I took that that was not a name. Uh, we have re review of the Rings. Okay, so if you guys are are I am damn it if did I not mention how awful the day day was. I need some WS, okay, and those come in the forms of subs. So anyway, and they have interesting the review of the rings things. Thank you. Definitely check. Thank you. Kim is a big tolking fan and he's bouncing everything off of what came in the Simarillian, the Appendices, that the things that are Canon, if you if you will, Um and, but he's not spoiling anything ahead of time. So he only bounces off of what we've seen so far in uh in, the rings of power. So yeah, lots of lots of great contents. What I'm saying everything that we have here are we have something for everyone here, basically, and if we don't cover it, that guy does. Brian, tell him about your your channel called Pult mythos on Youtube. Check it out. A lot of a lot of content out there. A lot more coming soon. So what's what's a show you're gonna cover that that's not up yet. Big Sky, where we've been doing big sky, well be it's about to start. Back Reba McIntyre. This season uh, my sister got a picture with her when she was like two. I think it was in Nashville. So I mean, yeah, Nashville is right down the street. So I don't uh country music and I have a very, very abusive relationship, which makes sense because it's country music. Well, no, because I don't like the like eighties. I don't care for Reba and Garth and and Tracy, Tracy Lawrence and stuff like. I need I need older like I'll listen to Conway twittery or something like that before I'll listen to sixties boks. Yes, I did that more. Well, I like I like some blue grass. Anyway, guys,...

...if you want to hear more music talk, maybe come to stop by the daily cup of Genre, daily cup of genre with Manny and I. Until Next Time on a V R by.

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