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Episode 538 · 4 months ago

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The EPIC Showdown | AVR


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Join Kyle (Daily COG), Christine (No Mercy Podcast) and Brian (PulpMythos on YouTube) as they enter the deadliest game known to man... HIGH SCHOOL! Classroom of the Elite is a psychological examination of the absolute worst in the world of teenagers and oppressive school systems. Check out our Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 12 review!

(00:00)- Intro & Spoiler Free CotE S2 Ep 12 Review & Grade

(07:10)- SPOILERS: Ryuen Reveals The Truth To Kei

(12:06)- Ayanokoji's Plan & He Told Them THAT?!?

(16:42)- The Arena Of Violence

(23:40)- Fear? Ayanokoji Knows NO FEAR!

(27:36)- Kei's Arc And Growth

(31:10)- Final Thoughts


Kyle: A+

Christine: A+

Brian: A+

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All right, we are recording on both. I think I'm in focus. Let me double check that. Sorry, guys, got to look at just me for a very quick second. Purple, yeah, you like it? Yeah, because, like I used the blue on the accident lights of your car, your ground, and then the purple on, Oh, yeah, because you're looking on that camera and now thinking about this one. But yeah, it uh, it lights everything up quite night here. Have I shown you? Yeah, okay, I didn't remember. If I show your shaved, since last time I had to cancel my had to cancel my had a cancel my hair and beard trim. Anyways, I don't think everyone wants to listen to US talk about our facial hair. So, guys, welcome to anime versal reviews podcasts here on the Genrese genals podcast network and, uh, Youtube Channel. So Uh did that red subscribe button? Hit the follow button if you're listening on on audio, all that good stuff. I'm kyle. That's Brian. For those that are review watchers only, and and and don't watch our reactions. Christine is not here. Obviously she is recovering from her second bout of Covid and what's funny is, uh, the first time we all had it go through through the House, uh was last August, and here we are this Uh September and uh, this time it seems Lucas brought it home from school despite testing negative. Um, we're pretty certain it was just a false negative because, I mean, it's the same as what she has and he was sick first. So I remain either a symptom matic or not infected. No idea. You know, I don't want to get into a discussion about the vaccines and things. We had vaccines and got it. I had the vaccine before getting it. Christine got it and then got the vaccine and then she got it again, and it is what it is. We are we are all okay. Um, it hit Christine a little bit harder than it hit Lucas, which seems to be par for for course, for for everyone that kids, young kids, seem to be, for the for the most part, better off. Um, and I, like I said, remained mostly either asymptomatic. I had like a throat tickle for a few hours one night and then I had some minor headaches, but I never had any coff any sniffles, any anything else. So thanks to everyone on the on the reaction side, who sent uh wellwish just to Uh Christine and our son. And Yeah, man, I'm actually I'm ready to talk about...

...this because I've had no one to talk about this with other than some of the people in the comments, uh classroom of the elite. Season Two, episode twelve, the penultimate episode four. Uh, this this season two and Brian, spoiler free thoughts, man, since nobody's heard your thoughts at all yet. Oh, this is dude. You Know Me. This was everything I wanted it to be. I was smiling in ear to ear. I watched it right before I had to go to work and I was just I was pumped for work. I was just like, yeah, hold on, hold on this this like who were you wanting to beat up there? It's just it's just that kind of episode, you know, where you're just like, I'm ready to get this day going, you know, because it wasn't like we're not gonna spoil anything here, but it wasn't just the action, if you will, that occurred. It was it was all the the politics and all the seeds that have been laid all finally I was just like, Oh, oh, the connections. I I do. I love it when that happens and and again. Without getting in into too many spoilers yet, Um, uh dude, this was tense, like there's there's a moment where I'm like, Oh my God, well this, will this even stop? Like I I had that moment of doubt, like will it go too far? The title of our my reaction video. I'm taking all the credit for that. Thanks to everyone that did subscribe help to help us break five hundred. We're at five thirty one as of this recording. So thank you, guys for for that. Um, it was so intense and so many Um men, the animation budget. I think a lot of that went into these last few episodes. Um, I think the voice actors, I think the UH, just everything. Man. This this, this felt amazing, even though, like I said, there were moments where it was just like super uncomfortable, but but in the best way. If that, if that makes sense. Did you have discomfort watching this, Brian? Like more more last week, honestly, I thought, especially the last five minutes. Ye, but yeah, definitely this. But, like I said, this without spoiling it, it it answered so many things and it was done so beautiful and it was the kind of episode you know it was that payoff episode where you're like, Oh, if you've been watching and paying attention for, you know, all through the series, this episode it was for you. You know it. Yeah, it was. It was good, which makes me think, you know, will this be a lot like the the final episode of Stone Wars, where it's more like a prologue? You know, I'm thinking maybe this will be more like approcause, is like legit. Even if this...

...had been the last episode, perfect, it would have been fine. Absolutely, I'm ready for the next one, but this would have been an interesting way to to wrap up season two. So this in many ways were wrapped up this this arc, if you will, and, like you said, maybe the next episode we'll set up, oh, what's coming, hopefully. So, Brian, here's the big question. Is this an a plus plus? I gave it an a plus two. I was. I was quite happy with it. Um, we'll talk a little bit more about the the animation and Um and things like that as we get into our as we get into our spoilers, but I think, I think each of us gave maybe two episodes a plus this season. I know you gave one other at least one or two others. Yeah, yeah, it's great, man, it really it really is. Uh. So you're ready to you're ready to talk some spoilers for this stuff. Okay. So I broke it down on my time stamps to go over Reuan, talking to Kay, first Carya Zawah. Then we'll talk about IANNA Coj spilling his own beings and then we'll get into the fight, and then we'll talk about the meaning, the meaning of fear, and then uh, Caryazawa, Kay's growth towards the end. So Dude, opening up with uh, you know, continuing on the Reu and and and and uh, Carya Zala situation. Great, we get some more of that discomfort with the with the water and everything like that. But Dude just straight up outsiana COJ, puts all sorts of doubt into her mind and I loved it. I loved every moment of it. Like it was mental English, it was physical English. It was a test to to so much much Um. What what thoughts were going through your through your mind, as he's like revealing to her she's been a pawn in Iana coach's planned the whole time, right up to the point. I mean I assumed she was gonna, you know, spill the information. She was gonna give up, which would have been and I would have been fine with it. Um, and that moment when she's like no, screw you. You know, I was like, Oh my God. Um, yeah, that was shocking. But but just I was curious to how far, I mean, because they were basically saying, oh, he's gonna get her to like leave, leave, but with the torture stuff. I'm like, how far? How far is this gonna go? Yeah, you know that that was something. I was like, wow, I even asked my I even asked that during the reaction. Like how far is he like? What does destroy to him mean? Is it just released the information about the fake, fake boyfriend in the past bullying,...

...or is it I will beat the you know, like how far was were you and willing to go? And, man, I'll tell you what, I think he was willing to be willing to go quite far. Um, I honestly didn't know whether or not she would, she would spill the beans. Um It may when when she started questioning it. Uh, and this will get into some of her her growth later in the discussion, but you know, she rationalizes not telling him. You know, she she kind of you kind of see where some of the things she's been through with Ian a Coch kind of helped make her mature, you know, grow a little bit to where her her priorities are are different, Um, and for mostly a good way. And while I still don't necessarily think uh Kiyotaka, did I say it right? I on a Koji. Uh, while I don't think his ends are his means will still necessarily justify his his ends justifies means. Jesus. Uh. I do get where people are like, oh, he's he's helping people. Yeah, but they did. They need it that way. I mean, Geez, I really wondered how long it would uh. I wondered last week, you know, is he gonna walk with his group in a in a certain way to to, you know, show up and rescue her that way like that was one of my biggest biggest questions was, how does he protect her from you know, does he keep that promise? Because I hate to constantly bring up sin Ku and and company over at Dr Stone, but that was a big freaking deal sukasa breaking his promise, which was very, very similar. You know, from this moment forward, I'll do the fighting. No harm will come to you guys, and here's here's on a cog. You know, he's willing to litter her, suffer a bit. You must get nervous. You do ask the question, especially by the end, when you really examine it, it's like, did he need the letter get tortured at all? The only thing that that did was sort of show him her resiliency, you know, loyalty. Besides that, he could have been if you think about it, he could have walked in right behind them as they went in there and did results. You know what I mean? There was nothing that will happen. And I think, I think, maybe even giving re you and the taste of victory, like, well, if it was a mine, thinking he was getting close to yeah, maybe, Um. I mean, everything he does is with a is with the purpose, and it even makes the end of this episode, while still somewhat relieving, still questionable, where you're just like, I don't like I trust you, but I don't trust you to, let you know, protect her. You should just get roughed up enough. How the boots put... her medium style? Uh, that's that's what I on a coach seems to be wanting to allow. Um, him coming up with his with his plan to get in, going to the to the teachers, saying Hey, uh, you know, you could help out, and her being like well, here's the thing, US teachers don't give to you know, flying fracts about you guys unless there's something in it for us. So I really don't see what's in it for me anymore. After you know, my my last trump card failed. Uh. But he still manages to peak her her interest enough to get her out there and say look, here's my here's my other eyes, which I'm I'm guessing. UH, jory kid, his brother's just there to witness on a cog being attacked and defending him himself, you know, because he's like, I'm just here to witness and and be a part for for the aftermath. Um, it's a really it's a really cool, cool plan to bring someone else in. And and the other thing that that kind of happens in that in that conversation, is is the brother being like, you know, you'll, you'll help me push horrid Keta towards the student council. So, I mean he's he's a caring brother in a way. I'm just a complete ascid and how he how he shows it what do you what do you think about on a coach's plan and that that interaction with the with Bro it's interesting how much horriketo has been sidelined sort of in the last, you know, two episodes. Um, but but this sort of shows that, no, she's still part of the you know, part of the story. The plan was interesting. I I yet again whenever her brother pops up, I was like, Oh, what's he doing? Even the teacher was surprised, like what's he got going on? So, you know, that was interesting. But just to see how, you know, last week that was one of my things. I was like, you know, it felt like he had no plan or wasn't even aware of what was going on. But the fact that he everything was planned for such a long time. He knew exactly what was going to happen when and he this all fell into his plant. Yeah, well, he needed to make sure that he impressed the brother enough, piqued the brothers interesting enough to make sure he was in in position if and when he needed him. Um, it was still curious about the new president. Yeah, and what what you know, where their loyalties lie and and things like that. Um, if they're as as Gung Ho about about this, this hunger games, as everyone, everyone else seems to be. Um, I kind of I guess I forgot that the UH black student is American. I'm guessing because he speaks English to him. Um, I'm not sure if we missed something on that, but it was. It was. It was an interesting moment. It just kind of threw me for for looke because I couldn't I couldn't remember clearly why. Uh, I don know. Cojy would would speak English to him. But he walks in...

...and I'll be honest with him, and the last thing I expected with him to say I'm the I'm the mastermind, bitch, like I didn't see that. It wasn't interesting. And this is how I offer you. Yeah, not just, not just I'm the mastermind, but by the way, this is this is how much of a mastermind I am, and I'm still not telling you that camera. Yeah, I have to care. Let's go back to you. Let's go back to season one. I mean, holy I, I thought he was just going to find some creative way. You know, look, Carriazawa emailed me. She needs help. I'm here. What's going on? You know I didn't, but what A, what a way to do it. And then when you see what he's what he's trying to do, what? What? What a weapon he's trying to use against for you, and it's just, oh well, just his understanding of ruins, psyche, that you know, he that the only thing that understands is violence, yes, fear, and so he has to build this game in order to show him, when it comes to violence, I'm the man, when it comes to fear, I'm you know, and this, yeah, just you. When you get, when you realize that he's been sort of collecting this information, understanding what kind of person he is and how do you defeat someone like that? M Hm, Oh my God, Um, someone, I'm looking for the WHO told me Um. I'm sorry, guys, I don't want to spend too much time flipping through here, but over on the A B R squared video, um talking about Um, the weapons. You know, Ruan's constantly saying, you know, violence is the most UH powerful been. They reminded us that. Um Um backing episode nine. Uh Ion a cog basically tells you and I'll meet you in in whatever arena you choose. Reu and chose violence, and Um ion a cog still just throwing it down, man. Uh, it was. It was intense because the whole thing, the whole thing, comes to to fear and and and you know the fact that Reu and hasn't had something to to fear in a while, but still has the capacity to fear, and he needed to remind him of of that, and boy does he remind him of it. Uh, you're ready to talk about the fight. Okay, so this this fight, besides one helping eat up some of that some of that budget. Um, I noticed a few things about it. Uh, the the animation is great.

I love the use of not just the shadow but the light, the light being blinding in a in a way, Um, the spotlights, the construction lights especially. Um. I like it because, one, it makes you uncomfortable, it makes you feel, feel some of what what the people there in the in the arena are feeling. Um, it makes you appreciate the shadow, it makes you appreciate what you what you can see. It's uh, it's different because so many light is just that, that that thing that so many people take for granted, and in these situations shadow plays up so much more. And while this was used to extend the shadows. I think they went in with a purpose with with some of this lighting. Uh. The animation is is great. There's so many things, not just in the in the fight itself, but even before and after. There's there's the scene towards towards the end where the shadow and the Light Bisex, uh, I on a coach's face perfectly as he's as he's talking to okay, Um, it was an intense like I mentioned in my in my reaction. Um, that one. He squares up against all of them differently, like he knows multiple fighting side. Yeah, I was like that was one of the first thing. You know, the first thing it's like, okay, you're you're grappling. That makes sense. Dude moved in close on a coaching, handled it close and then he squares up with a guy that's that's obviously a brawler, boxer type and plays that that game, and then the next person is throwing m m a stuff. So I do know. Coach just smoothly moves into all of that. Um. And the other thing I mentioned was that he kept each fight short, and I said part of that I said, uh, I don't know if they did this, but in reality, anybody that's ever trained to fight, and I said at pro levels. I understand there's a bit of showmanship, but still you don't want to be in a fight longer than necessary because the longer a fight goes on, the higher the risk of you uh losing and greater injuries come due to people being tired not executing moves appropriately. And I said, it goes back to like even uh hand to hand combat training in in the military. You in the fight as quickly as possible. The longer goes on, the worst. And that's what he did. He just squared up long enough to figure out, okay, I only need three moves to mate with this person. Had that was that's a chest joke, guys, but I only need to do this because of the way that they're they're fighting. And then he he executes it and that's the end of it. You know. I mean how the girl at the end, apparently in the light novel uh he mentions Uh like scoping an up skirt shot because he feels no threat to her and takes her down real quick and easy like that. And they cut that out of the out of the anime Um, but even with her he takes her down so so quick, so, so fast. Helps her down, like okay, next, Um,...

...what? What? Talk? No, no, like you said. Um, he clearly knows multiple styles. He Um. That goes back all the way to when he encountered, Um, the brother, the when he was trying to decipher like what is what is your style? You know? So we got a little tape. We knew he knew how to fight, but we we didn't know all the details that we do now. He uh, he knows and he and we even got some of his inner thoughts on analyzing like Ruan style is, is street brawler. Uh, not a you know, organized discipline. So he's not trained. He knows. Okay, well then this is how he's gonna Fight. and He, you know, he's working out. Okay, well, what do I? What do I gotta do to adapt, and he clearly did. But yeah, it was like you said, he adapted to everyone style and he was putting them down as quickly as possible. He wasn't trying to prolong anything. He wanted to make it clear to each person who came at him you can't beat me, don't try. And and and the movements where, I mean they, like you said, the animation clearly there was a lot more budget in this one because just I mean some of the hits, I was just like Whoa. I mean, yeah, it was nice to watch, but, yeah, I like how uh and I honestly because you see Kay over off the side. They show her a few times watching this and and there's moments, there's moments where I feel she's both in in awe of I had a cogy, but I but I also think there's a few moments where, and not just when he's beating the ship out of U and, but even before then, when, when he's just moving that hard that fast, I think he's scared her. Um. I also had the RIU and the punching. Did you notice? It wasn't over dramatic. He was applying the just the amount amount of pressure to cause just the right amount of damn amount of damage. Everything was purpose Um and and even when he is looks like, you know, he is getting beat up, he's blocking shots and you can see the hand moving and blocking, but real close, you know. So that way it still looks like he's he's getting hit and I wondered if he was playing that up for Kryza, like look, I am in danger I I can be be hurt. You know what was he playing that up to her, blocking them so close, and so it still looked like you were he was getting hit. If you, if you didn't notice that. Um. So I did wonder. Uh, I did wonder about that. Um, God man, how like so cool. And it went on for a while too. But but they had appropriate breaks in there. You know, they would throw down for a while, U and losing it. As as the fight goes on, he's he's absolutely starting to lose his his cool, um, even when he starts giving his his big villain speech where he thinks he has the upper upper hand. UH, psychologically and and I love Ion, a coachy...

...dollond dude, you've you never had a moment where you were in control. You never had a moment, a moment Um. It's it's such a good fight. And it brings up to that that final thing about about fear, and that's you know, when they're when he's towering, oh well, not just towering, but you know, on top of coaches, on top of you and just beating the crap out of him. And were you and talking about fear. Oh Yeah, you know, you'll uh now that uh I know your secret and stuff. I'll always be waiting to strike at you. I'll you'll never have any any any peace or anything like that. And on a coach he's like fear. What what fear like? And then I even I even like it when he's like anger. I'm not, I'm not angry. Like, dude, that was nothing you. That was the disturbing part of the punches into the face is, like you said. You know, we've all been in five. There's anger, there's there's different emotions, for whatever reason, depending on the situation. The fact that he's so calculated. This was not anything done out of spite or out of anger or frustration. This is a tedious this was, I think that's how he said it. This was a calculated task that needed to be done and he was doing it and and and to look at a fight like that is is crazy interesting. But yeah, to say the least, I got uncomfortable, man, when he kept hitting. I was like, I was like is he is he so outwardly stoic that we could be missing some emotion? Are we seeing him potentially letting things out without, you know, um visibly letting them out? And I did, man, there's Times where I'm like, Dude, stop hitting him, you're gonna go to jail. They all tally and they all should probably go to Joe for the offensive. Easy. But it made me uncomfortable because, look, he's not he's he's the protagonist of the of the show, but he's no hero. And and I got it. Got Guys. He's done a lot to help Hori Kita, who's suffered the least amount of damage getting getting to where she is, Uh via Ia Koji. But Um, he he is. He is not a good guy. You know, even the best intentions done done about wrong, it's still bad things. You know what I'm you know what I'm saying. Um, I I just, dude, I don't know, I've never, I can't say I've never, but it's been a while since I've gotten that from this type of anime. Like the last time I think I felt this uh kind of discomfort was Miero Coachan. Oh, yeah, like, there were just moments, there...

...were just uncomfortable like everything going on is just wrong, and everything going on in that moment, as Badass as it as it was, was wrong. I think that's what I think. That's what made it so weird to me, Um, but God was it. God, was it cool. I just I love I love that. No, no, fear, no, I almost half expected you and to beg for, for God's mercy, and and and Iana cogy to to be like. No, God, just me. Oh, man, Um, Kay's growth. What about? What about her? Man? She stuck this ship out to the end, Dude. She stuck it out. She she backed uh, the Iona cogy book boat without knowing whether or not he would what would be the result of of that? Um, I like that. She's accepted that he was a dick. Um, how? How? How she moves on from here? Man, what? What do you see? What do you think? I like it. When asked why she did what she did, she said it was for her yeah, you know. So that was interesting. It was more of a I don't know, it wasn't like just to help you. You know, like you said, there is a lot of character growth. This is someone who's who's Um finding their way, finding their strength, realizing how resilient you know she can, she can be. And and now, I think you know there's a bond between these two that's very strong now, um, stronger than his and and the one with a Horakuta like I think. I mean you can't go through what they did. I'm not denying her her her connection to him, it's his to her. You know what I'm saying. Like I I agree. I'm in how happy she was doing things with him, for him. She was getting to be more of who she wanted to be, even if it was in secret. You know, before she's either alone or putting on a face. Here she's either working with Ianakji, where she's her herself, or putting on the putting on the face. But the face was coming off as as time went went on. You know, she was kind of, you know, relaxing a bit, so to so to speak. Um, it's still like, dude, couldn't you have found a different way to help her, because this is this is brutal. Um I do appreciate him, uh rededicating the promise of Hey, you know, I'm I won't let you get hurt. You know, I'll protect you on on that, but it's how much will she have to suffer before he steps in? He he's he's made it clear he's willing to do that. My question... this, Brian is, even even if it's just on the level of of Um, respecting their abilities and their their capabilities. Does does it right now make sense to you for for her to be that attached to him, that dedicate, dedicated to him, even on just the respect for his, lack of a better word, game? I mean, I don't know it, Um, I mean based on the environment therein? Maybe, maybe. I mean she's definitely at the moment at the very end of the episode, after everything she witnessed, after everything he says to her afterwards, she is definitely openly committed to being a soldier in his army, you know, if you it that way, a loyal and loyal and he seems to realize that. It's like all right. Um. So, yeah, cool. Any other thoughts on on this episode? Man, it's great. Like you said, this could have been the finale of the season. I would have been fine with that. Um, interested to see how they wrap it up. Yeah, so am I. Um, I hadn't an idea to bring about a team now. Joking, man, do you do you miss when marvel was good? Um, anyways, guys, marvel, marvel, multiverse, mayhem. If you want to hear me, just crap on Marvel for thirty minutes and watch poor, poor nick, just like not know what to do. Um. So we got the final episode coming up next next week. Brian, is there a chance that we could work with your schedule and do this live next week instead of recording it? I don't know, you don't have to chunk. Yeah, let us let us know, because I would be interested in and potentially doing something something like that. Um, we will have reaction videos, guys, for chainsaw man coming up, uh, for spy family coming up, including potentially with the dude right there, Brian. Brian Doing uh the spy family family? I don't know. It would kind of really depends on the schedule for for chainsaw man. When does it when does it drop and all that, but uh, we will be uh working that out. So look forward to a VR squared with Brian in the in the future and of course, uh a v R here. All the reviews will still happen on on this show and uh, Christine and I are always looking for something else to watch. Violet evergarden broke US hard. I can...

...actually see where people are having a hard time watching US watch, watch that, because there's a part where it breaks and you can just watch people stunt. Nope, and then that the rest of that gets skipped may come right back over. So, if you are glutton for emotional punishment, check out our violet evergarden reactions. But UH yeah, lots of content. Make some suggestions. Guys, were always down for more things. I'm trying to drag Brian Deeper and deeper into this anime well, but he's being resistant, like a like a stubborn, I don't know, an asshole. Anyways, a joke. I'm joking. Do need to get him to watch, watch eighty six, though. Desperately need him to watch, to watch also enjoy live action stuff. I don't get that. I just don't. It makes no sense. Anyways, guys. Um. So that's some of the stuff coming up on on a VR uh an a VR square. We also have a lot of other content here on the Youtube Channel and on the wherever you get your podcast from. UH, Daily Cup of genres. Not really daily, but we're working on it. We do everything in entertainment, news, whatever. Many and I want to want to talk about Um, uh breaking Geek radio is similar, but it's a whole different group of guys. It's the one and only thing that you'd never see my face on it's I produced their show. Uh. Jones, e, Nick, Danny and and Jammer are all part of that. I I produce it pop in audio every now and then just to feed info or or make a comment. Whenever Jammer says something stupid like the last Jedi is the best star wars movie, I gotta just jump in there. Threatened to fire them as non joke. Joking, but Um, we also have a marvel multiverse mayhem doing she hulk reviews. Uh. And in between movies and shows, we we do news. Nick is trying to get us to watch morbous. It's not happening. Not Somewhere on Netflix, I think. I think so. Anyways, we've we've also got the CANTINA which will be starting and or this week. So that's that's pretty cool. Um. And then what am I oh, review of the review of the rings. So if you're watching the rings of power, you've got me, who's a I've read the original books, all wants. I've read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, Uh wants, back in middle school. Um, but a relative fan of the movies, uh, and have roused the Appendices, similar relion and some of the other other texts and a few wiki pages. So, but then you've got cam who who is like the historian for for for Middle Earth and and all of that. So Cam is walking us through, bouncing things off of what is is cannon according to Tolkien, versus what they're doing here. Um. But he doesn't spoil...

...things beyond where the series is at or what you've seen in in Lord of the rings, like he's stilled or being there, like if you didn't pay attention to the to the name in the in the movies or the books, you're missing out on a lot there. But other than some things like that, uh, check it out. I can't think if I'm I don't think I'm missing anything else. We distribute through sounder, now available wherever you get your podcasts from. And then Brian, tell him about your channel. It's called Pulos. Usually talk about more scare shows. Um, we're on a little bit of a break. We'll be kicking back off in about two weeks when October starts. So check it out. Nice. All Right, guys, UH LRM ONLINE DOT com every day for all your entertainment, news needs and and opinions. The LRM YouTube channel has all of our celebrity interviews. We are we got people going to red carpet events, conventions, all sorts, of all sorts of great things. Written articles and read us news leaks, rumors. All that stuff goes up there. I guess that's it, guys. It's been along a lot of fun. We'll keep you posted about the format for next week and UH bye.

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