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Episode 549 · 4 months ago

Blue Beetle Movie Is Safe & Villains Don't Need To Be Heroes | D-COG


Blue Beetle Movie Is Safe, Villains In Movies Don't Need To Be Heroes In The End

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Today, the guys discuss comments from the Blue Beetle movie director and its safety at Warner Bros. Discovery. Also, they dig into the lack of villains being villains, and why villain centric movies have, mostly, sucked. Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre!

(00:00)- Intro & Halloween Is Coming!

(08:15)- Blue Beetle Director Says Film Is Safe

(13:48)- Weak Movie Villains

(16:44)- Villain Centric Movies Are USUALLY Awful

(27:46)- Final Thoughts

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Question(s) of the day: Do you trust the comments on Blue Beetle being safe? How do you feel about villain centric movies?

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I got a love. I love modern day shipping and handling stuff, right. You know what, it's funny to say that because you know, back in the day, and I think, you know, once you're past your thirties, you can sit back in the day because you've already you've already survived the world for three decades. Uh okay, sipping used to take you know, ten to fourteen days for everything. Oh yeah, and you were just like, um, and you're just like, you know, you just you know, like, hey, you know whatever. Right, But now if you don't get your stuff, here's this guy again, there's the culprit. I know it was adorable kittie. Yeah he's got socks. Yeah he does little here, little bookies anyway. Um, and now if something takes more than like three days to get to your house, you're like the audacity, I know if it takes more than two days. Like, I get upset when I get upset when it's like, what do you mean? My prime isn't next day deliver? You only got to day? What what? I pay way less than I than I would if I pay per package, And I'm pissed about it. Still, Uh, First world problems aways, guys, Welcome to the daily cup of genre. Here on here on the Geniverse podcast network wherever you get you know, casts from, and also the Geniverse YouTube channel, really cool place where you can find great things dealing with Star Wars and or not reaction and or episode four review just went up Marvel Marvel Multiverse mayhem unfortunately covering shee hoole uh. And then of course you got Breaking Geek and other things anime related things, trailer related things here on the on the YouTube channel. I'm Kyle. That's Manny. If you're here, you probably know what we do. We bus for about thirty five minutes and then... it a quit, call it quits. But yeah, if you want to follow us, there's a social media information down below. We have a discord. You can find that link also in the description box blow both on podcast and uh YouTube side of things. So how's it going, Manny? You know, not bad. It's a it's a Thursday, it's been it's been a week at work. I'm I consider myself the duct tape that holds uh, that partially holds that place together, because it seems like every day I have to do a different job. But hey, that's the that's the that's the life of working in the mid market. Like I produced sometimes, sometimes I'm in charge of web content. Sometimes I'm a reporter who knows. Um, you got a job that you're enjoying. That's what matters. It's a loud motor kitty. Yeah he's his pur is. UM's yeah, he's got quiet motor on it. I like, I like. I like it when cats out of that mine are mostly quiet anyways, um so um. But hats off to all of the reporters and all of the photographers, cameraman, photography still call the same thing who are covering the hurricane at the moment, because Jesus Christ, some of the shots and some of the live shots you're doing are on like we we watched them on TV, and you guys are bonkers unnecessary, and your producers who are making you go out there and do this or um news desks or whatever insane you know. And I get it that some people wanna, you know, they want they want that edge in the real Yeah, but one of these days, and I never wanted to happen. Someone's getting by something and it's gonna be bad, and you know, but it happens. I mean, you gotta Yeah, like you...

...were just saying, gotta get the shot, Gotta get something that sets you, something that sets you apart from the competition them sweet sweet local roofing and plumbing advertising dollar competition. Say you know, I gotta do it for sales. Um So anyhow, And on a on not on a different topic, Oh no, well, tell your cat to put some boots on my orange one's got got sucks. She's got booties, but not this one. I can. I can tell you finally that focus focus too. Mm hmmm. Just as good as the original. Really, Now that's that's a big thing thing to say. Man, It's just as good. Wow, Because the the original is a is a classic. I mean, it holds a special place in many hearts. So well, what I'm saying thing is that it holds its own And um, I thought it was done well for the other one to have been, you know, just that that kind of classic TV movie. And then this went to follow up as a as a Disney plus TV in in terms TV movie and having having that that original cast come back. Um, and just kind of the modern twist of course. On on the on the people who deal with the Sanderson's is um, it's done. It's done well, and um I I enjoyed it for what it was, and I thought it was a great I thought it was a great follow up. So I think I stay for everyone else, for all of us, all of us normies, right I think. Um, I think vans are are going to be disappointed and it's and that's kind of a fun thought. Um So yeah, just that's Those are my those are my quick takes on it. Um. I don't know if you've seen my review for The Monsters,...

...but um yeah, I saw about how he wasn't allowed to make it him in black and white, so he just made it as as surreal as as possible. Um. I saw how you called it. It's a fan film, um Manny's review at l r M online dot com. Um, I don't know, man I I haven't seen it. I wanted, I wanted to see it, and then now that it's I don't know if it's out yet or it's about to be out out now, I don't. I don't. I don't necessarily know if I'm actually going to watch it. It's not on Netflix, so you're not gonna lose anything, lose time time I could be watching something else like anime or streaming. We do streaming on on here that I've done it once, but yeah, I could be doing that, and yes anime, my god, Manny, what is I'm going to convert you something? I hope chainsaw Man does it because I I can give you some other horror related things, some some really super cerebral and some some gory stuff too. So like like I'm hoping, I'm hoping on the eleventh you get your seven day free trial for episode one of Chainsaw Man, and then I hope it hooks you and and you stick a stick around. Um does will be covering chainsaw Man here on the Genreverse podcast network, going our a v R and a v R Squared series here on YouTube man, wherever you get your podcast from. I mean it could happen because I mean, honestly, uh, the animals that I've been hooked on, it's been immediate. Yeah, episode It's like, yeah, I've kinda finished this series like tonight, That's what That's what it feels like sometimes hedge runners, have you...

...given that a shot yet? The cyberpunk holy crap that is that is some intense, uh beautiful work from from Studio Trader absolutely love it. Anyways, you want to actually talk about a full story. It's a couple of days late technically, But who actually reads or listens to in n PR No one? Uh? So I caught this via H. I think it was superhero hype, and then I followed to the to the source link. It deals with Blue Beetle, and Uh, I think we can say it's it's safe to say for now, it's it's safe. I won't even say that anymore, just because things change, they do. That's why I said for now. But the director, in speaking with in PR about the film, UH, was asked about the lis and and uh feelings about it in relation to the shake ups at Warner Brothers Discovery, and he said, I'm not going to lie. Uh. There was concern, anger, fear. At first. They told me not to worry. The film has their full support. So that came from He's basically saying Studio Exects told him don't worry, it's got their full support. And that's from UH Angel Manuel Soto Uh, the director for UH Blue Beetle. So, I mean I I kind of figured that this one was more likely safer than others, even though it was you know, less developed than say, uh, batgirl. UM, but I'll say it's nice to hear this. I'm you know, big Cobra Kai fans, so I'm excited to see Cholo and in this produc check. I don't...

...have any affinity for the character like others, but I'm this is one of those projects I was really hoping to see see through. So how you how you feeling about that? Him him saying he's been told it's it's got full support. His quote full support. So I really do, because you know, the wild world that is Um, Warner Brothers Discovery changes daily. One day, they almost have it all together. In the next day, they have no clue who's who is even Nobody wants to run the show as far as right now, UM, would you? I mean, like, honestly, did you hear that? Did you hear that they that Warner Brothers allegedly spun it's it's subscriber numbers to UH investors and that they were weren't nearly as good as they originally were. That's a different story. Carry on, Blue Beetle, Blue Beetle, I'm not sure. I mean, everyone does it, so I'm not going to point them out. UH In theory. Disney did it too, Um, but there was just more glaringly obvious. UM. But I can't deny though that just you know, yeah, it was expensive, but the quality of products that HBO Max has had and the interest that people see the value in it and say, yeah, I'm gonna get this with with with the Game of Throne stuff. Um. Even even there's there's uh Tokyo Um, I forgot the name was show Tokyo Vice was fantastic. Um. And and then you have your Harley Quinn's, you have your um all this other like small stuff that comes out. You have all the Studio Ghibli movies on there. It is a very good streaming service, I think, UM and UM. Anyway, UM, this is all those one of those things that every fancasted, and I think that it's the right It...

...was the right choice. So um, given what we've seen of him. You know, we both do the we both do the Cobraki podcast. UM. I think that I'm excited that they're gonna let you know, they're gonna let this go with and and so that now we're gonna I'm gonna start seeing some familiar faces in Marvel and DC, you know, with with Blue with Blue Beetle with name. Just just walk in here, Christine, just just interrupt the show. She just started walking like nothing's going on. Love you about that? I mean, unless only because you said something I knew that she was in the room. Um, so yeah, that's that's really the I'm enjoying the fact that our our time seems to be coming, you know. Um America Chavez is another one, m um and so um, I'm having a good time with it. These aren't These aren't necessarily side characters anymore. These aren't goofy um goofy sidekicks. These are these are actual heroes, anti heroes that that are. They're probably gonna matter. I think that's nice. Only a little over a month away from nay more and what kind of forever we'll see all that goes and what type what type of future he has? He's always been a antagonistic type hero in the comics. Uh so could we see him continue continue on an anti hero type course in them see you or or what? But yeah, you're right, man, it's good to see. So let me ask you this, which company is gonna um gonna newt their character more Warner Brothers with Black Adam or or Disney with neymar I...

...don't know, because can the Rock really be a bad guy or can Disney actually deliver an anti hero? I don't know. I really don't. Ah, I think I think uh. I think nay More will fit the same type of mold as a at least in this film up until maybe the very very end. He'll fit the same mold as uh as like your Loki and your and your Thanos, the the logical and empathetical villain that you can you know, empathize with for for a bit. I don't think they'll be able to pull off another uh kill Monger either, who you know stayed bad bad quote unquote to to the end. Um, I don't. I don't know Black Adam though, I don't see I don't see them making the Rock too much of a bad guy. I think. I think whenever they're they're like, oh, heroes don't kill people? Well I do, I think you. I don't think you're gonna see Black Adams snap a neck, you know what I'm saying, Like, I don't think it will be that. I mean, Superman already did it. Yeah, Superman did it, But I don't I don't know I don't think hopefully. I mean, I hope, but who knows. It's it's interesting because this entire time, um the Rock has been campaigning that you know, the DC universe would never be the same, that the powers are going to shift, etcetera, etcetera. So um, yeah, um it'll be. I think it's interesting too, and based on what I what I've seen, especially like I've seen a little bit more of the a little bit more of the film next to San Diego, which is not much, but it's it's a it's supposed to. They made it...

...feel like it is supposed to be a darker take on the movie than what we saw in the first trailer. The second trailer did a better job also at that. Yeah, he's gonna he's actually going to be I'm more of a villain, uh move anti hero, but like the Black Adam I grew up reading and watching and cartoons, freaking badass. Like he's you know, he's he goes to to toe with Shazam Superman all the time, and I mean just right right up there with any of the top batties really in the d C. You So I'm I'm honest. I'll be honest when I say, I'm worried. Well, anyone every time they want to do a villain movie, you should be worried. Look at the Venom movies. Look at them. They're not good. I know people might enjoy them, but my god, guys, that is especially the second one. Let's let there be carn just just they literally said, Carnage and Venom fight, now, figure out how to get them in the same room to fight. And they went on the stupidest, most ignorant, dumb journey to get them in in that in that church seemed to fight. Correct if I'm awful, but the way the way they did it last time, that the way they it's done in comics that I haven't read too much, excuse me, is um. It's basically Venom can't handle Carnage, so he has the team up with Spider Man. I mean essentially, yeah, Carnage is is offspring of Venoms, and he's way more vile, way more vicious, and yeah, one one on one, neither of them could do it. It was that was kind of like the whole hook of of that arc is seeing them work together, because you know, Eddie hates Peter and Venom, Spider Man and and you know so, uh we didn't get any of We don't get any of that,...

...thank you, Sony, you sorry sacks of shit. And we get uh uh Craven the hunter, who is a viment you can have. There are indeed stout conservationalists that are still hunters because they understand the balance, the balance of it. It's it's not just about value valuing life. They value it and that's why they will hunt, and uh pay big money to make sure that the hunts happen legally and proper areas. And they use the meat and they use the skin or they send it to slaughter where would be processed and they just keep the trophy part. But the rest of it because those hunters do exist, but is but they still glorify hunting. Will Sony allow Craven to glorify hunting on that level? If they do, even if the rest of the movie is is crap, I'll actually give them credit on that one. I'll give you, Sony credit if you if you show a good, good guy hunter out there, just like I explained, which really exists, bravo. If you don't good, get get bent. And and let's not forget they wanted to do black Cat and Silver Sable separately and then two together and thank god that didn't come to fruition. And I just it's hard. Well, Madam Web is not really a villain though, okay, it's it's the idea that that it's hard to do. I mean, they wanted to do a Sinister six film. I think they still want to, but uh, it's hard to do movies on on villains if you're not willing to let them be villains. I mean really, and and it seems so hard for them to wrap their mind around the idea of having us root for for the...

Look at the Thunderbolts team. The Thunderbolts team is made up of mostly good guys and some of them some of them were never really truly bad, some are brain brainwashed, most are still really good of their own volition. Like, yeah, man, there's there's still a massive, massive villains issue. And what is not making well, I don't I don't know, I don't know. They don't trust us to rationalize it. They don't you know what I honestly believe it is. I I can't verify, but China is a major market and because we Americans North American audience, Uh, don't go to theaters anymore. China holds a hell of a lot more sway, and they require all crimes to be punished by the end of the film, even if they have to set there and put in a text box that says, you know, bad guy one did not get away. He was later caught by the police and sentenced to fifty years in prison. They do that to movies, so I wouldn't I wouldn't put it past studios wanting to make sure that their villains are are not too villainous so that it can get a release in China. I don't and that, and I don't think they trust the audience very much. They think they think you need a hero and a villain instead of an antagonist and protagonist. Your your protagonist does not have to necessarily be a good guy, a good girl, a hero. They're just the protagonist of this particular story. And I think people get too focused on good guy versus bad guy, hero versus villain versus protagonist and antagonist, because then it's...

...all all about context. And you know, I keep pointing to things like uh uh, mel Gibson and payback. Porter is a bad guy. He's not a good guy at all. He he kills, he kills technically innocent people that you know, low level crime, maybe druggie whatever, whatever. The only good thing about Hoarder is he's dedicated to this girl who hear and her herself is not the greatest person. And it's not just the sex work. It's who she works with and the thing the other things connected to her her work as a as a sex worker. Um. We we love movies like that. I love movies like that, and you can you could do that with with bad guys and comics and super are sci fi fantasy even and they just they just won't. It's um, it's it's just crazy because it's not it's uh, it's not just a Marvel problem. It's a d C problem, and it's a Sony problem where we're by the end of the film you find the redemption of the villain. It's like for what why? Like it's not unnecessary. I mean DC does it a little bit better. I think they've they've done a better job with it. Uh. Stepping Wolf was an example dark Side and is an example that I mean he didn't pan out of course, but yeah he was there. Um and I think um at least in that film, at least in Suicide Squad before he got his own series. Um, but I guess his story is that he thinks he is a hero peacemaker. They did a good job with him, you know, that bait and switching at the end, still still being that asshole um character that that was fun. But I'm so sick and tired of Disney in particular, just taking all these characters that we've that we've read and watched an animated...

...series and giving them those giving them redeemable qualities like no like why like they they don't need like Loki's is a special case of course. Um. But it's either they either they turned into more of a good guy or they're gone. By the end of that one movie, Danos had had a good arc. It was a shame that we couldn't spend more time on his on his journey to to Infinity War and in game he was too busy sitting but they let him be. He was he was dedicated to his cause from the beginning to end. He he was not a good good guy. They stayed true to You could understand why he wanted to do it, but he was very, very clearly a a ends do not justify the means here, Danos, and bravo to them for for sticking that out. They never they never once try to really make him really that sympathetic. Yeah, you see the touching moments between him and go Mora, and you're like, Okay, he actually feels it doesn't change the fact that this is the villain. He is doing something very very bad, regardless of how uh noble the um goal. Maybe we need more of that. And and it's it's really hard to tell that that story without someone opposing them. And I think sometimes that that these studios just are too afraid to to let the opposing side be the good Let the the opposing side be the good guy, but focus on the bad guy, you know, do it? I mean, come on, not everything needs to be uh Mega Mind? Remember the animated movie Mega Mind, where the hero turns out to be the villain at the end. Not every time we have an anti hero or or bad bad guy centric story, does it have... be something like like that where the hero heroes go off the deep end. Let that guys be bad. I mean, could you could you imagine them trying to do like a Green Goblin movie that Sony Project Doom movie. But but there is so like like characters like Doom. Uh, Thanos is a good example actually uh and I didn't even put Magneto in that conversation. Those are characters that have specific viewpoints of life and anything that's strays from it yours enemy. Yeah. And they can even they can't even come off as with heroic quality because you know, as long as you're not against him whatever. Yeah, and and and I think that's kind of what makes them super interesting as well. But you know they're the that's what these are huge characters because like I know, there are times where I was I was, you know, a big fan of the Brotherhood and and what they stand for. And you understand why because of the character's background something that you and I have talked about so many times. Because of the character's background, you understand the why he feels the way he does about segregation and pointing out you know, a type of person um so so um for those are very very well thought out characters from from years past. And and I know that we are still worried that um they might do something different with them. They're going to do something drastically different, which is why I had mentioned on our show yesterday about Wolverine that I think it'll end it'll end up being X twenty three. It I just bad enough. I'm telling you, man, I'm I'm telling you...

...the m c US permanent Wolverine will be Laura at X twenty three. I'm telling I gotta I gotta feeling. I got a feeling. I know. I'm sorry, man, I really am um. I really don't have too much else to bring bring up today. It's been kind of a slow newsweek. There's been some video game stuff. Skull and Bones got delayed. Uh recently, I know, UH, student game studios have been announced that they're gonna be moving to the seventy dollar price point versus the fifty or sixty dollar price point. I told you so. I'm telling you guys, you gotta you gotta make money to make stuff to sell to us, and it costs cost money. Look for longer and longer development times. Look for a lot more micro transactions. Gaming will not be less expensive because it's uh, some of it's available on subscription. It will eventually it's physical now because they have to sustain the streaming, they're trying to sustain the subscription stuff exactly exactly right, you know, can I balance it all out by just doing it the old fashioned way and we get our games faster. I feel like I feel like, um, I feel like there's the same thing as the quote unquote Obama phones where their free phones, but everyone is actually paying for them through their It's all pyramids scheme from tax and governments spending to UH health insurance, auto insurance. It's all people that don't use it but still buy. It's been a big money on it and and float everyone else. Anyways, I guess that's a good place to put a pen in it, you all right, many, Yeah, Okay, he's just kind of zeen zone and off.

It's early in the morning, man, I know it is. I know it is for you anyways, Guys, UH l l r M online dot com every day for all entertainment news, needs, opinions, UH leaks, rumors, written reviews. Many's got his reviews up there for a few things, including the Monsters. UH podcast podcasts are also available here, but that would just lead you do the right up. But if you want to just you know, boot up your favorite app like Google, Spotify, Apple, UH Sounder, Stitcher, all those good ones like that. Uh. The Genreverse podcast network. Yeah, great shows like The Cantina doing Star Wars news and reviews, Marvel Multiverse may, I'm doing Marvel news and reviews, a b R doing and I may reviews. And we've got the Rings of Power being covered on review of review of the Rings, daily cog breaking geek videos. So much content for you and audio format all of that and more including game streams uh, anime reactions, trailer reactions uh, and potentially in the future some video format film reviews like short format, you know, ten minute videos like other channels do that are more sane than us. Look. Look, basically, subscribe and you get a crap ton of content thanks to all five and one uh subscribers. We've got so far manning anything else you wanna say, Um no, I think I think we're We're good for now, um and span new to your pets. Yeah, I guess right. Definitely do that. Do that one. We'll talk to you next time. Under the.

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