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Episode 578 · 3 months ago

Andor Episode 7 Review: Excellent, Hard Hitting Drama | TCR


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Join Kyle and Cam and as they return to the galaxy far, far away. Andor places us in the gritty world of spies and rebellion, and we couldn't be happier. Or could we? Check out our Andor Episode 7 review, and find out how well this series lives up to the legacy of STAR WARS! Order a drink, and join the discussion in the comments. Welcome to Then Cantina Reviews!

(00:00)- Intro & Andor Viewership Is Low... Why?

(07:40)- Spoiler Free Andor Episode 7 Review

(11:47)- SPOILERS: Andor's Arc

(17:40)- The Imps

(23:58)- The Pressure On Coruscant

(32:30)- Final Thoughts


Kyle: A

Cam: A

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Welcome to a galaxy far far away. Here at the Cantina Podcast we provide top shelf service including rumors, leaks, news and reviews. Come in order, almanail, and remember no droids allowed. No, it might not be Cam's week, but but it is and Ors week. Uh, It's in Ors week every week as far as I'm concerned for the last six Hello everybody, welcome to the Cantina here on the Genreverse podcast network and YouTube channel. Please do hit that subscribe button. Help us break a thousand subscribers before Christmas. Merry Merry Christmas to us, and we will be able to give you presents year round in the form of content like The Cantina, Marvel Multiverse, Mayhem, Daily Cup of Genre Anime, versail, reviews in and so much more. Check out, uh, check out the website l r M online dot com every day for all entertainment news, needs opinions. I'm Kyle, that's Camon, and we're here to talk and Or Episode seven. What's up, Cam? I'm I'm sorry you've had such a rough week. Man. Yeah, it's been lifespin rock this week in various different elements, but here hope and and Or has been It's been a bright spot in a in a relative especially if you don't watch seasonal anime like I do, relative loll in the the amount of things go going on with House of the Dragon being the big thing, are not low one of the few good things sorry, one of the thing. Yeah I meant to I meant to say, as in, as in a completely solid thing in an era with a bunch of like mess stuff like Rings of Power ended up kind of being she hoped, being a complete waste of freaking time and disappointing more than she hope. And I've got I care less of it, she hoped, and just what just wasn't for me? But yeah, there's something today. It's it's the viewership thinkers don't seem to be too hot. It's recordinating report. We covered a L and M online dot com today. Um I wrote that up and it was one of these people that analyzes this and I do get said stuff by analyst. Company has given me that all the time. So it's it's, you know, something we had an information on ourselves anyway. Is that basically, and Or's not getting watched as much as any of the other Star Wars shows that Disney and Lucas Film have put out in Disney Plus so far. And that's a shame because in our opinion it's the best. And yeah, it just doesn't seem to be finding the audience that you would be combob affected sadly. Yeah, I brought the shot up on screen for everyone to look at. Uh it laughs in the face of what every everyone I know because most...

...most people I know are well into their thirties, if not pushing forward, some of us beyond. But we're we're all in the kind of like middle to older millennials and the youngest part of Gen X, and uh, we're most of us are just like eating this, eating this up as if it's the greatest thing since sliced freaking bread. Uh, this is bread with with jam on it. Uh. And the kids, the kids, Something's gonna be done about the kids. Society. Your kids are ruining things by just wanting to bunch of cameos. And and I can't be so so probably falls into this demographic. He's not that he's watched and ort and doesn't like it. He's just king not bother watching it at all. It's almost like, you know, whereas Obi Wan he was watching every week book Aboba Fetty watched every week, man do we watched, you know, but it just doesn't seem to be the same when it comes to um and Off for whatever reason, even going in and maybe it's just not an exciting enough prospect for a lot of people to look at it from the outside because they're not giving that a chance. They're just saying, oh, that is another Star Wars show, But I don't know any of the people in this or why stick here? You know, it is a shame because this though while this show uses excitement in a in a completely different way, it is is an excitement of who is listening, who's on which side? How how is someone going to get out of this situation without raising alarms? Without bringing attention there? The stakes are astronomical as you see a rebellion starting to coalesce into an organized group of of uh formerly disparate groups fund because uh the Galaxy and that to me, just that type of drama done well. Uh I've read it a dozen times and in EU books and I know that you use that f off, but uh, that type of storytelling did so well in Star Wars. It wasn't like I'm not even gonna talk about book sales. But it did. It did really well, and that's what what this is delivering. So I'm I'm eating it up. I'm I'm loving it. Then I don't. I like, I like actually funds stupid POPA, likes smoking Aces a great dumb action flick. And I don't mean than you oft the good bet as well. Yeah, I was not feeling that that one thinks well, but all even normally more for the one similar kind of things going on, you know,...

So I mean, accounting for taste is one thing. But you know, um, I don't think we've either disagreement at all about this show hard. I've been a little a little bit more reserved on it early on because even even said that I was probably you know, defending myself because it was that that was and there was a bias against that from you right away, because you're just thinking, I do not need more content in this era. And yet and I did say to you, but if it's good content, it doesn't matter. And it's good content because it's shown us. I say to this part of the university, we we haven't really seen explored on film, as you say, some of this stuff was explored in your book see the Post Jedi or some of the earlier stuff was explored as well, but but not on film, not in that kind of visual medium. And this is the first thing we really had that it's just a thing that interesting, you know, there's not even the slow scenes are interesting to me, you know, because there's there's always some inherent drama going on somewhere, you know, whether it's the decision that someone needs to make, or or the situation they find themselves in, the kind of the group, dynamics of what organization there, and whether that be a criminal you know, living off the kind of the land for the moment, or whether it's the big machine in terms of the Empire and the little subdivisions within it. So it's good stuff. Carry on Cam with a spoiler free part. I mean, honestly, I didn't know. I wrote a written review in it. It's probably shortest one I've done this week because it was kind of like almost like still just as good. Everybody's still great. Move on this week not quite as good as last week because last week was almost the finale of a three episode build up, whereas this one almost felt a little bit either at the start of a new story or or almost stand alone if you like. Um, I think I heard the show runners talking about how the episode seven was a bit more stand alone, and then there's a kind of almost a two episode that and then working and or a three episode that and then when it they had kind of double episode finale at the end, if you like, I think that's how it was. So so yeah, and that respect, there wasn't as much to go wow over this week computer episode six. But it doesn't need TV to get that enjoyment. So for me, last week is any plus. This is an a. It's just just that, you know, it's just the fact of it. It's a kind of it's not a climax. Take episode's the only thing that's really taking that thing for me, because everything's great, you know, the actors are all performances are great, where the story is going great. It was a great Um yeah, you're well less... was something I'm sure you'll get to but yeah, I've got to see spoilers. Um, I'm with you on on the grade. It's also an a A for me. Um, this episode if it, if it is more standalone, it's one of those uh kind of what what some would call filler but this is not empty filler this, especially this stuff with Mathma childhood friend. Uh the stuff with mon Mathma and uh uh lot lot Luthen Luthian there Luthian, Uh Luthan there there you go. Uh the stuff with her and him him himself scars guard Stelling continues to be stellar. So I love it. Uh all of that was great, and Or and his mom the whole money aspect coming up yet a again to where here he is. I've got the solution to all our all our problems, Mommy, I've got money. And uh, um that was great. Like so so much of this it's just good storytelling. But you can you can see where potentially, uh it could be kind of fillerish, but it wasn't empty. But there's there's things that kind of pay off here for a little seeds that were sown earlier on. And when you can see that, there's other little seeds being so in which you're going to pay off for the thing the lane as well. You know. So it's not as you see it, No, not not in the traditional Like I said, some people will hear filler and think of it as something completely irrelevant. Others will see it as in stuff that matters but could have been left out. I'm saying this isn't either. I'm thinking that this was. Sure, it could have been left out, but I think that things will be better off with this in it. Well, I think in a good story you don't get fillered because they're all character moments you know, and especially the climatic moments that people you know. I there too, but they are more the better. The climatic movements are better because you believe in the story of leading up to Yeah, that's why Game of Thrones early seasons watched so much better than the later seasons, even though the spectacle was was raised, because suddenly the storytelling reasons for that spectacle didn't quite make as much sense and didn't quite have the impact that they did in the earlier seasons because they weren't all mapped out in a book beforehand. Ul totally, I can see. I can see that. So there won't be a whole lot of spoilers to discuss ladies and gentlemen. But if you haven't seen the episode, here's your your spoiler warning. Uh and or returning home to the to the mom's not a big spoiler warning, but the conversation and the decision...

...they made, and him realizing, uh that his his path that he's he's taken to try to get them off planet is not a it's not necessarily the best one. He's he's turned everyone against him in in a way by uprooting all of all of their lives. His his mom deciding that you know, I'm going to stay. I'm I'm gonna stay and help the rebellion, rebellion out here. And I mean a lot of real, really good emotional uh moments through that, but again him understand that it's all all money for him, and he's he's going to be learned soon because he went to jail. Yeah, Uh, he's gonna learn that there's there's a bigger call, a bigger a bigger cause. And um, I think I think having him be in jail, uh is going to create quite an interesting I'm getting I'm guess in the next two episodes are are jail and an eventual prison break. So I'm excited that's the guy. At some point, I guess you know, you know, well now, because then we'd have to get to time travel and for him to go back to the year of the Death Star plans five years away, isn't it. So yeah, he definitely doesn't save back full satance. We know that, um, but I loved it because it's like it doesn't really matter that. Yeah, you're a tourist, you've got money, but under this oppressive system, he don't care. And you're right, you don't really that's what he's comming. He realized you don't really have any if someone decides that you're sympathizer, activists, whatever they decide you And just to say still in prison, no one is going to question that. You know, a storm troop brought you in and said this, and that you go to jail, and as we saw for for literally walking down the street minding your own business, Cassie and will get sentenced to six years in jail. Now that's not that uncommon if we think about if we look at the history of our planet and and in terms of how justice was delivered in times before we we had proper democracies and laws that you know that impend you know that actually underpin all of that um and you know, it just shows you that the empire is kind of just making it up as they go. So from today we get attacked everybody feels that. Everyone will feel this because if you step out of line and you don't follow to the line at all, then you are going to find yourself in deep deep ship. Basically, Yeah, any other thoughts on and Or and where where he went through in this in this episode, I even like the girlfriend town, get the earth away...

...from me, Get out of here. Your trouble, Your trouble, man. I mean, I can see the path that we're going down. We are in a strange position with and Or, and whereas we know where his ends up, whereas were all the other characters, we don't know where the final point as we do for Cassian or cast you know, to give him his his proper name, um so because we know where it's going. As you know, sometimes it's like, oh, we'll see Cassie and and Or. I mean, if you if you watched Ruge one and then somebody gives you this is a as a pitch, We're going to find out how Cassie and and Or became Cassie and and Or and that film. I mean, you just pitch that to me right now, and I think, oh, this is everything that is wrong with Star Wars. Like a minor character and will explore the history because it's not a great idea on paper, but you will find yourself if you watch the student show and get any yet totally seeing where Andy and or does come from and and connecting with the process that he's going through. I believe. So yeah, it may. It's it's been. It's been a lot of fun, and it's it's more fun because of like you said, this is something that you wouldn't have necessarily thought would work or would would even want, which you know, unexpected surprises are Something's almost like that would be a good show. He took at the Star Wars you know what that on. You know, it wasn't stours. It was just some random brand new sci fi you had never heard it. We'd still, i think, be raving about issue and how good it was. But because it's got that Star Wars DNA in it and the world build and it almost needs to do less with that, then you would need to a brand new I P where they would need to explain some of the kind of mechanics of how the world works a little bit more. And because we don't need that, we can just kind of focus on the story itself. It's really just like watching, um watching a show that's set in our own universe, where basics of how this world what you don't need to explain. That's that's where the showrunners have done. A good thing is that they haven't then knows Star Wars the people are going to watch as a Star Wars fans, this isn't going to be or what's this stours universe? I've never seen this before. I'll watch this for the first time. It ain't gonna happen, right, So so people do that and felt that need not to go in a huge amounts of exposition about howeverthing works, which is good. I agree. One moment that I UH, one moment that I really liked is UH with the with the MPs and the I s B their their intelligence agency, the discussion in the in the that boardroom, meeting room, briefing room. It this cover a very very real problem in UH, the United States and intelligence apparatus... the lead up to nine eleven, you had a lot of infighting between intelligent agencies and not just you know, CIA and FBI, Defense Intelligence, h d i A, but in fighting between departments within the same thing. And and they did that here, they covered that here in this scene, there's some brilliant you know, and all that sort of stuff. You had told us this, we could have had the ability to stop that because we had part of the puzzle. Same opinion. Yeah, you're not dealing with facts. You're dealing with hunches, connecting thoughts that you know, and some things the human brain can make a partner or something that isn't there. And we've kind of seen that a little bit, lady, because although dere is at is something, we know that some of the things the referenced weren't specifically connected to walk um. So so there as a bit of an ablement of randomness to um. And and that's that's jenuine. You know. In some ways, it's like the bad the bad Jack Ryan books. I feel like, you know, we need the Jack Ryan books when they're analyzing everything in the Huntees and all of those books. You know, but um, this is almost like seeing that from the other side. But they're not very good people. Yeah, and uh, what's what's interesting about it is is they're letting these imperials be imperials. Um. We mentioned this last week, especially about getting into the the imperial uh system and personnel. There's you know the commandant that dies of a heart attack. In the previous episode, we mentioned how uh he had genuine concern for his family. He he played the what what they tell you to do to comply until such time that you can make your your getaway and stuff like that. Uh. There, there's just so so much realism that goes in into this in in a in an in an ip where I've I've watched military and logical realism just go out the freaking window for for the wrong reasons, not for a good, good one to have a laser sword and I know it's a laser sword, but not not that type of But the the you're telling me in an entire army is gonna went to two humans walk from their front line all the way back to the freaking base. That that type of that wouldn't happen. And I I love I love this show for all of that. Uh, I'm really digging the Imperials. How are you feeling about that? Absolutely, that's just it's really good. Um, they're just stories. Are actually one of the most interesting. She's not a likable character, but she's a good character. You don't know how your character to be popular, doesn't have to be a likable by the actions. They have to be interesting to watch on screen. And I find...

...her and what she's doing and how she has to navigate to get what she wants because she doesn't know she's a hundred percent right at this point where the audience kin and know she's wanted something, right, but we you know, they don't know that. Excuse me, sorry, I'm just fixing something and mess. But then it's watching a YouTube I just stood up. Um, but um, it's it's still an interesting story to see how she has to navigate that that kind of field and the politics and the internalization, you know, in terms of the ambition that everyone's gone, which has always been a fundamental of all of of the way the empire has been built Kina, like the Nazis were built in terms of you know, success to those who will dig their way up and claw to get it and because you're the most worthy of it. Of course the emperor would like that, so that's the way he in a six the empire up and it's just see that dynamic. Did you like the name name drop? I liked it because it's it's one of the first times that I can remember that It's not like Vader or someone invaders talking to talking about Emperor Palpatine, and then that they're referring to him as the head of state, you know what I'm saying, Like I loved that. I don't want to him, but I love that. You remember they were talking about like he's called a special session of the saying it, yeah, he's going to be at that. More mouthful would be there as well. Idly see him just make up as all attention, you know, not as the evil there. I'll give you, you know, I'll give you that there's a chance. And and like I've said before, if if he had never come back in Rise, I would have no issue with having seen him exactly. It's it's simply that he's he's been over overdone now and and in such a such a bad, cannon breaking way, in my opinion, so that those movies don't I can't you know that, can't you know? And then I've watched them all a couple of times each at most, um maybe forced a waiting once more than that, whereas I've watched all the other ones, even the prequels because I was really stupid, hundreds of times, you know, probably and those few aren't there, and none of the other Star Wars stuff we're getting at the moment really can x to anyway. So you know, I'll accept it when Mandalorian ends up getting there half parts here then and I'll start getting my head around at from now Publicans died at the end of the ton of the Geno. Yeah, well we'll see, Uh, hopefully it turns out real real well. Uh choruson. That's kind of... the last one of the last to two things to touch on all the stuff going on with Luthan and mon Mathma great at tension great, Uh, you know, are you what are you willing to do? Moments and how elated he is and you know, wanting to push you and the house scared to death next day? Can she handle this now? Pushing through because clearly she has, I mean she has pushing through because quite clearly she's committed to this cause no matter what, and has internally accepted that they are going to be death. They're going to be people have a harder life because of this, but ultimately they have the term and that these people are going to accept that there which happens even though you know, most fantasy stories maker all the greater goods. Always the bad guys after the greater good stuff. But real hasty doesn't necessarily work like that, and sometimes to be agreed as what you get out of the vent at the end of it. Um, if America had thought that it wasn't you know, if you know they were worried but people getting hot, they would never have thought my country and and get kicked us out of your country. But sixture and stuff you're uneatna you to in the scene, man, Yes, we most most definitely did. Uh. I love I love our our history. I don't mean just hours as in America's hours and with the with the U K's and I love I love how uh guys, not just guys, but people like you and I can just rail on each other's history all day long and just it's just some point we had. At some point we had an argument when we're going to do our own thing. You went, what you do that We're going to see you stay at your mom's house. Yeah, we watched the same TV. We need to see affection. We had a fight. You want to We had our fight, you want to go stay at your mom's. Eventually we reconcile to kick some some rowdy Germans out of France a couple of times. Yeah, it's it's great and you can for yourselves to know because you ended up with a bigger house and the bigger cars. Yeah, and I'm paying is still staying at mom kind of topping again. Could do so? Could you could? Could you come out cover come over here and help us, to help us out with something? Uh? Yeah, And I love, I love, I love how like I said, the realism that's gotten into into this h You read about spine networks, you read about insurgencies, you read...

...about French resistance US, uh, the US, and you know, war for for independence, all these things they're they're borrowing so much realism here and and my compartmental nothing who everybody at this moment, no one else knows who anybody else has in next chain. Really we know Mathma will event eventually as as the head of the rebellion and all of that, and hers is hers is one of those those stories that I'm I've been really curious as to how live actually star wars Austin for such a small part and the sort of revenge of the Seth and that so she was just there for seconds and then you know, obviously coming back and I don't think even used in Revenge of the Sess. I think they cast it and then just didn't use her, and they brought a backy game for rogue one same ich just hardly get much to do that although I don't like herself, but you know, they cast so well because she gets so much more to do here, and she's such a brilliant actress. The tension with you know, her seeking out a new ally and how scary that's that's got to be because then they got to consider am I Am I going to have to have my my friend killed if he doesn't act the same way? You know that thought. They didn't play it, but you know that thought is in the back of her mind. Um, and for him to think the same, like, wait, you work for the you work for the imman Senate, I don't. I don't. I don't want to. I don't. Yeah, you you don't want to hear it? Hear mine? Well you see that. But I've been known for politics and the planet. It's just such a great conversation. It's almost conducted. Drag it away. Yeah, I get man, leave her, give a piece you got damn And sympathizer. I mean it's not as no no, and the last little thing that happened on course on uh the rebels deciding to send h Bell after and or to tie up. I was kind of surprised. I do you think that's I don't know, It's like, I don't I hope not has that just so, I don't know her name right, the one that watch will listen, But she seems second and charged to him almost at this point. He seems the most senior between it. But she seemed to be taking that action almost on her own. Because maybe that's because we don't see at least Listen given her the node for that. You kind of feel that Listen had bigger plans for forecast and that I was hoping that this wouldn't just be a one off thing. You know, it was genuinely recruit him. But maybe maybe that we will find it more than that...

...story as we go along. Maybe she didn't work off a room, but he will be happy about it. We'll see it's it's interesting, and that's that's the cool thing is is unlike me saying we'll see if she Holt gets any any better here, I'm like, we'll see what happens, and I can't freaking wait for it. Um what's his name? The formal corporal and inspector. Yeah, yeah, I've I've enjoyed. There's not not a whole lot to say on him or anything like that. The mom issues the idea of him saying, oh wow, that that terrorist attack smells fishy. You know, is it? Is it? And or again is it? Is it connected somehow? I I wish I could go go and investigate type you know stuff you're sure racing through his head. Agent really doesn't all to him. Yeah, if that'll be the journey, but all to see him in a in a cubicle at the end for a circle those stories going because you think that's when it's going. But almost I'm not sure he actually has the capability to do like Dedre is shown to be very intelligent and very um. He's he's a he's a foot soldier, he's a he could follow orders if he wasn't so in his own way and that's that's about all he could do. And he got it seems to get in his own way, so he can't do that. That's told him he gets something. Who took his head? He seems what he wants to follow the rules, I should say more than standards that he is said, he has like gunning for you. That's that's why I compare them Inspecting the event from from Lima is because it's almost like, you know, the main character isn't really worf chasing about but for this guy, he just becomes obsessed with This guy's both the rules and he's going to pay for it, you know, and it's just change character trait. But yeah, I'll been tasting to see where it has story goes. But that's moment Timor, I don't know, we're only getting that Lettle, you know he's coming by because we're just getting we just would see any more of them, but we're just getting that little bit. The city's still there, his stories perculate, and then it's going to pick back up at some other point in the future, which is cool as well. Yeah, yeah, I'm down. I'm down for it. All any other things to say about and Or Episode seven? No roll on nixt way this so we can watch it. Sorry, that's my alarm going off. Thanks guys for for watching. It's been a lot of fun doing this series and we got to cover a little bit of Star Wars news there at the beginning of the episode, and if you're interested in reading more about that other um other properties,... leaks, UH rumors, Cam's written reviews, Manny's written reviews, things on Marvel and video games, anime, celebrity interviews all go up on l r M U l r M online dot com, and UH you can find more podcasts like The Cantina. There's Marvel Multiverse Mayhem, which does Marvel version of what we do here, UH, Anime Versal Reviews, Daily Cup of Genre Breaking, Geek Radio. Those last two just cover everything and entertainment news UH and opinions and UH all of those. All of those podcasts are available on Google, Spotify, Apple, UH, Stitcher UH and they also go up here on the on the YouTube channel. So if you're watching, thanks to all seven eighty seven subs so far, thank you so much. Please hit the red subscribe button help us break a thousand before before Christmas. UH. You also get UH anime re reactions with a b R Square, genre shot trailer reactions, hopefully some more game streams in the future, and maybe some fun footage from the one piece Red premiere which I will be uh so far attending in Los Angeles this weekend. So yeah, guys, lots of really great stuff going on, Kim, anything else do you want to say? I mean, you talk about all the stuff that's nail and M online dot com that you can read. To be honest, there's probably things you find that we're not covering enough of because it's just not enough. So if you want to help out, if you want to be one of those people that that picks what usual and rest what you're really interesting, then it gets that information out there on an I agree, get sit like gers that you know puts everything together. Come speak to us our details on screen or you can find it on the podcast them on the under the details, reach outis and get involved because if your passion is the right, I do want to hear from you. UM with me. I love right and uh, but I can be in ten places at once and I would love some help there. You guys, go absolutely build build your You may use an ell or I'm online. All right, guys, We'll see you next week. May the Force be with you.

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