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Episode 548 · 4 months ago

Andor Episode 4 Review- Trust Issues & Climbing Ladders | TCR


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Join Kyle and Cam and as they return to the galaxy far, far away. Andor places us in the gritty world of spies and rebellion, and we couldn't be happier. Or could we? Check out our Andor Episode 4 review, and find out how well this series lives up to the legacy of STAR WARS! Order a drink, and join the discussion in the comments. Welcome to Then Cantina Reviews!

(00:00)- Intro & Spoiler Free Andor Ep 4 Review

(08:17)- SPOILERS: The Rebel Group

(12:27)- The Imperials

(16:36)- The Corporate Tools Get What's Coming

(21:40)- Stellar Stellan And Mon Mothma

(26:12)- Is This Series Boring?

(31:50)- Final Thoughts


Kyle: A-

Cam: A

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Welcome to a galaxy far far away. Here at the Cantina Podcast we provide top shelf service including rumors, leaks, news and reviews. Come in order a lomanail and remember no droids allowed. And hello everyone, Welcome to the Cantina Here on the Geniverse, Jenniverse podcast network wherever you get your podcast from, and the Geniverse YouTube channel. Please do follow, like, share, subscribe, all the all the fun little buttons you're supposed to push your click on, all of the all of the formats. UH. Part of the big LRM online dot com family. Go there every day for all entertainment, news needs and and opinions. I'm Kyle, that's Cam and we are here to discuss and uh and or episode four as my son is laughing like a maniac in the back in the background, UM, episode four. Man this Uh, this episode delivered exactly what I expected and like I had mentioned UH last week, I was kind of curious as to how I would settle in to this side of Star Wars, this you know, way of doing things, and UH, I think I'm settled in. Actually I quite enjoyed it. No action, all drama. UH, I did I do have one technical complaint, and it's one that that happened. Uh many people had issues with going back to the trailer and that that is the a K forty seven blaster. I think that's where the laziest, most awful choices they made, because it's not just in in one scene and one establishing shot, and it's not just one, there's multiple and it is it's just in the IV on the It's just it wouldn't have taken much work for the art just to add some stuff to that to make it look slightly defin borrow stuff you've already had and just either add an attachment or break something off to the new weapon. Yeah, I mean, that's literally all it needs. But it just it's too like, as I said, you know, unless they're trying to say that Kalashnikov designed the perfect rifle in the universe, you know, I mean, and why everybody else has come up with the same thing. I'll say this, it's it's one of the it's it's like the only good thing to ever come out of socialism and communism. Okay, you know, uh uh so other other than that, this again, it wasn't some like home run. Wow, I'm I'm amazed I've never seen anything like this before. It was solidly good, and I kind of feel myself giving it U again,...

I think about that a minus. As a matter of fact, this might be a minus an episode three the previous one. Now, I'll keep it at any minus. I like the action stuff. So yeah, to a minuses in a row on this one, because you know, that was kind of like my only two criticisms with the a K forty seven and the fact that I only got to watch one episode because I kind of what I mean by that, I get that really enjoyed the first one being in that three episode chunk. You felt like it was a natural break to take that week and this week, whereas when I finised watching it this week, I'm like, is that I want more? I wanted to see where we're going next. It just didn't feel satisfying in some ways. Um, but you know, I can't criticize it for the least schedule and so ways. It's you know, when I'm great in the episode, So that that's why I went a so like, like you said them, it just does everything you expect. There's nothing why we're exciting, but kind of that is what makes it different. Yeah, if that makes sense, and it's continuing the tonal, so the total shifts you know within the story, it's self consistent and I'm glad to see that that's going to remain. It is going to be that a little bit darker. It is going to be a little bit so we had a change of some characters around and we've got to introduce to some new characters. And there's some people that we that we spend more time with. Guess what one of the most Cassian and are funny funny that since it's his show. But obviously talking about the rest when we getting spoilers a little bit more, which we'll do after we give you a warm but um, but you know, the quality of that I remember last week I was talking about how this supporting casts were all really really good, you know, in a performance was really good and they sold it that that was again there with the new people that were brought in. There was people in very minor roles, something that might become larger as it goes forward, and everybody was just really really good and again they went to the well of British TV and just a good standard. Quite frankly, you know of of actor that maybe I haven't that well known a lot of people in America, although the one guy that would have been very recognizable to some people, or there was two people that may have been quite recognizable because they were both previously in Game of Thrones and they were which one female was her name and Game of Thrones was all we know was the way she didn't have a name. She was like an assassin. Just she was an odd character. Which really was she that? Yes,...

...that was the whole thing that was going on at the same and it was vaguely remember because that was the one that said said it. Christine was like, I, I, she looks familiar. I think I've seen her in something before. I was like, what, like a Game of Thrones or something. It just I guess it was in the back of my back of my mind because I didn't watch all of it. Yeah, I didn't watch the whole series. I I watched Chunks with Christine and the only season I actually saw all the way through was season five. Anyway, Sorry, I side sidetracked us amazing because one of my favorite episodes was in season five is Real Hardful? Oh? Yeah? That was? That was that was intense, man, I mean, that's kind of why I watched. I had enough knowledge from bits and pieces from Christine because it wasn't a bad show. It's just not my cup of tea. But we we got to get back on Star Wars was. But the other guy that was also from the Game of Thrones was he played the character called Kai Burne. I forget his name and and or, but it was the most senior imperial that we need in the show. So here we're using Game of Thrones as well. But again, just quality actor that's been in so many things, and you know, just the same, the same the background character, isn't It just feels like I lived in real worlds that were following people in that are you know, not on that kind of galactic scale. This isn't a cal Putine they there will be one, can all be you know, this is a bit the people that didn't want as celebrated, didn't get movies made about them, you know what I mean. But but I have the same impact as everyone will, maybe not the same impact themselves. But what happens as an impact the name and the same as it does everyone else in the galaxy, and people play their part. You know, it's like, um, it's almost like both inspected you know it, or or if it was just one guy called money Boltons, which always like that, just that's one guy who was a needle. I want to see that Disney's plus see these money both in the should we I mean, so we're givin out gates were put. We're really really happy and we're giving some kind of big stuff. So we just get the spoiler coal and yeah, specific let's start talking. Let's start talking, and or and the rebels spoiler warning everyone there there you go. I like the whole idea that there's so much compartmentalization amongst these early rebel groups. And I mean there's been rebellion going on for a bit by now, but it's starting to coalesce into the UH organized Alliance where we are now competed, where we are even in Rogue one, which is years five years later.

So I like that there's this compartmentalization showing the paranoia amongst the different groups. And there's scars guards character um not even not even willing to tell the truth truth to some that he is working for. And then the female rebel they're not wanting to tell the whole truth to her own group. Yeah, the the amount of um, the amount of of paranoia and distrust but desperate need to trust trust enough is on displanet. It creates a really like a tense situation, feels scary. You know. This is how and subject group that are trying to you know, necess how they would work, you know, and and as much as we understand that our real life scenario, but it's put in a Star Wars environment, so it's your work with the technology at their disposal, you know. And I love the kind of even though we will you've yet to see whether it works, the kind of simplicity of the plan that they're doing for this heist, which is they're using a natural event to basically disguise their escape, you know, or else they wouldn't. They told us, Oh, you know, it's like kind of once in every few years or whatever years, they said, chance to kind of pull us off. And that's why they need to make it work. I don't think it's going to go down as they wanted. That is not as smooth as they wanted to drama's drama. But but you know, but I genuinely don't know what's going to happen. I mean, they do such a good job with the paranoia. You see for certain that that entire team, there's none of them are really double agents or something like that. You couldn't, could you mean Cassian? Yeah, there seems to be trust amongst individuals, in amongst Steve's but that type that type of thing, and it's like, yeah, I trust Steve well enough to be here with Steve, but I don't trust all the people Steve is saying he trust I'm I'm only trusting Steve. It's it's one of those types of situations and uh, everyone's like that, and they kind of have to be because the Empire, the Empire is a scary thing. I think that was what this episode was about. It was the paranoia because we see it from all different states, you know, I mean maybe not so much the imperial sad, but we see how a tent of the RT detail in terms of tratt and shut down and you know, and how on top of things they are, because you know, we've often painted the Empire as bumbling clowns and star wars. You know, just look at the last yeared I Raised the Sky and Walker bumbling. Yeah, imperials.

Compare that to Empire streaks back on a news those they don't seem as comical, you know, they seem more switched on and you know, not just and then you get again, I've got that feeling from training and those around them in Rogue one, and that's keen about what the feeling I'm getting from this as well. So I'm really happy to see the imperials um and something I've been seeing for a long time. Let's see more from the bad guys point of view. Yes, absolutely, I'm down with it, uh, and they're actually kind of the next part to discuss is the imperials um uh the um hold on, I'm right down the timestamp meeting the imperials and seeing their version of paranoia, which of course is UH positioning. The whole episode is discussing positioning, positioning one's self into authority, whether that's to rise in the levels or to become a master of your of your trade. You know, you you've got UH aspirational imperials, You've got territorial imperials. You have the bureaucratic imperial who's kind of like the the old corporate security senior senior officer where he's like I can see the big picture. I've I've got my my finger on this. But at the same time you can also see his own arrogance and thinking that his fingers on the pulse of everything going on that he uh, he ignores you know, the female officers. Hey, I'm onto something here, and he's like, the other guy's got more, more experience, So I'm gonna I'm gonna side with this, and if you find anything of note, let me let me know. Good point that I was seeing the pan anoid and then almost saying like that wasn't there an impedial saying that was more looking at it from their point if you're but you're absolutely right because the partnoy as there because we see, um, everybody feels insecure when he's doing that round table thing and you know he's going through everybody and basically you know, it's not like you don't feel that that as a manager and you're in a comfortable environment. But you can see we'll look, well, had some problems in their team, as you know both I'll tell you there's a fear there. I've been. I've been in that exact meeting. That's that's very they got something breaking Eek brought up and I forgot to bring it up. Between you and I. Uh, is a lot of the military military stuff, a lot of the combat oriented things, the gorilla tactics, the a lot of this is pretty authentic. Um, we're we're we Jonesy and I were both Jonesy also served in the army jat officers like kind of certainty. Now I'm joking, Uh, we were. We were discussing that. Um but year, Uh that that type of meeting that is that is...

...a brigade commander briefing a bunch of battalion staff officers like that that I've I've sat in that meeting before, and that's exactly what it's like. And I want in the Saviolian life, you know what. I just you know, you're not people. Yeah, no, no stuff it is. But you know what, uh, it breeds some of the best leaders. I'm not saying that you should treat civilians because you've got to be in a certain mindset to be able to to be in a in a situation like that, right. So, and that's part of what basic basic training is for basic combat training also is basic military training getting you not brain washing. It's getting you into the mindset of what it takes to be a well disciplined, well oiled machines, so that when we say good to war, you're able to to go to war because I civilians, I'm I'm sorry, you cannot understand what it takes to go to war. You need that conditioning from basic training, the camaraderie that comes with it, all of that. Anyways, we're getting off tract. They're doing a really good job of being realistic here. It's it's neat. I like it. Yeah, I agree anyway, and it gives stop. There's a waitingness to what we're seeing, I think, um, and you know that helps with that. You know, we're not here so sizing like oh when that's speeder showed up, but close range people would be flying about like things that think of the things that we criticize, that will be one you know at times. And that's all the things that anders getting right for me at this moment in time. And in regards to the imperials, Um, you know, as I said already said really kind was hoping to see more of them. And it's almost like they took over the role of the kind of corporate security guys, you know what I mean, It's like we've moved the left a lot, and but you know, I just love to start contrasts visually as well with a white or steer stereile to where the rebels are just and I can't wait making shot and a stove and all that, and really that the little guy versus the big guy, which is a big part, you know, this this era and Star Wars, that's what it's about ultimately, you know, I do like the dressing down that the the corporate security group got and the old man trying to throw throw his own uh subordinates under the bus by being like I didn't have anything. He's like, exactly, that's the freaking problem. And it's like, dude, you you were so comfortable in your in your own uh top seat that... forgot there's a seat higher than yours, Like you still have to revert to someone else defense though you know he anticipated this with Hartman told the guy specifically not to do it. So if I was him, I'd be reading it. I love guy, like, dude, I told you, well, you know, but he also regardless, they're gonna look at well when the first inklings of a of one of your ships, you know, resources being diverted, when you saw personnel being diverted to to study things related to this thing. You told him to drop. You had chances to stop him, and you didn't. You didn't catch you didn't catch on. So absolutely it's your your fault to boss man. That's the way I would even look at it, even from just from the outside, like, but they have to go away. It was cold away, an official thing. It doesn't matter. He's he's in charge, and and and whenever you're in charge. That if I'm the president in eighted States and I got asked you get that up and nuclear war breaks out, and you know what, no one tells me. No one tells me, and then they blame me. Well you so here here, here's here's the answer to that question. That your subordinate that takes over when you're off site is supposed to have been well trained to know what is important for him to call. You know, I'm telling you that's exact. Yeah, it's exactly. In this case is the guy who went on his own. He seems to be excited and charged. So there there, you know, I mean it at the point being killed as they are, they're getting it real, real, realistic, and I like that. Do you think, what do you think is going through through the guy's mind. Uh, the deputy inspector there in the in the turbo lift, is it? Man, I'm going to get that that and or or oh my god, I'm gonna do these imperial assholes? Like what do you think is going through through his mind there? I don't know. I mean, someone like that you kind of think would would gravitate towards the empire, would seek out you know that we should be to you, you know, and you know, I'm going to be part of this brutal efficiency because that's the way that it needs to be, and he would fit right and with the empire being as you know, as he is and such a But he's also showing that he's got poor judgment um, you know, he's poor social skills, is not a natural leader in any way. So he's got all that's going against him as well. So I don't know. I mean, I mean, again, like some of the people we saw last week, I couldn't say you for saying we see him again because that may have just been...

...that one shot was just the end. That's like, yeah, has careers in the toilet, It's gonna love with mommy. That was funny. Yeah, that's funny, but you know, I don't know. So that's the thing. I'm kind of completely less case and at the moment, and potentially, you know, that's a good place to be at this point in the series where you know, like we kind of know Cassian's act a little bit, but we don't really know the acts of anyone else and they could go a number of different ways, and that's kind of a good place to be at this point in an opening season that interesting without is known why they're interesting yet. Yeah. Um with that man, last last touch, last thing to touch on my mathma. We finally get to meet her, get to see Croissant, which I was mostly impressed with, although the cg I for her speeder awful reflective surfaces. I know they're hard to do, so maybe don't do them. It was rough. C It was rough c g I. But anyways, other than that, um, I I felt her introduction was fine. I was uh familiar with with her kind of like pacing for the character from uh the little bits that we got in Rogue one. Um, and uh didn't we just see her in something else and Morsma No, I guess it was just this I'm thinking of like trailers and stuff like that. Sorry anyways, Um, so it's fine. What I really liked more though, is the the uh um show that Scars Guard puts on, like they're on on Coruscant with deal of high end aristocratic type art dealer. Like. I found that so interesting. Her she plays straightforward, you know, does the little yeah, I'm looking for a gift for my husband. Um. But hers is hers is a completely different type of drama. You you start seeing that that there's a rift in her her marriage, even where where the husband might not be politically active at all, you know, he's he's rubbing elbows with imperials because hey, they're just happening to be the ones in charge, you know, you know, yeah, you know, it's an interesting They're not being completely out and honest we had values. Yep, it's an interesting. Uh, it's an interesting element to the show. Uh. I'm still more interested in the scars Guard character. But what do you what do you think of on Matha. I mean, I thought those two were the best things in this episod, either on their own or in the interactions with each other. Um, I thought they were just fantastic. Um. You know, the acting performance she's that's going on here, and those two...

...stood out to me. I thought Jenny Vieve Reley was was great and I kind of wish we had saw more of our other things now, you know, because one Moth was actually such a good character that I think fans have seen this name and thought, why didn't they bring one more of my back end? And the sequel trilogy because the actress that played them in Return to the Jeni was still alive because a you know, and as still alive at the moment, they could have done more with that, you know, that might have been, but then we didn't get any politics. They didn't want politics. That's the problem with the sequel trilogy was we didn't find it out more and Moth would presumably had retired, was sitting on that planet loving life under this new republic. And then oh ship, what's that big laser been stupidly rotating? That was one of the dumbest decisions to to uh have the the capital rotating that. God, Disney, I hate you sometimes. Sorry, carry on, cam right, you're right, um. So, you know, she has an interesting character because she's kinda at this point, she's not a leader of this rebellion. She is someone that has using the position she does have to try and help basically against the rebelity against the thing that she's working. And you know, that's the position she's in at the moment. She's not the leader yet, and yet she becomes that going forward. So we're seeing the kind of early stages of her and with the paranoia everything, the kind of the way that they you know, that they have to work to, you know, to avoid you know, the fact she's got a new driver every day. You know, everybody's spying in these senators all the time. It's like secret police under you know, in the Nazi regime or you know, or the KGB under the Soviets. You know, if if you're speaking of reallything against the state, they're going to be right to copy. And she understands that, and she understands the dangerous involved, but she's still she still wants to help, you know. And I thought it was great. In fact, I just there's one thing I do want to talk about, which is um one of the criticisms that I am seeing from some Star Wars fans at the moments, I wanted to get your opinion on it. Sure, when I wrote my review, a lot of people would say they have the falling sleep watching it. Is that I don't think this as a show for everybody. And you know, if we take the demographical people who like Star Wars, they might not be people who like deep programs, you know that like this kind of slow born, character based drama. You mean you may have watched something like Breaking Bad and thought that was a lot of ship. I don't like that. But I love Tobie one King all because pure, pure puled you know, action, and I'm not I don't need to be like I'm not trying to so superior or what I'm getting... is that people do have different tastes, you know, and one of those people with different tastes, yeah, but not not in necessituation. Yeah. Yeah, we're on the same page here for the moment, so we kind of have a loving with us at the moment. We're loving this slow character based But what I'm getting at is that I don't think everybody in the Star Wars fan base and likes it like we do because for something now just too slow, it's not exciting enough for what they think Star Wars should be. And you know, when it when it comes to when it comes to that. I mean, you're you're right, and I would I would say that there's probably a good hard line around the prequel appreciation parallel, we'll call it that line that but where where people that love the prequel trilogy. I have a feeling they're the ones that are as necessarily into this as much. And then of course even younger aren't necessarily going to be they want pup you right. Yeah, I'm not so much talking a bit people that aren't quite mature enough because I no, no, no, it's not it's not a yeah, I'm not even talking on a on a maturity level like you're you're immature. I'm talking in generational taste. I'm talking what appeals to the generals, to the generations. If you look at the shows like uh, Breaking Bad and dramas, who's the big ADDI? Yeah, they're they're massive shows. But think about everyone that well, of course everyone that we A lot of gen X, a lot of older millennials, and then a crap ton of boomers watch those types of shows. And I'm not saying that doesn't but yeah, really aren't they assumes me? Think about it. I for guarantee there's probably more people tune than it watch over one can orbit and debate a coastal for now and yeah, yeah maybe completely that. Yeah, shut up because that's hoppenh blah blah. But that's what I've got in my head because it's not everyone's comp of tea and I and I think that you'll you'll find a generational uh variable in this that that plays heavily. And again that's not I mean, it is saying one thing. It is in my opinion that some in some younger generations, mostly mine and Ziers, Zoomers, whatever, do you guys appreciate much more simplicity. And that's fine, We're not I'm not calling you dumb. I'm not saying that it's it's less until I'm saying you appreciate more things, more simplicit, And that's fine. I don't I..., I like a little bit of texture to my to my entertainment, and and and ors delivering that. Yeah, just on that point. There was a polar rede recently on Rings of Power, and it was age group of people who think the show is about slow m and the largest of that age group was the group I thought it was slow. Outside of that, it was really low. You know what I mean that that could just have been that there were more people of that age using the platform or whatever. But but you look at the overall numbers and well, that's not what it was shown because there was a bread um because I just didn't get that. Again that it's too so I don't I don't need action to entertain me all the time. I need drama. And again that comes from part of that, like instant gratification that younger people have grown up with. It goes to the entertainment too. What do I dislike it? Yes, I do. I I dislike how simplistic people are willing to allow entertainment to be. But I get it. I can see how society has done done that. I just wish people would reach some additional as well. Absolutely, I'm a Peptis Rangers fan. I'm wearing my my Power Rangers sweater. But I kind of we will watch that. Yeah, yeah, they weren't. But at the same time, we we we watch all the other things that we've We've discussed things like the Sopranos. We were comparing that to what we were hoping foreign in book a Boba fet Um. Yeah. Man, it's just it's not boring, it's not borish. Star Wars needed more of this, y I would I would have even taken taken this, like I said, Man Sopranos, Boba Fett is Tony done without banging all the side pieces, you know, like that's that's fine. But no, nope, nope, yeah, I mean, I just I've always said for a long time that when Star Wars gets darker, that's what piques my interest the most. That's why Empire is my favorite, because the darkest entry of all the films still but it's and even the best, like you know, because I obvious said as much as I don't like the last year that there were bets of it I really enjoyed. And it was the darker stuff that the force crossovers between being and ray and stuff I like taller that you know, the stuff we snoke was was decent up until it didn't matter anymore. But you know the point, as you know, that's kind of almost what I wanted more off from that... unless some of the lighthearted stuff that went along with it in the poorer action choices, you know, like we're talking about in this show, we're praising it militaristically, you know. And yeah, that's one of the negatives that we had about the Last Java, is the military stuff, but of it made any sense, you know, and we're we were not talking about well, we'll leave it alone. You guys can reviews on the Last Jedi where we begged Jammer, we begged Janet to understand, to understand the folly of his ways, and he just wouldn't damn it anyways, and or too slowly, kid, because actually I think Janet would really like and or I'm just guessing because he loves character stuff and this is all kind of stuff, but I don't know. I guess I didn't ask him what. Yeah, we'll have to ask him anyways. Guys. Uh, yeah, that'll do it for this episode. You can find uh lots more content on whatever podcast app you may be listening to us on. We are reviewing the Rings of Power. On Review of the Rings. That's Cam and I doing that that one. Uh. Anime versaal reviews. Just finished Classroom of the Elite season two and starting Saturday, Spy Family Core too, so part two. For those of you that don't know what a core is, what are you doing watching anime? Learn no, I'm joke joking. It's all good. We got a daily cup of genre and breaking geat covering everything in entertainment. Uh. And uh, Marvel Multiverse Mayhem does the Marvel version of this show, so check all that out on the YouTube channel. It all goes up in video format. If you're watching us, please do hit the subscribe button. Thank you to to all five ninety subs. As of right now. UH, We're starting to do new things. We've got the anime virtual reviews, react on a br squared, We've got genre shot trailer reactions and potentially genre shot movie reviews, so keep keep subscribed. You might see some video movie movie reviews like one person Camera talking that that type of thing. And I did our first gaming stream last night. It was a successful test. I played some t F two, I talked some anime. I hope to do it again in the next couple of days. Uh. And then, of course uh l r M online dot com every day for all entertainment news needs opinions, written pieces, bar side buzz. We look at rumors and leaks and all sorts of good stuff, written reviews, celebrity interviews. Those also go up on the UH LRM YouTube channel. So yeah, and my Retten reviews for this and bring the Power and how's the Dragon and all on there as well if you want to see what this one fun thought of all the shore the big show was just there. Just jump over there, meet them.

What minute we take and there you go. Guys. Uh I guess we will see you next week. And may the Force be uh it whatever it is. It's like my the brain signals just kind of get jammed up. I got it, I got it, I got it. Here we go. May the Force be with you.

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