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Episode 540 · 4 months ago

Andor Episode 1-3 Review- Welcome To The Rebellion | The Cantina Reviews


Andor Episode 1-3 Review 

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Join Kyle and Cam and as they return to the galaxy far, far away. Andor places us in the gritty world of spies and rebellion, and we couldn't be happier. Or could we? Check out our Andor Episode 1-3 review and find out! 

(00:00)- Intro & Spoiler Free Andor Ep 1 Review

(08:24)- Grading Andor Episode 1-3 & Defending The Grades

(18:09)- SPOILERS: Andor's Back Story

(23:03)- The STELLAR Stellan & Family In Star Wars

(26:40)- The Corporate Tools...

(32:10)- A More Mature Star Wars

(35:54)- Technical Issues

(44:36)- Final Thoughts 


Kyle- E1: B+, E2: B-, E3: A-

Cam- E1: A, E2: A-, E3: A+ 

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Welcome to a galaxy far, far away. Here at the Cantina podcast, we provide top shelf service, including rumors, leaks, news and reviews. Come in order, almannail, and remember, no droids allowed. Hello, everyone, welcome to the CANTINA. Technically now the CANTINA reviews. I think we we like to put the little reviews word, uh in front of our reviews series because, believe it or not, this started out just to review the original movies leading up to the rise of Skywalk, not just the original movie, but all the movies leading up to the to the rise of skywalker. And then we were like hey, it's so much fun me and this Scottish Scottish guy talking all the time Star Wars. So we decided to do news and leaks, rumors and additional reviews because, hey, we're in a world of a plethora of star wars content. So long, so long as it's not in theaters. Right, I'm kyle. That's CAM shock. He's not here today. Uh. If when he can join us, we've got a whole another o bus set up just just for him. Uh. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel if you haven't. Fifty three of you have so far. Really appreciate that. Help US break a thousand before the end of the year. Uh. And then, of course, if you're listening on on your favorite podcast and there, if you're listening on your favorite podcast APP, follow us on that. Leave us some reviews, thumbs up down, let us know what we can do better. UH, the opinions. I don't know how much those, those will change. But it's here, Kim find finally here and or man and or has hit and I have to know. How do you feel about about it? Um, I'm impressed so far and I think, Um, I cannot fail with felt like, from the tailers and the whole that you all, and I was rewarded by up the whole if you'late, because it's it's Kinda has went in the direction that I kind of hope the show was going to go and in some respects it was actually even better than I expected in terms of how they just sort of put it all together. So very much on the high, high positive for me. Okay, UM, most people will know that I have spoken, Uh Multiple Times about my my fears, my my concerns for this uh, for this series. Um, and I must say I to be completely honest and fair, I do think that that apprehension is feeding into my my viewing a bit. Not In that I was disappointed in this at all, because I because I wasn't. I think I was just expecting it either to be absolutely horrible or absolutely amazing that here I am seeing something that is just solidly good, and that's not. I mean, I mean that in the best way. You know. It is solidly good. Production value, good, acting, good, uh, almost all the C G I. Good. Almost, but well, we'll get into that later. So I'm sitting here watching it and I'm like, I'm I'm enjoying it, but I don't know what to do because it's not like Oh my God, and it's Oh my God, right, and that's okay. But, like I said, definitely experience subly. So I'm sitting here watching it and I'm just like this is good, and that's that's where I'm at. So I'm I'm satisfied. I am not. I'm not blown away, which in a in a way is kind of blowing me away. Yeah, I'm not blown away in a in a good or or pop, which is fine as well. You know, you never know how it's going to cool. But if it can continue to be there... the show and well put together, and this really could be something special, because I think, I think you can, you could talk about this, and I know this might seem extremely some people, but I would compare this show more is something like breaking bad that I would look for example. I think it's closer to that than as what we got and book at, which is, apart from having the best episode like ever, which episode five wars, it was amazing Star Wars. Um, yeah, it was fantastic, but other than that, Um, I think, Um, I think the show was the poorest of the Star Wars shows we've got right so far, and and that means that I'm probably the way I'm thinking just now, as if this continues on this tradectorly, this could be the best star wars show we've had. It very cold, because you know, I like Mandaloria too, but I meant, and that's more I can say that. UH, one of the first things that that came to my mind was how much this reminded me of like the Middle Season of Battlestar Galactica, Um, where you're where you're really seeing like people worn down by their their situation and you're you're delving into a lot of how enter personal relationships play into the bigger narrative. And even though we're not really dealing with the bigger narrative ourselves, we know what it is, the rebellion forming, the the empire spreading and and and resentment and all all of that. So I'm instantly reminded of that, which, again, is a good thing. I Love The reimagined battles battle star that started in oh three and then skipped to five, and what you're saying there about that. There's a there's a greatness to this as well. It kind of feels older, yes, and that's why, why it's visually good. That almost feels like it happens back to that. And you hope thiss us, you know fallen two PCs crap, you know scrap planets, you know which have been used so well in games comics. You know animation, but never really done well so far live action, and you just kind of feel like you're part of the I wouldn't see the underworld, which I mean criminal, but the lower class of people. Right. You feel like you're on the on the ground. You're not even in the military doing big frontline stuff. You're you're on the ground. So I really appreciate that. Um. And then what was the other thing I was going to say? There's another feeling that I kind of get. Oh so, because it fits in that it does feel a lot like reading some you stories, of course, which is again another positive, but it's a bit jarring again because it's it's been a it's been a while since we've had something that felt like the the EU, like really felt like the EU. The last real thing you can think of is kind of rogue one again, you know, but even even that's got a lot more like ot weight to it. Rogue one had that visual flare right, had that old timey feel, but there wasn't a lot of going on under the hood. Right now, you know, there's not a lot going on with the characters and the rocks that that's where this is elevated beyond that for me so far, because even even the tertiary characters that you may never see again and and or are all played but really experienced like TV actors who just nail it and you care about characters you know,...

Um, it's just there's something about it just it's just sometimes you can't place that magic. But it doesn't feel that people are that it just feels. But they've got the right story in the right place, made by the right people so far. And it's not. It's not perfect by any means necessary. Well, we might not picking a few things, but Um, it's it's a solid start. And so with that Cam what would you grade each each episode, if you could grade them overall in a so I went a, a menus, a plus in terms of episode one, episode two, episode three. Right, so I really did enjoy it overall. Any Um, it's just my it's my kind of it's mature, it's it's it makes you thinks man like. I started thinking about things that I've given a plus. Is Too and now attends and I don't see that here, but I don't go ahead. Sorry. So, yeah, and it's the show, not tail which is going on here, and that's where I like it to something that breaking bad. It's it's the Dave do do away way exposition. You know, they have aliens speaking a language and they have no subtitles for it. It's the little details of that which for me and Mershy and that story and honestly, I could have just kept watching that, say, if that was on on binge you know, if they had released all in one go and it probably smashed that out in like twenty four or four years. Maybe it could. It could be in the middle, it could get born, but I mean usually you find that more at the start of these things that are slowly get going. But I just thought even the action feels more viscerble. You know that and or's going to survive till at least one because we know he had a death. Kind of feel that they're in danger, you know, where as you don't always get that for some characters. All attainment star wars shows, if that makes sense. Yeah, I can, I can see that. Um, I ended up giving it UH B plus for episode one, B minus for episode two and a a a minus for episode three. Um, so we still can have both thought it was thirty one two. Yeah, yeah, it almost. It almost. It almost makes me wonder about editing, and that's kind of where some some points were lost. Some sometimes I'm like man, episode one and two could have almost been one whole thing, maybe cut down a little bit from each and then smushed together into a, you know, a fifty five sixty minute episode. Maybe. Yeah, I mean I like the ex totain that their spending just to to feel that that can a tame and the place these people are like the little they could, the most shots with the car as the sailing's got char arriving. You know, it really establishes they can a character and the world building that's going on and I think, like I said earlier, my my apprehension is is feeding into things. So we always allow ourselves to go by and change grades later, because I think the other aspect to my kind of feelings on it initially is I'm I'm almost looking at this as a eight or nine episode deal, not a not a twelve episode deal. So as we go along, these episodes, these first three episodes, might even end up being better in my mind, because I'll settle into it instead of having all the weight of everything that's that's come before. You know what I'm saying. So maybe maybe it'll be be a little bit better. Um, I also mentioned I was gonna say I'm awesome. I mentioned before that I'm I've...

...lost a lot of patients for uh Um, like establishing show. We've talked about this on on other things to where things that I think yeah, and and sometimes when you linger on a on a person for an extra three seconds and and all that starts adding up. So there there's a lot to it. That is just me, but well, we'll see how it kind of goes. Yeah, did you have some? I let's just see. I mean you just mentioned one, Um, but I was just going to see. Do you have any specific non spoiler sessions that you could point there where it didn't quite hate swird. I feel so beside besides editing, I would say, uh, some of the corporate I forget the company, Um, but some of the corporate actors, and it's not the main guy or his uh sergeant, his his right hand man, but some of the ones around them in the in the main base. I didn't really I don't know they they're acting kind of didn't fit with everyone else's uh. Some of the set designs, uh, feel I really like that they're physical, but there's still some of that claustrophobic feeling because I'm I'm wondering how much and it's mostly at like the corporate again, the corporate guys and well, no, no, no, not just the office but even like the UM transitions between spaces inside this bigger facility. Some of it just felt cramped. I don't know how else to toward it. Little things like that, which again could even be part of the editing, in the way that they're walking, where they make where they make their cuts as they're taking you from one area to Uh to another. Um, let me think or what I really wish I had written down more notes, but like I like I said, we've got a I got a lot on our our plate here at home. Um, just little things like that, I think really the editing and the pacing, little bits from from actors here and there. That's really just kind of what. Oh, music. I have not not really been impressed with the music as a matter as a matter of fact, the I think it was episode two, the and not that. It was. No, no, no, no, the UH was it? It was that, the one with the drums, with the real hollow sounding, very earth based drums. Like again, it's a nit nitpicky thing, but that is so reminiscent of like Earth based TV show type drums. You know what I'm saying? It's very it's not the type of orchestral drumming that you hear. It's very something you would expect from John Williams, right. And so there's a there's a hint of kind of almost drawn out in the modernization to see. I could kind of see that. So there are aspects of it that and again, both good and, I guess, right and right now, kind of bad. Maybe in a way that aren't as Star Wars E as I wish they would be. But again, I this is brand new and we've got some time to go and I might settle into some some things that right now might be bugging me, but later, I guess. Does that make sense? Yeah, yeah, but I mean, I guess that explains why my ratings are definitely because I love the music. I loved it. Yeah, this has something different and they gave us something that it's almost hours, almost this different thing itself, and it gives that definitely helps with the total change that we're supposed to be experienced here. And I think I wanted one inch closer to star wars, while you're happy one inch closer to not. Yeah, maybe that's it. You know, it was almost bongeles like one point an actually one almost...

...felt like I wanted that to kick to kick in. I think when we've had people scoring, iutside that. John Williams right in the main movie teams. I'm talking about when they've not been using his themes, which we both agree they should use more and more because it's the central characters, you know, Um and or shouldn't because there's no place for it. And and or. You know. I mean, that's not why we we need the Star Wars. If they if they show us more imperial stuff, you can hear maybe think remnants of imperial market not fall out, maybe that way. Yeah, just reminds you. Yeah, yeah, something like that. But no, this is not that. But not the show for a bunch of Star Wars music. It's always just felt about me, timmy, so far when it's been not a composers. But this, this kind of stands out to me, has been memorable. It felt like it matched what the show was that I was watching, which has not always been the case. So that plus this. Agree with on the actors, because I didn't support anything that. I thought they were all really good. I guess it was a lot of British actors, you know, and you know just yeah, I just think you wanted more Americans, Americans with Um. So yeah, I guess, and you're you're talking about maybe a lingering shots and I thought that really helped. I like the slowness of person. It's purely subjectively, absolutely uh. It kind of sucks because I keep saying how, uh, I want bear McCreary to do star wars and I'd be really interested, considering his work on, UH, Battle Star, how he would have handled this show. But Hey, he's doing power and doing a pretty good doing a pretty good job with the springs. You guys can hear her. Yeah, you guys can hear US talk the rings of Power On Review of the rings on on Saturday. So you reach chat about some uh, some spoilers details? Yes, yeah, let's get into some. Let's get into some details. Uh. So, dealing with and or specifically, how are you enjoying joining this, this backstory of him and all these kids? I don't know if their their parents are all enslaved at the mind that they show on his original homeworld? I mean you've got a real like lost boys type situation where everyone seems to be twenty or under. It just mystidious. It's not giving us any that's another. There's a good one. No, no translations. Structure. You had to lead and she can seemed to protect Cassa as his original name was, yeah, and he's obviously looking for the sester of WHO's left behind there. And then they techically he was kidnapped. So he was technically, but she won't know that. You know, and I don't know if you have, but one of the things they said was that it was completely, you know, made uninhabitable by an imperial mining accident, which you know that that's that's what happened to older and as well. So you know mining accidents. So but that seems to be after that point, I kind of feel, because when when she rescues Cassa, she says the republic, she talks about the republic coming. So that seems pre order sixty six, if that makes sense. And given Cassian's work there is here, you know, I think he's always we know, Diego lunars older than that, right, but I think he's supposed to be. Any sort of theories that this was fifteen years ago, you know, or even before that. It would be pretty...

...order sixty six and three the empire, you know. I mean. So it's interesting. I don't think we fully know what's going on there and I think they're going to bold little bits so that as as we go along, maybe not so much in flash right now, because we can have took herself to a point where we know where it's all come together, but I think has quest to find these sisters. That's going to be a recording theme because it's important to him and I do think it's interesting that there's an actual mother character in in this. You know, one thing we don't one thing we don't deal with in Star Wars very much, and I let me finish getting this out, is parents, though we deal with a lot of them and how they're away from people. We deal a lot with parental trauma. We don't we don't really get a lot of father, daughter, father, son, mother, daughter, mother. So we don't get a lot of the actual them to gather a look at their their relationship, and this, this kind of gives you a chance. It's the mother figure and the skywalkers who are as completely dysfunctional. Five right, and they're there. You only learn that their their their parentage while they're apart. And there they weren't. You know, they are never raises him. That's what I mean by it's not they don't involve parenting. There's the word I should be using. You don't get to see any type of actual parenting relationships in in the in that they've been together. And here, like some of the animation, because I was thinking, like some of the animation, there's a look at some of them are younger, like you begin about younger, but it's not the parents. They don't figures either, they have someone else else. And here we here we've got an adult with someone that's raised him since a child, someone that's been with him but not as actual parents, but is exactly the in the process we're we're seeing the end result of like an Ezro after he's gotten a bigger family to raise himself. The thing I think we will get more flashbacks because remember what I forget his name still, and skygus character and remember what he said to Cassie and as yeah, the home your dad in the square. Maybe he's get the other character there's that was obviously with his mom and dad and at some point that that guy, his father, has been been home. I wonder if we'll get to find it what happened there and whether it was impeal related or something. It'll be kind of interesting to see that that aspect of it. And Uh Um, yeah, I think I'm interested in that the girlfriend thing that he's got, or not really girlfriend, but the female friend that he had assisting him, her douche jealous boyfriend, like almost ruining things and getting himself killed because he ruined things. Um, I I enjoyed all of that. I, like I said, I really liked the Inter personal exactly and how this small interpersonal thing feeds into something bigger, the these corporate guys, and then those feed into something even bigger, their dealings and and whatnot with the empire, which leads us to a death star and some farm boy with a with a lightsaber. You know, it's it's cool, man, I'm I'm digging it. Um. Yeah, how do how do you feel about the scars guard character? One? I have to make fun of him for calling him Cassie Ander, just like but yeah, no, it's fine. It's fine, Dude. I like stelling. He is a he I love him. Every time he's in in Uh thor or or marvel movie, He's been great. I know, really he really should...

...more. You know, Kimne, the exciting those, but this is a serious role and I really like him in a series. Absolutely, he's a he's an amazing actor and it's it's great to see him in in Uh in star wars playing, playing it up. Man. He was probably the highlight of episode three, part of what raised that episode so high for me. He's just great. The mother character was great as well, though enough I get her name, but she's been and she's she played. She was Harry potters and that raised him in the Harry Potter films. Right. So it's you know, Um, but she's she's a wonderful actress and I just thought all her scenes as well. We're working at almost scene still. You know, it's just this just this elderly mother type that you have to keep. You know, it's just it felt like a real situation. You know that that you would find somebody in in a normal play, but it was happening in the Star Wars universe. And in steady a little dog because she had there's something. She's got a little droid and I thought that was one of the cubs droids in the while as well, because, like, you can design something up to the Max to say, Oh, they'll buy this toy, they'll buy that toy, but you know, what gives what gives some character, as you've got to give it character in the film the Millennium Fork in character because it fell apart. Still see the day. That's why it became it wasn't because it looks cool. It actually it looks like a piece of ship. M B was just one of the killers droids that they brought any stars in a long time, because he was falling apart and had just chammed. You know, I mean, I really, really enjoyed that. Welcome to a gap this place. If we don't get to see him again, yeah, I accidentally hit the intro button for a half second. Um, yeah, it'll be, it'll be and I'm sure we will see him again. I think so. I don't well, that's true, because there's there's this whole thing about, uh, the three episode arcs and moving moving forward, but we do know that that girl was left behind and the mom's there, and so I don't know. I mean maybe come back and see them at some point, but I don't think there'll be major players. No, no, no, no, no, not not really. Good bye there, because they're looking for him as well, because they did add that that droid face to the to the INTRO, like when they're showing all the helmets. I think he's that the eyeball pieces. The last droid that you that you see in that kind, that I would like to see more of, is the I don't know what his name was, I think it was several or something like that, which was the kind of Alan's call him inspective Ya, which is like the the guy from Lima Abla, you know, I mean who it's always chasing after you in Vojan and he's like, uh, he's, you know, as the law, and you've connected and almost felt like he was. He was, you know what the inspectors Jabatch, the one that Russell cool. Please, if you've ever watch stick, just just just one of those things I've come across, is it's really my cop of tea, but you know, or Oh yeah, so he him and his his sergeant at arms type guy, his his like right hand man that that joined. That kind of pumps him up. His hype man. They're both great. He looks like the rules are the rules, Guy, uh, he is dude like. Did they actually stick a stick up his ass before filming, because he fits it perfectly. That is a compliment. Compliment everything he's supposed to exude. Everything he's supposed to exude this this false calm...

...infidence this. I'm in the right because I'm following the rules, but Oh my God, I'm scared to actually, you know, take action, but it has to be done in but at the at the same time, leading up to his his big funk ups, sorry about the F mom big screw up there on the on the planet, Um, trying to trying to capture and or trying to capture when he's supervisors, you can even see see him starting to like pump himself up and and like yeah, man, I'm I'm doing this, this is gonna Happen. He's he's like taking charge, and then when he has to give his big pep speech to to rally the troops before heading heading down, you can just tell he's he's in over his I mean that's what that seemed just the other guy, you know. Yeah, but the seant guy, he doesn't going right on situation and, you know, things on because he just wants to be active. You know what you can tell? You just want the unit there and go and fund some people up. That sweet that he's keen and basically says that you know, we're you know we're we'll be better if we're used. Ultimately and the US. We're really quite well. Red, the main supervisor, when he's like you know, what's what's this case? You know, and he's like, okay, here's what we know and stick up the ask guy, he's all just like I don't I don't know. We'll find some lead and the other guys will like look, let me, let me tell you what happened. A couple of guards that are up to no good. They got into a fight with someone else, not who was not up, who was up to no good. Well, he came out on top. Bury it like it's dirty. Yeah, sure, but he knew what was going going on, because he's think, when this case all comes out, yeah, to explain why these guys were there, why they they weren't supposed to be that. You know, if what it's his name Cyril. I just keep calling him inspector. He he just doesn't see that. Hears it and it just goes in one ear and straight out the other, because that's that doesn't matter to him, you know. And the reason I want to see more of him because it could be that we just leaving there and we never see him again. The reason I would hope that we do see more of them is because I think when you look at something that lays Mr Rabbler, the point is that the character has forced any situations where they have the question that that you know it just doesn't stand up to too much scrutiny. That's the whole point. If you think about it too much you will always overthink it. You've given yourself a problem and I'd kind of almost like to see if they go that route with this guy and put them in situations where you know that isn't necessarily a clear right and wrong and it just doesn't know what to do. Can't see that. Do you think we're going to see a lot more of him? Because I always saw the trailer it was just this. I mean I could I could see them leaving that story just done. I mean you know he's you know he's going to be screwed when when boss finds out. You know, honestly, it wouldn't be that, but I wouldn't. It's not as if I would hate it. Yeah, no, I almost dig it, I almost, but I would. Yeah, absolutely, and if it is there, I'm down with I'm down with it either way. Um, I don't know if I would necessarily like this to be the whole season, you know, a bad guy for the whole season. I don't really see these this company and it's right, exactly so. But if they if they followed through for half the season, six episodes, maybe that could that could... something. Yeah, either way, I'm I'm open. I'm open to discussions. MM HMM UM, that's all I really had as far as like story stuff do you want to hear? Do you have any other story stuff, or do you want to hear some some technical things I caught and or dislike? Um, just one thing. I'll see is that. You know, when I looked at what other people are saying online, I think this is a plus point for me. But there's a lot of star wars fans. Aren't you see this slightly more mature. We are showing not tail right. Yeah, and there's a few people I have already since seeing we need more exposition because because I don't get it. I mean, I don't get what is what start? What's going on there? I can't read this. somethings I don't understand. There are amation because star wars is almost can it be? Well, wasn't it weird? They just it's because it's all been animated for for a while and it's been geared towards a ten year old with the animation. But that's that's that's why so many of them think the the the prequels are good cam because of the freaking animated shows, not because Lucas knows how to freaking right. And so that's that's star wars to them and that's why they're eating it up on Mandalorian. Just do they? They they acknowledged sex in this and this like that. That was insane. They showed a female with her pants off and showed the thigh as she's putting her pants on like that is that is all stuff that is normal everyday things and things they even kind of touch in in the EU, but find normal everyday things that we see on on prime time television even the planet, right. And they mentioned the word brothel and they got a red light district with the girls and in Amsterdam and things like that and and uh Um. But they did it still in a in a way that you can still have a ten year old watch this if you as the parent. Yeah, nothing super inappropriate. Descord, which you do use the real world ship. Yeah, and I can agree that that. It's it's kind of interesting. But they did use damn and hell. Oh No, they didn't use Dan. They did use hell and empire. Then I'll see you in hell. But they use it as a place, not you know, Oh hell type type deal. I can both agree with Jonesy, but it it. Like I if they had removed it, I think that this would still be fine and carry its full darker tone. Um, if they start over using ship just to do it, that will bug me. But hearing it maybe once or twice throughout this series, I, like I said, I would. I would prefer if it's not there, because that is a very earth based thing. Um, now, I mean they have curse words that they made up in first well and then not even the ridiculous ones, but like Sifth, spit and blast, you know, things like that. Uh Yeah, last blast it big. Where are you? But you know, like uh, Um, yeah, I'm I'm okay with I'm okay with it. Overall, I like I like the mature tone without going full uh sopranos like Mike Wants. Mike wants a rate rated R I I want a hard pgre. So a few technical things things. Cam Did you did you notice anything? Did you notice any C G I issues? Did you notice any? That was the story was... good. The estate it was so good, so many touches that you know my my visual awareness was or not. And they're not looking for mistakes. No, I wasn't looking for mistakes. Can I just find them? Uh? So, no, not, not really. A lot of bad things. Most of their composite shots look good. Uh. They because they have a lot of big open sets when they're not in a building. Uh. You know how they build big tall blue screens up over the sets that they can bring in the world background that they that they want. Uh, and because they had a lot of daylight shots, those actually looked really good. They blend in really well because you're not trying to match lighting with darker sets, you know shadow. You're not, uh trying to match this imaginary world that you can't see because you're not on the volume um to the to the real world and and a lot less variables when when you do it like that. So that was good. However, the junkyard dogs, Dude, what the hell? I can't I can't tell from from the best that I can tell they are. I think there's a practical animal wearing prostessis for like motion capture, but they look like rubber suits as as well, which in my mind, would then say, why didn't you just build the rubber suit? There's something wrong with those animals and I cannot put my my finger on it. So it's either mean. We talked about this. They were awful. That's yeah, that's why I think there is a physical being there, but I think they're using some sort of Mo mo cap on that, on that dog. I think it's probably like a dog, but then it looks so plastic, e. It looks so rubbery, which means that if, if, I mean hey, I'd be okay from an aliens the planet and somebody. Should you have book, you know? No, no, no, no, it's not like the folds and stuff, Dude. It's the MIC movement and texture. Looks more more like a rubber suit, which would be fine. I would have star wars is filled with rubber rubber suits. Um, my o B s seems to have frozen. Let me see here. Okay, so this is technical difficulty. Yeah, it's I always do the like. Um, what is it called? The frack? Please stand by, so we'll we'll see. I'M gonna reset my camera. Maybe it'll maybe it'll come back, maybe maybe it won't. Um, no, uh. So I saw that and then, uh, nothing else really man over overall solid, just just those, those, those things that that uh, I caught right there. There was some of the like darker city shots on the first planet with with Cassie and where he, you know, kills the two guys. That definitely I did see a few things where it's kind of not, not enough to bug me. It wasn't as bad as like a marvel show recently, you know, Um, those have been just absolutely atrocious. But you guys can hear me complain about Marvel on Marvel multiverse mayhem, uh, here on the genreverse podcast. You just feel with us. The fight that he didn't use the volume probably cost more money. So I don't know how viable, I don't know, but it looks bit really I love the I love the physical set to love the feel of the of the show.

Um, Oh, some of the UH, the engines falling and stuff, some of that C G I compositing. Again, not bad enough, but I still caught it and I just want to be fair. People that think that I'm like you could pay your Um and and dropping. Even foam ones you gotta worry about do they bounce and you don't see them as heavy more exactly. So, Um, I just want to make sure that that I'm I'm being uh fair and not favoring, you know, Star Wars over marvel or or allowing one group to get away with things and and not another. You know, I've I've picked on just about every everything these days. And and, like I said, one of the things that I'm curious about, and I'd love to ask a visual effects artist, but in the UH, as we were going from the early two thousands to like the mid late two thousand's, we saw like Pete UH C G I for well, excuse me. As we were heading from the late nineties into the early two thousands, we saw the beginnings of of this this new C G I that we've now perfected, leading up to about in end game, Infinity War and end game. So you you had all the digital effects in in UH revenge of the sith and then you see things like in Lord of the Rings. But if you go go back, you remember Lord of the Rings and that was the greatest CG motion cap cat character ever. But it wasn't h D at that point as well. Right, right, that's what I'm that's what I'm getting is it doesn't it doesn't look as as as good, Um. But not only that, Um, uh. As as technology got better, or, excuse me, as as they basically fine tuned C G, I. Uh, it got to a level to where it was just perfected. However, over the last, you know, a few years, we've seen a lot of hardware changes, a lot of new UH technology coming in into play, software, things like ai assisted graphics and things like that. I think we're at that kind of early phase that we were in, like the late nineties, where there's a lot of experimentation with things that aren't gonna look as good, uh as they will in the future. So maybe that all the movies were suddenly using special effects. Now we're doing there's been another explosion of special effects. If you look at all the TV shows using them, all the marvel movies, Star Wars. There isn't any star wars movies. But although, you know, although there's just so much special effects needed and there's only so many people in the world that make them and no one done last week and they want to pay a lot of money. Is possibly kind of keep on their budget and ultimately there as times were that quality just get stretched to or they run at a time. I think we marveled a lot of time. Is They just get it at the door and then they'll fix it later on if they if they can be bothered. And I just saw my very, very last complaint the intro. I am angry at how long that title card takes to come up for for three episodes. That is annoyable. That actually annoy me by the first time three, because I'm like, when it says skip P introl, that's just the star wars part. Yeah, you know. Sorry, that's the I mean. I just want to go into the show because at some point you sometimes want to watch these as one thing, I tried to watch over one that can abe again recently and I hated tomboy skipped like when you get to the end of an episode, unlike Netflix, it doesn't come up straight away and see you go for the next one. You almost have the fast forward it. Today, I just sucks.

Or you got to back out and then go into the yeah, for something like ailant can be almost feel one complete story, and that's as well, where it's as one story being told over those three episodes. The other criticism, very susly I would have, is that I haven't seen this. I think it's going to be difficult to go to one episode a week. I don't know, we'll see. I can see that being a a potential issue because we get the film can feel like of those three episodes. You know, I don't know. That was good. The good news is Cam that everyone should, damn it should be able to come back next week and hear our thoughts on how as a single episode went. Guys, check out the website L R L R M online dot com every day for all entertainment news, needs and opinions. Review use written reviews. Cam Actually has a written review for Cassie and Ander. I'm just messing around, guys. I like it, I actually do. It's it's funny, Um in a good way. All of the UH celebrity interviews, everything that goes up, their celebrity interviews on the L R M you L R M Youtube Channel and all of our podcasts are available right there. They get their own write ups and and uh they're on all your favorite podcast apps like spotify and Google, stitcher apple. Uh, we're also on UH sounder, so genreverse dot sounder DOT FM if you wanna listen to us. Uh that way. Uh there, we aren't look right there in it pretty leave us reviews, especially on Apple. Leave leave, you know, four or five star reviews. Look, if you give us like one or two, let's let's know why so we can try to fix it. UH, the the opinions, they're gonna remain bad. Guys. Sorry, we're awful, but uh all of the podcast go up in video format right here on the Youtube Channel. Hit the red subscribe button. Thank you. Thank you again to all fifty three that are any of you that are listening right now. That that's great. I know most of those are anime fans, because that's one of the things that we do here on on the channel. We have anime versule reviews and a B R squared, which is reactions uh violet ever guarding classroom of the elite season two, looking for uh spy family part two and UH chainsaw man coming up in in October. Review of the Rings Daily Cup of Genre Marvel multiverse mayhem, which is doing shehole right now. It's like the Marvel version of this show right right here. Uh Breaking Geek Radio and Dailey Coog do a little bit of everything in entertainment, news and, uh, yeah, Cam, anything else you want to say? Yeah, you online on twitter if you want to reach it and tell us that you hate an opinions or just tell us what you leave to just change or Addan to the short score for. Alright, guys, we'll see you next next week. May the force be with you. m.

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